20 Feb 2014

Red Alert: Is the Steven Gerrard Kiss of Death about to hit 'sensational' £15m star...?

Everyone and his dog is heaping praise on Liverpool winger Raheem Sterling at the moment, and Steven Gerrard has now jumped on the overpraise bandwagon, hailing the 19-year old as the 'toughest' player in LFC's squad.

That description matches Brendan Rodgers' recent assessment of £15m-rated Sterling, but it's faint praise compared to the barrage of hyperbole that came next. Gerrard gushed:

“His [Sterling's] form of late is sensational.

"If he continues that until the end of the season, we will see him at the World Cup. He is going to be a frightening talent.”

In the words of Private Hudson:

If there's one thing that's guaranteed about Steven Gerrard it is this: if he makes a prediction about the club, or another player, invariably, the opposite will end up happening. As such, Raheem Sterling can now probably forget about making England's World Cup squad. You may think I'm exaggerating here, but just look at some of Gerrard's past predictions:

Aug 2006: "We ended last season with 11 wins on the trot, eight in the league and that is title-winning form. I must admit I'm excited about what next season could bring for us because I know we have a team of very good players here who can challenge for the Premiership".

What actually happened? LFC finished 3rd, 21 points behind Man United

August 2007: "I honestly believe in my heart of hearts that this team will win the Premier League. I believe we're too good not to win it"

What actually happened? Another seven years of Premier League failure.

May 2009: "This time I’m going to use the experience to drive me on and try to win the title over the next few years. We certainly have the ability".

What actually happened? Three years of abject performance in the league.

June 2009: "I think next year could be our year. I’m really confident about that"

What actually happened? Liverpool finished 7th, 23 points behind Man United.

August 2009: "You have to go into every new season prepared to do all you can to make it happen and I genuinely believe we can do it"

What actually happened? Horrific league season for LFC that culminated in Rafa Benitez getting sacked.

Aug 2010: "We must forget about the horror of what happened last season and get this club back to where it belongs, which is the Champions League"

What actually happened? Liverpool finished 6th, 22 points behind man United.

Aug 2010: "[Lionel] Messi can do some amazing things, but anything he can do Joe can do as well, if not better. He used to shock us in training by doing footy tricks with a golf ball that most players can't even do with a football".

What actually happened? Cole's alleged Messi-like ability was mysteriously absent on the field.

Aug 2010: "I really fancy Joe for the [player of the year] award this season".

What actually happened? Cole completely flopped and was sent out on loan.

Jan 2012: "We’re six points off fourth and there are 16 games left. You’re not telling me that this team and the players we’ve got here are not capable of making that up?"

What actually happened? Liverpool finished 8th, 17 points off 4th place (!).

May 2012: "For me, the favourites for Euro 2012 will be France, who beat us recently"

What actually happened? France flopped and went out early.

Feb 2013: "If we keep playing like that then we can certainly put in a challenge for fourth place".

What actually happened? Liverpool finished 7th in the Prem, and didn't challenge for fourth place.

Gerrard is a superb footballer but he needs to stop making predictions. Rafa Benitez, Roy Hodgson and Kenny Dalglish were all defeated by the Gerrard Kiss of Death; Let's hope that Raheem Sterling doesn't become the skipper's latest victim ;-)

;-) <--- For those who will inevitably take this as a serious attack on Gerrard: this signifies that the post is supposed to be lighthearted.



  1. Oh well as far as Gerards predictions go i say this even a broken clock is right twice a day!!!!!!!!!

  2. There are a few more I could add, but would be just rubbing salt in the wounds.

  3. Positivity is something all sports people / professionals hold. Without it there would be no point in stepping out on the field. If you doubt yourself the battle is already lost.

  4. I remember that post, I was thinking of posting it just after Mandelas death but though "too soon." That's the article that got me to start reading this website truth be told.

  5. Am I right in thinking that Stevie said we had a chance at winning the title just before or after the Arsenal game?

  6. Oh no Jamie! Gerrard strikes again, Sterling will get an ACL injury which will keep him out of the world cup and he will never fully recover and end up like Hargreaves.

  7. same here hahah

  8. Just watched konoplyanka, this boy is class.

  9. I think the sight of gerrard lifting the premier league trophy would bring a tear to my eye. If anyone deserves a league winners medal it's him

  10. Classic! If that is the case I hope we get relegated this season. This is hoping I have a touch of Gerrards prediction fortunes of course!

  11. Surely he has to get one right, doesn't he???

  12. My dog thinks he's great

  13. If you think of the amount of predictions everybody makes, every day! How many actually do come true? The fact is that most peoples predictions are not documented.
    What exactly was he supposed to say when asked about Stirlings performance of late?

  14. That is what a captain should do. Not that he does not know the actual situation.

  15. I think what you don't understand (or maybe you won't,) is that as a leader, one has to inspire and push their team positively. I don't see teams winning if they are subjected to negativity by their own leader or leaders. What kind of an environment will that be? Positivity breeds positive responses. This is a quality all leaders need to have and a responsibility they take even if things do go right.

  16. What a story, damn...