18 Apr 2014

Double-Transfer? BR sends LFC scouts to watch 'fantastic' £22m Dutch duo

Despite spending £23m on defenders last summer, Liverpool's defensive issues are still glaringly apparent, and with the full-back areas a particular concern, it seems likely that Brendan Rodgers will splash the cash once again this summer in a bod to fix the problem. LFC's boss has hinted at this himself in several press conferences, and it comes as no surprise that Liverpool scouts are focusing on defensive players right now.

According to Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf this week, Liverpool scouts were in the crowd during Feyenoord's 2-0 victory over PSV on Sunday to watch £15m-rated central Stefan De Vrij, and £7m-rated right back Daryl Janmaat.

In December 2012, the Liverpool Echo reported that Brendan Rodgers sent scouts to watch De Vrij - Feyenoord's captain - in action. Soon after, De Vrij admitted to being flattered by Liverpool's interest. He told reporters:

"It's nice to hear such big clubs are interested in you, but I'm not making a transfer."

When asked about De Vrij's future over the weekend, Feyenoord Technical director Martin van Geel told Algemeen Dagblad:

"Talks have stopped and we will wait for the summer. With De Vrij, we have already made a decision to wait until after the World Cup."

In a recent interview, Van Geel hailed Janmaat, who is also being monitored by Arsenal. He enthused:

“Daryl's development has been fantastic. He is an example of the way we like to do things: came in on a free transfer from SC Heerenveen and became a fixture at De Kuip. This is the sort of player we want to hold onto.”

Janmaat has made it clear that he wants to leave Feyenoord after the World Cup, and he underlined this last week, when told reporters:

"Last week I game my answer to the club. I now see what happens. I can only do my best and wait on any developments"

Liverpool will almost certainly target a central defender and a full-back (maybe even two), so expect the club to be endlessly linked with players in those positions over the next few months.

Stats this season

De Vrij

* 29 appearances.
* 4 goals/1 assist
* Aerial duels: 60% success rate.
* 65 tackles (2.2 per game)
* 57 interceptions (2 per game)
* 177 clearances (6.1 per game)
* 16 blocks (0.6 per game)
* 87% passing accuracy.
* Averages 55 passes per game.
* 9 key passes (1 every 3.2 games)


* 29 appearances.
* 2 goals/5 assists
* Aerial duels: 55% success rate.
* 77 tackles (2.7 per game)
* 41 interceptions (1.4 per game)
* 87 clearances (3 per game)
* 3 blocks (0.3 per game)
* 81% passing accuracy.
* Averages 48 passes per game.
* 35 Key passes (1.2 per game)

Stats: OPTA



  1. Think we should bring Ilori back instead of shelling out money on another CB.

  2. Well Ilori is on loan and gaining experience so it is highly likely that he will be back at the start of 14/15.

  3. I have no doubt we will be after full backs but not sure we will be after anymore CB's. Sakho has looked good every time he plays, Skrtel is having his best season for Liverpool probably, we have Agger, Toure (for one more season?) and Ilori looking good every time he plays for Granada. Add to that Wisdom. De Vrij is right sided CB, so is he going to be happy on the bench? Do we drop Skrtle after this fine year?

    Perhaps we will sell Agger, but I'm not certain.

  4. I think we have to look at a possible replacement for Agger and I'm not sure Toure will last another season either. He was a panic buy. He provided some stability but we are gambling to think he can hold down a place or offer some long-term play if other CBs go down.

  5. I think we bring Llori back AND look for another CB...see above.

  6. I'm sure that some people will be against me but I think Daniel Agger's time is over at the club. I know that he has done great for us (when he was fit) but something has to change in our defence and if we are to buy De Vrij and like media is today reporting Marcel Shmelzer from BVB somebody has to go so we can make space for the new signings. Kolo Toure will be on the move too next season while our players on loan will come back (hope so) Ilori and Wisdom. They have done great for their clubs and while Wisdom may need another loan to a Premierlague club, Ilore definitely has to come back.
    Hope next season we'll not concede 3 against Neverton,3 against Hull, 2 against Villa and we'll not make KOLOssal mistakes against WBA. With 9 more points we would have been celebrating by now (don't get me wrong I'm enjoying every fookin' moment of this campaign but as we are at JK's blog we're allowed to complain for this great season :D).

  7. I think Ilori will be back and that'll be it for centre backs unless br intends to move one or two of them on. I think a top left back is our biggest priority

  8. not really. i think agger should stay because we will play for 4 tournement next season. gerrard cannot play for another 50-60 games for 1 season i think. for 30-40 games maybe yes. and agger will lead our young squad in epl or europe. btw i think rodger would deploy agger in mould of gerrard in midfield.coz i expect our starting line up cb next season is sakho skrtel . and gerrard not young anymore beside agger quiet great with ball. sometimes rodger suprise us. u never know what he will do.

  9. Toure wasn't a panic buy, but rather a measure to keep a senior presence at the Back with Carra retiring. Toure will probably be gone like you said, so I would have Agger take his place. We already have a replacement in Sakho to start, and Agger can come in when need be, but more meant to be a leader, to help train such a young defense (bar Skrtel), etc. I see the right side of the defense as more of a problem. Coates doesn't look to cut it, and Kelly is struggling for fitness. Skrtel's season-to-season form is incredibly erratic (which is why personally I'd sell him while stock is high, but thats an argument for another page), and Ilori and Wisdom still largely inexperienced, something that defines defense more than any other position on the pitch. Finding a suitable partner for Sakho thats aged around 25-27 would be ideal for me, so by the time Ilori and Wisdom are ready to put in a legitimate battle to start, the RCB will be nearing the end of his prime, a good time to replace.

  10. Wow...just watched Bale's Copa Del Rey winner on YouTube. That speed is what RM payed 85M for...that speed in that kind of match. Stunning run.

  11. I don't think Coates...like Enrique...is coming back I am suspecting both their injuries are career-ending. Skrtel, Sakho, Llori and Agger are what we have. Kelly does struggle.That's 5 guys...Wisdom is more of a FB but at 6'1" he could stand in if necessary.

  12. Why would we want to get rid of Toure when he has one season left? Letting go of him will require us to pay him out.

  13. Spurs are dreading the day they got rid of Bale.

  14. Well mate I do not agree with you and I'll tell you why:
    1.Agger is a great defender (when fit) but he doesn't have a clue about midfield area, both Rafa Benitez and BR has tried to deploy Agger but he has failed. I don't know why people think he is great on the Ball, IMO he is avarage at best
    2.We (hopefully) are going to sign some midfielders, at least 2 of them, a DM and a CM is a must
    3. We need funds for the new arrivals and we have to sell the players who will damage us less (Agger is one of them so is Iago Aspas and the loan 'stars' Assaidi Reina and maybe Borini)
    4.I would have played Lucas in DM role before Agger all day long

    5.We are not sure that our great Dan will not get an injury at the start of the season that will rule him out for 8 months...
    And the list goes on and on and on so hope we can have a some good transfers during the summer...remember we have to sell first and it's always better to lose some players rather than others..u no wat I meen!

  15. I'm not saying get rid of him...just saying he's taking a spot someone with more energy and stamina could hold.

  16. I don't disagree...he's been great for us over the years, but if we can still get a good transfer fee for him we should reluctantly move him on to make space / cash for new blood. That being said, I'll be perfectly happy if we keep him, but he shouldn't be starting next season, he's lost his pace and been badly exposed at times. Sakho is here to stay, Skrtel too for at least another year, bring back Ilori and bring in De Vrij or someone like him and move Kolo and Agger along...Johnson can stay at RB with Wisdom to push him, but bring in a top quality LB, obviously a young one given FSG's inclinations, to battle with Enrique.