17 Feb 2014

'He'll be a hit': LFC scouts rave about 'spectacular' £8m La Liga star. Anfield-bound...?

Liverpool are reportedly tracking Costa Rica goalkeeper Keylor Navas, who is also being monitored by several other high-profile clubs.

According to The Mirror:

"Liverpool and Everton are keeping tabs on Costa Rica goalkeeper Keylor Navas.

"He is also being monitored by Sevilla and Atletico Madrid, with all four clubs receiving rave reviews from their scouts"

£8m-rated Navas, who plays for La Liga side Levante, is having a great season for his club, and his performances have helped the Valencia-based team rise to the heady-heihts of 7th in the Spanish top division.

Navas' stats this season:

- Appearances: 25
- Saves: 111 (Ave 4.4 saves per game)
- 13 clean sheets (52%)
- Goals conceded: 34* (1.3 per game)

* 7 goals conceded in one game against Barca.

Levante manager Joaquin Caparras attributes much of his team's success to Navas' superb goalkeeping, and in January, he enthused:

“Navas is having a spectacular season, he helps us a lot because when there are problems, he’s there and he’s very important to us"

Former Manchester City striker Paulo Wanchope believes that Navas would be a hit in England. He told reporters recently:

“Keylor will be a hit in England because of his quality.”

Brendan Rodgers seems set on buying another goalkeeper to challenge Mignolet, but based on today's evidence, Brad Jones is clearly an able deputy.

Perhaps Rodgers is not convinced that Mignolet is the long-term solution?



  1. Haven't seen Navas ever. However, he is listed only 183cm, not sure that's a good height for modern days GK, particularly in EPL. We might be falling again into the same trap of cheap solution & expecting a Coutinho happening again. But, Coutinho, Michu or Cabya happens once in a while, more chances of Aspas or Aasaidi happening & we 'll again spending big part of limited kitty for someone not better than what we already have in first team or academy. I don't want LFC to spend a single penny for squad depth, otherwise we shouldn't maintain such a robust academy.

    I think, Mignolet is quite a good keeper & if we are to better GK position, we should spend big for someone like Lloris, Courtois (Highly unlikely), Begovic or Tar Stegen. For the time being, I don't think 1st GK is a major concern area for us, Mignolet is doing quite well. We can replace Jones with someone experienced like Robinson (His contract with Blackburn is running out this year), Robert Green or Given for a couple of years contract.

  2. GK is our least concern so I'm not too fussed over GK stories at the moment...

    Before the game, I was saying to myself it's a win-win.
    I'm still bloody pissed off we lost.
    Hate losing so much!

  3. I actually thought Jones' distribution was a bit better than Migs. He seemed to get the ball moving more quickly though a couple of kicks went astray. I think the assistant referee shoud have been able to help the ref with the penalty. Suarez did anticipate the impact and lean his torso into the Ox but when viewed straight on you can see his legs were clattered. I thought the Ref handled Raheem better than Raheem handled him.

  4. Any ref who is influenced by player reactions has an issue. Someone supposedly at the top of the game should be more than capable of discerning between play acting and the actual contact that occurs. What ever Suarez does, arm waving or rolling around or pulling rediculous faces, it shouldn't factor into it either way. It shouldn't win him free kicks but it should similarly not mean he has free kicks denied him. A good ref will just ignore it and see the contact. If Webb is allowing it to effect him either way then he simply shouldn't be operating at this level, period. I would go so far as to say that if he privately admits that Suarez's play-acting influenced his decision then he should be stood down for a period of time. That's simply unacceptable.

  5. It concerns me that a ref could be influenced that way. Sure, they are only human and we all make mistakes, but we're not talking about the average bloke reffing a weekend game. This is supposedly the best ref in the country in charge of a marquee game. The idea that he would allow his earlier decisions to somehow factor into what decisions he makes later on ... that may be human but it's also seriously unprofessional. This is what they do, it's their entire career. That they could be influenced by the crowd or gut instincts like that ... I see what you're saying but I can't agree that it's OK at that level.

  6. Good article and no mention of Luis Alberto!

  7. Jaimie, can you put up a vid of Agger being assaulted when their goalkeeper punched him in the head?

  8. My fellow Liverpool supporters will probably crucify me for this opinion, but I really can sympathize Mr. Webb in this situation. Sure, he did get the call wrong, it was a clear penalty and this is evident from the first replay angle. However, if we watch the incident from the second angle which grants us also perfectly the line of sight by Mr. Webb, the interpretation can be very different.

    For me the foul was conceded by Oxlade-Chamberlain's contact made by his uncontrolled flailing of a leg. However, in the second angle (Webb's angle) this contact by the leg is difficult to verify even from the replay (although Webb himself partly obstructs the view here). Therefore, this incident is easy to view primarily as a shoulder against a shoulder challenge and with this interpretation a penalty call would seem really harsh.

    When we add up other things pointed out here such as Suarez' ridiculously dramatic - though justified - fall, his past diving history and number of fouls already given to him including a very recent penalty call, it is rather easy to see (at least for me) why Webb didn't make the call here. He was just poorly positioned (even though many seem to claim otherwise) and made just a wrong interpretation.

  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is that not 7 games in a row that he's officiated and we've lost?

  10. I'll get the hammer and nails...

  11. Webb was atrocious and I had serious doubts before that he would cost us the match . If going to the world cup representing our country what does that say about the standard of referees as a whole in the PL ? Stevie is fired up at the moment - different reaction after scoring pen and was lucky not be sent off but has got to resist the urge to ' pay back' players to get even ......
    Luis played too wide first half and was no threat for the Arse first half . The SAS are better supporting each other more central and probably why Sturridge felt he had to go it alone . No excuses tho - another day he would have put two away ! Stirling was and always will be a handful !Their keeper had a blinder and shows the importance of having a good backup especially when in Europe ... We WERE the better team but Allen not up to the job I'm afraid !

  12. I don't think its that hard to tell. I think the little picture of Webb in the corner is obscuring your view maybe. But obviously Web didn't have that. I think its pretty clear that Ox was late, and got none of the ball.

  13. I think we lost the game because of SAS...Trying to blame howard webb for not giving us a 2nd penalty is ridiculous to say the least, as we should not be relying on penalties to win a game to begin with. Gerrard should have received a 2nd yellow card for his tackle but the referee did not. Similarly Sterling should have a yellow card or even a red for laying his hand on an official after he was not given the corner but again, the referee did not...
    As such, the real reason we lost the match was not because of the referee but because of SAS.
    It was one of those days where Sturridge tried to do more than he should which is in fact one of the main reason he is labelled arrogant and/or selfish! Instead of just kicking the ball when in front of the goal, he "arrogantly" tried to round the keeper several times before shooting. Now, normally because of his class and technique, he can pull it through. But unfortunately it was one of those days where luck was clearly not on his side and this exposed a cruel flaw in his game or the very reason he is not liked by many. This very confidence that make him the player he is, played against him. If there was a player better placed than him, people would have branded him selfish for not passing the ball. But yesterday, people would call him arrogant, overly too cocky or sth along the lines for trying to do too much instead of just simply shooting at once...
    As for Luis Suarez, for how many matches has he not scored now?
    In my opinion his mind is on the world cup and trying not to get injured before. I read somewhere he was afraid of getting injured like falcao etc.
    Now, he may not be playing half heartedly on purpose. It is subconcious indeed. Because of his class, a 50% Suarez is still good enough to cause trouble and this is why nobody noticed his dip in form. In my opinion, a good man management from BR would be to bench him. Have him look on the sidelines while everybody else is playing. Remember what happened when he could not play for the first 6 games of the season? His hunger for game time became so strong that as soon as he came in he started scoring 2/3 goals every match.
    Anyway they should both get their act together if we want to achieve anything this season. Being out og the fa cup is not such a bad thing. I am quite happy about it, bizarrely...We can give 200% in the league and who knows what can happen. While everybody else above us need to play in champions league and cups, we can concentrate solely on the 12 remaining matches in the league. We have a good chance at winning it, provided SAS start to play like we know they are capable of!

  14. Damn! I knew I forgot something *hits 'edit post' button*

  15. I'd be surprised if he was a serious target. I think jones is a good deputy and we should be looking at someone younger than Navas (28) beyond that.

  16. I've always felt Jones is the ideal number 2. He seems happy with the role and he's a decent goalkeeper. This guy just sounds like the 2014 version of the Mexican guy everybody wanted to buy and who's probably still at Bastia or wherever it was that he played.

  17. Webb as a top referee ( not my words ) was right there on the spot had a call to make ' Pen or Dive '- and therefore a card ..........
    either way he bottled it !

  18. 4eva LFC, LFC 4eva1:50 pm, February 17, 2014

    You maybe right JK about human nature but the players are held accountable for their actions, who holds the refs accountable, not to mention they get payed to be fair and non biased, not to hold grudges.

  19. Yes Suarez theatrics were partly to blame but a foul is a foul regardless of any following reaction. Webb just bottled it and got it horribly wrong AGAIN!!

  20. Refs should be reffing situations not players. His theatrical fall is hopefully the reason he didn't get the decision rather than history as that is an indictment of the whole reffing world.

  21. I wish I could correct you but you're spot on. 7 in a row. I'm not generally one who jumps up and down about refs but every time I watch us play when Howard Webb is ref, there's always at least one shocking decision

  22. Terrible when a team whos performing better than their opponent gets shafted by the ref because he is to incompetent to deal with the pressure. IMO Webb has always been an over rated twit, but the FA love him so much that he'll never have to answer for his bs decisions. Anyone who thinks the Suarez penalty wasnt a legit penalty doesnt know football if it hit them upside the head. Double standards all over the place with refs which begs the question, should there be a 5th official reviewing decsions from the media area or elsewhere to avoid these shambullock results. The much better team lost yesterday, and thats a fact!

  23. I think Rodgers feels (as do I) that there has to be real competition for every position to really get the best out of players. Don't tell me cech isn't lookin over his shoulder at courtois. He knows if he has a bad season he's out. Brad jones is an able enough goalkeeper and seems like a really nice guy but he's never going to usurp mignolet as the clubs first choice keeper any more than he was going to with reina. I think we should've gone for Julio Cesar. Top goalkeeper in the twilight of his career that mignolet could've learned from for a couple of years

  24. I'm not too disappointed to be honest. The performance was very good. Obviously Webb had a stinker, but the truth is that he is a not a great referee. I doubt he hates Liverpool, he is just bad at his job and since our tricky tricky players so often call for him to make big decisions, that gets exposed more often against us.
    Main lesson: make someone teach Sturridge how to use his right foot. It is getting ridiculous now. It is alright having a dominant foot, but Sturridge is so one-footed that it was only a matter of time until someone realised you could nullify him by putting him on his right.
    I'm tempted to find out where he lives, break in and then just wait there with footie boots on, When he's about to get out of the car, I'll say "not so fast, bub", put a gun at him and make him get a ball and then takes us to the nearest field. Then'll I'll just keep making him use his right foot at gun point for hours on end.

  25. Pretty harsh. Allen was involved in some good moves. Dribbled past a couple of people at times to the point I thought it was Coutinho. Not a stand out but his contribution could have helped us get goals on another day. As for Killer passes two stick out, one where re released Sterling on the left with a very nice ball and another were he played a quick one two with Suarez who then shot. There were more. But not that many.

    I agree he is a player much happier in a possession based system and therefore may not have a place going forward but to ignore his actual contributions is unfair.

    As for the Texiera hype I think people are going WAY overboard. He looked alright against a very deep Fulham but what did he actually contribute? I know we all want these players to come through and be boss but lets be realistic please.

    Kuyt bought himself out of his contract and Rodgers himself said he wanted Maxi to stay. Maxi wanted to go home which was fair. They left they were not "removed".

    Henderson is now a different player to what he was. He offered little. Now he is one of our standouts but has not had injuries. I would be interested to see minutes played by Allen and Henderson. As for not being a standout at Swansea that is just plain wrong.

    The Carrol Ibrahimovic comment made me regret writing so much, your clearly bananas.

  26. People have said we were the better side. I think it may be marginally true but not by a distance. They brought players in who were more energetic and combative and Ozil clearly had a point to prove. We had enough chances to win it but thats how it goes. The decision is terrible but these things happen. Lets hope the chances we had are taken in every game we get from now until the end of the season.

  27. You have been Webbed

  28. I really wanted us out of the cup to be honest. It doesnt really give you an awful lot. I know its nice to lift a trophy and I would obviously have loved to see LFC lift it. But I think at this moment in time; its more important to stabilize the team with some of that sweet sweet CL bucks. And I think we'd all take that at this point. It is annoying however, to see us play better than Arsenal and not win. But alas nevermind; they paraded around like they'd won the thing already at the end! I dont think we're that desperate.

    I agree we should have had 2 pens and that Gerrard should have been sent off. But I also think Monreal should have been off before the second half. He stamped on Allen's ankle in the opening minutes - looked extremely painful - not even a yellow! And I dont think Webb made the wrong call on just the second penalty. He seemed extremely trigger happy with his cards - ready to dish out at any oppotunity at LFC players.

    Still, I'm not all that bothered as I said. We can concentrate on the league now and have a big advantage over Arsenal; hopefully we can suck them into the battle for fourth and aim to finish a bit higher.