21 Dec 2013

Confirmed LFC XI vs. Cardiff: No alarms & no surprises, but Molby worried about 2 players who can 'hurt' Liverpool...

Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers has named an unchanged team for this afternoon's Premier League game with Cardiff City.

FULL TEAM: Mignolet, Johnson, Skrtel, Sakho, Flanagan, Henderson, Allen, Lucas, Coutinho, Sterling Suarez

SUBS: Jones, Toure, Agger, Alberto, Aspas, Moses, Kelly

After the Spurs thrashing, it comes as no surprise that the same team starts today, and that's the way it should be.

Alas, none of the youngsters promoted to train with the first team squad make the bench today, but hopefully their chance will come over the next couple of months.

The players need to attack this game with the same intensity they showed against Spurs, and with 20 goals in the last five games, it seems likely that victory is on the cards. Here is a selection of pre-match opinion from LFC players past and present:

Dietmar Hamann

"Hopefully another LFC win. Confidence should be sky high and Cardiff look in turmoil off the pitch"

Martin Skrtel

"Against teams like Cardiff it is very important to score an early goal because these teams usually come to Anfield to defend and stay back and try and play on the counter-attack. If you score the early goal then they need to open their game so that makes it easier for us to play"

Mark Lawrenson

"It is asking a lot for Cardiff to get anything at Anfield. At home, against teams in the bottom half, Liverpool have been winning games very comfortably and I think it will be a similar story on Saturday"

Jan Molby

"Liverpool have to earn the right to play against Cardiff. It’s another winnable home game and if the passing is sharp and we get the ball moving at speed they will struggle to cope. Cardiff are well organised, and they do have players who can hurt you. There’s Peter Whittingham with his deliveries from set-pieces and Fraizer Campbell is sharp up front".

Molby is (IMO) right to take the cautious approach. Liverpool's form is superb at the moment, but aberrations do happen, and Cardiff could easily capitalise on any complacency/arrogance. Yes, the Welsh club is in turmoil, but that doesn't mean they're going to lay down and die.

My prediction: 5-0



  1. You are very optimistic Mr, Kanwar... Hope you are right.

  2. Sterling should 've got half an hour in in the second half. What if he underperforms like in all games so far except the last three? And given his age, hot head and the fact that there will be a bus in front of their goal it is not so unlikely to happen. Than BR won't know who to start vs Chelsea...
    I said that he will be a top player 2,5 years ago,but this much playing time is just too much..

  3. I dont think it will be another 5 but considering cardiffs problems right now it would be strange not to do it, I think it will be the same again, if we get one or two early goals then could be a smashing, but if we struggle to score in the first half then cardiff would dig even deeper to nick a point, so need to break the deadlock asap, hoped texeira would make the bench but knew hes got no chance, not under rodgers.

  4. rodgers mustn't think he is ready yet he probably knows better than you mate its not like he doesn't give youth a chance

  5. World class Saurez!!!!!! :):)


  7. Now we can have a peaceful 45 mins

  8. Well, 3-0 up; only two more to go :-)

  9. oh my GOD luis suarez... luis suarez what are u.... serves cardiff right don't come and defend and think you'll get a point at ANFIELD

  10. Just to prove a point, our second goal was made by Henderson but no stat will reflect that as Suarez grabbed the assist. It is like Henderson got injected with the footballing DNA of Coutinho recently.

  11. Your comment about Henderson and history suggesting he will not go on a run. Well as we are always being told "past performance is no guarantee of future returns" and for our American cousins, the more succinct, "history is bunk"

  12. Jaimie i disagree about the ploy to raise his buyout he still had time left and the form hes in nobody can surely disagree that he will command a fee similar if not more than bale, now i suppose with the new contract that much is guarenteed. I agree though we are looking good currently and Salah adding another goalscoring threat would be a good addition, dont know too much about the lad but talksport were saying after recent games they believe it wont be long before hes in the prem, did they play tottenham recently, although that might not be a good barometer to measure his performance by considering last week. Regarding his assists stat, things like that can change in a better team playing with the likes of Suarez.

  13. i luv salah`s style of play, sign him pls

  14. Was impressed with him against both Spurs and Chelsea. He caused them both genuine problems with his pace and trickery

  15. Price quoted is in Euros

  16. Seville will only let him go if someone triggers the release clause and its way too high. Ive read its in the 33m mark

  17. Exactly we bought both Downing and Allen based on stats

  18. Isnt it Degens brother at Basel???

  19. I come on Newsnow daily, because I love the reds, season ticket holder for 20+ years - and every time I come on I try to resist reading your constant jibes at our superb manager - all this IMO nonsense, because as has been proven, your opinion is nonsense most of the time - have you ever managed a football club or just played the role on your computer? We are TOP OF THE LEAGUE - looking sublime, playing wonderful football - inspired by BR. You're not a journalist (clearly), you're not a football expert (even clearer) and I doubt you even go to the games. Your site is called Liverpool Kop - question for you - do you actually sit in the Kop? I do.

  20. Jamie in 'questionable use of question mark to validate pure speculation' shocker!!!!!

  21. Get rid of Johnson? Just shows how crazy people are.

  22. Moses is not trying hard in enough when he in on the pitch. He has not got the work rate which Sterling has been showing, which is what we need to let Coutinho float at times to do the damage. Moses needs to be sent back to Chelski based on overall performances to date, as he has provided very little to the team. Now that we still have Aspas and Alberto, Moses on loan is not required when we can rotate around J Ibe.

    Salah would be a coup if we can get him, worst case scenario should we sign him, he would be a faster, technically and more skillful Dirk Kuyt.

  23. Salah is not a striker, he is a wide forward, that can do a job as a striker. With the 4-3-3 system he would be perfect fit as he can interchange position fluidly in forward positions. He does have alot of pace, a bit of skill, and from the matches I have seen, he is a hard worker; worst case scenario he would be a very good squad player for any team aspiring to be in the top four or even challenge for the league.

  24. The problem is, who is available AND fits the bill? Nobody really springs to mind as far as I can think.

    Agreed with the premise of two midfielders being needed.. I'd certainly like to see a good playmaker coming in.. Its just a case of who fits the bill.. I wouldn't mind us spending big on one either, if they were worth the money, as a signal of intent that we're serious about getting a top four spot.

    As for a defensive midfielder, I would suggest waiting till the summer, when Vinny T's destruction of Cardiff is complete and going in for Gary Medel. Think he's a top player, very Mascherano-esque in his play, would beef up the midfield!

  25. Difficult to say whether Salah will be a success or not, but with Henderson finally showing class on a consistant manner, Lois ripping any team apart, and Couthino close to showing his true world class...who cares? Also need to give Jamie some stick. Henderson, not good enough and Suarez should leave. Glad we have BR as manager and not journalists/bloggers.

  26. Agree that attacking midfield and competition for Lucas at DM are the priorities. That said, I think Gerrards absence has allowed Henderson to show what he can do. He has only scored 1 goal but is getting assists and is passing very well along with his box to box hustle. We need experienced help but not ancient. Loved Alonso, but that day is in the past. Cissoko probably ought to go to recoup some money. I say keep Flanno in the first team because he is doing fine. Someone mentioned using Coutinho as a backup striker if LS or DS gets hurt or bites someone. That's a great idea and I bet BR or the staff will think of that too. Let's make sure the new 1 or 2 guys are impact flu not another Aspas. Let's no try fix fix too many area because the chemistry is terrific right now except for a depressed Agger....

  27. The way our season is going and the way he has been treated at Chelsea, I think he'd actually be interested but I don't think there is any chance of Chelsea strengthening us in January.

  28. Ashley Cole on loan until the end of the season would be an immense signing. He's not getting game time and will be desperate to impress before the WC. Although we're banging the goals in at the moment we still look poor when pressed back - someone like Cole with proven PL experience would really add some much needed strength back there. I could never see him signing a perm deal as he's a London boy through and through but I think he'd be happy to give it 5 months up here

  29. 3 out of the 4 you don't agree with of those players are better than what we currently have at club:

    M'Vila(23) is younger, more mobile, physically stronger, harder in tackle than lucas, better in air and covers ground better than Lucas.

    Cabaye(27) creates more chances and scores more goals than Henderson from centre of park. Cabaye is scoring goals against top sides and weak sides at Home and Away.

    Capel(25) has more class, creativity, pace and speed than Ibe and V Moses, he would create more chances and goals from the left wing than V Moses(22)

    Remy(26) Of Qpr would offer Sturridge class, quality competition for his place as they are both similar. Both are goalscorers and are always on the move
    But as sturridge is injured until end of January, Remy could and should be brought to club. Remy would cost the club 6-10m but like Sturridge he would guarantee club goals.

  30. Do you think Remy(26) will want to wait for QPR to have relegation dogfight if they do come back up? Or do you think he would want to be playing for team challenging for top 4 year in year out and hopefully in Champions league?

    If Rodgers offers 6-10M in January, i am sure we would get him. He is on loan, so if we buy him. He is our player and QPR will pay back any loan money left in deal with what they earned in sale.

  31. Vermhat, everyone in this world is human, M'Vila(23) may have changed and matured, last season Suarez was awesome but was diving, elbowing and biting players and being booked most of the time. And he wanted out of club badly, this season he has been awesome in all aspects, he is not diving, he is not getting in any mix ups with defenders trying to wind him up. And he has only been booked once this season, so M'Vila(23) deserves a chance. He is class, quality and as its world cup year he would play his socks off to make that french squad in summer.

    Cabaye(27) is a class, quality player and if Felaini(26) cost United 27M, Fernandinho(28) cost City 30M, then Cabaye(27) costing our club 16-20M is a bargain.

    I honestly think M'Vila(23) and Cabaye(27) together would be awesome and could become the french's midfield pairing in the centre of the park at the world cup.

    Both those players would cost the club 32 M, 1M less than what club spent on Allen(24) and Henderson(23) two years ago.

  32. M'Vila might have matured for all I know, but you still have to consider his previous mistakes. You know any club who comes in for Suarez would consider his previous errors. He's probably be worth another £10 mil easy if not for the mistakes he's made at Ajax and with us.
    Cabaye is undoubtedly a quality player.

  33. Vermhat,
    The owners need to give Rodgers 60-70M:
    Then we will maintain top 4 and maybe win our first premiership ever and first time for league in over 23 years and how good would that be to shut up A Ferguson's book and G Neville who keeps claiming we have no chance of winning league.

    If the owners give Rodgers serious money to bring in the five class and quality players needed, we could win the league.

    If Rodgers offer Rubin Kazan 10-12M for M'Vila(23) i am sure he would get him. And as Sakho(23) is M'Vila's best friend he will not find itt hard persuading him to Join. And the news in russia is M'Vila(23) now badly wants to join the premiership as soon as possible.

    Rodgers should offer Newcastle 30M for B Arfa(26) and Y Cabaye(27) and if they reject it go back with 32M and they will accept it. 32M to Newcastle Cashley will not turn that down

    M Salah(21) Of Basel should be brought and i think will be brought to club for 10-14M

    L Remy(26) Of QPR should be brought for 6-10M to compete and cover Sturridge.

    M'Vila(23) and Cabaye(27) would bring more class,creativity, goals, dominance, mobility, presence,power and steel in the centre of the park.

    Arfa(26), Remy(26) and Salah(21) would bring more class, creativity, goals, mobility, pace, quality competition for places ,speed and trickery to attack.

    Arfa(26), Cabaye(27), Remy(26) and Salah(21) would bring another 20-40 goals to squad this season

    Add that to Suarez and Sturridge's goals and we could have our first league title in over 23 years

    We have two goalscorers in side: Suarez and Sturridge

    Where Sterling has got a few but apart from that, where are the goals coming from?

    In Arfa(26), Cabaye(27), Remy(26) and Salah(21) they will guarantee the squad/club goals.

  34. It's all doom and gloom isn't it!! What ARE we going to do !!