14 Apr 2014

'LFC is a dream': €19m star says he 'talked to Brendan' about Reds transfer

In February, FC Dnipro owner Andriy Rusol claimed that he is 'one thousand per cent sure' that Liverpool will 'try again in the summer' to sign coveted attacker Yehven Konoplyanka, and based on the attacker's latest comments about the club, it seems he's still interested in a move to Anfield.

Speaking to the Ukrainian press in February, Rusol blamed Liverpool for failing to tie-up the €19m deal, but suggested that a deal will be done this summer:

"I am a thousand per cent sure that Liverpool will try again in the summer and then we'll let him go. Everything will be fine. If Liverpool, in the summer, report to us, Yevhen will still go to this club."

In an interview last night with Russian newspaper Sport-express, Konplyanka once again confirmed that he almost joined the Reds, and seemed very enthusiastic about the club. He said:

"I talked to Brendan - we talked about ourselves a little, and talked about the move, but the transfer didn't go through. Liverpool is like a dream. I support them, and will keep on supporting them, and I hope they go on to win the title".

NB: I paid a professional translator to transcribe this interview

So, Konoplyanka is a Liverpool fan? How convenient ;-)

Will Liverpool go back in for the attacker this summer? Everything seems to indicate that the Reds are still interested. Indeed, two weeks ago, Konoplyanka's rep (at the time of collapsed deal), James Lippet, tweeted the following:

Why is Lippet going to Liverpool, and why did he feel the need to tweet about it? Based on the Reds' history with Konoplyanka, it seems reasonable to assume that this could be related to transfer talks over a summer resurrection of the failed January deal.

Konoplyanka clearly wants the move. In January, he told reporters:

"Liverpool? I"m so excited about it and soon you will know where I will play. It's all very serious. I'm shocked myself. It will all be clear very soon."

Then, When asked in February about the failure of the deal, he told reporters:

"Well, I will not hide it, there is a little resentment, but life goes on. I hope that everything will turn out okay."

Konoplyanka's stats for this season so far:

* 11 goals/6 assists in 28 apps.
* Goal/assist every 130 mins.
* Goal/assist every 1.4 games.

Decent creative return, but will he be able to replicate this in the Premier League?



  1. If we win the title, he will be cheaper than he was in January. Because now we would represent a massive club(even bigger than at the moment) that will perform even without him (That's not what was perceived in January and hence clubs expected more as they felt we are desperate).

  2. no offense mate but none of that made any sense, he will be the same price because all the Ukrainian teams take mass amounts of money for the prized possessions, dnipro can win the Ukrainian title this season and in which case may put his buyout clause up

  3. apparently james lippett studied at Liverpool university so may not be as cryptic as it comes across, may just be stirring the pot with a big spoon to spread speculation, but a do hope it is for konoplyanka

  4. I read that his agent has changed, so what his previous agent says carries no weight.

  5. He's got a touch of class about him this boy, think he'd be a good signing but if it doesn't happen there are other options out there like shaquiri among others.
    On a different transfer story, anyone see the way Diame shamelessly pimped himself out to Liverpool? Fairly presumptuous for a west ham player to publicly say that he's on the transfer list of the title favourites. Even if it's true you just wouldnt

  6. I don't think we should compare the Ukrainian league to the PL. I remember thinking that Mitroglou's hat tricks this year made him a beast...ha...'not fit enough for the PL' says Magath. However, Kono's videos look good. he's fast, smart has good vision and quick feet. I think he's worth a shot.

  7. James Lippett was in town for the Grand Nationals that weekend.

  8. Feels like we've turned into the town slut. 'Form a line boys'.

  9. Saw him against Spurs recently and he was great. I prefer him to Salah who was an option before him. Kono is skillfull and quick. Wouldn't mind him at LFC at all. But I'm also sure there are other options for BR in the summer.

  10. One downside is he doesn't appear to speak any English at all...so what's he supposed to think when SG barks...Listen, this doesn't fookin slip?

  11. Gerrard probably speaks Ukrainian

  12. club store will probably charge extra for the amount of letters in his name though

  13. No he won't be the same price cause he only has one year on his contract at the end of this season. Offer 10 to 12'mil for him and if they don't want it tell them were go. The owner of club was just playing hardball with us, now he's only one year left on his contract we can play hardball with him.

  14. LOL I'm sticking with Kono for now. The ironic thing is if we do get him the Kop will probably invent a better song for him than Sturridge right now...

  15. To the tune of "Donald where's your troosers":

    Let the wind blow high let the wind blow low,
    Through the streets in my Cossack-oh,
    The Kop all shouting as we go..