4 Mar 2014

'He's looking to move': Man Utd to sign 'extraordinary' €6m LFC star ahead of Benitez...?

Last week, Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers seemingly closed the door on a return to Anfield for Pepe Reina, and with speculation surrounding the Spaniard's future constantly up in the air, it appears that Manchester United have joined the race to sign the on-loan LFC star.

According to Italian newspaper Tutto Mercato:

"Manchester United's chief scout was in Italy last Thursday to run the rule over Pepe Reina in Napoli's 3-1 defeat of Swansea in the Europa League"

This is not the first time United have shown interest in Reina. Prior to Reina's Napoli move Last year, the Daily Mail claimed that Alex Ferguson was interested in bringing Reina to Old Trafford.

Reina's dream move to Barcelona seems to be on the back-burner right now, with Mark Andre ter Stegen seemingly Barca's first choice replacement for Victor Valdes. Rafa Benitez is keen to keep Reina, though, and last month, the Liverpool Echo reported:

"Napoli are willing to pay the Reds’ asking price of around €6 million to permanently sign the Spanish international once the campaign ends, which might end up blocking his potential move to Barca".

When asked recently about his future in August, Reina told the The Independent:

"At the moment it's difficult to think about being a Liverpool player next year. There's no reason to think I'll be a Liverpool player from now on"

In October, however, Reina - recently described as 'extraordinary' by Spain coach Vicente Del Bosque - seemed resigned to the possibility of returning to Merseyside next summer. He told Italian newspaper La Gazetta Dello Sport:

"My future? As far as I know, I will return to Liverpool after my loan spell is over. Then, we'll see what happens"

Rodgers has scuppered that possibility, though. Last week. he told the Liverpool Echo:

"He wrote a goodbye letter, didn't he? I was surprised at the letter - when you are a loan player I would expect that he should come back, but obviously Pepe made it very clear when he went to Napoli that he was looking to move".

Reina wanted out of LFC to (presumably) win trophies, and play in the Champions League, so it'll be gloriously ironic if he ends up at Man United, who are now languishing in mid-table mediocrity.

Would LFC sell to Man United? In this case, I don't see why not. There's the Napoli buffer between the two clubs, so it's not like a direct transfer. I doubt, however, that Reina would go to Old Trafford, especially if it means fighting for a first team place with David De Gea.

The Spaniard has spent his entire career battling with Casillas, Valdes and De Gea for the Spain number one slot, and I doubt he wants to transfer that to club level.



  1. I expect he will stay at Napoli. The various press reports are all part of the process of influencing the outcome of the transfer negotiations imo

  2. Man united have seen Pepe for close to 10 years in EPL
    Why would they send scout

  3. Im pretty sure Napoli have agreed to a deal for a starting keeper who will join at the end of the season - seems like it would rule out Reina for them. He could always play back up at half the wages for Liverpool though.

  4. Liverpool will NEVER sell Pepe to United.

  5. After reading this article and considering all the outcomes i have one question.
    Would you give a man a foot massage?

  6. classic Tarintino baby

  7. I really can't see this happening. As bad as he was treated on the way out, I'm positive he still holds Liverpool in a special place. I doubt he would want to move to Man U anyway given a) the fact that he'd be behind De Gea since there's no way he's being dropped at this stage in his development, b) Man U are much lower than L'pool in the table atm, c) both sets of fans generally don't appreciate transfers between the clubs, even with other clubs in between (i'm looking at you Owen)

  8. I would rather give Reina to Napoli for free than sell to Man United.

  9. For the amount of money he is on I think we should sell him. Although I am not totally comfortable on Miglolet at the moment.

    I rather us sell him to another team rather than United.

    Reina clearly pushed for a move which his flirting with Barca and it left us in a difficult situation.

    I think it's time he moves on.

  10. The rivalry between the clubs is something Henry would be aware of and is the kind of thing thing that he would make a point of not doing if for nothing else just as a publicity thing. Would United gazump anyone for Reina? I am not sure so it makes no sense selling to them. Also I think it would be good for us to see if he could come back in if he has been showing form. Mignolet is still a bit raw. Did Rodgers close the door recently? I must have missed it. Link anyone?

  11. He could just see out his liverpool contract on his current (reported) high wages . After all JH is keen that players should honour their contracts. I assume it cuts both ways