7 Apr 2014

You're Wrong: Molby blasts 'careless' boss & says £2m mercenary 'forgot how to play'.

Liverpool legend Jan Molby has poured scorn on Chelsea's 'striker' options, and claimed that Jose Mourinho made a big mistake signing Samuel Eto'o for Chelsea.

Most of the derision for Chelsea's striker's is usually reserved for Fernando Torres, but in his column for Eurosport over the weekend, Molby slated £2m Eto'o, and basically accused the Cameroonian of being a mercenary. He scathed:

"If I was in charge at Chelsea I wouldn’t want to keep hold of any of [their] strikers. I wouldn’t have wanted them last summer and I also wouldn’t have bought Samuel Eto’o.

"Eto’o went to Russia for one reason: money. And in that time he forgot how to play football"

Molby also blasted Mourinho for 'overstepping the line' with his recent public criticism of the club's strikers, and criticised the Portuguese's management of Romelu Lukaku. He noted:

"It also looks rather careless to have let Romelu Lukaku spent the season on loan at Everton. You have got a striker at the age of 20 who can only get better – why would they want to get rid of him?"

The Lukaku/Eto'o situation is truly mind-boggling. The Belgian is an excellent striker, and although he's only 20, he's proven himself to be devastatingly effective in the Premier League.

Additionally, Lukaku has similar attributes to Chelsea legend Didier Drogba, who blossomed under Mourinho's, so it's strange that the Portuguese is seemingly not interested in working with a place with the potential to mirror Drogba's impact at Stamford Bridge.

With 14 goals/assists this season, Eto'o clearly hasn't 'forgotten how to play football', but Lukaku has 22 goals/assists for Everton, and probably would've had more than that with the likes of Hazard, Oscar et al behind him.

No one wants Chelsea to win the league, not even neutral fans. The Blues are a stultifyingly negative, defensive team, and Mourinho's classless attitude does the club no favours.

If Chelsea do somehow conspire to life the trophy, will anyone (bar Chelsea fans) reminisce about their team, or wax lyrical about its qualities? No chance. Five minutes after the end of the season, the current Chelsea team will be confined to the scrapheap of history, and will - like Man United last season - be remembered as one of the most forgettable teams ever to win a Premier League title.

Conversely, whether Liverpool win the title or not, Rodgers' LFC will for years be remembered as one of the most exciting, enjoyable, and and progressive teams of the Premier League era.



  1. Jamie, you're deluding yourself. Liverpool are not the neutral favourites, pretty much everyone outside Merseyside hates Liverpool FC. Then again so does half of Merseyside.

  2. Totally agree. I used to be a fan of Mourinho, but second time round he, like his team, is just a massive Z. Hazard is great to watch, and I would have been very happy if we had managed to sign Willian, but they can keep the rest.

  3. Mate, that's not what I hear in London. The change in other fans attitudes to liverpool has been massive this season, because they love the football we're playing under Rodgers and they recognise we're not a team being bank rolled by billionaires. Even west ham fans I spoke with today want us to win it despite the controversy in that match.

  4. whether or not everyone outside of Merseyside hate Liverpool is debatable but you can't deny the fact that they have blown away the opposition & when they play well & don't get the points they just get on with it & go again, Stats don't lie unlike jealous cockney's. YNWA justice 4 the 96.

  5. While I don't agree with Molby about Eto I do agree about Lukaku. But Mourinho knows what he is doing. Mourinho bought Eto for £2m, he knows him and has worked with him and lets fce it of their strikers (at Chelsea now) he has clearly been the best. So in that regard Eto is a success, furthermore he is older and his mercenary actually work in Mourinho's favor. Does he keep a player like Lukaku who could have done a very good job and been nurtured in to a better player (not Mourinho's style) and thus meant he doesn't get to spend big on a striker or does he moan about his striker options all season and get to buy Costa in the summer and then have the actual striker he wants.

  6. It's a weird one I am getting very different ideas from right across the bored. I suppose it just comes down to what bias you have. It's fair to say that no one who supports a team in the current top seven can be considered in any way neutral. We have one kind of rivalry with everyone of them at one stage or another and yet I have heard some fans of almost all those teams wishing us well for the league.

    Surely every actual neutral wants the teams that play the best football to win the league? So that means Liverpool, City, Arsenal and Everton. Then you take away those who are looking unrealistic so are left with City and Liverpool. Now of those two teams do you want the team who has spent over £600m in the last six seasons and been in and around the top spot for the last few seasons or the team who have spent less than half that money in the same time frame, a once very successful club who have not even been playing champions league football for the last few season to do something unprecedented and come from 7th to 1st. Truly what actual neutral would not want us to win the league?

    Just to be clear The Oxford English dictionary desribes a neutral as "An impartial or unbiased state or person:" and impartial as "
    Treating all rivals or disputants equally:" and unbiased as
    "Showing no prejudice for or against something;"

    So simply by hating Liverpool FC you are not neutral.

  7. Where does the article say Liverpool are the neutral's favourites?

  8. What it seems to me is that Lukaku told Mourinho at the start of the season that he is better than Torres and so Mourinho has gone out of his way to prove Lukaku wrong. Big mistake by Mourinho which has come back to bite him in the arse. One thing is for sure, whoever is planning on signing Lukaku need to be prepared to fork out a pretty penny.

  9. On to more serious matters, the City game on Sunday IMO will decide where the title will be going to. This is the biggest game of our season and most probably the biggest game since the last time we lifted the Holy grail. I could not give a damn which team is sent out by Rogders or what tactics he decides to go with, the win will take us one step closer to where we belong. Make us dream!!!

  10. Everybody loves the underdog, and then they take an underdog and make him a hero and they hate him. But as long as they can knock you back down, it seems like if you're an underdog again, and things do surface, and they think this is real, 'these guys' intentions are genuine and sincere,' it seems like they will embrace you again

  11. It seemed implied in the part where just after saying neutrals hate Chelsea, he proceeds to talk about how even if they don't win the title the Liverpool season will be talked about for years.

  12. I couldn't give two fks about whether anyone wants us to win the title. I want us to win the title and we're going to feggin do it too. And it feels GREAT!

  13. And it will be because we came completely out of the blue (no pun intended)

    Anyone who says that he thought we would win the league or even be in with a chance of doing so before the season started is a liar.

  14. Listen, when he arrived at the club he had Torres, Demba Ba and Lukaku. Out of those three, Lukaku was obviously the best striker at the club based on the previous season. Torres has done nothing ever since he left us and the only thing that makes Demba Ba different from Andy Carrol is the price tag. So even if he did bring in Eto'o, he should have got rid of either Ba or Torres and not Lukaku. And they could have laughed all the way to the title if he had imo.

  15. Andy Carroll did. He may not be a good footballer, but I don't think he's a liar.

  16. Chelsea are a horrible club,no one respects them or likes them,they are crass and moanihno talks out his ass! if we can't win the the league,then let it be city,for they had to endure living next door to the ogre and his minions! Let the best team win at the weekend,attack,attack...ynwa