18 Feb 2014

'He should just...' Arsenal Hero says Sturridge 'needs to' change a vital part of his game.

After a period of red-hot form, Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge narrowly missed the chance to make goalscoring LFC history on Sunday by scoring in nine consecutive games in all competitions. Sturridge had several gilt-edged opportunities to break the 90-year old record, but he couldn't convert, and Arsenal legend Ian Wright has offered the striker some friendly goalscoring advice.

After witnessing Sturridge miss several golden chances to score, Wright - who scored 305 goals throughout his impressive career - urged sturridge to keep it simple in front of goal. He told the BBC.

"Sturridge seems always to want to go round a keeper because his pace gets him there. But he should just lift it over the goalie. Going round means you must get everything absolutely right. These are the opportunities that he needs to take quickly"

On this particular occasion, Wright is clearly correct - Sturridge should've tried to dink the ball over the keeper instead of dribbling it into the net. On the whole, Sturridge makes good choices in front of goal, and that is reflected in his fantastic goalscoring record for Liverpool.

When Sturridge is through on goal in a one-to-one situation, he invariably hits the back of the net, and his finishing this season in such situations is superb. He can't score in every game though, and there will be occasions - like Arsenal on Sunday - where it just doesn't happen for him.

LFC fans won't have to wait long for Sturridge to get back on the scoresheet, though. He's never gone more than two games without a goal for Liverpool, and with some massively important games still to come, that stat will hopefully remain accurate for the next three months.

For me, Sturridge is, by far, the best of Rodgers' 15 signings for Liverpool. Coutinho is a superb acquisition, but the £12m striker's impact for the Reds outweighs that of the Brazilian, and his creative contribution - 37 goals/assists in 38 apps - is, quite simply, breathtaking.




  1. Studge has unbelievable confidence in his ability thats why i am not surprised he chose to go around the keeper. Fabianski had a great game and had he got a couple of decisions wrong, then we would have won the game. Plenty of positives even in defeat. Leads us well for the last 12 games of the season. Come on Red Men!

  2. Sturridge won't let us miss Suarez with his goals even if he leaves in the summer, but a player of Suarez and Rooney's quality are the one's who make the difference in a game by putting that extra effort which lifts the morale of the whole team.

  3. Honestly the best players he has signed is Sturridge, Coutinho, and Mignolet the rest are squad players at best

  4. How much would Sturridge be worth now? I think if we was to lose Suarez now it would cost somewhere between £70m -£80m for the buying club but, is Sturridge that far behind? Suarez is the better player in my eyes but Sturridge has really impressed me since he's signed so I would say maybe £50m, or is not quite at that level yet?

  5. Honestly jaimie are u bored today!! No need for that question every red fan knows the answer hands down....mr.aspas of course lol

  6. Far be it for me to contradict a guy who has scored all those goals, but DS is the league's second leading scorer despite missing all those games to injury. He kept us at the top when the league's LEADING scorer was serving his ban. I don't think DS needs any advice at all...period.

  7. Sorry for the bit of sense of humour jaimie but honestly d answer was very straight forward,any player who returns from injury and scores in 8 consecutive games is pure quality,just hope Daniel has moved on from Sunday and gets ready to go again for 12 more games

  8. Those 4% voting for Aspas must be trolling. This is seriously an undervalued LFC side. I think, apart from Aspas, Allen, Albarto & may be Borini, every player has increased their value considerably.

    I think, come July, Sturridge could be sold for 35mn, Coutinho 25mn, Starling 20mn & Suarez 60mn at least. In a year time, I am sure Sakho 'll be priced over 25mn & Flanaghan 10mn. There are some serious talent under BR.

  9. Sturridge has been great since his arrival, but it's true he does hold onto the ball a little longer than he should at times - where he should just shoot or pass, but it has been (mostly) minor. He does seem to have a tendencany to ignore teammates at times especially if he's on a hat trick (New Castle last year, and Everton this year), but he's been damn good. Some minor tweaking in this area would improve his game. Everyone suffers from this to some extent or the other.
    His big weakness is in the air, won't go for the duel often (or will lose) and, will miss some clear chances with his head.
    Given his record between this season and last, his age, he has to be worth somewhere in the range between Soldado (26M) and Falcao (50M), his big issue is his injury record.

  10. so why did we manage to beat them 5-1 with Henderson. Henderson is effective and Allen is ineffective. Allen has got 2 goals/1 assist in 52 games from midfield. that is a complete waste for a midfielder. Allen even admitted himself his favourite position is AM or the number 10. so that being said his record is poor. he is a squad player worth £2.5M at best. waste of £12.5M from BR. we dont need players who can just keep the ball, we need players who will be effective.

  11. Some people don't take life too seriously let alone football forum polls

  12. I am not going to defend our transfer policy but I will say Borini seems to be doinmg quite well at Sunderland and could still be one for the future, Similarly the jury is still out on Alberto. It would have been nive to have signed Oscar Hazard etc but just writing their names out does not mean we could have got them. Also "there's only one coutinho" which is why we could not have two of him

  13. There is no doubt in my mind that Sturridge is Rodgers best signing.
    When we were first linked with him in the summer and then again in the winter window, my first thoughts were that he was a bargain basement buy and would end up another average signing for LFC (and i was not alone).
    Well I couldn't have been more wrong if I tried.

    Having watched him numerous times for Chelsea and City (I realised he was out of position and mostly used as a substitute) my impression was of yet another young player who thought he had done everything in the game and had ceased to seek improvement in his game. Rodgers obviously seen something different. It was a master stroke of a signing. It illustrated to me that as much as I think I know about football as a fan and an average amateur player, sometimes football people see beyond performances on the pitch.
    If he keeps on improving at this rate, at 12m he goes down with (taking into account inflated transfer market) Cantona, Smeichel, Anelka, Zola and Sami Hypia as one of the bargains of top flight, IMO.
    I'm afraid though we might have to wade through a few more Aspas and the like before we find another Sturridge.

  14. Watched the FA cup game next to a long time Chelski fan, "you wait, in a years time you will be saying 'why does Sturridge miss so many chances'". Maybe he is right time will tell, but, if either of those had gone in in the first ten minutes we would be looking forward to beating the blue noses to get to the semi final. Hey, don't get me wrong his goalscoring has been not short of extraordinary, long may it continue. I think maybe the Chelsea guy saw a young Sturridge, but Ian Wright, is right, just stick it in Daniel.

  15. Erm yes.. But don't they play on OPPOSITE SIDES OF THE WING!!

  16. Oh Jaimie you couldn't resist the last couple of lines could you? It's like your after a fight. Nar I'll leave that for now.

    Kono may not have gotten straight in to the team but that is assuming everyone is fit an in form. Like Jaimie has stated before Sturridge has had his injury problems and we should be ready for the time they come again. Kono gives that extra player for the wing and we would not lose pace as he is lightning. I haven't seen lots and lots of the lad but what I have seen is he is not shy in defending either. Sometimes having an extra body helps and you can use his pace for a counter. Then you can look at the Arsenal game. Sterling goes to FB and Henderson comes on. What if Kono could come on too and we could use his pace a bit. I personally can't see a rationale in any argument that says we don't need/ or didn't need to go in for him. A look at our bench at the weekend should surely blow that idea away.

  17. I wanted to vote Aspas for a laugh.

    I am sorry (Jaimie) for mentioning another site on this one so often but feel this time is necessary. F365 in their mediawatch column talk about Ian Wright in some very unflattering ways. Basically that he doesn't generally say much of note and those things he does say tend to be wrong. I think this is, to some extent true here. I think he has looked at this game where Dany has tried to go around the keeper three times and thought that he does it all the time. He does and has done it but he has variation that he didn't really show in this game. Wrighty has assumed much from little which is annoying as he gets paid quite a bit to talk and write about football. You would think he could do a better job.

  18. Firstly when we looked at Sturridge originally we were quoted 15 mil. After some talk and leaving it for that window we got him cheaper. Also I have no doubt whatsoever that Borini is on significantly less than what Sturridge was on at Chelsea and is now on (less as he took a cut, but also a payment from Chelsea to come to us) with us. A signing's cost is more than the money paid it is the sum of the contract. This is a significant point. The Borini and Sturridge deals were different in this way.

    There are other bits that I disagree with but can't be biffed.

    Ilori was throwing those kinds of passes out before coming to us. Juts look at his youtubes. Perhaps one of the reasons we signed him for so much. It may be that we believe in his potential and after this year he will be worth and valued at more.

    Like the Borini/Sturridge thing Alberto and Tello have no connection in reality. Sense dictates there is no deal that was made foe Alberto that could have gotten Tello to Liverpool. Especially as he was sounded out more than once.

    The list of names at the end for reasons I have stated and many many more. It's almost as if you think these players can just be phoned up and then they become Liverpool players. Much harder than that mate sorry.