22 Dec 2013

'I can't believe it' - John Aldridge explains why he's 'annoyed' with LFC's Luis Suarez

For a long-time, Anfield legend John Aldridge topped the list of LFC's most prolific post-war goalscorers, but Luis Suarez has now usurped Aldo at the top of the table, and the former Reds striker is not happy about it!

Aldo is understandably proud of his goal record for the club, and earlier this year, he enthused:

"I’ve been told that I have the best post-war goals per game ratio for Liverpool. Just to be in the same list as some great strikers in the club's history is an honour.

"I am very proud that I did what I had always dreamed of doing at Anfield – and that was to score goals for the fans".

In his column for 5-Times this week, Aldo acknowledged that he'd now been usurped by Suarez, but hailed the Uruguayan's ongoing striking 'masterclass'. He enthused:

"In Luis Suarez we are witnessing a very special player and having seen so many, St John, Hunt, Rush, Dalgish, Fowler, Owen we have been spoilt. I just can’t believe what I am seeing at the moment and teams are terrified of him, the only thing I am annoyed about is that he’s overtaken my goals per game ratio!"

* Aldridge: 63 goals in 104 games = Goal every 1.65 games
* Suarez: 70 goals in 109 games = Goal every 1.55 games

Two absolutely amazing goalscorers for Liverpool, though Suarez arguably has the edge because he also consistently creates goals for his team-mates.

Aldo was the prototypical 'fox in the box', and thrived on great service (which received from likes of Barnes, Beardsley et al), but Suarez spends a lot of time outside the box, and often creates goals for himself.

Depending on how the rest of the season goes, it's still possible that Aldo might regain his crown, but given Suarez's increasingly devastating form, I doubt that's going to happen (!)

Still, Aldridge is one of my personal favourite LFC goalscorers, and it was an absolute joy watching him play between 1987 and 1989.

(Aldo's goal against Everton in the 1989 FA Cup Final [the first on this video] is one of my personal favourites. After missing a penalty at Wembley the year before, it was a great moment, and I vividly remember jumping up and down with excitement as an 11 year old when the goal went in. Plus, it was a brilliant team goal, and a stunning finish).



  1. Suarez is the best player to have played for Liverpool, no doubt about it for me.

    I'm not saying he's 'the best Liverpool player', that surely goes to either King Kenny for his prolonged success for the reds but also for his dedication to the club, not just on the field or in the dugout.. But also in his tireless dedication to the causes of the 96.

    However, in terms of pure footballing ability, Suarez is surely the best we've ever had. Honestly, I hate to admit that he's probably on a level greater than we can either offer or guarantee at this moment in time.. And should enjoy the privilege of seeing such a superstar playing in red whilst it lasts.

  2. Luis Suarez was not a 'superstar' on the world stage before he came to Liverpool but has become world class whilst wearing the red kit...(damn...even my mrs has heard of him!)
    When he has put in a decent shift for us resulting in some silver, then I am sure he will rival, if not top the charts of any that have graced the kit....But he has to do that first....He has just signed the contract to allow him to do that, looks genuinely happy and will, no doubt, attract better players to the club; hopefully in Jan.
    Don't get me wrong, he is at present our best player, head and shoulders, but stating he is the best player to have played for Liverpool is for me, a little premature.
    P.s you say 'the best Liverpool player', that surely goes to either King Kenny or ? I'm intrigued who is next on your list.....

  3. Suarez is a world class player, but truth be told he became more popular in the red shirt..suarez is arguably the best red player we ve seen in the past 10 yrs..will become a LFC legend in years to come if he remains faithful and loyal to the club..YNWA!

  4. Luis suarez was a superstar before he came to liverpool IMO, I can remember him scoring loads of goals for ajax along side huntelaar..he sent ghana packing in 2010 world cup...he is now a much more prolific scorer with liverpool

  5. the best player is and will always be steven gerrard for me - there is IMO no player that deserves the premierleague title more than him!

  6. 50 goals in 50 for Ajax is a superstar stat for me, no doubt he's even better now than ever though!

    I honestly think that based on ability with a football alone, he's the best player to play for LFC.. Not considering silverware et al- Which is why I differentiated the fact that Kenny is the 'best ever Liverpool player'.

    For second you'd definitely have to consider the likes of Hansen, hugely successful and a dominant CB and captain... However, for me it has to be Gerrard! His devotion to the club and his incredible game changing abilities.. I believe his willingness to serve the club with his all is especially impressive considering the relative lack of success for the club during his career... And quite honestly he's single-handedly dragged us through the vast swathes of the last decade. I honestly don't think there's anybody else that could have delivered results of the magnitude of the win over Olympiakos, that night in Istanbul and the 06 FA Cup final with such impeccable timing! A one man dynamo that's at the heart of the club and probably will be for decades to come- As Kenny has.

  7. JAIMIE, do you have info how much is Suarez earning now, without bonuses?

  8. Lets enjoy him while he is still in a red shirt.

  9. It is definitely an amazing spectacle as of late, really hope he keeps it up and creates history. Already has broken or tied a few records, and has a bunch of games to go. But more than that it's the other things, the most creative player, the types of goals, the discipline. Speaking about broken records, it's almost getting tiring talking about it every weekend!

    Beyond that, what's letting him do the things he does is the improvement from the surrounding players. Sterling looks like the real deal now, he might have a slow day here and there, but I doubt he'll regress. Hendo contributing, confidence is all around.

    The funny thing is, even with the being so good, almost every game he's had a goal opportunity wasted, or set up a golden opportunity for someone else that was wasted. If he and the team work out those little kinks, and really capitalize on all the chances, the prospect is scary.

    Off the top some stats: Tied for most goals in Europe (league only), no penalties, 5 less games.

    Most goals by Christmas, tied with 19, played 5 less games!

    Most goals in 1 month, 10 - previous record is 8, still has 2 games to play.

    First BPL player to put 3 hat tricks past the same team - still gets to torture the Canaries once more this season!

    First player to go 4 games scoring 2+goals in each.

    But it's not all about him - he's a huge part, but everyone else seems to be doing their part. Hard to believe the performances given some of the injuries.

  10. No Aguero and no Zabaleta on Boxing Day...maybe...just maybe...that spells the difference.

  11. Plus we have a secret weapon in Kolo - he just needs to get childish, and into his little brother's head and unsettle him.

    But seriously, those 2 are a huge loss for them - they still have an amazing squad, but all they need is an off day.

  12. Pulling Dzecko off the bench is just infuriating. There should be rules against it, it's insane.

  13. Most gifted player ever.... Barnesey, best scorer... Rushie, best player, Kenny

  14. That will be the key. Press, press, press. Do not allow them time on the ball and force them to make mistakes.

  15. Cant wait until England play him.....

  16. Aldo was fantastic, would have done mutch fore us if Rush had not come back. One can not compare Suares to Dalglish or Gerrard and more Reds that have done so mutch in the past, for that he needs to keep going for awhile longer. But he is fantastic and if he does stay he will be a new Legend for us to cheer.

  17. Just wondering.. Why is Alex fergusons autobiography being advertised on this page?! Stupid google. No ones going to get that crap here!

  18. LOL! I would actually read it, no doubt the greatest manager ever.

  19. Some of the ads are contextual, so if you're seeing Fergie's book, it probably means you've been searching/reading about Man Utd elsewhere. So, it's down to you that the ads is there, not me ;-D

  20. I think comparing one player to another is tricky. Football has evolved so much.

    It's like comparing Messi to Pele. Both brilliant players for their own time but comparing them two is difficult.

    IMO I don't think Suarez is at the Messi or Ronaldo level yet. IMO he is at the Robben, Ribery, Iniesta, Xavi, Ibrahimovic level. AT the same time, comparing our team to the team these clubs have should say alot about Suarez ability.

    If he played for Barca or Real then he might be scoring 60+ goals a season too.

    So I think he is one level below them two at the moment.

    Just my opinion anyway, don't take it personal.

  21. been watching LFC since 1962 and whilst Sir Roger remains my favourite LS is simply the best player I have seen in the top division and that includes Greaves, Best etc

  22. Brendon is certainly getting the best out of him but we need at least more goal prolific scorer - NOW. Suarez is the best but for me Billy Liddell will always be king of the kop.

  23. I don't think I have ever looked at anything Manchester United related on google ever! Maybe it's just the football link I don't know :P