4 Jan 2014

LFC Hero blasts: €6m star has 'done nothing' and is 'not good enough' for LFC. Agree...?

Liverpool loan signing Aly Cissokho has come back into the side recently, and to be fair, he's not done too badly (from a defensive point of view) for the Reds. The French defender clearly needs a run of games to get to grips with the Premier League, but Anfield legend Jimmy Case is not impressed, and has urged Brendan Rodgers to dump Cissokho sooner rather than later.

In his column for 5-Times this week, Case - who won four league titles and three European Cups during his time at Anfield - insisted that Cissokho is 'not good enough for Liverpool', explaining:

"He [Cissokho] has done nothing for Liverpool. He gets so easily picked up by the opposition and he doesn’t know it. I wouldn’t have him at the club, I know it sounds harsh but he’s not for me".

Cissokho - who cost Valencia €6m in 2012 - hasn't set the world alight, but he hasn't done much wrong, either. In my view, €19m Mamdou Sakho is far more defensively suspect (at the moment) than Cissokho, and the Christmas Premier League campaign brutally exposed his shakiness on the ball, and occasionally suspect decision-making. What do the stats say?

* Prem Minutes played: 487
* Passing accuracy: 82%
* Duels won: 59%
* Aerial duels won: 62%
* Recoveries: 22 (One every 22 mins)
* Tackles won: 54%
* Clearances: 20 (One every 21 mins)
* Interceptions: 9 (One every 54 mins)
* Chances created: 4 (One every 121 mins)
* Crossing Accuracy: 11%
* Assists: 1

Stats: Opta

A middling set of results, but these results compare favourably with the squad average, and in some cases, Cissokho's results are superior to other LFC defenders. A couple of examples:

* Duels won: Sakho: 60% | Skrtel: 66% | Enrique: 50% | Johnson: 53%
* Aerial duels: Sakho: 58% | Skrtel: 68% | Enrique: 22% | Johnson: 48%
* Tackles won: Sakho: 58% | Skrtel: 68% | Enrique: 22% | Johnson: 48%


Statistically, Cissokho is superior (defensively) to Jose Enrique across the board, and is (in certain areas) more solid than Glen Johnson. As such, to suggest that he's 'not good enough' for Liverpool is not entirely fair.

Where Johnson and Enrique are superior is attacking threat, and if that's something Cissokho can improve over the next few months, then his loan signing might turn out to be fruitful after all.

Cissokho is clearly not a long-term solution, and there's probably no chance of a permanent deal at Anfield, but if he's to stay for the rest of the season, the Reds should try and get the best out of him. Having said that, it seems likely that both Jon Flanagan and Jose Enrique will knock him back down the pecking order when they're fit again.

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  1. He just doesn't seem to fit into the system. The fact a teenage rightback would be preferable in the position speaks volumes.

  2. Kind words from Mr Case. I would have been far less complimentary.

  3. Cissokho is a good cover for now, but he is not good enough in long run if your ambition is to conquer the premiership title. No point in signing him permanently if Flanno can continue his form and progress even further.

  4. He is too slow and is no way as accomplished on the ball as Enrique is. I agree with Case - we need someone a lot better. Luke Shaw or Bertrand would sort that position out for a few seasons to come.

  5. Going forward his threat is non existent. He constantly slows down our moves and counter attacks. He lacks the pace and adventure going forward. He can't beat a man or put in a decent delivery. I understand his job is to defend first and foremost but the manner in which we play requires quick attack minded full backs and he just doesn't fit the bill. He needs more games to develop his confidence perhaps. We sorely miss Enrique.(he also isn't the answer but much more competent at LB than Cissokho and even Flanno perhaps)

  6. You are wrong about Sakho (again) as you were when you accused him of being at fault for hendersons mistake against Swansea, and I g'tee he will be a monster for us, better than any cb we have now. Why I dont know, but I can just see there is something special about him, already he has been xlnt, give him till end of this season and we have a wall at the back.
    Cissokho is simply not good enough, especially defensively as we have already seen, Arsenal for example, dreadful.

  7. Why all this hatred towards Cissokho,he has not been given enough games to have confidence and put in good performances,as a reds fan i'll support our players and not berate them like what is happenin on dis site,

  8. I think Cissokho is an adequate defender. However his attacking 'style' lacks speed, touch, and confidence and if you want to play there you need those things. I also disagree on Sakho. I think he has been a beast at CB. I wish Skrtel would let him have the primary set piece threat because I think Sakho is stronger. Sakho also looks a bit ungainly when he is on the ball...but his defense looks solid to me.

  9. On a better note, Oussama Assaidi had an assist today in Stoke's FA Cup win.

  10. Cissokho is a shadow of the player he once was. Used to be a monster but injuries have made him timid. Look at the way he just fell over himself (on the edge of our 18 yard box) at one point during the Hull game.
    Furthermore, he lopes up field and lopes back just as casually.

  11. Short term he's good enough because he has made some meaningful contributions. Long term, no but by no means should he be made a scapegoat! Cissoko of 5-6 yrs ago was a different story!

  12. Truth is he is all we have right now so there is no point complaining. I thought his last couple of games have looked solid. Did a decent job. Probably helps that Johnson as a comparison has been stinking the place out.

  13. Whoscored say Sakho makes more tackles and interceptions per game and has a pass success rate of 9.1. Passing is considered to be very strong by whoscored as is his concentration which unfortunately they rate Skrtel as his weakness. This is the opinion of stats collectors. I am not going to argue with them. He had a bad few minutes but otherwise looked the better defender.

  14. Well Greg, you are in the right place for Stat believers, let it be known I am not one of those, unless ALL relevant points are taken into consideration, which they seldom are.
    As for whoscored's stats, it does not surprise me in the least.

  15. He has been a better full back than Johnston over the xmas period. What is good enough for LFC ? up til 2010 ever season have been about going for the title. This season we are right in the mix but most people are scared to believe that we can win it, despite seeing the team win the champions league with one of the weakest squads in the clubs history. Cissokho and Sakho have been compared to Djimi Traore during their short time at the club. Was Traore good enough for Liverpool ? in most peoples eyes no, but he is one of the few people in the world to have a champions league medal. The question is if LFC are providing the environment for the players to step up? we will only know that in the critical games to come.

  16. We have had a lot more time to look at Sakho than we have Cissokho, so it would be unfair to compare the two, especially since Sakho plays CB where it is easier to pick out faults, he is 23 still adapting to the premier league and Rodgers' passing style, he is definately our CB for the future, he is less likely to be bullied by strong and aggressive lone strikers that were a continual problem last season ( Infact Oldham comes to mind here ) .

    Back to the primary subject Cissokho, just not for me. I agree he's ok defensively but we haven't seen enough to judge him there yet, he certainly hasn't been tested.
    Attack wise you'll see when you watch him, he's completely one footed and always passes back when he gets forward, to predictable for me.

    I'm hoping its a confidence thing, but at the moment he doesn't look comfortable, Flanagan however when fit should definately reclaim that place, mentally positive, which sub consciously helps the rest of the team.

  17. I would like to see Johnson Enrique and Cissoko all gone the end of this season and I believe they will be.

  18. I've got my doubts about Shaw. I think his pace will disappear sooner rather than later and he'll struggle without it. Reminds me of a young Enrique funnily enough. To my eyes Bertrand is a better bet, but apparently his wages are a problem.