13 Feb 2014

Game On: BR wants 'monster' €15m star who snubbed Reds in 2013. Second chance?

Liverpool are reportedly back in the race to sign Paris St. Germain defender Lucas Digne, a major target for the Reds before his move to Paris last summer.

According to Italian newspaper Tutto Mercato today, Liverpool and Spurs are monitoring the central defender's situation at PSG, with both teams considering a possible move in the summer.

In May 2013, Liverpool reportedly held talks with Lille over the potential summer signing of Digne, with the The Mirror reporting at the time:

"Liverpool have held talks over signing teenage French defender Lucas Digne. Brendan Rodgers has identified the youngster as a key signing this summer".

Digne rejected the Reds for PSG, and when asked why, he told French newspaper L'Equipe:

"The fact that the club are already French champions was definitely a plus, and so is the prospect of playing in the Champions League next season. I did not need to be reassured, but I received personal calls from [former sporting director] Leonardo and [coach] Laurent Blanc and that weighed in my decision."

Digne - who cost PSG €15m last summer - has made only 8 appearances in the league this season, but with the vast array of big-money superstars at the club, that's hardly surprising. Plus, it doesn't seem to bother the player, as he revealed in a recent interview:

"My life is going very well at the moment. I take every day as a lucky day. I'm here to learn and I don't let myself worry about things like that [not being a regular starter]".

Digne also seems to have a real heartfelt connection to Paris, and it seems like it would be a wrench for him to leave. In January, he told reporters:

"It [Paris] is a special place for me because my family are from here. So it's a place which is close to my heart, and it's a romantic city as well!"

Former Marseille and France star Eric DiMeco is convinced that Digne is on the path to becoming a top class player, and in January, he enthused:

"I can see Lucas Digne going to the World Cup without any doubt. He is a monster of a player. With Maxwell, he will [only] play a match or two, [but] When you play for PSG, that is enough."

Left-back is a definitely a priority position for LFC to fill this summer, and if the Reds get back into the Champions League, Anfield will quickly become a much more attractive destination for many top-class players.

However, why would PSG sell Digne just one year after splashing out a huge wad of cash? That doesn't seem to make sense, and historically, leaving a club one year after a big-money move rarely happens.



  1. The editor is thinking: "whether Tottenham are interested or not, it just wouldn't be a liverpool transfer rumour story without competition from Spurs. Chuck 'em in!'

  2. Jamie, can you tell me what are the chances of Liverpool winning the title and finishing in fourth position this season? Given the remaining 13 games left, some of them are favourable for us to win. With man city, arsenal and chelsea and even tottenham having some tough games to come along, how can Liverpool capitalise if any of them slip up? Please share your view. I would like to hear your opinion. And one more thing, please tell me who would be your player of the year for premier league and Liverpool respectively this end season. Tks!

  3. i noticed we had far too many youth in the waiting to sign anyone if liverpool keep their current form . i doubt FSG would sanction any money .

  4. Hi Salim. I think LFC are capable of winning the title, but I don't think that will happen, for the following reasons:

    * Overall squad is not strong enough. Too many fringe players who don't make any real impact (Aspas/Alberto/Moses/Allen etc). To win the title, a couple of these players (at least) need to make a specific impact (goals/assists), and I don't see that happening.

    * Defensive mistakes. Last night again, mistakes cost the Reds two goals, and it has been this way all season. There will inevitably be more before the season ends.

    * No team in Premier League history has clawed back a 25-30 point gape from the season before to win the Premier League. It's too big a leap. It's not impossible, and history isn't always an indicator of future performance, but I don't see LFC doing it, especially with this squad.

    * Inconsistency. Liverpool won last night, but only due to a getting a luck break with the penalty. Prior to that, it was another West Brom/Villa situation, with the Reds failing to show the same tenacity displayed at home. LFC may not get the same kind of breaks in future games.

    Fourth place, though, is (IMO) a certainty. LFC's form since January 2013 is Champions League form, and short of a major collapse, I can't see Liverpool slipping out of the top four.

    As you say, Chelsea et al have tough games coming up, and the Blues/Man City and Spurs all have to come to Anfield, which is a great opportunity for Liverpool to take crucial points from their rivals. I can see Liverpool winning two of those three games, which will be a massive boost.

    Player of the season Prem? Luis Suarez.

    Player of the season for LFC? Tied: Suarez and Skrtel.

    What do you think about LFC's chances of winning the title?

  5. Hi Jamie,
    Its a mad season. LFC could win it or finish 5th, its too close to call. I don't want to start counting our chickens yet.... One thing is for certain the future is bright and we need to sign up BR to a long term contract.. I remember before he came, certain players were calling the shots talking about going to other teams, now all the players respect the club and have been made to fight for their place in the team. That is the biggest difference i personally have noticed.. What do you think?.

  6. What we do have going our way is that this is the most wide open title race in recent history. This means that the teams around us a lot more prone to slip ups. We very we could sneak up and murder them in the dark.
    I love your top 4 prediction though!


    'I'm not Luis Suarez - please don't touch me!'

    Iraq's most famous double used to be Saddam Hussein's decoy. But now a dead ringer for Liverpool's talismanic striker Luis Suarez is having to
    cope with fame.

  8. And re: squad strength...with 12 games to go, scraping over the line first with a thin squad is still not out of the question. The reason why teams like City and Chelsea need big squads to win the title is because of champions league basically. Ours could still be a little stronger, but by no means IMO would a title win be a miracle at this stage.

    Re: 25-30 point gap. If it's not impossible, it's not too big of a leap ;-) 'Too big' and 'impossible' are essentially the same thing!

  9. Nice to hear from you, Jamie. Well, I really hope we finish in the top 4, anything above is a bonus. For the title aspirations, I think we may have 40-60% chances of landing the most coveted title in England.

    I believe that our squad has some fringe players who can't be a game changer and also with some key players coming back like Agger, Enrique, Lucas and Sakho, I hope they will be able to make immediate impact and shore up our vulnerable defence and still maintain a late run to the title and push the above teams with much pressure.

    With no European football involved, LFC have fresh legs and much more time for preparation on weekend games. This is one of the advantage LFC should take if any of the above teams slip up (hopefully along the way).

    On the other hand, we need to win our remaining home fixtures and try to get get maximum points possible. With 12 games left, which is 36 points up for grab, do you think 20-25pts would be enough for us to finish in top 4 and claim the last Champions League Spot?

    I hope we can defy all the odds and get more points that I mentioned above.

  10. He made his bed, let him sleep in it. He will not play for the Champions of England (and Wales) next year.

    Go in guns blazing for Porto's Fernando and Alex Sandro.

    Leave him for Chelski, Citeh or the Gooners

  11. I think he is the best young LB prospect; probably even better than David Aalaba was when 20. He is a winner already - won the U20 WC. He is suffering the same Sakho misfortune at PSG - those arrogant Qataris are biased to Brazilians & Maxwell is favored ahead of Digne.

    I don't think PSG 'll allow him to leave, in which case MONEY 'll not be able to buy him. However, if PSG is willing to let him go, I think he is worth even €20mn. Fantastic prospect, in perfect shape for a wing back, technically outstanding, skillful, clean tackler, very good crosser & dead ball hitter, played for every youth French team from U16 to U21. A have seen him several times for Lille from 18 & I am almost certain he 'll go to Brazil this summer, may be even start ahead of Evra or Clischy.

    With Flaghnan & McLaughlin developing at RB, with Digne we can have a settled pair of wing-back for next 12-15 years.

  12. That is one crazy lookalike!

  13. Guys did you notice Glen Johnson's comment? Obviously he didn't even watch the game just heard the result. I'm so over this player. IMO he's so far up his own rear he's lost touch with what's important. Liverpool are about the team the club and the fans not about individual s who rate themselves. He need some real shocks to get rid of his complacency. Get rid as soon as possible IMO. And further he shouldn't get a look in for England either based on this seasons form.

  14. Maybe so, he is a talker, which helps.
    It must be said though, calmness doesn't count for shit when you're making egregious errors. I think these recent fuck-ups have been coming for a while.

  15. Maxwell is old now. PSG's plan will be for digne to learn under maxwell for a season or 2 then replace him

  16. If Toure screwws up once in awhile...what does that say about Mertesacker and Kolszelny who do that 4 times in 18 minutes. I'd rather have our guys.

  17. Whether we win the title will be defined by two things, fitness, and form. Our first team, as has been proven time and again this season can obliterate most opposition on their day. Just how many of those days remain remains to be seen. This being world cup year there might be a danger of some players playing within themselves in order to avoid long term injury. Form is also key, and if, as we all hope, fringe players like Aspas, Allen and the like can strike some sort of form, rotating the squad could keep the players refreshed. I still believe on major singing would have made the difference as apart from our first team, quality within could be argued to be lacking. So long as the chihuahua keeps nipping away, we have every chance, but our aim ought to be champions league qualification, anything more, would be a bonus.

  18. Tuttomercato is not a newspaper, it's a football gossip site full of nonsense. Ring any bells?

  19. Where does this stuff come from??!!!

  20. One game aside, they've been the best centre-back partnership in the league.

  21. This game was EXACTLY the type of "letdown" game we have pissed away in years past and earlier this year (brom and villa). BUT WE DIDNT today!!! This was big, and if we are lucky, it will stoke the same killer instinct in us that Man U has shown for the last 10-15 years. Pressing relentlessly always pays off; need to do that home and away.......

  22. Nick, exactly right! I said the same thing before I went into all the others posts.

  23. Joel Matt Murdock Hwa2:39 am, February 20, 2014

    Nope. Agger came in and the defence did not improve. Agger was great, but he has been a liability this season. If you watch closely all the matches he played this season, he is very poor and is making Skrtel nervous at the back.