1 Mar 2014

'Absolutely unplayable': Redknapp, Owen, Fowler, Hendo etc hail 'brilliant' So'ton win

Liverpool are second in the Premier League table tonight after a fantastic away victory over a very good Southampton side, and whether Brendan Rodgers likes it or not, it's definitely time to consider the possibility that the Reds are genuine title contenders.

'Absolutely unplayable': Redknapp, Owen, Fowler etc hail 'brilliant' So'ton win
'Absolutely unplayable': Redknapp, Hendo, Fowler etc hail 'brilliant' So'ton result.

'Unplayable': Redknapp hails £35m LFC duo, plus Hendo, Fowler Owen etc hail 'brilliant' So'ton result.

'What a win': Redknapp, Fowler, Owen, Hamann etc hail 'unplayable'

Post-match reaction:

Jamie Redknapp

"What a statement of intent that is. The movement of Suarez and Sturridge is absolutely unplayable at times. Top four was the objective, but now they have to be looking at the title".

Robbie Fowler

"Great win and solid performance from the lads"

Simon Mignolet

"What a performance from the team today! Massive shout to all the fans who were behind us for the full 90 minutes today"

Daniel Sturridge

Jhheeeezzz!!! What a win!! Great team victory. 10 cup finals for us until the end of the season"

John Aldridge

"Great to be proved wrong! Great result absolutely delighted! Would've liked Daniel sturridge to have got to my 10 game league goals record but he's done brilliant getting to 8"

Dietmar Hamann

"Another great result for LFC. Saints impressive. Suarez making the difference today. Looking forward to CL football at Anfield next season".

Michael Owen

"Huge fan of Brendan Rodgers. What a job he's doing at Liverpool. Their style of play is a joy to watch"

Gary Gillespie

"LFC had to show other side of the game today. Manager will be delighted with the commitment shown well done lads"

Neil Mellor

"3 points! 3 goals! A clean sheet! A quite brilliant away result at Southampton as the impressive form continues for Liverpool"

Steven Gerrard

"Chelsea and Man City are still the favourites, but we just have to keep going and try and win every game and with world-class players in the team like Suarez, you can beat anyone".

Phil Thompson

"What a result by the Redmen and a clean sheet and another bogey team buried get in there"

Jordan Henderson

"Second half, we kept the ball much better and created some good chances. We've been disappointed with some of the goal we've conceded, and we worked on that, and got a clean sheet"

* Great to see Suarez back on the scoresheet. One goal, and two assists, which now means he is top of the goalscoring AND assists charts for the Premier League.

* Coutinho had an total off-day. Nothing seemed to go right for him, and he looked dejected when he came off. Nothing to worry about, though. He's a young player, and consistency will take time to build up. He's still a vital player for the Reds, and I'm sure we'll see that between now and the end of the season.

* Southampton basically dominated the first half, and LFC's midfield was practically non-existent. Joe Allen made no real difference in the first 45 minutes; like lots of other players, he gave the ball away too much, and the left-side of the Reds' defence got exposed time and time and again. Allen improved in the second-half, though, and put in a solid defensive shift. I still would've started Sterling ahead of him, and I still can't see Allen becoming a regular starter for Liverpool.

* Agger/Skrtel rolled back the years, and delivered a solid defensive performance. After the clean sheet, the duo will almost certainly start the next match, and if they continue to play well together, Mamadou Sakho will find it hard to get back into the team, which will - ironically - mirror his situation at PSG: third choice, with a World Cup on the horizon.

* A much-improved performance from Glen Johnson, too, though he did play himself into some dodgy situations in his attempt to avoid hoofing the ball out of defence.

As Rodgers stated in his press conference earlier this week, 'winning is all that matters', and he's right. Prior to tonight's result, Chelsea were the only top-four side get a victory at St. Mary's, and despite Southampton basically dominating the first half, Liverpool ran out 3-0 winners, which is a superb result.

It's exciting to consider the possibility of winning the title, and it could be argued that it's Liverpool's to lose at this stage. Man City and Chelsea both have to visit Anfield, and if LFC can win both games...well, it's potentially the stuff of dreams.



  1. You know you're a True Red when you don't want to jinx it anymore by saying "This is our year". We're all thinking it.

  2. everyone has a bad first half however one player that isn't liked is the only one pointed at and put down. defence gets lucky but the clean sheet is praised. funny. yet truly pathetic all at the same time. absolutely bias. oh well I and a few others have always stood by the team. hate to know I stand next to some though.


  3. Not to mention Suarez hating and then Suarez going on to have a season of his life, then Coutinho not up to it, he must now say we not going to make top 4

  4. We have officially passed the points tally we had at the same stage after 28 games in 08/09. In 08/09 we had 58 points after 28 matches, this season we have 59! This is the second season Rodgers has been at the helm isn't it? What we are seeing this season is more than just progress.

    None of our midfielders really had a great game due to the diamond formation. The reason for the diamond formation was simple, give Southampton the flanks and then hit them on the counter. Southampton played a very high defensive line and fell into our trap every time. All we needed to do was get the ball out to Suarez or Sturridge and bob is your uncle.

    We were not going to win this match by trying to finish with the most possession and passes. Southampton had more possession and many more passes but were not given any space through the middle of the pitch. The diamond formation was a stroke of genius. Lambert had 1 shot which was not on target. Rodriguez had 4 shots only 1 on target. Tactically Rodgers got it 100% spot on.

    Our defence was slightly better yesterday but the cracks are still there.

    10 matches left, 2nd place and 4 points off Chelsea. Title challenge is on!

  5. The only way Lucas IMO is going to return to the starting eleven is if Gerrard is injured or gets dropped. Gerrard has two mobile midfielders ahead of him so not sure there will be any thoughts of dropping our captain.

  6. if we really win this league, I will build a nelson mandela monument in my home town

  7. 1 week ago, 1 week ago dude... he scored fuckn two goals!

  8. Liverpool's title to lose? That's a sensationalist comment if I ever saw one.
    Chelsea, Manchester City, Spurs and Newcastle all have to be beaten at Anfield first. And United away as well. Its not exactly an easy run in. But so far so good. Great win yesterday.

  9. Top assist and top goal scorer, gunners fans oblivious on the decision Wenger made on the 40,000,001 bid made. If they bidded 55m, we may have sold him (maybe as in 0.01% possibility).

  10. Of course there won't be any thoughts of dropping him because people like you give him an undisputed status of a deity. It doesn't matter if Gerrard has two Yaya Toure's in front of him, he was bypassed constantly, and it is a major concern for me when Allen and Hendo got back into defensive positions far quicker when Gerrard is the deepest of them all.

    Gerrard has looked as slow and lethargic as ever and that's the only reason IMO he is playing DM. He might be a great playmaker but Lucas has far more defensive awareness and in terms of positional sense, Gerrard has lacked discipline his entire career, he's not going to magically change.

    I credit Rodgers for making massive calls/changes. He axed Carroll and replaced our keeper, dropped Henderson, Downing and Enrique, even Allen. Treating Gerrard like a regular player is the next big step for Rodgers. Lampard doesn't play every single game, Scholes and Giggs didn't either. Give Stevie a 'rest' once in a while and we will be better for it.

  11. I wouldn't go as far as labelling the decision as genius but you soundly justify the midfield diamond decision.

    The only problem with a narrow diamond is the two centre mids have to get through heaps of work, effectively covering two positions. Our fullbacks were okay today but in this system they need to chip in more. Hendo was out on his feet and it's also why some people think Allen was average during the game, the two were very restricted and could not stop working.

    It shows Rodgers and the team are very adaptable and it's now just another option to have. This makes team selection for the OT game very interesting.

  12. Wrong! You like making things up don't you?

    I mentioned a while ago that both Gerrard and Lucas in the same midfield does not work due to both being to to slow and also said that we should only play either Lucas or Gerrard.

    Lucas gets jogged passed just as easily as Gerrard does. As long as there are two mobile midfielders covering for Gerrard then their is no need for panic.

  13. Why am I wrong? Is it because I'm not indoctrinated? That is, I don't just uncritically accept whatever Rodgers does? How do I make things up?

    I already highlighted my point of concern, it doesn't matter who is in front of Gerrard. Lucas and Gerrard can play together.

    I'm also not talking about being run passed by, I'm talking about when the ball goes over our midfield, Gerrard turns like the Queen Mary while Hendo and Allen broke their balls to get back into position. I can't see why it's not a concern. You criticised Lucas for a similar problem in which JK labelled 'recovery time' or something, but when it's Gerrard in DM because it's Rodger's call, oh no, suddenly it's different.

  14. "people like you give him an undisputed status of a deity"

    Want to go read my post again?

  15. When Southampton beat us at Anfield earlier this season, we had more possession and ended with more passes.

    Southampton did not have control in the middle of the park yesterday and the diamond formation was the reason for this = stroke of genius.

  16. 4 if you're lucky

  17. Using the BR scale of hyperbole it was an "outstanding" demonstration of genius...:-)

  18. Gerrard...

    "Our idea was to play a bit longer, try and beat their press and leave two up top. If teams want to play two v two against Sturridge and Suarez - all the best."

  19. I think we will all agree that going all out to keep Suarez no matter how much he pissed us fans off by whoring himself at the start of the season turned out to be one of the best decisions the club has made in a very long time. Arsenal would have won the League by now if we had allowed Suarez to join them.

  20. Great to see us winning well when we are not dominating teams. But what we do do is put away chances as our attack is so lethal. Agger and Johnson have improved the defense massively, But would still like Sakho to come in for Agger. I want to give a mention to Rodgers who with a pretty thin squad and a lot of injuries has kept us in the race. I see the Rodgers haters have gone quiet, Is there any with the balls to still stand by their beliefs???

  21. The Rodgers haters only crawl out when we lose.

  22. I think Darren Lewis just tipped us to win the league. Please don't be a jinx.

  23. Exactly. When he went with it I was very happy. They are shit hot roaming around the middle and we managed to stifle them in a way we would never have playing our normal formation.

  24. No, your rationale has been clear for ages.

    Your typical response, just throw a question back at someone instead of sensibly addressing the points in their post.

  25. I think a lot of people like me who had serious doubts about BR have been proved wrong on many counts. But that will not stop me or others criticising him in future if we disagree with things just that the criticism will be tempered with a little more respect than before.

  26. You accused me of of worshiping Gerrard. The post I asked you to go read again proves that I don't.

    Addressed thank you very much.

  27. You are completely entitled to disagree with anything the manager or team does, its your club. At least you have the balls to admit when your wrong and stand by your opinion in the future and not switch from one end of the scale to the other according to the results. fair play.

  28. You're right about top spot, think it's just out of reach, but i think we are more likely to win the Prem League than the Mancs even progressing to the next round of the CL, think that particular worry can be put out of our minds now.

  29. Gerrard starts if he's fit. The last four games he's been superb. You don't drop your captain for any other reason than fitness. Who would you have wanted stepping up taking that penalty in the last second against Fulham? You need the leader and inspiration on the field especially the situation we're in now. The man bleeds red more than any other player out on the pitch. And do you think there is anyone playing in English football who wants a PL medal more than him. That kind of motivation will be priceless for the run-in.

  30. Exactly. That's no way to discuss/debate.

  31. Cant say much more than what's already been said below. Great result. First half, got the early goal and rode our luck a little. Second half was superb. Contained Soton completely.. Bringing on Sterling when he did was a good move, didnt do a Wenger and wait til 70 mins, I also would have liked to see him start, but the formation was perfect for this game.

    Coutihno was off yes, but that will happen to every player at some point and we got exactly what we needed from the bench, his team mate coming on and put in his shift regardless of wether or not he was selected.

    Johnson was excellent i thought. Yes he played his way into a couple of dodgy situations, but he is never as comfortable playing out from the left hand side and that was to accomodate Flanno so can't really criticise there. If he plays like that for the rest of the season I would have no problem extending his contract. Flanno wasn't great, couple of nervy moments including the penalty shout and leading with his elbows a few times, but he is an excellent player IMO and a much better performance will follow I'm sure.

    Agger a Skrtel, excellent, but one swallow a summer does not make. Need to build on that with another clean sheet, and another. The offence has been bailing out the defence for too long now, I can see a few games coming up where a 1-0 win may be required, they need to continue that form.

    Allen played the best I have seen him play in a red shirt. Still made some mistakes, but over-all did an excellent job of the ugly stuff. But that needs consistency. Gerrard, quality as usual, really adapting to his role. Some of the passes he played, Lucas just can't give you that from deep. Hendo another solid-solid performance, well done. Last year I would have been saying, Henderson played out of his skin, this year I'm expecting those kind of displays. Outstanding improvement.

    Suarez and Sturridge, what can you say? Best partnership in the world....FACT! :)
    Maybe a bit too far, but they cannot be split up in the summer, club has to hold onto them, getting two strikers who play that well together at a club happens so rarely. They could be our ticket to the 19th and 6th times...

  32. the countdown begins 10

  33. Lol you have shown that you know nothing about football must be a manc

  34. I'm not calling for Gerrard to be dropped instantly, I'm just trying to suggest that he should not be so untouchable. Tactically, there are lots of defensive issues with Gerrard at DM and I'm highlighting them from my point of view. I couldn't be more pleased with his set piece and on the ball the contributions.

  35. fair play to you. I thought he was right from the start because he was young aggressive and had built reasonable success with limited funds. That ailed to a massive ego and and a very clear vision of what he wanted to achieve and how he wanted to do it. It was a pretty good set of ingredients. The rest is just a wing and a prayer.The thing we now know is that he is very astute and that In the end is why he is doing so well .