2 Dec 2013

'We must sell!': LFC scouts watch Brazil's €10m 'Player of the Year'. Replace Moses...?

Liverpool are reportedly tracking Brazilian attacker Everton Ribeiro, who is also allegedly wanted by Manchester United.

According to the Daily Mail today:

"Liverpool, as well as Manchester United, have sent their scouts to to watch one of Brazil's most highly-rated players, Everton Ribeiro.

"Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has been monitoring the progress of Ribeiro"

With Victor Moses and Raheem Sterling seemingly not up to it at Anfield (Zero assists from both players all season), new attacking midfielders are a must for Liverpool, and with the success of Coutinho so far, another attack-minded Brazilian would definitely be welcome. Some info about Ribeiro:

- 24 years old. Plays for Cruzeiro.
- 2013 Brazil 'Player of the Year'.
- Can play left-wing, left-back, or left-wing-back.
- 7 goals in his last 14 games for Cruzeiro.
- 11 assists for Cruzeiro this season.
- A fan-banner at a recent game read: "Messi 10 + Ronaldo 7 = Ribeiro 17".

Alas, it appears that Ribeiro has his heart set on playing for Manchester United. When asked about his future last week, he told Sportv:

"I plan on getting to a big club, it's a dream I've had since I was young, I've always liked Manchester United. I haven't talked with my agent yet".

Over the weekend, Cruzeiro's Director of football Alexandre Mattos, dismissed reports that Man Utd had made an offer, but conceded that the Brazilian club would have no option but to sell if a big money bid comes in. he told Globo Esporte:

"We turned down a €10m [£8.3m] offer [from a club in the Middle East] for the percentage we own. Cruzeiro don't want to let any player go, but if an absurd offer for Everton Ribeiro comes, we must sell."

If Liverpool don't take up the option to buy Victor Moses permanently, Ribeiro seems like a ready-made replacement. Worth a bid?



  1. Just watched yet another masterful display of silky football skills combined with a football brain and showing courage in challenges. Rodgers was there he saw it - if he dosnt put young Texiera in the first team squad- he is either stupid or he has something against the lad. HOW LONG CAN IT GO ON.

  2. Texiera - Suarez - frightening - but can Brendon see it ? will he be brave ? this lad will be even better with the kop behind him.

  3. Since Rafa went we have probably spent upwards of 200 million. To think that Suarez, Sturridge,mignolet, Coutinho and perhaps enrique is what we have to show for that money -is scary.

    There was a feeling from the start that the players werent up for it - because hull were there for the taking. Johnson for some reason was really poor - infact i have never seen him that bad.

    Whether its BR or the men behind him clearly stats arent everything when it comes to scouting talent.

  4. It's baffled me for years. What a bloody nonentity he is.

  5. Stevie has done incredible things for the club. Lucas has done bugger all. Stevie has scored incredible goals for the club. Can anyone remember a Lucas goal? He's the living proof that some Brazilians are absoiutely crap at football.

  6. Riberio is very good jaimie. hes a suarez type player as well, known for his aggression and work rate. I follow Brazilian football a lot and Ribeiro is quality. he can score with both feet as well. if we purchased him, Matic and El-Shaarawy I would be satisfied.

  7. Article based on zero factual evidence.

    Why don't you go and write for CaughtOffside if all you want to do is trawl the web & repeat every single piece of speculation you come across?

  8. Gerrard was terrible in a more advanced role at the start of last season when BR 1st came in. His legs had gone and he was way out of his comfort zone. Every fan was slating him. Rodgers dropped him to deeper, and he was back to his best. Now everyone seems to have forgotten and wants him back there!

    Coutinho should be No. 10, he's the best we have for that role. I can't see Gerrard playing out wide, so it should be Alberto and Hendo until more signings are made. Ibe should be given chances from the bench too.

  9. Just get well soon DS. We need you like crazy.

  10. I am absolutely for this arrangement. LS/IA up front to play off each other. PC as the #10 with SG and Luis Alberto as the other CM. Time to give him a start. Give Moses another shot...I honestly don't think he played that poorly...certainly no worse than anybody else and he did have a solid chance that only a great save kept out of the net.

  11. No El Shaarawy...all speed...no forehead.

  12. I wonder about Moses, is he a better player than Downing (I have to say that I'm not a fan of him), that Rodgers sell him gladly last summer? I don't have a problem, with selling. Sometimes you're buying, others you're selling, but if you have to sell a player, do it when you have found someone better to replace him. Where is Sakho? He scored twice for his national team, sending France to Brazil world cup. He never played for Liverpool again (and we are talking for our most expensive transfer this summer - 15 millions pounds). Allen wasn't bad against Everton (I'm not talking of course about the unbelievable chance that he missed, but about his overall contribution in this game). He was out of first team against Hull, without a chance to put 2 - 3 games together, now that he is not injured. So, another 15 millions for the bench. Iago Aspas? Another 7.7 millions for the bench. Luis Alberto? Another 6.8 millions for the bench. Tiago Ilori? He is not even in the first team! But we are talking about another 7 millions! I think that we don't have the luxury of not using 52.5 millions (and I'm not counting Agger, because we will have at least another 10 millions for the bench). Maybe Chelsea or Man City can do that. Not Liverpool. Sterling cannot progress. Is it only his fault? What about Kelly? What is going on with this exciting talent? Morgan is leaving, Ibe never take a proper chance. Anyway I can write many more things, but there is no meaning. Rodgers must take the best from his players. Fergie did it, Wenger is doing it right now! If Rodgers wants to be a success at Liverpool, he has to do it by the hard way. Otherwise he is not at the right club for him...

  13. Its not likely to happen but in January the likes of Koke and Mvila would really add something to this side one thing is performances like the one against Hull are unacceptable.

  14. This had been coming since he started the season injured. You can't keep playing with an injury and not expect it to get worse. The club should have told him he was not allowed to play for England at the very least. As for Aspas...please...he's not going to magically turn into a quality striker. He was always going to be a poor man's buy and he won't do anything to help us in any way. Another transfer window, another heap of cash wasted on "building a squad"

  15. Call me old fashioned but no one with the name Everton should ever be signed by our club. Just like the colour blue should have never featured on any of our kits since we changed to red.

  16. Lucas should be next to Sakho, Alberto and Aspas. On the team bus and out the transfer window.

  17. Not all of a sudden BR is the problem, he's been part of the problem since day one. Ridiculous transfers like Allen, Aspas, Alberto, Assaidi, Borini, Sakho, Ilori. Getting Sahin on loan and never using him properly. Becoming overreliant on two strikers who have proven to be injury prone or suspension prone. There is no doubt we are doing better than we were under Dalglish, Hogdson and Rafa but we don't manage to convince. We always look likely to lose to teams like Hull a couple of times per season.So have we improved? Yes. Have we improved as much as we could have? No.

  18. Ah Stevie's legs...so how were they the problem last year? Lucas is a makeshift DM because he couldn't displace Stevie and we lost Masch. Clear and simple. And that was fine while it was necessary but many transfer windowns have passed since then and his position has simply not been addressed. And that's an outrage.

  19. Changes should be made for sure but how do you account for Glen Johnson's lack of impact on the game? I blame lack of pressing strategy was a bad plan. I love GJ when he is allowed to press! Why not try him at mid and Kelly at RB? Then add Agger in place of Lucas. Keep Flanagan on left back. Toure and Skrtel at CB to start. Try Alberto and Ibe to add offense. Either add Ibe or Coutinho as striker with the other at mid. They can score. Would love it if Aspas rose to occasion but if not at striker, he is useless. He gets bulldozed every time he was in for us.

    JI. LS
    LA PC. G J


    JF. MS. KT. Make

    Why the hell not?

  20. I have been a fan of BR for sometime but I have some concerns now. He has spent a lot of money on players he doesn't seem to have any faith in . Allen, has beenpretty average and at £15m was not cheap. Sakho, at £17m , again not cheap and is not being used. Aspas, Borini, Alberto,Cissoko etc etc etc. These players deserve some faith being placed in them. Hendo and Lucas need to be benched for a while, as does Gerard but that's not going to happen. BR still does not know his best back 4 which is really poor. The back 4 needs to be consistent. Why have 4 central defenders, madness!! Also, on Moses, if he buys him, then I'm afraid I will lose all faith in BR transfer dealings. He has been soo ordinaryand does not warrant a transfer. If this is the case, then the transfers need to be taken from BR. He is on dodgey ground here, he will never get a better chance to get into the top 4. Spurs and UTD are not brilliant by any means, but UTD will strengthen next summer as will Spurs. Alas, I think that BR might just get sacked in the summer if he does not get into the top 4, because he has had plenty of funds to spend on players, and with the exception of Sturridge, Toure and Coutinio , his signings have been poor.

  21. I know Moses was shite against Hull but so was Kolo. And Jonno might as well have not been on the pitch. I don't think I saw him overlap once!! Must have only touched the ball half a dozen times. Sterling wasn't great either. So with too many players having off days the result was inevitable. I would however give Alberto a few games on the trot, see if he can get some consistency going. I also think we need to try and keep the same two CBs consistently. Agger and Skrtel for me.

  22. I think expecting the same thing from different players is a bit silly. It doesn't work like that in any other aspect of life so why would it in football. Truth is Coutinho was getting talk about as the next big thing when he was still in his mid teams. That sort of class at such a young age is rare rather than the norm. Then there is the experience gained from being able to play first team football from early on. It all makes a difference. Alberto turned 21 little more than a month ago, he needs more experience, who else in our team barring Gerrard was ready at 21?

    What your calling excuses is just me being rational. I'm not saying Alberto is going to be a world beater but I am not writing him off before he gets at least a few games under his belt. I think that is fair.

    Its self fulfilling though. Look at our attempted transfers in the summer. Willian, Costa and Mhkitarian would have all made this team better but we lost out because we are not CL and (perhaps because) we didn't have (wouldn't give??) the money to get those players.

    I want the same things as you but just don't want to ruin the confidence of players before they even get play a couple of games. You can feel the tension when some players get the ball and it comes from these kinds of attitudes. Yes they may not be the best players out there but for the last few seasons we have not been one of the best teams out there. Could those players get in top eight teams in the top leagues? Yes they could. We don't want that long run but these tings don't happen over night. For me truth is the next few signings have got to be all gold or we really have to be questioning BR and the committee, but slating the players doesn't do anyone any good.

  23. You say since Rafa, there were poor buys during Rafa's time too mate. We shouldn't forget that. It's as much the players lost as the duds signed.

  24. I want to see Sakho and Skrtel in a game or two. Especially if we are playing teams with players who are good in the air. It's not like the CB's are stepping out much anyway.

  25. HI Jaimie,
    Nice article, however I was intreged by the comment from his club; "we turned down a bid of £10m for the bit that we own", anyone know how much that bit is? and therefore what the full price of this player would be if a premier league club wanted to own him outright?

  26. Texiera is not being selected by the Portugal U20's or U21's so I think you are way off the mark about 'how good he is'.

  27. its ok, just found out its 60% owned by the club, so as Premiership rules forbid 3rd party ownership, it would be a complicated deal to buy him and the 40% owned by someone else

  28. Gerrard has been our goals from midfield for the last number of years. We now cannot score from midfield because he's playing in a deeper role. Not sure about Gerrard wanting to play there Jaimie, the best feeling on the pitch is scoring goals so why would he want to change that?

  29. Jay, the owners played us fans. Do you seriously think we were getting Mkhitryan, Willian Or Costa?

    They wanted to show they were looking at world class talent, but they never were going to bring any of them in. If we wanted any of them bad enough, we would have got them.

    Jay, i don't know how we sold Shelvey or let Suso go out on loan for us to spend 7m on Alberto, as in all honesty i thought both Shelvey and Suso offer the side more class, creativity than Allen and Henderson.

    I like you Jay, Love my team but five years plus out of Champions league. Our captain is on the way out on his last legs and Suarez is currently 3rd best player in world football. Who deserves to be playing champions league football, but apart from Coutinho, Gerrard and Sturridge.

    The attackers in squad are simply not good enough, we need class, quality players to hit ground running now.

    And owners need to back rodgers heavily in next two transfer windows.

    As our centre midfield is poor at moment, no mobility, no fluidity, no protection for back 4, no creativity and no goals.

    The wings there is no class, creativity or goals in squad;

    So from Gerrard, Henderson, Lucas, Moses, Allen, Sterling, Ibe this season : I doubt there is more than 6 goals between all of them?

    That in itself is a huge problem, we cannot expect our two strikers to score 90% OF OUR GOALS. 60% Yeah, but not 90% . Its too much, they need help.

    Rodgers needs to bring the five class quality players i mentioned for 60-70M and then we will be a force to be reckoned with all the way up until May.

  30. yep if he's everton he can only join Manu

  31. Sorry I didn't reply earlier - I was just about to when I saw you'd already got the info. Yes, it would be a complicated deal. Possible, though.

  32. He has had a fair amount of money to spend and seems to have picked players only fit for the bench. He could have spent that money on one or two quality players to add to the team not the squad which is what he said he planned to do. Now he is warning that money is tight despite saying he could not complete the transfers he wanted in the summer. Where did the money for those failed purchases go then or was he again hoping to sign more cheap lucky buys?

  33. I seriously think we were after them, as for getting them that is harder still. I think they had certain amounts of money they were willing to put in and no more. Who decides these amounts I don't know but it led to us not doing any of the bushiness needed. We can only believe what we want in the end. The only information we have is whats put out and it depends on how synical you are about those things.

    As for the Shelvey, Suso, Allen, Henderson part I think you have a point but I certainly wouldn't use the word class. Not about Shelvey anway. I thought he had been overrated for a time and was willing to see what he could do but he reminded me far too much of Charlie Adam. Though less lazy. He would get cought out of position a lot, would try things just for the sake of it instead of keeping the ball and his form was very sporadic. Rodgers (sort of) had to keep faith in Allen as he is his man and Henderson had forced his way in by doing a good job consistently. Suso looks like he has something but didn't always show it. I think a loan move was the best thing we could have done for him as the pressures of being a LFC player, especially from the fans can be rather intense and you should be able get playing and feel confident before coming in to that cauldron.

    I agree with everything else you said after that to be honest mate. But I think that it's a little pie in the sky to expect £60-£70m in Jan. Over the next two windows net then yeah I think it will happen but not in this next window unfortunately. Also making wholesale changes can be very difficult as Spurs can attest to.

  34. Apparently at the moment he has no chance of getting a work permit anyway

  35. Okhe was sht,but Suarez andGerrard were outstanding!! Carra could do some time out of the press.. he played well so far, than didn't playand now he blew up.so fcukin what?

  36. I'd like to see Aspas through the middle but our midfield options mean that it isn't the best option, in my opinion. If we were to play Aspas through the middle, we have to drop Lucas and play Hendo with Gerrard in the middle. I'd bring Sterling in on the right to take Hendo's former berth. He tracks back better than Moses.

  37. B Rodgers needs to be backed well in January by the owners, then he needs to spend it wisely on players who will come straight into first team and stake a claim: No more Alberto, Assaidi, Aspas, Borini or Moses type players. Players who are simply dead wood average at best and not good enough for the club

    The owners need to give B Rodgers 60-70M in January to bring in these five players:

    Two players to sort out our: diabolical, soft, lacking in creativity, lacking in scoring goals, unproductive, not mobile, sluggish, centre midfield:

    Two Good centre midfielders to control and dominate centre of park:

    1: DM: M’Vila(23) Of Rubin Kazan for 10-14M to compete and Cover Lucas Leiva

    2: CM: Y Cabaye(27) Of Newcastle for 14-18M to compete and Cover Henderson

    Two class quality pacey quick creative goalscoring wingers on either wing: To provide good quality service to our attacking midfielder and strikers

    3: RW / RWF: M Salah(21) Of Basel for 12-16M to play on the right wing or right hand side of attack to compete and cover Sterling

    4: LW / LWF: D Capel(25) Of Sporting Clube De Portugal / Lisbon for 4-6M to play on the left wing or left hand side of attack to compete and cover IBE

    And a Back up/ under study striker to Sturridge:

    5: K Mitroglu(25) Of Olympiacos or L Remy(26) Of QPR, one of these two strikers should be brought to club for 4-8M

    These 5 players would cost club 60-70m but would help us maintain our the top 4 pursuit all the way through to May. But with our current pathetic weak squad, We will struggle to keep top 4 pursuit up come febuary and then we will make 6-10 position in league as we have now become a top 6-10 side in the last 5 and half seasons.

    I am blunt and honest, I love my team but we have too many dead wood average players at the club. And that is why we have been a top 6-10 side for last 5 and half seasons and it is the main reason why L Suarez wants to jump ship.

    If we brought in M’Vila(23) DM, Cabaye(27) CM, Capel(25) LW / LWF, Salah(21) and Remy(26) FD are players of Coutinho(21), Gerrard(33) and Sturridge(24) class and calibre.

    Whereas the likes Lucas (26) DM, Henderson(23) CM , Allen (24) CM, IBE(17) LW / LWF, Aspas(26) LW / LWF, Moses(22) RW /RWF and Stering(18) RW / RWF are nowhere near the calibre and class of Coutinho(21) , Gerrard(33), Sturridge(24) and Suarez(26) and when two of the 4 are out of starting 11 it clearly shows