6 Mar 2014

'El Zurdo' to Anfield? - BR wants to sign 'excellent' £16m Argentina attacker

Liverpool are reportedly considering a summer move for Benfica midfielder Nicolas Gaitan, a persistent target for Manchester United during the Alex Ferguson era.

According to multiple sources this week, including The Guardian:

* Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers is 'in pursuit' of the Argentine international.

* Liverpool have scouted Gaitan - nicknamed 'El Zurdo' (the left-footer) many times this season.

* The Reds plan to to monitor the Argentine international until the end of the season.

* Benfica are willing to let the attacker leave for offers above €16m.

This is not the first time Liverpool have been linked with the 26-year old. Soon after Rodgers arrived at Anfield in 2012, Portuguese Newspaper Jornal Record reported that Liverpool were planning a £14m bid for Gaitan, and would move if the deal for Joe Allen fell through.

Gaitan's current deal expires in 2016, though it doesn't look like Benfica are planning to enforce the £35m release clause written into his contract. That's probably a wise decision, as there's no way (IMO) he'd fetch anywhere near that amount.

As such, if LFC were to sign Gaitan for the around £16m (€19m), that would represent a huge discount of around €16m overall. Gaitan's stats over the last few years:

* 2010-11: 9 goals/10 assists in 48 apps.
* 2011-12: 4 goals/15 assists in 44 apps.
* 2012-13: 5 goals/13 assists in 44 apps.
* 2013-14: 5 goals/9 assists in 28 apps (So far)
* TOTALS: 23 goals/47 assists in 164 apps.
* Goal/assist every 2.3 games.

Benfica manage Jorge Jesus is happy with Gaitan's form at the moment, and after Benfica's 3-0 victory over PAOK last Thursday, he enthused:

"Gaitán is much better player technically and tactically [these days]. He is in an excellent moment of form and very confident. He scored a great goal"

A viable alternative to Yehven Konoplyanka?



  1. Never seen him play, but Konoplyanka did look particularly ordinary against Totingham, in at least 10 attempts go go past someone he failed every time, looked very selfish (BR can sort that), passing was not very incisive give me Raheem any day.

  2. We will finish above manu this year, by the way..

  3. the three day ban is now at 5 days pushing six it needs to be lifted.

  4. Anyone wonder why he still playing for Benfica? He has not quite made it at International level either.

    35 million, hell no.

  5. Gaitan is a great player, he could be perfect for LFC

  6. Ha ha, just can't get enough of this one liner of yours!

    With you all the way mate ;-)

  7. This apparently is the banner that is going to be unveiled at the Utd match...

  8. You're right about the selfish bit though otherwise though I still thought he looked pretty good. I think he was trying to do everything himself and he would not get away with that in the Liverpool team with Suarez sturridge and Gerrard.

  9. The comment about height was John Aldridges but the answer is the same no they don't know who or what they are talking about. Great players though - both.

  10. As well as potentially Diego Costa (though I get the impression if he were here, Suarez would not be), Willian (though I think that was a bullet dodged for the amount of money being thrown around), and Salah

  11. AndWithSuchSimplicity10:12 pm, March 06, 2014

    And where did I accuse YOU of saying he lied??!!! It's a word that has been used a few times in various comments on this thread.
    I haven't ignored the fact he tried to get out (who wouldn't the way things had gone for him the first 2-2 1/2 years???). He did want to leave, but ended up staying, which is what he said he would do.
    And Fact.

    The biggest story of the week was the fact that Henry admitted he ignored his employee's contract. I'm not quite sure the motives for admitting this - I know I wouldn't have put it in the public domain.
    Did you write anything on this?

  12. Henry's admission doesn't really interest me, hence no article. He speaks he truth: contracts are generally worthless. I doubt he has an ulterior motive.

  13. You know that goal that Borini scored v City in the FA Cup final was pure class. Fought off arguably the best CB in the PL in Kompany. He had the presence of mind to see the acute angle and make sure he had the ball curving around the keeper and into the side netting. I think he has progressed very well.

  14. What a feeling.. and it gets better in may when we go back in cl where we belong and they sack Moyes for not reachin Europa league..