14 Feb 2014

'Prem Clubs are interested' - LFC scout €3m star with more assists than Bale/Ronaldo

Left-back is arguably a priority position for Liverpool to fill this summer, and one of the names likely to be on list is Fenerbahçe left-back Caner Erkin, who is currently being monitored by the Reds.

According to reports this week, Liverpool - and a number of other Premier League clubs - are currently scouting the 26-year old, who is top of the creativity charts in the Turkish Super Lig this season with 11 assists so far.

When asked recently about Premier League interest, Erkin's Agent, Batur Altıparmak, told Turkish-football.com:

"A few Premier League clubs have been scouting Caner and a few are interested, but, no offers have been made yet."

Caner's contract expires at the end of the season, which means he can leave for free, but according to Fenerbahçe board member Ömer Temelli, Erkin is set to extend his stay at the club:

"He [Caner] met with the president and will renew his contract at the end of the season"

In January, President Aziz Yildirim also made it clear that want to keep Caner. At a press conference in January, he told reporters:

"This season he [Erkin] is playing very well. We're happy with his performances, and want him to stay. The initial contract pay rates [for his contract] were lower than usual, but we'll get it right, and make it up to him"

Some info about Caner:

* Can play left-back or left-wing.
* Predominantly left-footed; not so good with his right.
* 26 apps for the Turkey national team.
* 130 apps for Fenerbahçe.
* Averages 38 apps per season.
* 5 major trophies so far.

* 11 assists this season, which is more than dedicated attackers Ronaldo (10), Messi (7), and Bale (8). Quite an achievement for a defender.

By all accounts, Erkin seems to have a bit of a temper on him:

* NOV 2012: fined TL 20,000 for 'unsporting conduct' on the field after receiving a straight red card.

* OCT 2013: Stormed off down the tunnel after being subbed in the 38th minute of a Super Lig game. Fined €20,000 by his club.

After this incident, Technical Director Ersun Lateral warned Erskin about his conduct. He told reporters:

"We will not let anyone break the team spirit we have here. No one is indispensable"

This seems like a similar situation to the Fernando Reges contract saga; the Portuguese's contract was due to end in May, but he just signed an extension, which removes the possibility of a free transfer at the end of the season. I wouldn't be surprised to see Fenerbahçe take the same strategy with Erkin.

Aly Cissokho is putting in some steady performances at the moment, but I can't see Rodgers extending the deal in the summer, or signing him to a permanent contract.

Is Erkin - who cost Fener €3m - worth a bid...?



  1. Haven't seen anything of him but his stats are impressive. I would like to see us move for Jansen at left back. Tried and tested at all levels and shouldn't cost the earth. I feel like we haven't really solved the left back issue since rafa inexplicably sold riise and spent a fortune on dossena. Aurelio was decent but so injury prone. Although I rate Enrique and if he can prove his fitness I don't have much of a problem with him continuing as our first choice left back. He definitely needs competition tho and let's face it, cissokho isn't gonna provide any real competition for Jose in as much as if they're both fit, Jose's better by a distance so like you, I'd be very surprised if Rodgers signs him permanently. With stats like erkin's he could very possibly provide that competition

  2. Can't see BR going for him, he's untested in the PL and in my opinion would be a gamble. I think Ryan Bertrand will be our choice to replace Cissokho when he goes back to Valencia, it seems like Mourinho doesn't rate him so I can see him being moved on. I reckon we could get him pretty cheap too, £6m maybe?

  3. I won't lie - that elicited a hearty chuckle!

  4. i bet after tonight's developments, he isn't speaking in gentlemanly terms!?

  5. What's your point? I'm going by what Rodgers himself stated in his press conference, not by what some report in the press says.

  6. My point is, you presented an incomplete report. And you didn't stuck to Rodgers' statement alone - you speculated as to what caused it. Your speculation, however, ignored reports that Rodgers' intervened in an argument between Agger and Wilkins.

  7. No, you are wrong. There is no 'incomplete report'. I'm not 'reporting' on the incident; I'm relaying Rodgers' version of events, and adding my own opinion. This is not the BBC; this is a predominantly opinion-based site.

    Agger's involvement is irrelevant; Rodgers was asked in his press conference about a bust-up between him and Wilkins, not Agger and Wilkins. If Rodgers wanted to mention Agger, he would've. he didn't, therefore that *unconfirmed* part of the story doesn't interest me.

  8. You're kidding, right?
    You did not simply 'reported' what Rodgers said.
    You speculated on the cause of the incident. In fact, your headline contains the phrase "Is this the reason"?. Rodgers neither mentioned Phil nor Phil. You did.

  9. Couldn't agree more with everything you said. I think getting a manager who could deal with the media was high on fsg's list after kennys handling of the evra affair, and I have to say I think br does brilliantly with the media. I can't remember him ever causing a big stir or bringing negative headlines

  10. IMO it's time to refresh a lot of the back four. I would like to see Johnson moved on and Enrique's time is probably up if a decent replacement is found. Agger also needs to move on now. Business is business and these 3 should be sold while they still have some value with a view for the future. Caner is not the answer though I doubt if BR would seriously go for him. Tiago is already in the club and should be replacement for Agger. Johnson has already been replaced also with Flanno. Looking for a left back now.

  11. Is anything accomplished in the Turkish league even remotely indicative of any EPL success?

  12. Care to find any other videos where it looks like he has to force himself to do the same as he did in the video you posted?

    It is not a secret that Rafa is not the celebrating type and never will be. That is just the way he is.

  13. You said he NEVER showed any emotion during a match. I know he does, because I've seen it numerous times. So I gave you a video, and you turn around and say you want more videos because this one is forced? Do you see anything wrong with that logic?

    If you've regularly watched our games whether at Anfield or at home, you would've definitely seen Rafa displaying a myriad of emotions during matches - including celebratory ones. A reserved man he might be, but a robot he is not. All this stereotyping and pigeonholing is just an attempt at revisionism.

    However, if you're expecting a manager to dance like a clown on the sidelines, then Rafa is obviously not your guy.

    On a final note, here's Rafa crying during the Hillsborough Memorial 3 year ago. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRllRTMU51s

  14. I like Brendan's style. A Coach AND a Manager. Good to see him on the touch line organising and encouraging the lads.

  15. I was behind the dug out, and they exchanged words with Brendan weighing in with some good quality finger pointing. It was after a challenge on Suarez where Wilkins seemed to think he was play-acting.

  16. We need more bobby charlton swoops in the game :)

  17. For all his weaknesses Rafa was well liked by most and was a winner. Before I am asked I saw his man management of players and his persistence with zonal marking as two weaknesses that jump out. He bought a few dodgy players and an injured Italian player BUT most supporters love the guy because he (and his wife and family) became real Liverpool people and were absorbed in the community. He also presented us with Sturridge (who will become world class when he adopts a head-up style of play and plays colleagues in like Suarez) much to the chagrin of Jose. Rodgers is currently on a positive cycle and I hope it continues but I hope he can extract himself from the longing to sign previous players he has managed and brings in quality players that become available. - Age should not be the foremost criterion.
    Rafa I wish you and your family well and am sure you will return one day. You are a fighter and a winner and an adopted Red.

  18. Oh my god! We get that you disliked Benitez as manager but he left almost 4 years ago. Let it go already!

  19. Oh my word, go marry the guy then!

    "However, if you're expecting a manager to dance like a clown on the sidelines, then Rafa is obviously not your guy."

    See, I am not expecting that but Rafa is still not the celebrating type. Not like Mourinho, Rodgers, Kenny etc etc etc. Do you understand now?

  20. Firstly, please don't ever compare Kenny with Mourinho.
    Secondly, you made a nonsensical statement. I pointed out the absolute fallacy of that statement. Instead of acknowledging your mistake like an adult, what do you do? You ask me to marry him. How old are you? Seriously.

  21. I am not comparing Mourinho with Kenny. Kenny celebrates when his team scored. Mourinho celebrates when his team scores. klopp celebrates when Dortmund score and Rodgers has no problem celebrating with us fans either.

    Rafa on the other hand...

    Clearly we are seeing Rafa's emotion or lack there of in a totally different way.

  22. Had you wrote that Rafa is a little reserved compared to so and so, I wouldn't even have responded. But you made an outlandish statement that needs to be corrected.

  23. I can write what I want to. I do not answer to you.

  24. Jaimie, did you just delete our entire discussion because you were proven wrong? Did that really happened?

    I thought "one of the founding goals of this site is to foster a discussion community where fans can debate football without [...] censorship."

  25. Of course you can. But I also have the right to show that you are lying.

  26. According to you I am lying, according to me I am not.

  27. No, I deleted it because it is utterly pointless, and detracts from the discussion. You're just being a pedant, and no one is interested in reading such a pointless exchange. You and I read our posts; job done. PS. These two posts will also be deleted soon.

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    -------- Original message --------

  28. I've produced evidence. So it is no longer a matter of opinion.

  29. Aah Jaimie. My post showed that you were wrong.
    It was such a small matter, but you were too proud to admit it, so you
    deleted it. That's censorship - which makes you a hypocrite. I suspect
    you will ban me now, but guess what? My post is still visible in my
    comment history, and it doesn't change the fact that you are a dishonest person. :)

  30. Evidence of emotion DURING a match which I said in my original post???

    I am still waiting.

    You first posted a video of Rafa clinching his fists at the final whistle, tries to get involved with his staff but they ignore him too!

    Then you post a video of Rafa crying at the Hillsborough memorial where many other people cried too.

    Again, I said emotion DURING a match. I am talking about getting involved with the fans and players and then you have the audacity to tell me i am lying?

    Ha, Ha.

  31. Yes, I'm afraid so - you are lying. Did you actually watch the video? You do realize that those are snippets right, that includes two clips during the match? I choose that because it was the shortest one.

    In any case, did you watch Rafa's reactions during the F.A. Cup final against West Ham, the '05 CL final or the 4-4 draw against Arsenal in '09? Or perhaps Rafa's reaction when Robben fell down clutching his face in front of Reina in '06? Or what about his rage during the derby against Everton in '07? The only way you wouldn't know all these incidents is if you did not watch them.

    Anything else?

  32. You are searching for a needle in a haystack which you will not find!!! CELEBRATING WITH FANS OR PLAYERS DURING A MATCH. Go find it. You have it your way and I will have it mine.

    By the way, I have no personal issues with Rafa, I am just happy he is no longer our manager ;-)

  33. When you use words like 'NEVER', it makes things so easy to disprove. I've given you numerous examples, but you keep shifting your ground, but it doesn't change a thing - you lied. You know it, I know it, everyone reading this knows it. What's worse, its becoming increasingly apparent that you hardly watched any of our games. I don't care if you have personal issues with Rafa. That's not my problem. I just don't like it when people lie. That's all. Anything else, Mr. Never?

  34. Stop deliberately antagonising other posters. You are clearly a sniper, and if you persist with this pedantic nitpicking of other peoples' posts, you will be banned. The comment section is for civil debate/discussion, not tedious, argumentative tit-for-tat.

  35. I have been a Pool supporter for a very long time now. I think it is you who has a inferiority complex.

  36. Jaimie, the fact that you can ignore (i) his original lie (ii) his subsequent insult to me is very telling on your part - especially since my posts contain corroborations. The fact that you can ignore my original civil response, and his personal one, is doubly shocking. I don't know what a sniper is, but if it means someone who doesn't like lies being perpetuated about LFC, then I'm guilty.
    I do hope though this has nothing to do with me showing you up earlier.

  37. Nah, I just don't like lies.

  38. You should do your research? The Turkish league has many quality players that can easily play in the PL. Arda Turan moved to A Madrid from Galatasaray a few years ago and has been one of their star players. Im pretty sure Liverpool were after him a few times!

  39. You should do your research my California? The Turkish league has many quality players that can easily play in the PL. Arda Turan moved to A Madrid from Galatasaray a few years ago and has been one of their star players. Im pretty sure Liverpool were after him a few times!