11 Feb 2014

'He will benefit' - BR offers inexperienced 6'8 giant one-week trial at LFC. Dream Chance

Liverpool continue to look for a back-up goalkeeper to challenge Belgian stopper Simon Mignolet, and Chesterfield star Aaron Chapman is the latest 'keeper to be linked with a move to Anfield.

According to The Mirror today, Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers 'likes the look of' 6'8 Chapman:

"Chesterfield’s giant keeper Aaron Chapman...will head for Anfield for a week’s trial after a spell with rivals Everton"

Last week, Chesterfield boss Paul Cook confirmed the Everton trial. He told reporters:

"For Aaron to spend a week at a big club like that [Everton] was too good an opportunity to miss. I am sure he will be benefit greatly from the experience."

If either Liverpool or Everton sign Chapman, it will complete a dizzying rise to prominense for the 23-year old, who less than a year ago was turning out for Belper Town, a Derbyshire club that competes in the Northern Premier League (Division One South).

The Reds probably won't be able to snap him up on the cheap, though. Perhaps in anticipation of big-club interest, Chesterfield recently tied Chapman down to a new contract, which takes him up to the end of the 2016 season. After signing the deal, the massive 'keeper enthused:

“It’s just brilliant to get that bit of security. Now I’ve just got to push on and try and get into the first team. It’s a great club. There’s only one way it’s going and that’s up, I’m just happy to be a part of it.”

Chapman is currently on a one-month loan at Chester, and to date, he hasn't made a single appearance for any professional club.



  1. now there's the twist in the tale ;)

  2. After the work rate the Fulham players put in on Sunday, this is an ideal time to play them. Our confidence is high so would be a shame if it didn't go ahead. I work in London and you just need to plan (Boris bikes) your journeys. Arsenal have made no such threat, last time i looked they were in London too! Poor show FFC.

  3. play it at Anfield ......problem solved .

  4. This site is tripe!!!

  5. I've never heard of this guy, but the important thing is that we NEED a keeper that can keep Mignolet on his toes. On another note; I hear that Hernandez wants out of ManU… I would love for Rogers to put in a bid for this kid. MUCH better than Aspas and Borini...

  6. that'd be a very cheeky bid...

  7. London has a great bus service, plus mainline trains will be running, they have stations near Arsenal, but not near Craven Cottage, the nearest is Hammersmith I think, a good 30 minute walk.
    I personally would like it to go ahead, and take the momentum from the Arsenal game forward, but as mentioned by JK, we will have a stronger squad if it is rescheduled.
    A draw at Arsenal would be a perfect result for us, fingers crossed.

  8. Its not like we have CL or EL next week. Playing the odd 3 game weeks should not affect professional athletes if they are fully fit, and if not they shouldn't be playing anyway.
    No i would prefer to go ahead with the match while confidence is high, get as many wins as we can on the spin. One of the biggest fears of any PL rival will have to be momentum, we need to get it on our side.
    I can see us getting the win on Saturday also, Arsenal will want revenge but the match against Bayern will have to priority. They are already missing big players through injury, and i can see Wenger resting players for a match on Tuesday which we don't have to play.
    So lets get the game on tomorrow, play our strongest team and get the win. Play our strongest team on Saturday and get the win, then the players can rest for a week knowing we are on a roll. Confidence will be high!

  9. unknown. what i do know is, is that we need a back-up keeper who is a touch more trustworthy than the likeable, but flappy brad jones.

  10. Yep, and it sends out a clear message of intent...

  11. If he thought Everton are a big club his ambitions do not match ours so let's move on...

  12. Strike is cancelled now, match will go ahead.

  13. I don't think he has anything to offer besides being a poacher. He just sits in the box, good off the ball but thats it. He will be a super sub in Liverpool too and a costly one at that. So, NO!!

  14. I completely disagree with you mate. I think he has excellent off-the-ball movement, pace, tactical skills and vision. All these attributes have just been poorly utilized at ManU. Costs can always be negotiated, so YES!!!

  15. Jamie
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    There also seems to be a huge focus on “foreign players” who are
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  16. Not saying he wouldn't move, but I think it is too much of a step down to expect him to come to us, even if we get CL, I think. He cost about £30mil only a couple of years ago. Unless no-one else is interested, I can't see us being a viable target. I'd probably, even if we get CL, expect United to still be a more attractive destination for players. I suppose it remains to be seen.

  17. There are a number of inaccuracies in your statements and perhaps your thinking. We bid much more than £8m for Salah. He wanted to come, till Chelski flashed the cash. Otherwise it would have been hailed as another Coutinho type signing. Courtois was on loan from Chelsea who bought him whilst we were still in midtable mediocrity why would he have come to us then when Reina was still no 1 Kono is widely regarded to be superior to Salah anyway, and Aspas was only 6-7m, plus you forget Borini who is just starting to come to terms with the PL. Illori is I believe the long term successor to Agger, it's about time we got them young and gave them loan experience to help their development. We still can't compet with the biggest spenders regularly, so taking a chance is the name of the game.
    One minute you bemoan the policy to pay 8-10m for players, then in the last sentences say we'll overpay £15m for players. Which is it?

  18. ah, i see. well, a few pointers. i too, am from irish stock. i have been a season ticket holder for just over 44years. i was born in tinsley st, anfield liverpool l4...it is no more, so i now reside away from merseyside. that doesn't stop me missing any games home or away. liverpool can be a dangerous place. east london/tower hamlets is a cesspit, of the highest order, filth and sc*m at every turn. you will never know more about liverpool f.c. than i do. the krays, boxing clubs, hardmen......yaaaaawwwwnnn!! unimpressive, over-hyped nostalgic boll*cks. more fool you for fighting for tony's oil. abolish liz and her kin.

  19. ah, right, well just few pointers, in no particular order. i am a season ticket holder of just over 44 years, who hailed from tinsley st. anfield liverpool l4. it is a shell now, so i now reside away from merseyside. i don't miss any games home or away. you will never know more about my club than i do. i too am from irish stock and proud. i sympathise with the fact that you come from that area of london. i wouldn't let a mange ridden dog visit that part of the world for fear of contracting something far worse. i truly mean that. i am so disappointed that you felt you had to point out, the most commonly spouted cringe-worthy references. 'krays, boxing', inferring hardmen, fighting.....yaaaawwwn! come on fella, it's not impressive, just self indulgent nostalgic twaddle, that maybe impresses the 'wannabes' in their sad lonely existence. you forgot to mention danny dyer, from mile end, another plastic 'hardman' or street wise-guy!!! more fool those who willingly work for the cause of protecting tony's oil. liz and her kin should be republican-ised.