4 Jan 2014

'LFC interest is real' - BR wants exciting Benitez protege to replace Glen Johnson....

Liverpool are reportedly planning to make an offer for Napoli youngster Armando Anastasio during the January transfer window.

According to The Independent today:

"[Liverpool] have scouted him for a number of months. Brendan Rodgers [sees] Anastasio as an ideal replacement for Glen Johnson"

Some info about Anastasio:

* 17-years old.
* Reportedly prefers a move to LFC.
* No senior appearances yet.
* Yet to sign a professional deal.
* Can play in several different positions.

In a radio interview this week, Italian football expert Paolo Bandini mused:

"He [Anastasio] arrived at Napoli as a central midfielder, and they've moved him about a bit, but Rafa Benitez thinks highly of him. Liverpool have heard and seen some things that have piqued their interest, and his Agent has come out and said that LFC's interest is real"

This all sounds very good, but for me, it's a waste of time signing yet another young, untested teenager who may come good in five years. Liverpool will, admittedly, have to think about a replacement for Johnson sooner rather than later, but the answer is not (IMO) a teenager who's never played a competitive game for any club.

At this stage, Jon Flanagan is the obvious option on the right, but he doesn't provide the same attacking quality as Johnson. The injury-prone Martin Kelly is not the answer, and when the time comes, Liverpool should sign a top quality right back, and that means spending some significant money.

On the other hand, unlike attackers, young defenders - especially full backs - do seem to get opportunities at LFC. In recent years, Flannno, Kelly and Andre Wisdom have all featured in the first team, so if Anastasio does come to Anfield, and shows promise, he might get a chance.



  1. very true. despite Glen being poor throughout this whole season, this kid could not replace him. if were looking to sign a top class RB tbh there is none out there except Martin Montoya. hes the only RB available. other than that Flanno is the obvious option, but I think on the Right Flanno will be very isolated as he hasn't the skill or pace to beat a man and get a good cross in. with him playing at Left back It allows him to come in field and pick a pass and he can then find space as the move begins to flow. Moving Flanno to left back is the best thing the club has done and the football is so fluent with him in the team. with teams knowing they got a Right footed LB coming at you it wont be easy and Flanno has almost popped up with goals on a few occasions already this season.
    Ryan McCaughlin from the Reserves would be GJ ideal replacement IMO. hes very skilful like GJ and can defend well, we could end up saving money if he proves to be the real deal at the top level. he must be given a chance. he deserves it more than this Napoli kid. if Republic of Ireland realised his potential, LFC should also.

  2. Totally agree here, if there's going to be a replacement for GJ then it has to be Montoya, GJ can be frustrating to watch because he has so much ability going forward yet he never looks like he's putting in 100% IMO he definately needs competition for the spot and I can't see how any youth player ( including this lad ) getting a look in.

  3. don't know who should be brought in to replace johnson but he badly needs to ne replace'd the lad has been piss poor for a very long time

  4. Methinks the teen bench is getting a mite full...where's the big name Grobelaar spoke about? Where's the mid-field help now versus three years from now?

  5. Am I mistaken? If he has not signed a professional contract he would be free. No transfer fee. If that is so go ahead sign him up. But BR please focus on the real job of strengthening the first team now. We are all on the edge of our seats waiting to see how this transfer window pans out.

  6. Yes GJ is a problem, it has been pointed out here many times by JK, but we have ignored his defensive deficiencies because of what he gave going forward, and now that is much less than it was.
    I hope its nothing to do with his demands for a longer contract, and purely a footballing thing.
    I dont see any player at the club meeting the level required, so we must look outside, Montoya would be ideal, but dealing with Barca is apparently a nightmare (for any club). I agree McLaughlin has it all to progress, and looks nailed on to make it, but as the article infers, we need these players now, not when they fill their potential.
    It is a sign of our progress, that lying in 4th place, we can see our weaknesses and expect better players to come in, we have come a long way under Rodgers, despite his frailties.

  7. no way he will be free, but certainly cheap. There are fee to be paid for his upbringing for example.

  8. We have. Any young manager is going to have frailties, but they will be ironed out over time, just like it happened with Fergie.

  9. 17 year old with no senior appearances to replace Johnson?

    News has it that the deal for Salah is done and that we may loan Tello from Barcelona.

  10. Johnson has had many injury problems and his form comes and goes far to often. Same with Enrique. LB and RB continue to haunt us.

    Finnan was our best right back for many years and Riise our best LB. Since then it has been players with injuries, no consistency, flop after flop after flop. Arbeloa another fine player and to think Rafa let him go for under 4 million. Shoots itself..

  11. Mr. Point Of View7:55 am, January 05, 2014

    same tot mate ! sometimes i really wonder those so called NEXT BIG THING we r looking for is really BR wanted or BOARD planning? So far most of signing is cast away by BR

  12. Mr. Point Of View7:58 am, January 05, 2014

    I prefer return Moses and get Mata permanent

  13. It would be great if we were able to sign Mata but with us being top 4 challengers this season I highly doubt Mourinho will allow him to go to a rival.

  14. I really like Kelly. He is also a proper defender plus has more than enough pace to support our attack too.

    He needs to be given playing time if we want him to gain form but think Rodgers is taking it easy with him because of his injury record. One more bad injury for Kelly and his career could go the same way as Rob Jones.

  15. Trust the scouts to look after the youngsters coming into Liverpool, let them learn and don't slaughter them, back them 100%.

  16. Very wise comment!!!

  17. I doesn't matter who the players I like this you player we most haven't heard of also establish footballers who are not getting first grade games.
    They have Agents that Most of the time say Liverpool is interested.
    Which 99% is not true
    It puts extra O end of his contract
    or gets him a upgrade of his current Deal
    That's why the Stories out there are bullshit and Agents linking there player to clubs.

  18. So Colin Pascoe said a couple of days ago that Alberto has struggled to adapt and Aspas. They both will need to beef up, that is for sure.

  19. Iphone spell change shit sorry

  20. he never does give 100%, and maybe its cause hes old now. we need to beef up the squad with 2 dynamic, versatile central midfielders. a RB to replace GJ, 1 winger maybe 2. I'd choose Fernando from Porto a he does Lucas role with perfection, winning back possession then starting the counter. he also is very tall and has much more strength, power and pace than lucas. I don't know if anyone has heard of Roberto Firmino? he is top class, and at such a young age, just turnt 22, his stats are phenomenal. 12 goals and 10 assist in 19 games all competitions is a great return from a CM so young. hes performing consistently in the Bundesliga just like Ramsey is in the Prem from CM and that would be my second pick for the midfielders. he also works very hard and is quite aggressive, goes in for a lot of tackles. Salah looks to be joining and lets hope he really is the Egyptian Messi. as for a Right Back, I'd love to see us get Montoya but the next big thing is Danilo of Porto. Brazil International at 22, lightnening quick, tall and strong I think he suits the EPL well. ive seen him perform the goods in the CL and hes rarely beaten and has very good crossing. his assists show that. Wing-backs are hard to come by and we broke the bank for GJ so we should do the same with Danilo. he would cost about £14M (FSG signing).

    Fernando - DM 25 - £4M (January) FREE (Summer)

    Roberto Firmino - CM 22 - £12M

    Danilo - RWB 22 - £14M

    Mohamed Salah - RW 21 - £9M

    £39M in total.

    there will be a lot of Brazilians in the squad if this happened.






    subs: jones, flanno, sakho, Gerrard, Hendo, Alberto, Sterling








  21. headline is a bit misleading, Salah is joining And Tello is joining on a loan with buy option deal, check this link to a guy who is in the know hes had very good liverpool transfer info iv been following for 3 years http://www.liverpool-rumours.co.uk/maccaliverpoolrumours.php

  22. I never heard such rubbish in my life.

    you know nothing about this guy so how can you say he can replace johnson ?

    its mcLauglin not caughlin and he plays for N.Ireland not the Republic

    why dont you google about information before you start talking shiite

  23. I think If Martin Kelly wasn't so injury prone that RB spot would of been his already, I think for the last 2 years it would of been his, unfortunately injuries have set him back, I'm not sure if he's gonna be the ideal replacement for GJ now so if I was the Liverpool manager I would try and get Nathaniel Clyne from Southampton, I think he's awesome, got a bit of premier league experience behind him now, he's young, English, fast, skillful, good on the ball, good delivery, good shot, loves goin forward and he's pretty decent defending as well.

  24. Yokohama Liverpool Fan12:50 pm, January 05, 2014

    Arbeloa was angling for a move back to Spain.at least a year before we sold him. There probably wasn't a lot left on his contract.

  25. GJ is a gud player but not consistent and sometimes could be sloppy (sorry if misspelled) but LFC can't put such a young player to fill in GJ shoes, Kelly could fit but he lacks speed, Danilo from Porto, Abate from Milan, or Piszczek from Dortmund

  26. Your right mate and I think both their cards are marked. Especially in Johnsons case do you remember the club already asked him to take a pay cut? Doubt if he will do that. Might have something to do with his form this year that he knows this is his last season at LFC. I'm sure both him Enrique and Agger will be gone during the summer.

  27. Exactly right. BR is a work in progress and IMO will one day be one of the great managers.

  28. If the opportunity is there and he's showing the potential to develop into a good young player I say go for it, nothing wrong with investing in youth. Look at the rewards that Barca, Arsenal and Soton have had from it!.And if it doesn't work out for him, what have we really lost? If you don't buy a ticket, you don't win the lottery.

  29. I think you may be right, we've signed a couple from Spain already and I'm pretty sure Arsenal got Cesc for free... Only have to pay compensation if they're from the same country as yours i.e. Sturridge to City from Coventry!

  30. Kelly played today so injured for weeks now

  31. sign him not. Martin Montoya is the man we want.