4 Mar 2014

'New Di Maria' to Anfield? LFC hold transfer talks over one of Ajax's 'greatest talents'.

During the January transfer window, multiple reports in the UK claimed that Ajax offered Liverpool and Man City the chance to sign exciting winger Ricardo Kishna. The 19-year old recently signed a new deal with the Dutch giants, but reports claim that the player's Agent is still trying to engineer a move away.

I confess, I've never heard of the player, but in January, The Mirror reported:

"Liverpool and Manchester City have been offered Ajax winger Ricardo Kishna.

"With only a few months remaining on his deal, there is no barrier to talks with the Blues or the Anfield giants".

According to TV Sports channel Sport1 today:

* Italian agent Mino Raiola is in touch with clubs across Europe
* Raiola has spoken with Real Madrid, Barcelona and Liverpool about Krishna's situation.

Kishna's new deal expires in 2016, and it looks like a strategic move by Ajax to ensure that he doesn't leave for a reduced fee this summer. Some info about €4m-rated Kishna, who is nicknamed the 'new DiMaria' by Ajax fans:

* 19 years old, and left-footed.
* Can play as a left-winger, or a striker.
* Made his CL debut in Ajax's 4-1 defeat to Barcelona in November 2013.
* Two senior appearance so far, with one goal on the board.

Frank De Boer speaks highly of Kisha, and when asked about the youngster's future recently, he told Ajax's website:

"Kishna is one of the greatest talents. He is contracted until next summer, but the extension seems to be a matter of time. He knows what we want"

Kishna seems to be happy at Ajax, and soon after signing for the club, he enthused:

"I'm really enjoying myself. The level is high and I learn a lot in training. For example, my crossing has greatly improved."

On the subject of his strengths and weaknesses, Kishna added:

"My specific qualities? Technique and my understanding on the field. And for improvement? My right foot, and heading the ball"

One huge plus is that Ajax's youth set-up is one of the best in the world, so if the Reds do sign the player, he'll come with a top-class football education. Of course, fans said the same thing about Ryan Babel before he arrived at Anfield...



  1. Can we get Carles Puyol. The man's the closest to Steven Gerrard in terms of Loyalty, Experience and Iconic status. Plus he has the distinction of winning everything and I mean everything that football has to offer. Even at this age his presence lifts Barca. The thought of him mentoring the young lads.

  2. What's so great about DiMaria that we should be impressed this kid is his 'newness?' Di Maria plays on one of the most prolific scoring teams in footbal and Sterling has equally good stats. Pass on the new 'Di-not all that great anyway.'

  3. It is a bit over the top, but thats what the media does to sell papers, as I'm sure your aware. Also you should mention that Newcastle fined Pardew 100K and rightly so. Any other job hed be sacked for gross misconduct. Not siure what the FA / PL have done / will do..?

  4. A sensible and sane article for a change. Meyler would have avoided SAF, Wenger, Mourinho or the late Sir Bobby, not pushed them out of the way but Pardew shouldn't have reacted as he did. What is worrying are those who consider Pardew's "face-off" as being worse than a racist slur.

  5. Can hear the fans chant now hurry hurry hurry Kishna Kishna Kishna!!!

  6. I think he deserves a 10 game ban or something, though the actual incident wasn't that serious. It is like the Suarez bite- in terms of actual harm done, it was minimal, but a strong message needs to be sent out against things of that nature.

    As for Meyler being disrespectful, I don't agree with that. I think Pardew had ample time to get out of the way (and the onus

  7. Toure and Puyol, NO!!

  8. hahahahaa.....is this guy Indian?

  9. A think 100K might be just an accumulation of all the other stupid stuff he has done on the sideline.

  10. Could you have a poll of which is worst:

    1. Pardew Headbutt
    2. Suarez Bite Saga 1
    3. Suarez Bite Saga 2
    4. Basically anything Robert Huth has ever done

    To be clear and transparent, I'm voting for option 4.

  11. You said it yourself...his loyalty is immense...so why would he throw that out the window by leaving barca...especially to an English club...

  12. AndWithSuchSimplicity12:45 am, March 05, 2014

    Now THAT does make sense.

  13. In defence of the punishment. Pardews headbutt was harder than the one that took Vertonghen down last week in Europa :P

  14. It was Newcastle who fined him 100k, not UEFA, so you can't compare the fines. His employers have clearly decided they don't want to sack him but have to send a message to the world that they're taking the issue seriously, hence the huge fine.
    I have no sympathy, by the time you're Alan pardew's age, in a job of huge responsibility and massive wages, you should be able to control yourself after a petulant push from an opposition player young enough to be your son. The premier league is a global business now and there's no place for things like that, hooliganism, racism etc. which is why the powers that be are cracking down on it (although they need a far tougher stance on racism). Most people, if they behaved the way pardew did in their place of work they would lose their job. Not the first time pardew had been involved in situations like this. He needs to grow up. Makes me even more grateful for Brendan. You know he isn't gonna embarrass the club

  15. I would rather get a little tap on the face than be subject to racism.