13 Jan 2014

Transfer Update: BR sends senior LFC scout to watch 'superb' €6m star. Reckless...?

Liverpool and Arsenal are reportedly tracking Nottingham Forest centre-half Jamaal Lascelles.

According to The Mirror today:

"Liverpool sent a senior scout to look at Lascelles, as manager Brendan Rodgers is in the market for long-term investments".

Some info about Lascelles:

* 20 Years old.
* Height = 6'3
* Also scouted by Arsenal.

* Forest rejected €6m bid in 2011.
* Forest contract expires 2016.
* Capped by England at all youth levels.

Lascelles has formed an effective defensive partnership with ex-LFC defender Jack Hobbs, and Nottingham Forest legend Gary Birtles - who won two European Cups with the club during the Brian Clough era - is convinced that the youngster has has a great future ahead. He recently told Nottingham Post:

"[Jack] Hobbs and Jamaal Lascelles have been playing so well together, but, for all his youthful potential and obvious quality, Lascelles has been steered through his learning curve by Hobbs. Despite a large weight of expectation, his progress has been superb"

Lascelles has picked up six yellow cards in fourteen appearances for Forest this season, and when asked about this during a recent interview, his manager, Billy Davies, gave a frank assessment of the youngster's progress:

"That's young players for you. They'll have good games, they'll have bad games. He's fitted in quite well and done well in some games and not so well in others. We'll keep working, and he'll just get better and better."

Six yellow cards in fourteen games? Is Lascelles reckless, or just unlucky? To be honest, given LFC's issues at the back, I'm sure most fans would rather see endless yellow cards over seemingly neverending defensive mistakes.

Lascelles is clearly enjoying his extended run in the first team, and in December, he told the Forest website:

"I think it is just confidence with me. After every game I play, I can feel my confidence building. Myself and Hobbs have a good partnership at the back. Things come more naturally to me on the pitch. It is just games I need really."

Despite bringing in the three centre-halves over the summer, it's clear that Rodgers still has a long way to go in creating reliable defensive solidity at the heart of the team. However, as long as Suarez and Sturridge keep banging in the goals, it's not as acute an issue as it could be.



  1. 6 yellows in 14 appearances? Isn't that approaching Lucas' rate;-). That being said, my hunch is that, without UCL on our plate, guys like Lascelles, Ings and Hughes are about all we're going to attract in the January window. Maybe Grobelaar will come through and we'll get a 'big' signing. Carroll was a big signing wasn't he? Big size, big price-tag...but that third measure...talent...left a lot to be desired.

  2. Seems obvious now that there is no budget this window. Missing out on Salah and MVila was only down to money. Both players wanted to come to LFC by all reports. These 2 would have been enough for this window but it seems the chances have gone.

  3. As long as we sign Wijnaldum. He's the Dutch Messi don't you know?

  4. We missed out on Salah and Mvilla?

  5. Looks that way mate. Salah probably to Zenit and MVila to Napoli. We were outbid. Unless FSG suddenly comes close to the other clubs bids we've lost out even though both players want to come to LFC. Their current clubs have the right to sell them to the highest bidder. Probably have only a few days to get in but it seems BR has already turned his thoughts elsewhere meaning you'd think that FSG aint gonna stump up the extra money. Starting to lose patience with the owners. If I was BR I'd sell Glen Johnson now so I can strengthen the team. But I'd be a shyte manager

  6. I just can't imagine FSG not putting up the money to strengthen considering we are exceeding expectations. I don't believe in spending for spending sake, but we need to plan for this campaign not for future ones. By the way selling Glen Johnson is a horrible idea. He has not been the best lately but who could we get that is better?

  7. By the way Jaimie, your favourite player John Barnes will be coming to Sydney's official Liverpool supporters sports bar in February (cheers bar for the aussie reds on here). I'll try and get him to give you a shout out!

  8. Apparently Johnson needs to take pay cut. His contract ends pretty soon so lets see if he will still be around at the start of next season.

    We have youngsters like Flanno, Kelly, Wisdom and McLaughlin. Johnson's form has always been up and down plus he is injury prone.

  9. Seems obvious there is no budget?

    Rodgers said a few days ago that if there are players available who tick all the right boxes then something may happen. If not then he said the club will wait till the summer seeing that quality players will be more than happy to join us if we qualify for the Champions League.

    How many people have actually seen Salah play other than watch a youtube video of him? I am pretty sure we will not be shopping around for 'take a punt' signings if and when we can offer CL footie.

  10. seem there r alot of replica messi all round world.....how many can we sign?

  11. Awesome. I've met Barnesy a few times now, and he is a top man. He was in London live-blogging the Man City West Ham game last week, and I was invited to come along, but unfortunately I couldn't make it this time. Enjoy!

  12. I agree we already have replacements for Johnson and Flanno seems the obvious one at the moment.

  13. I should have qualified that with "there seems to be a very limited budget" ooops my mistake of course there is something to spend and I was suggesting supplementing that with selling Johnson to ? (I heard Arsene is interested) while he still has a large value. If he continues his current form until the end of the season you could imagine his value dropping by about 1m a month. If we can offer CL if being the operative word. Strengthening this Jan would make that much more likely and we might not get as good a chance again next season especially without Suarez who will definitely be gone if LFC doesn't qualify. I hope FSG realise that now is the hour to go for it and the opportunity may not present itself again for some time. I don't care how much money we get from sale of Suarez we will not be able to replace him.

  14. Singing quality players right now is not going to be easy. That is the other thing Rodgers reffered to 'quality'. Wth the World Cup around the corner, how many quality players will move form their respective clubs knowing that things might not kick off straight away at the new club which could put their World Cup chances at risk?

    There are so many things to take into consideration. All of us would like to see new players arrive but it just ain't that easy unfortunately as we try make it out to be.

  15. He's not though, just thought I'd start another we have to sign this player or we die hype :-)

  16. Anyone can wear a red suit if they want to look -like- Messy

  17. this liverpool fan wouldn't want to see our defenders getting yelloow cards all the time no matter our current defender predicament,, cards for a defender often come for goalscoring free kicks and penalties.. Reckless would be thinking this was exceptable from our defenders.. Honestly I'd rather we spent some serious money on a favourite of mine, Roma's Benatia... Pure class...