18 Feb 2014

Transfer Update: LFC scout €20m 'Colombian Ronaldo' twice in 2 weeks. Summer bid...?

Prior to the January transfer window, Liverpool were heavily linked with a move for Udinese striker Luis Muriel, and with Iago Aspas completely failing to make the required impact at Anfield, the Reds continue to scout the Colombian goalscorer, with a view to making a possible move in the summer.

According to reports this week:

* LFC scouts have watched Muriel - nicknamed the 'Colombian Ronaldo' - twice in the last two weeks.

* Wolfsburg and Juventus are also tracking the Colombian.

Liverpool monitored Muriel last summer, with multiple reports claiming that Reds planned to bring him in to replace Luis Suarez, who seemed desperate to leave Anfield. At the time, Italian newspaper Tutto Mercato reported:

"Scouts from Liverpool and Barcelona were in attendance last night [8th August 2013] to watch Muriel against Siroki Brijegin [in the Europa League]".

When specifically asked in September about Liverpool's interest, Muriel's Agent, Helmut Wennin, told calcionews24:

“Muriel is a player of talent and potential, so I think it is normal that big clubs want him. However, I have had no contact with any English clubs"

When quizzed about LFC's interest after Colombia's 1-0 victory against Serbia last month, Muriel appeared open to a move away at some point. He told Eldeportivo:

"The Pozzo family supported me and wants me to have another year in Udine. This is what they told me. The idea is to grow, and in the future to go to a bigger club" .

Manchester United are also interested in €20m-rated Muriel, but Pozzo insists that the striker is worth much more than that. Last summer, he told reporters:

"He [Muriel] has a price. I don’t put clauses in contracts but €20m euro for a striker of great worth is nothing. For [Edinson] Cavani the price is 60m euro"

Udinese recently announced on its official website that Muriel signed a new five-year deal until June 2018, which means that any club seeking a transfer will not get him on the cheap.

Muriel's strike partner, Antonio Di Natale is a big fan of the Colombian, and when asked about Muriel's qualities in June, he told FIFA.com:

“Make a note of the name Luis Muriel. He’s got all the qualities needed to become a phenomenon, and in a few years Luis will be a great champion.”

The new contract doesn't necessarily mean he will stay in Italy for the whole five years. As Muriel said in June, he wants a move to a 'bigger club' in the future, and signing the new deal gives his club an element of protection, and ensures that Udinese will get a decent transfer fee when Muriel is sold.

Muriel has 15 goals/4 assists in 37 appearances for Udinese. A viable candidate for LFC at some stage...?



  1. He would be a great player for us but only if Suarez leaves. I doubt Muriel would be content sitting on the bench. But imagine Muriel and Sturridge on the counter attack. What pace.

  2. We need a reliable third striker who can cover for a resting or injured SAS. We have about 12 on our roster either training or loaned out already...You mean to tell me there isn't one of them in the lot who is going to make the grade? We need more MFs...especially relaible DMs. Lucas is injury prone. SG is good at it but for how long during a PL/LC/FA/CL schedule? Allen is streaky and frankly not physically imposing enough. We need some tough smart DMs. We also need a bigger, better corps of MFs. The ones we have are good but we're not deep enough yet.

  3. In reality a team who are serious about competing on all fronts (including the Champions League) need 4 strikers. Clearly Aspas is not trusted as he can't even get a cameo role when we've put games to bed. That leaves Borini who's a 4th choice at best. I'm not sure who you think the other 8 are?!! If you're talking about Ngoo, he's on loan at a lower league club for a reason and is nowhere near ready to be playing EPL games, let alone CL.

    Muriel is pure class. A superb footballer. He might not be as prolific this season, but we should go for him without a shadow of a doubt. If Rodgers can bring the best out of him even Suarez's place in the starting XI would be guaranteed, its that sort of competition for places that we need.

    Granted the midfield needs an overhaul, but if we're serious about next season we need to address all areas of the squad.

  4. Ayre should leave for Italy now to get the paperwork done for Maureen and Sherwood.

  5. I try not to take anything you say seriously, and this time it'll be no different.. Salah gets 6 months to adapt from Mourinho but Aspas gets no time before everyone gets out their whips... Lets be serious for a second and look at Aspas's time at Anfield... Pre-season went well and everyone was singing his praises, fair enough it was pre-season and not what he would face in PL so we wait.. He is a small ST for any team in english football and especially so for the PL, so it was only natural he would struggle to adapt quickly to the pure physical nature of our game. Then he gets injured and is sidelined for a while only to to see the return of Suarez who turns out to be on fire, and more so, he has a natural strike partner in Sturridge,both playing some superb football together all season. So he is not going to ever knock either of them out of the starting 11 leaving him no time to get to grips with real match day football, because as we all know, you can never simulate the match day scenario in training.. leaving him alot furhther behind than he would have been if he was fit and able to play when Suarez was suspended..
    We forget that he was bought, he didn't just turn up one day saying I want to play. He would have always believed he could and probably still can make a go of it with LFC, but before anyone even considers giving the guy some time and a fair crack of the whip, certain people start labelling him a flop. It's a joke. who the hell are you people.. Oh yeah nobodies with insignificant opinions on everyone and everything without knowing anything at all.. You idiots make me sad for genuine LFC supporters and any man who comes to play at this great club....does You'll Never Walk Alone mena nothing to you people....

  6. If we ship out Aspas and we looking at a replacement, I'd be looking at some one like Victor Ibarbo. Colombian striker on the rise, as Diego Costa has been priced out of our reach. Victor Ibarbo is kinda similar in style of play to Costa, has more pace (probably not as clinical...yet). He'll bring a variation to our attack, and he posses the basics of BR's requirements (technical, good with the ball at his feet and adaptable in the front three positions).
    The Diego Costa boat has sailed for us, this guy would be a cheaper alternative and offer more physicality than Aspas. Could be our Negredo? Only down side he plays in Series A, we all know the luck we had with player from the Italian league.

  7. where does this lad ply his trade? I'm not privy to this name yet..must be something right if he's being noticed already, but we need first teamers as we have plenty of squad players and talented youths coming through..

  8. Cagliari,, Only looked at his Fifa 14 stats and that's no real way to scout a player, but it gives some indiction and boy is this kid fast.. another winger to help out youn sterling and offer more width on the opposite flank would definately be a bonus..

  9. Cagliari Italy


  10. Sooner or later someone is going to give him a better platform to show his talent, why not us. He will get games for us next season (any 3rd striker will), as with Champ Lge football(touch wood) we'll need reinforcements. At present none of our current bench warmers are going to give the opposition any thing to think about when they come on, only time we have a game changer is when Sturridge sitting in wait.

  11. I am just looking at the names who are listed on the 'first team' depth chart as forwards. RS and LA are listed as forwards.

  12. It's boring reading transfer speculation this far out from the window. But I guess there is a need to fill pages with something.

  13. Think there will be a Page 3 section in the blog soon, this will help pad out the site a little.... But we'll get hormonal teenagers filling the comment section with phases like... 'That's What She said'

  14. OK...we should go to sleep on the the 10th of March with 62 points. That would be 1 more point than the whole 12-13 season. We have Swansea at home, Soton away, and Sunderland at Anfield. I think all three are must wins...not comeback draws or 'wonder what just happened' losses...out and out victories. The only possible challenge is Soton away. Thoughts...arguments?

  15. I personally dont rate Aspas, I feel he is not the quality required, but thats my opinion, on the other hand, in the game against Fulham, Rodgers decided Tex was a better bet than Aspas, and when Stevie stuck the penno away, not sure if you noticed, but Aspas ran from the bench jumping up and down, he celebrated like he had just scored, that really impressed me, his heart is definitely at the club.

  16. He could work on either wing too. That's the thing with Suarez. He is most dangerous cutting in from the outside. So Luis, this guy and Coutinho behind Sturridge could do some serious damage. And then there is Sterling too. Again, it's all about options.

  17. Yeah i really like those replica player we link...
    Welsh Xavi, hmmm who else too much cant remember all hehehee