24 Mar 2014

'He's got steel' - LFC sign-up 'young Steve G' who impressed Aldo, Carra, & Fowler

Liverpool's thriving academy is packed with talented players developing their skills and learning their trade, and one of the most lauded youngster seems to be 17-year old Jordan Rossiter, who today signed his first professional contract with the club.

Announcing the deal, LFC's U21s boss Alex Inglethorpe told the club's official website:

"Jordan has worked very hard this season.

"He's a level-headed young man who knows hard work is necessary for him to continue his development."

A whole raft of ex-Reds have hyped Rossiter over the last year. When asked recently who he believes is the most 'exciting talent' at the academy, Jamie Carragher : told the LFC.com:

"Jordan Rossiter has trained with us a few times. I like the look of him. He's got a bit of character and steel that me and Stevie have had. He's not shy, will put himself about and clearly is a good footballer".

In a recent Twitter Q&A, John Aldridge chose Rossiter the 'brightest prospect at LFC's Academy'. He enthused:

"I like [Jordan] Rossiter. When he was 15 he was playing for the U18s, which is a tremendous accolade for the lad. He’s a great talent"

Anfield icon Robbie Fowler believes the youngster has the potential to develop into the club's new talisman. He recently tweeted:

"Jordan Rossiter is potentially a young Stevie G. He's a very good player"

Talk about raising expectations (!)

Rossiter has already had a taste of the first-team environment this season. Brendan Rodgers selected him as a substitute twice over the Christmas period (Chelsea and Hull City), and I wouldn't be surprised if he - like Jordon Ibe last May - makes his full debut in one of the final games of the season (by which time Liverpool will hopefully be Premier League Champions)



  1. He is so good he plays for the U21 team from the age of 16 years-old, he is one of the best players too, he is very Gerrard like!!!.................Liverpool U21's are top of the league too!!!

  2. A tough, intelligent, no nonsense player.Good luck,Jordan.

  3. How did I know they were gonna call him next or Gerrard Like??! Boy pressure who takes over his number!

  4. I can here it now...

    like the new Cantona

    Ooh ah Rossiter ah say Ooh ah Rossiter! !!

  5. The new Jay Spearing?

  6. From the video, he seems more like a Joe Allen type.

  7. One Adam Pepper...there's only one Adam Pepper...or is there...?

  8. He's very young, but Jordan does need to improve his touch, and he could use a little more explosive pace. His intelligence and fitness are very impressive though. Getting excited about Jack Dunn and Ryan Kent at the moment. There's some proper talent in the U21s at the moment.

  9. play him instead of lucas cause he is already better then him.he s fast he can go forward,anyway,already better then lucas.

  10. Considering he's 16 in an U21 game, this is rather impressive.. Looks more like a Mascherano type player than a Gerrard to me though? Only time will tell, biggest development years are still ahead of him!