14 Feb 2014

'We're talking about Sterling': LFC's 'wonderful' winger gets some exciting news. Big chance...?

Last week, Brendan Rodgers scoffed at the idea that Raheem Sterling is 'not ready' to go to the World Cup with England, and with Sterling in excellent form this season, there's clearly a big opportunity for the youngster to make the final squad. What are the chances of that happening, though?

When asked about Sterling's chances this week, England boss Roy Hodgson hinted that he has a great chance of making the final squad. He told The Telegraph:

“At the moment we are talking about Raheem Sterling and Adam Johnson.

“They have both done very well. Both of their teams have profited enormously from their form. They are two players we know. We have had them with us in the past [and] I can also judge them from their form in the Premier League"

West Ham legend Tony Gale recently argued that Sterling would not make the final squad because he only has 'pace' to offer, and not much more. In his pre-Fulham press conference , Rodgers emphatically refuted that contention. He told reporters:

“I have respect for him [Gale]. But I see Raheem every day of his life and I can tell you that is not the case. He certainly has more than pace. He has wonderful quality, and responsibility on the pitch".

Anyone who believes Sterling is just a one-trick pace-pony clearly hasn't watch him play very often. That may have been true last year, but his game has inarguably improved, especially when it comes to strength on the ball, tactical awareness, composure, and confidence to take players on.

The one thing that may count against him is youth, but there are many examples of teenagers going to the World Cup and making an impact, with the obvious example being Michael Owen.

If it's a straight choice between Adam Johnson and Sterling, it's possible that the Sunderland man will probably get the nod. Johnson is older, and more experienced, and he's on fire at the moment.

It all depends on what happens over the next three months, though. It's all about end-product, and right now, Johnson is slightly ahead on that front. However, if Sterling can consistently score/create between now and the end of the season, he'll be in with a real chance.

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  1. He'll make the squad. Pace to burn, finding an eye for goal and timing his runs better

  2. I notice that Tony Gale is a Liverpool hater, he never has anything good to say about LFC when he's on Sky Sports News, bitter little man in my opinion!

  3. JAMIE!! Remember a year or so ago you did a piece on the teams conversion rate? I think it was about 7%. Any chance of on update? Maybe on individuals like SAS? I bet its high now. (assuming I havent missed one you already did).
    Back on thread. Raheem did start last season playing well also.

  4. over the years teams such as Spain choose the team with best natonial players, and fill up the other gaps with quality players in other words Barcelona. Italy have done this to good affect also with Juventus. right now Liverpool's english players are performing at a high level and my England squad will be


    sub on wilshere for henderson, townsend for lallana and maybe defoe at the end for sturridge.

    this will be pretty much a Liverpool side. if only BR could temporarily manage England for the World Cup. England will be playing like LFC with BR tika-taka style football based around Sturridge pace and Rooney movement. Flanagan and Sterling know how to play together, gerrard and henderson, Sturridge up top, Johnson Left back. its brought LFC success this season so why not for England?

  5. Sterling will be more suited to hogson as he like his wingers to be able to track back and help full backs out Adam Jonson does not do that and lazy ! Sterling is one of the best about at getting up and down the pitch and so quik he can make ground up really quik . It's a no Brainer !!

  6. somewhat forgetting Baines or Cole for LB and I am a Liverpool fan so biased towards Flanagan / Johnson (unless you mean Adam J at LB)

  7. lool nuh i meant GJ but who knows it could be the trick. if Januzaj commits to England it will be

    i like baines but i want the back 4 to be settled. Flanagan and Johnson can play well together and Cahill and Terry play well together. so im gonna go for that team. Sterling and Januzaj will be the magician who shock every1 with their raw ability which the world hasnt seen yet.

  8. If it comes down to a straight choice between Raheem & Johnson it has to be our man without a doubt

  9. Yep, noticed that too, been on the end of too many hidings from us

  10. I think he'll make the squad but as an impact sub. By the time the next World Cup comes round he'll be a nailed on starter IMO

  11. Yea Liverpool full backs are just what England will need. Pfft Johnson will be lucky to make the squad on this seasons showings and it's way too early for flanno. And you reckon hendo will get the nod over wilshere? Gimme a break

  12. Terry, Januzaj, and Flanagan won't be on that team, just not gonna happen.

  13. I think the side should be:
    ---------------------------------------- Hart -------------------------------------------
    Johnson (if fit) ----------- Jagielka --------- Cahill ------------------- Baines
    --------------------------------------- Gerrard ---------------------------------------

    -------------------------- wilshere ---------------- Henderson -------------------
    Sterling -------------------------------------------------------------------- Rooney
    ---------------------------------------- Sturridge ------------------------------------
    Terry won't be available.

  14. I don't think it is possible for Januzaj to be eligible in time for the World Cup, is it?
    I think he has to wait another year or so before he can get British citizenship.

  15. Can't believe anyone is picking Johnson on current form. I know conservative old Roy is gonna pick him and others just on reputation not form. This IMO has been England's Achilles heel in all competitions for a while now. They consistently pick the team on reputation not form. They would be better served to pick Lallana Sterling Flannagan and others taking the prem by storm this year. Watch what happens though there will be many over 30's in the squad.