5 Feb 2014

Summer deal? Liverpool FC scouts sent to assess to coveted Verona midfielder

During the ill-fated January transfer window, it is widely acknowledged that Liverpool lost out on FOUR different players (Salah, Konoplyana, Ince, and Keita), but it could be argued that the Reds also missed out on Brazilian star Jorginho, a player the Reds chased for over a year. prior to signing for Napoli, Jorginho played for Hellas Verona, and it looks Brendan Rodgers is tracking another one of the Italian club's players.

According to Italian newspaper Tuttomercato today:

* Liverpool are considering a move for Hellas Verona attacking midfielder Mohamed Fares.

* The Reds sent scouts to watch the 17-year old in a recent youth tournament.

* Manchester City scouts also attended the tournament.

Some info about fares:

* Of French-Algerian descent
* 13 appearances for Hellas-Verona (Campionato Primavera Girone B)
* 3 goals in 13 apps.
* 2 yellow cards; one red in 13 games.

When I read the name 'Mohamed Fares', it sparked something in my memory. I'd heard the name before, but not in a football context. And then I remembered: the Hellas Verona youngster shares the same name as a Sunni-islamist militant who last year died at the hands of an Al Qaeda-linked terror group.

Fares was decapitated by members of the militant group 'the Islamic State of Iraq', but it later emerged that he'd been wrongly identified, and was, in fact on the same side as his killers, who later displayed public remorse for their actions.

Needless to say, trying to find video footage of 'Mohamed Fares' proved to be a fairly disturbing exercise ;-)

But I digress. I find it very hard to muster up enthusiasm for transfer links like this. History proves that only a miniscule number of youngsters make it through the ranks into the first team, and many just disappear into obscurity.



  1. more bullshit,im sick and tired of hearing that liverpool have got scouts watching players here ,there and everywhere, sounds great in principal,but they cant close a deal because they are trying to buy players on the cheap, cheap ,cheap,makeing this once great club a laughing stock

  2. Prediction for the Arsenal game?

  3. If you never heard about this stuff from agents and journalists, you would be happier then, wouldn't you? So don't listen to it. Tune it out. It's all bollocks anyway!

  4. The Arsenal midfield will be all over Gerrard and Henderson, trying to force errors. But their pressing will expose them and Gerrard and Suarez will cause havoc. Sturridge will score coming inside off Sagna onto Mertesacker. That's the movement they fear the most. Suarez will score off a direct pass from Gerrard with the Arsenal midfield caught out of position. And we'll get another through a Coutinho assist, who is going to have more room than usual with Arsenal backing off, paranoid of Sturridge's pace in behind.

    They can't handle us, no chance. Their midfielders don't flow out of their press into shape fast enough to handle our breaks. But they will score, too, at least one, probably forcing an error off our midfielders in the first half. I'm going for 3-2 to Liverpool. Arsenal are fighting to keep their form and I think Liverpool are starting to find their way back, with power still to add.

  5. You are absolutely right. No point scouting if you can't close the deal. It takes us months to negotiate and clubs like Chelsea takes only a few days to close the deal from right under our nose!

    There is seriously something wrong with Ayre and his team. Come summer, we can expect lots more rumours and links to players and more scouting and negotiations and no deals and then more excuses of not paying over the odds. The price of the player is determined by the transfer market's simple supply and demand mechanism. Our player valuation is obviously flawed.

    And after the World Cup, the price of good players will increase and LFC will definitely be priced out of the market. So, expect a summer of disappointment in the transfer market.

  6. I don't know why there is so much hype over Tom Ince. I never thought very highly of him to warrant LFC pursuing him consistently. I am more impressed with Ibe than Ince.

  7. It's hard to muster up anything for transfer links so far away from the window. Time to focus on the job in hand. I'm sure BR is not thinking about transfer possibilities right now.

  8. I can see the team for Arsenal looking like this


    Flanno Skrtel Toure Cissokho

    Henderson and Allen will be the key players for us, pressing and forcing Arsenal's midfield/defence to make errors. That is where the game will be lost or won just like we saw against Spurs. Allen and Henderson were on fire that night. They did not allow Spurs any time on the ball. Gerrard should be ok with these two players ahead of him.

  9. Oh, sorry i cut your head off mate, pythonesque :)

  10. Well, from U21 to now FSG has gone to 16 & 17 years old boys (Heard of another French 16 years old boy, Lopez). After next window we must be scouting for kids of 13 years.

  11. How come every player were after the whole world knows about it,and we end up with nothing. IM sick of it we were in the past linked with Hazard Mata Turan Mickhitarian ect but instead we buy players never to be played Alberto Aspas Borini Assiadi (please forgive spelling) like what's going on???? Also Alberto Riera has been released from Galatasary think we should get him in for rrdt of season.