13 Mar 2014

Lawro: €5m misfit makes a mistake 'every time he plays'. Great news for LFC...?

Manchester City defender Martin DeMechelis is going through a poor period of form at the moment, and Liverpool legend Mark Lawrenson believes that Manuel Pellegrini's damaging 'blind spot' for the Argentine defender, could derail the club's whole season.

Last month, Lawro claimed Demichelis - who cost Man City €5m - 'does something wrong every week', and after witnessing City's shock FA Cup defeat to Wigan over the weekend, the BBC pundit scathed:

"Every time he [Demichelis] plays, he makes a mistake.

"Joleon Lescott must look at him and think: 'What is going on here?'.

"For all the money they have, City [should've bought] a better centre-half. That kind of indulgence could undo City's good work this season"

Demichelis's mistake at the weekend led to Wigan's first goal, and the defender also cost City a penalty against Barca in a recent Champions League match, which will ultimately end up costing the club tens of millions in lost revenue.

Pellegrini clearly didn't learn his lesson after DeMechelis's poor performance in City's recent 1-0 defeat against Chelsea last month, which prompted ridicule from Gary Linker, who tweeted:

"Good heavens! Martin Demichelis has come out for the second half. Certainly never appeared in the first."

With 23 starts this season, Pellegrini seems to have a soft spot for €5m-DiMichelis. Contrast this with Kolo Toure at LFC, who is also in his early 30s. Brendan Rodgers clearly has great respect for Toure, and persisted with him despite a couple of bad mistakes. However, he then took decisive action at the right time, and replaced the Ivorian in the starting line-up.

Pellegrini could've done the same, and brought in Joleon Lescott, but he chose to rely on Demichelis instead. Consequently, City are out of two competitions in a week (they won't beat Barca tonight).

In any event, let's hope Pellegrini's misguided faith in Demichelis continues until April, when City come to Anfield for one of the biggest games of the season. If the Argentine is in the starting line-up, the Reds will have an even better chance of winning the game, which - if results go LFC's way - could have a major impact on the title race.

Just imagine if Demichelis makes a mistake in the game that leads to City losing, and dropping out of the title race. He could end up being responsible for sabotaging his club in three separate competitions (!) If that happens, the fault will ultimately lie with Pellegrini, though.



  1. This is probably the second or third article you making about demichelis. I dont know why you're obsessed with him! Hes poor, ok then lets hope he plays at anfield and thats it, I dont think theres more to add on that.

  2. Did you write this yesterday? You have forgotten to remove the parts about City playing Barca. They already lost :-P
    He is poor, I don't know why they bought him in the first place, they could have easily got someone younger/better.

  3. Long live Demechellis! May SASAS run riot against you.

  4. Lescott is no better. But to be honest I am not impressed with Agger this season Toure or Skrtel and the jury is still out on Sakho.

  5. It's odd how Citeh can have the best defender in the league, bought when they weren't flushed with cash, and not manage to complement him with someone just as good whilst PSG have managed to buy three top class CB in the last two years.

  6. Sounds like the only difference between the thought process with BR bought the Welsh Xavi, and Pellegrini brought in Demichelis, is that wee Joe Allen cost 10m more.

  7. There's never enough space for more ASS.
    Oh wait. :P

  8. Yeah and yous give sherk £3000,000 a week. Eat me. Lol

  9. May the Force be with Demichelis as he derails Citeh's season. Hope he helps us win the title.