28 Nov 2013

Great News: Reds hero tells Carra he 'wants to' come back to 'special' LFC.

Liverpool legend Sami Hyypia has reiterated once again that his dream is to come back to Anfield and the manage the club.

Speaking to former defensive partner Jamie Carragher on Sky Sports yesterday, Hyppia - whose Bayer Leverkusen team are currently riding high in the Bundesliga - enthused:

"Many people have asked me - 'Where would I want to manage?'

"I was at Liverpool for 10 years so that would be great. That doesn't mean it's a target - but it would be something special"

This is not the first time Hyypia's name has popped up in relation to the Liverpool job. In April, Leverkusen's Sporting Director, Rudi Völler argued that a move to Anfield 'at some point' is inevitable. He told TMW:

"Sami has all the ingredients to become a great coach. The only problem is that at some point will go to Liverpool. This is his dream."

I say...bring it on! If/when Rodgers leaves, it would be amazing to have Sami back at Anfield - he embodies everything that is - or should be - great about LFC, and since he left, the gaping void at the heart of Liverpool's defence - and at the heart of LFC itself - has never been filled (IMO)

Admittedly, it would be awful to see Sami hung, drawn and quartered by the fans if things went pear-shaped (and that, sadly, *would* happen irrespective of his legend status), but if he really wants the job, I'm sure he'll be ready for the bubbling cauldron that awaits.

The list of ex-players who want to boss Liverpool is growing. Steven Gerrard recently revealed that he wants the job; Carra has expressed interest in the past, and last year, Markus Babbel also threw his hat into the ring. He told Bild

"It's been a dream of mine to someday become the manage of Liverpool FC. The city, the fans and of course the club are great. I'm 39 and hopefully have years of coaching ahead of me, but I need to be able to demonstrate management success. Of course, all of this is still quite far away, but I think about it daily".

Is Hyypia any threat to Rodgers at this stage? Probably not, but you never know in football. If Liverpool fail to qualify for the Champions League this season, a change could be in order, and if that happens, Sami's name should (IMO) be at the top of the list.



  1. No Ways , he may be a legend and certainly was a great player for our club, but as a Manager he is poor , his team got hammered by ManU in both Champions League games ,he has a lot to learn about being a Manager of a big club , he must prove himself with a English League 1 or Championship club before taking over LFC , therefore he is far from Managing LFC

  2. May be as an assistant coach in some years tome,

  3. Should Gerrard and Carragher be in the mix, he'll hardly have a chance. Not because of lack of ability/experience though...

  4. I think Rodgers has done very well i really do not think Sami is in his league just yet but there is plenty of years ahead of him and he is going to need to prove himself.

  5. Still some way off from taking over the hot seat at Anfield. He is still busy cutting his teeth as a manager. But in saying that, he has the credentials, right resolve, steely determination and is offcourse Liverpool through and through. Only time will tell ! BR is riding the crest of a wave at present but football is a funny old game !

  6. Not for me yes great player for us but as a manager? Rodgers is also young & learning at a big club in the short time & without a massive transfer kitty he has us at this moment 2nd in the league. Yes long way to go & we still dont have a squad to actually win the league but in my opinion we are not a million miles off that now. 2 more transfer windows & we should start judging BR on next season & where we are at then but for now I think he has improved us a lot so should be given more time to see if he can get us pushing for the title in the next 2 seasons. People have to remember BR is young & learning yes sometimes it can frustrate fans with bad results but those bad results are now becoming more far inbetween which has to tell anyone with a decent footballing brain he is improving the team & learning himself. He deserves more time & better backing in the transfer market to bring in that little bit more experience & quality to take us that next step.

  7. What is Rodger's contract? I'm sure it is only three years, who knows what will happen then if this season doesn't live up to the hype we have given it and next year is similar. Personally I would love Hypia to already be at Liverpool as our number two. He could help sort this dodgy defending from set pieces I am sure.

  8. Fickle some comments, it was only a few
    years back Rodgers was managing in the Championship and now Sami isn't good
    enough to lace his managerial boots? (Who I might add is now managing a top 4
    team in the Bundesliga)

    not saying I want Sami to replace Rodgers, I think our boss is doing a cracking
    job atm but to say he can't do it is bizarre....when there is so much belief in, when you think about it, a relatively inexperienced manager like Rodgers.

    now but would love to see the big finn suited and booted in the Anfield dugout one