6 Feb 2014

Yes Please: €40m goal-machine wanted by LFC hints at summer exit. Replace Aspas...?

In May, Spanish newspaper Marca claimed that Liverpool were preparing a 'formal offer' for Porto goal-machine Jackson Martinez, a bid contingent - at that time - on the transfer of Luis Suarez. The Uruguayan ended up staying at Anfield, but if the Reds don't qualify for the Champions League this year, Suarez will almost certainly leave. If that comes to pass, Liverpool will need a replacement, and Martinez indicated once again that he is open to a move away from Portugal.

When asked about his future this week, Martinez told El Tiempp:

“That opportunity [to leave] may be given. It would be nice to play for another big team like Porto. I like the England, Italy, Spain and Germany leagues. I have no preference.”

LFC have been linked with Martinez many times over last year, and prior to joining Porto, the Colombian striker confirmed Liverpool's interest. He told Nuevo Estadio:

"I am not in any advanced negotiations with Liverpool but I know they are personally interested"

In April 2013, Portuguese newspaper Jornal Record claimed that Martinez was still the Reds wanted list, and then soon after, Marca reported:

"Liverpool were about to sign him [Martinez] last season, but Porto moved faster and gave no option to the Reds. Liverpool could make a formal offer in the coming days if the the transfer of Luis Suarez to Atletico Madrid goes through"

In November 2013, reports further claimed that:

* LFC are still monitoring Martinez.
* Rodgers sees him as a replacement for 'struggling' Iago Aspas.

Since arriving at the Estádio do Dragão, Martinez - nicknamed 'Cha Cha Cha' - has scored goals for fun, and overall, his record for Porto is pretty formidable:

* 51 goals in 61 appearances.
* Scored in 10 successive games last season.
* At one point, scored 18 goals in 17 games.
* Broke Falcao's record by scoring 11 goals in 12 matches for Porto.
* 8 goals in 10 games for Porto so far this season.

Liverpool could've signed Martinez last summer for a hell of a lot less than €40m. The Reds were constantly linked with the Colombian striker prior to his move, but as usual, the club just didn't act, and he ended up at Porto for a ridiculously low fee of €11m (!).

Many fans seem convinced that Suarez will stay at at Anfield if LFC qualify for the Champions League, but I don't think that's a realistic possibility. The Uruguayan doesn't just want to be in the competition, he wants to win it (plus other major trophies), and he'll know that LFC's chances of winning the trophy are slim at best. I doubt he wants to hand around for another 2-3 years whilst the Reds struggle to get into the latter stages of the competition.

The most likely scenario (IMO) is that Suarez will help LFC qualify for the Champions League and then he'll be off. In his mind, he will have helped the team progress, and he'll probably feel like he has the right to leave, which is fair enough (IMO). As Steven Gerrard recently said, the club has to 'enjoy Suarez whilst he's here', and that may not be for much longer.

As such, Jackson Martinez would be a superb replacement. He is the epitome of the 'marquee signing' that so many fans want, and he'd undoubtedly soften the blow of Suarez's departure. The only issue is whether or not he's too similar to Daniel Sturridge, and whether those two could play together effectively...



  1. He would be a killer signing for us, and exactly the kind of player Rodgers needs as the 'game changer' should SaS find it difficult to score (Last two games (Villa and West Brom games being prime example). Unfortunately, I see three problems that will prevent us ever signing a player of this calibre again... 1) The player himself would probabaly rather join a different club should they also come knocking, which they will. 2) FSG will not sanction spending over £25m on any one player (after the Carroll debacle who can blame them) and 3) We, as a club, (Ayre or whoever else we want to use as a scapegoat) have clearly lost the ability, or skills, that are required to sign a key player nowadays. Its a pipe-dream to see us signing a plyer of this calibre, the only way it will happen is if Suarez leaves, which is a huge possibility, even then we have nothing to lure a player to our club, if we lose our best player and cannot offer Champions League, we will have real difficulties. Fingers crossed, although to be fair, i'd rather we signed Diego Costa!

  2. The issue of whether he is too similar to Sturridge, will be irrelevant if we dont get a CL place, IMO,
    We tried to sign 4 players in January, and failed each time (yet again)
    top players want CL, as we know,
    so no CL, forget players other than the Aspas's of this world coming to Anfield,.

  3. Would martinez or costa be happy on bench replacing aspas?! And you really think ayre can seal that deal?

  4. This is funny to me. When we were first linked to Martinez, at a fraction of 40 million, a lot of people were writing him off as a nobody from the Mexican league and that we should be looking to buy such and such at 40 million quid.

  5. Yeah exactly, it's never gonna happen! I'd have more chance of pulling on a red shirt than what he has!

  6. If we have Suarez and Sturridge then I can't see us getting him too. Bit of a catch 22. If he is doing well and ready to leave in the summer then a champo team will be in for him which makes it much harder for us if we are not in champo. If we are and Suarez stays we would find it hard to give him game time.

    If Jaimie is right and Suarez is off regardless then yeah this lad would be a good signing. But what kind of money would we expect for Suarez? Also we can't underestimate his importance to the team.

  7. BR's comments about the PL title not being a 13-14 goal are not as instructive as his comments about our current standing being a little ahead of the plan this year. So I would have to disagree with others that we wouldn't splash the cash on another world class striker if Suarez goes this Summer. At least there is the hint at a planning process that BR and FSG are following. I think we will see Aspas go. I think we will also see either Assaidi or Borini return as the third striker. I think you will see Llori return to replace either Cissokho or Toure should he choose to retire. Have no feel for Suso's place. If Suarez leaves and we get Martinez, then does that mean we'll be into S&M up top?

  8. Also when we signed Aspas Martinez had been at Porto for a season and correct me if I am wrong but I remember the 40m figure getting bandied around back then too. I thought that was the reason no one went in for him.

  9. so you're saying liverpool are the most likely to make top 4?

  10. I think if we make CL the Suarez will stay. If he goes then the money we get for him can go towards a top replacement but that top replacement would still be dependent on CL qualification.

    Finishing top 4 this season is of the essence!

  11. Think you're probably right about Suarez, if we made CL there's an outside chance he'd stay but it's more likely he'll move on anyway. Liverpool's ambition doesn't match his own time frame. The lack of reinforcements this January won't have helped that impression, maybe not Kono so much but certainly the Salah deal where I think we've more of a case to answer. Enjoy him while he lasts for us and then spend the money well is the best we can hope for... though I'd be delighted to be wrong.

  12. Most def. No Champo and Suarez leaving would be disastrous.

  13. Spending well is a difficult process though. Very tough to replace, not only his goals and assists but the fear factor he gives us.

  14. Absolutely....in fact I'd say he's irreplaceable in some respects...but it'd have to be done....Costa would bring in some similar traits... as long as Chelsea don't nab him too.