14 Feb 2014

Agent Confirms: LFC have 'serious interest' in signing exciting €12m star. 'New Aguero'?

Last week, Jorge Cyterszpiler - the Agent of Argentine striker Luciana Vietto - claimed that he had 'talked to top level clubs like Real Madrid and Liverpool' about a possible summer move. Cyterszpiler is clearly intent on drumming up inteest in the 20-year old, and this week, he has again name-checked the Reds, and hinted that the club continued to be interested in signing Vietto.

Recent reports suggest that Liverpool are tracking the coveted 20-year attacker, and speaking to CalcioNews24 last week, Cyterszpiler said:

"There is so much competition, and we have talked to top-level clubs like Real Madrid [and] Liverpool"

Then, in an interview last night with Radio La Red, Cyterszpiller added:

"Luciano is playing at a very good level and that has made several teams get interested in him and some others keep an eye on him. Real Madrid and Liverpool have showed a serious interest."

Vietto history:

Sep 2012: Brendan Rodgers sent LFC scouts to assess Vietto, who currently plays for Racing Club in the Argentine Apertura.

May 2013: Cyterszpiler told Tuttosport:

"The whole world wants Vietto, including Liverpool, Real Madrid, Juventus and other international clubs. Vietto is the best young player in Argentina. "

Oct 2013: The Daily Mail reported:

"Liverpool and Manchester City are among clubs to have asked about Argentina prospect Luciano Vietto. Both clubs have been monitoring the teenager’s development for over a year".

Oct 2013: When asked last about Vietto's future, Cyterszpiler enthused:

"Vietto is the best young player in Argentina. I have received many offers from several European clubs"

Vietto - dubiously nickname 'the new Aguero' - has a €12m release clause in his contract, and speaking to reporters this week, Racing Club's owner, Victor Blanco, dismissed the possibility that the youngster is for sale:

"The club is not going to release any player on loan or in a sale. [Vietto] should be until June to fight and get points, and will not be traded abroad"

There seems to be a disconnect between Vietto's Agent and Racing Club's owner here. Cyterszpiler is clearly trying set-up a transfer, whilst Blanco claims he's not for sale.

Vietto has 15 goals in 48 appearances for Racing Club so far, which is a decent record for a 20-year old.



  1. Where are the Will Hughes rumors.

  2. Vietto is a major stretch. Nothing special written about him other than his agent's glowing endorsements. We have a great young kid in Texeira who is champing at the the bit to play, showed speed, agressiveness and comtrol for the 15 minutes he was in the match. Ibe also looked very compsed. Drop all references to this Vietto kid. Look for another MF or two. If things go right for the rest of the year we still have SAS. We have Assaidi, Suso, Llori back. We deal Aspas off. Get some more youthful English kids like Hughes...maybe Ings...and we're set. The MFs we pick up need to be experienced PL players...hopefully DMs that can spell each other during the long EPL/LC/FA/CL season. I like our team and I like our youth. The rest of the season and next are going to be very exciting.

  3. I don't think he is that special. Haven't been part of many Argentine junior team, neither I have read much about him apart from self boasting comments from his agents. I don't think he was part of Arges U20 team in last years South American U20 Championship. That was quite a poor team & probably first time an Arges U20 side failed to qualify for U20 WC. Most of the Latin players come with ball skills & eye catching flairs but not necessarily end up becoming greats. However, if any young forward is to be brought, I would have gone for the young Uruguayan forward, winning the Golden boot & Silver ball in last years U20 WC, his structure & style is so similar to Suarez.

    Having said that, forward line is the least concern areas for us & we are not short of goals. With Ibe, Suso, Taxiera, Sterling, Yesil & few others maturing, I don't want to spend limited transfer budget for attacking 3rd on potential. If we spend for attacking line, we should spend big & bring 1 forward straight for the starting XI, not for bench. I think we should focus mostly on our back line - 2nd keeper, a CB, a pair of wing-backs (Both Left & right), a DM & a Box to Box CM. I would have gone for CB Loveren, LB Digne, RB Sciglia, DM Ma'Villa & if money is available, 1 marque signing in Pogba or De Maria (He must be unhappy sitting on Real bench behind CR & Bale).

    BR has done great things, but he can't justify the purchase of spas, Enrique, Illori or Mosses. I understand the logic behind Allen & Borini, because as a new Manager in a big club he wanted few of his known players, at the same time we were in need of squad depth, without CL football that's always difficult, but last summer, he made a mess of the transfer budget. None of the summer purchases were any better than what we already had at our academy. Need to rectify that in next summer.

  4. RB & LB are two other big issues for us. We need to spend good money on these two positions.

    Rakitic most probably will move from Sevilla in the summer. If we are interested in him then Champions League qualification is vital. If a team that can offer Champions League football had to come knocking then chances of us getting his signature = zero.

  5. Enrique was signed by dalglish !!!! And is one of the best left backs in the league when fit !!!!!!!! Did u mean Alberto by an chance ?

  6. Juventus are not going to sell Pogba in a hurry. Pipe dream...

  7. How much is somebody willing to pay for him should have been the question ;-)

  8. BR is adamant that SG will play as an anchor man and he has been extremely good so far so I don't think Lucas will break back into the team easily. I see Lucas as backup for Gerrard who will need lot of rest next season when we play in Europe as well. Then we also have Joe Allen who can play there. I was crying for DM in January but SG has made that position of his own. This has changed my mind and I think we can strengthen other important areas at the expense of adding one more DM.

  9. My bad... it's Alberto

  10. They 'll, if the money is good for that their financial condition isn't that good to keep 3 highly paid midfielders. You don't know the power of CL, EPL & LFC Brand. For last few years, only because of missing CL, we were handicapped in transfer market. Believe me, once we are there, you 'll be surprised to see the names ready to join Anfield. & for such a dynamic player like Pogba, playing in EPL from Seria A 'll be like a dream.

    These Italian Clubs roar first that money is not a problem & then look for loan deals. Once LFC is in CL, with the additional money & BT deal, there 'll be very few clubs outside UK that can financially compete with us (& none can compete in terms of the experience of Anfield nights, Kop End)

  11. You make things sound way to easy I am afraid.

    If we do make CL then our chances of signing the best players do become much easier but that does not mean we will just be able to sign any player we want. We will still have competition from all the other top clubs.

    The club will also still follow it's strategy of not overpaying and hemorrhaging the wage bill. If you want to play for the shirt then sign on the dotted line, if you are after money then you know where the door is.

    Plus we have got the expansion of Anfield coming up very soon which is going to eat up plenty of cash unless the fans are willing to allow Anfield's name to be renamed by allowing someone else to fund the revamp...

  12. Every point of yours is valid. However, in last 1 year, the owners were ready to pay (& to a certain extent overpay in fee & wage) for quality but whenever we have targeted those above average players like Makhterian, Willian, Salah, Tello or Costa, all of them either has gone to a CL club or has stayed at current club which happens to be in CL.

    I know the stadium project 'll eat up lot of money, but we are talking of earning lot of money as well. If we say reach till CL QF, I see additional 20mn from gate & about 35mn from UEFA TV money. On top of that, guarantee money, co-branding tie ups & additional shirt sale money, I believe you can add straight 65-70mn on current income. We are at better position than most clubs in Europe in terms of debt servicing with loan amount to a minimum level (Think about MU, who has a debt servicing of almost $US1.2bn).

    At the end of the day, there is no point in sitting on bench & I am sure lot of quality players would think twice before joining Chelsea, MCity, Bayern, PSG, Real or Barca. If the money is reasonable & we are in CL, I am sure lots of quality players 'll be available. Despite constant battle with Gillet & Higgs, Rafa could make a world class team because we were in CL. I think FSG is much better owners & once the finance supports, the 'll spend value for money (with CL football, we 'll not need to over pay).

    Finally, we are not like Chelsea on 2003 or MC of 2007 that the owners have to put in billions. It's already a brilliant developing young squad, we only need to plug in some gaps & make alternatives for few aging players. I think, with this squad, if we invest another 65-70mn in summer, we 'll have a squad for targeting all 4 trophies.

    Yes I am optimistic, but we are in a much better situation than anybody without Sugar Dad in EPL. Think about MU or Spurs.

  13. I am also optimistic, one of the most optimistic on this site :-)

    and agree that FSG are doing the right things but signing a player like Pogba is going be a massive headache, trust me.

    And by the way, Warrior have paid LFC millions to become our kit sponsor. The money from shirt and other merchandise sales go to back to Warrior.

  14. I hope we get him, Stevie G will need help next season!

  15. LFC have already signed a first option contract. If BR wants him he's ours.