19 Dec 2013

'We're watching': LFC Scout confirms Reds plan transfer 'deal' for 'talented' midfielder

One of Liverpool FC's top scouts has confirmed that the club is watching talented Polish midfielder Milosz Kozak.

Speaking to Polish newspaper Fakt last week, LFC Scout Mel Johnson revealed:

"“Milosz is one of the most talented players we are watching in Poland.

"If we make a deal with the club, Milosz receives a chance to develop and perhaps even play in the Premier League. We have great hopes for this player.”"

Liverpool are apparently 'front-runners' to sign the 16-year old Lech Poznan teenager. Some info about Kozak:

* Represented Poland at Under-15, Under-16 and Under-17 level and, despite being watched by several clubs from across Europe, Liverpool are believed to be the current frontrunners for his signature.

* Kozak is ostensibly a left winger, but he can play on the right, and also in defence.

* Liverpool have scouted Kozak for over six months now.

* Borussia Dortmund and Chievo are also tracking the young midfielder.

Other than the above, there's not much information out there about Kozak, but if - as seems likely - he ends up at Liverpool's academy, it will probably be a few years before he gets anywhere near the first team.

As such, I find it hard to get excited about signing teenagers, most of whom disappear into obscurity anyway.



  1. Stephen Sama, Jakub Sokolik (the next Martin Skrtel), Conor Coady (the next Steven Gerrard), Jack Dunn (also the next Steven Gerrard), Craig Roddan, Vilyan Bijev, Adam Morgan (the next Robbie Fowler), Henoc Mukendi and Michael Ngoo. Their contracts run out in 2014. All of them were predicted to have bright futures. Let's hope for them they do but I'm sure it won't be at our club. So don't expect to see them again next year. This kid, if we don't sign him, that's just fine. If we do, that's just fine too.

  2. pointless again!

  3. He is only 16. If we do sign him then it will be years before he can work his way up to the starting eleven. No point in getting excited about signings who are 18 and under.

  4. cant see jack dunn going anywhere jus yet..

  5. Never heard of him, but I guess it does not hurt improving our academy with potential.

  6. When you look at the list of cl winners and domestic league winners you see Liverpool pop up in almost every decade. it's been two decades since the domestic trophy and one since the European one. I think that if we qualify for the next cl(and we will), we will be getting some more of those trophies in next 3 or 4 years- with or without him.
    Keep the faith, the future looks bright..

  7. That's true Orme, I just don't know if Ayre has the ferocity and will power to fight for that amount of money like Levy did.

    I wonder how much Henry would have gone for during the invincible season in this day and age!

  8. It's crazy...all the names floating around for the transfer window. I can't keep them straight and since there so many, coupled with the common sense that we will only pick 2-3, then by definition 95% of the names are pure BS. I'm just going to wait and see who we do sign and then research them.

  9. No need.....Rossiter Chivella Texeira are way above his talent....eric I think these are the best talents....with Ibe Canos and Sinclair

  10. No need Canos Rossiter Chirivella Ibe Sinclair Texeira Brannagan are way better than him....no need.

  11. Adam Morgan has already left and how could you not include rossiter in that list. Him, Ibe, and suso are the best youngsters we have right now that aren't in the first team.

  12. Errr because I don't expect them to leave in the summer..did you just read the names and assumed you knew what the rest of my post was about?