11 Feb 2014

Transfer Trouble: FA 'severely warn' £6m Reds target watched twice by LFC's top Scout.

In January, Liverpool recently dispatched senior scouts to watch Nottingham Forest centre-half Jamaal Lascelles in action, and it appears they were impressed as Brendan Rodgers recently sent LFC's top scout to have another look at the coveted 20-year old.

According to The Mirror this week:

"Brendan Rodgers is looking for a centre-back and his chief scout has watched the young defender recently linked with Arsenal play twice in as many weeks"

Everton received a £45k fine this week for illegally tapping-up Lacelles, and a statement from the FA suggested that the defender was complicit in trying to set up a deal:

"Jamaal Lascelles, who also admitted his part in the affair, has been severely warned as to his future conduct. The time frame for any appeal has passed.”

Some info about Lascelles:

* 20 Years old.
* Height = 6'3
* Also scouted by Arsenal.
* Forest contract expires 2016.
* Capped by England at all youth levels.
* Forest rejected €6m bid in 2011.

Lascelles has formed an effective defensive partnership with ex-LFC defender Jack Hobbs, and Nottingham Forest legend Gary Birtles - who won two European Cups with the club during the Brian Clough era - is convinced that the youngster has has a great future ahead. He recently told Nottingham Post:

"[Jack] Hobbs and Jamaal Lascelles have been playing so well together, but, for all his youthful potential and obvious quality, Lascelles has been steered through his learning curve by Hobbs. Despite a large weight of expectation, his progress has been superb"

Lascelles has picked up six yellow cards in fourteen appearances for Forest this season, and when asked about this during a recent interview, his manager, Billy Davies, gave a frank assessment of the youngster's progress:

"That's young players for you. They'll have good games, they'll have bad games. He's fitted in quite well and done well in some games and not so well in others. We'll keep working, and he'll just get better and better."

Six yellow cards in fourteen games? Is Lascelles reckless, or just unlucky? To be honest, given LFC's issues at the back, I'm sure most fans would rather see endless yellow cards over seemingly glaring defensive mistakes.

Lascelles is clearly enjoying his extended run in the first team, and in December, he told the Forest website:

"I think it is just confidence with me. After every game I play, I can feel my confidence building. Myself and Hobbs have a good partnership at the back. Things come more naturally to me on the pitch. It is just games I need really."

Despite bringing in the three centre-halves over the summer, it's clear that Rodgers still has a long way to go in creating reliable defensive solidity at the heart of the team. The question is, if he brings in Lacelles, where does this leave Tiago Ilori? Why do LFC need yet another 20-year old central defender when Rodgers recently spent £7m on the Portuguese defender?



  1. Still learning his trade and by no means ready for the premiership. Last season on debut v Burnley he made two glaring errors where he let Jay Rodriquez run onto free headers for two goals. This article is just putting two and two together and coming up with eleven. The lad has just extended his contract with Forest and his doing his best to ensure he starts next season in the Premiership with Forest

  2. The lad should get a taste of the prem, two or three cameo's should keep the lad hungry, if we can be winning comfortably in some games (best time to throw a youngster on), just needs to be on the bench in the right game to grab a moment.

    I'd rather our youngsters were used out of choice than necessity, we did nearly burn it with Raheem.

  3. He's going to be some player! I was worried that he might get fed-up and ask to leave, so I am excited BR is keeping an eye on him.

  4. And how in the mighty hell did you end up with this assumption?!?

  5. Really James as a season ticket holder he has been made to look a lot more comfortable alongside Jack Hobbs a player Liverpool had and thought wasn't developing enough. When he has been alongside Collins he still looks shaky and he may be the future of our back line but in my opinion remembering how Dawson used to bring the ball out of the box and then hit cross field passes to the winger he is still way behind. He has stepped up to the plate and through our defensive crisis has got his chance but if Wilson and Hobbs were fully fit I feel to use him we would have to go three at the back with Fox and Lihaj as wing backs

  6. Maybe Rogers sees Ilori and Lascelles as a future CB pair...

  7. If he works hard and keeps his nose clean he could clearly aspire to such greatness!! :-)

  8. i could be wrong, but a couple of lads i know, i'm fairly sure, mentioned this fella had played on loan at stevenage. they were less than impressed with him.

  9. Jamie, can you tell me what are the chances of Liverpool winning the title and finishing in fourth position this season? Given the remaining 13 games left, some of them are favourable for us to win. With man city, arsenal and chelsea and even tottenham having some tough games to come along, how can Liverpool capitalise if any of them slip up? Please share your view. I would like to hear your opinion. And one more thing, please tell me who would be your player of the year for premier league and Liverpool respectively this end season. Tks!

  10. Is good to bring in future player so we can be like Barca produce lot of promising young talent to use BUT IN 1 CONDITION WHICH IS DONT COUNT THOSE SPENDING AT YOUNG TALENT AS A SUMMER BUDGET !!!!!

  11. I'm always doing that as well and can't be bothered to retype it all