30 Mar 2014

Brazil legend raves: LFC are 'amazing to watch' and will 'maybe' win the league

After another amazing Anfield victory, Liverpool are back at the top of the table, and the Reds are picking up neutral admirers left, right and centre, including Brazilian legend Cafu, who this evening praised LFC's performance against Spurs.

Tweeting after the game, the World Cup winning legend praised Jon Flanagan, and fellow countryman Philippe Coutinho, and enthused:

"Liverpool [are] amazing to watch.

"Can they win the league? I think maybe. Chelsea are very strong but in a storm right now. City have a big squad".

Other post-match reaction:

Daniel Sturridge

"Great result. 6 cup finals to go, Let's do this"

Luis Suarez

"Very happy for the 3 points!!! Let's keep on working! YNWA"

Glen Johnson

"What a performance today. Another massive 3 points. On to the next one"

Neil Mellor

"Another brilliant team display at Anfield to run out comfortable 4nil winners! Fans were amazing and generated a cup final atmosphere!!"

Dietmar Hamann

"How good was Sterling again? Outstanding team performance. 6 to go"

Michael Owen

"Great results for Merseyside today. The Toffee men making a charge for The Champions League and The Reds going all out for the Title"

John W. Henry

"Utterly dominant vs. Spurs. Deserving of first place. 11 top performances on the pitch. Still a lot of work to do".

John Aldridge

"Are we that good that we can play to 80% of our ability and beat spurs comfortably??6 to go and still dreaming folks"

Raheem Sterling

"Great team performance really happy be named man of Match"

Gerard Houllier

"“They are six wins away from winning the league. The cards are in their hands, fortunately they play Chelsea and Manchester City at home and also Newcastle,”



  1. You got any info about Sherwood punching a player, JK?

  2. Apparently, there was a massive brawl. Someone managed to grab some video footage of it:


  3. According to Aaron Lennon: "Today was not good enough and we let everyone down,but the rumours about the boss hitting someone are bollocks"

  4. Ha! Nice work fella!

  5. Sherwood is also for sale on eBay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121308565112

  6. Sherwood is also up for sale on eBay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121308565112

  7. Its just like watching brazil, lol. How good are we lads, we're great team to watch play the best football by a country mile in the league. We all need to believe we're going to win the league and it will happen. Happy days are here again, the migthy reds go marching on. Ynwa

  8. Peter from Perth WA12:15 am, March 31, 2014

    Well Jamie for the first 19 games or thereabouts you tried to unsettle the team with your constant whining and bitching like a spoilt school girl about Suarez, this and that player needs to go and we should invest in any number of unavailable players, I hope you have learnt what it is to be a real Scouser.
    Now, half way through the season I contradicted all those so called pundits and experts by claiming Liverpool will be No.1 and Everton No.4, I am so impressed with the respective run-ins over the next 6 or so games I wish to revise my forecasts by saying No. 1 & 2 will be an all Merseyside affair.

  9. I've got to say, that table throw was quite impressive. As was that chair catch.

  10. If we win the league, Gerrard Houllier would credit himself as the man who set it all up all those years ago.

  11. COME ON Liverpool, push hard...!!!.......u can deliver...THE TITLE.....!!!!

  12. Great talent needs a good manager to develop BR could be the man just sorry we let him go sometimes wonder about SAF decision making in the last years of his management let some wonderful talent leave just to please old guard

  13. oh my lord

  14. I'm loving this journey!!!! So enjoyable to be a red!! lets keep it going!!!