7 Feb 2014

'He's a national treasure': LFC want €6m 32-assist star who sees Suarez as a 'brother'

Liverpool are reportedly considering a summer move for United Arab Emirates star winger Omar Abdulrahman.

According to reports today:

* Liverpool chief scout Barry Hunter is keeping a 'close eye' on the player.

* LFC see Abdulrahman as an 'alternative' to Yehven Konplyanka.

* He's allegedly available for £5m.

With £5m price-tag, it's hardly surprising that Liverpool see Abdulrahman as a viable alternative to Konoplyanka (!)

However, given the Reds utter failure under FSG to sign anyone decent in that price range, it's hardly an exciting prospect. Some info about Abdulrahman:

* 22 years old.
* Currently plays for Al-Ain and the UAE national team.
* Plays as a winger or an attacking midfielder.
* Had a two-week trial with Man City in 2012.
* 24 appearances for the UAE.

* 2012: Ranked #1 by ESPN in the Top ten Asian players of 2012.
* 2013: Listed by FIFA in its Promising Future Stars in Asia" list.
* 2013: Voted Emirati Player of the Year.
* 2013: Voted Fans’ Player of the Year.
* 2013: Named Young Arab Player of the Year.

* 2013: Al Ain chairman Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed rejected Arsenal's offer of a trial. Explaining why, he told reporters: "Omar Abdulrahman is a national treasure, and is above having to go on trial. Any club willing to recruit Omar can check his performance in all his games and then submit a serious offer. If there is one, we are ready to negotiate"


* 2012-13: 8 goals/16 assists in 31 apps.
* 2013-14: 1 goal/16 assists in 17 apps.
* TOTAL: 9 goals/32 assists 48 apps.
* Goal every 5 games
* Assist every 1.5 games
* Goal/Assist every 1.1 games.

An impressive list of accolades there, and some outstanding creative stats, but there's one major issue to consider: Abdulrahman has suffered TWO cruciate ligament injuries in the last three years, which kept him out for a combined total of 12 months.

Players are unlucky to get that injury once, but to get it twice suggests there may be an underlying issue, and it could return at some point in the future. On the other hand, it incredible mental strength is needed to twice come back from that injury and perform well, so that's a very definite plus-point.

Luis Suarez certainly seems to rate Abdulrahman. After Uruaguay beat the UAE 2-1 during last summer's Olympics, Suarez requested his shirt, something that made the Emirati star very proud. He told reporters:

"He [Suarez] came to me and asked if I would like to give him my shirt and I agreed because I treat him like a brother"

Perhaps the presence of Suarez could convince Abdulrahman to make the switch to Anfield?

Of course, that all depends on whether Suarez is actually still at Liverpool this summer...



  1. This highlights the talent out there if you scout properly, how many more go under the radar due to lazy scouting???.................this lad has real class regardless of the league he plays in, a real footballer.

  2. Now the world knows we have a target we can negotiate until last day of next transfer window and somebody else get him. Not sure what he's like but IM sure his agent is doing a good job of making him look good

  3. This guy clearly will not cope with the physicality of the EPL.

    Just cannot see LFC signing him.

  4. its all the same ayres will make a fuck of it or someone else will just offer more money

  5. Didn't they say that about hazard and silva. He's clearly got talent and I think he'll do well. Just not sure where he will play.

  6. I remember watching this guy during the Olympics and being shocked that he didn't move to a European league. Looks a very tidy footballer. I saw him in about 3-4 games and each time he looked competent and intelligent. I haven't seen enough to know he is Liverpool level, but I'm genuinely surprised he hasn't moved over to Europe yet. I suppose the knee injuries are likely the reason for that.

  7. Can hear his knees creaking from here!

  8. Agree, during the Olympics was surprised at the talent from UAE, this guy in particular. The other guy that impressed in that group was Sturridge. Would be worthwhile

  9. aaah!#$! does Liverpool transfer news still interest anyone ?

  10. Nope. Starting to bore me out. Only got interesting straight after when FSG bought us and all the news sources decided to link us with miles better players. And now only when we're actually in the middle of a transfer window!