20 Nov 2013

'There is interest': LFC scout prolific €19m star with 11 goals/assists in 11 starts.

Liverpool are reportedly tracking 26-year old Torino winger Alessio Cerci, who is also allegedly wanted by Arsenal, Manchester United, and (inevitably!), Tottenham Hotspur.

According to The Mirror:

"Alessio Cerci is on the radars of Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur.

"Scouts [from those clubs] were dispatched to Craven Cottage to see Cerci get 24 minutes of action for Italy against Nigeria"

With 8 goals and 3 assists in 11 starts, left-footed Cerci is in stunning form for Torino this season, but when asked about the winger's future this week, Torino president Urbano Cairo dismissed the possibility of any imminent transfer deal. He told Italian newspaper Tutto Mercato:

"There is interest from British clubs, [but] I haven't received any calls from England for Cerci. Will he stay at Torino in January? Of course!"

€19m-rated Cerci's stats for the last three years:

* 2010-11: 8 goal/3 assists in 25 apps.
* 2011-12: 7 gols/1 assist in 24 apps.
* 2012-13: 8 goals/8 assists in 37 apps.
* 2013-14: 8 goals/3 assists in 12 apps.
* TOTALS: 31 goals/15 goals in 98 apps.
* Goal/assist every 2.1 games.

Impressive figures, but as we've seen in the past, players from Serie A rarely do well at Liverpool, and if the Reds are going to sign another winger in January, Bayer Leverkusen star Sidney Sam looks like a more effective alternative.



  1. Not to be racist but Italian league players rarely seems to be able to get up to the speed of the premier league, would have to agree with you JK that i would personally prefer Sidney Sam!!

  2. bagging someone who plays in italy isn't racist hahahah

  3. Sounds like another Assaidi to me.
    We don't need out an out wingers these days, we'd be better off buying an Inside forward like Muniain or Cuenca and a strong LB like Shaw.
    As it is we need a ball winning presence in MF, so Cuenca,Montoya on the cheap and a MF like Witsel would be great for Jan.

  4. Yeah, doubt we will be signing out and out wingers. We have already have Sterling and Ibe.

    The game has changed completely over the years and the out and out winger is no more what it used to be. Having quality wing backs nowadays is a must!

  5. We have just one at the moment and he isn't going to last long unfortunately due to his injury record. We need to buy two for that position. I feel if we buy Montoya in Jan then Johnson can play on the left till Jan , he's got such quality!

  6. It might still be too early for him but Ryan McLaughlin will sooner or later get his chance...

  7. yes, he can be fast tracked at the end of this season or in the FA cup to see what he can offer.
    Got high hopes from him.

  8. You left out Southampton!

    They seem to always be after the same players as us... our scouts pull double duty for us and them!

  9. Tottenham as well! Its a triple duty :O

  10. Sidney sam is too ckass . see him against england?
    And the money he's reportedly available for you couldn't buy a decent youth player for that.
    Does seam a bit too good to be true though.

  11. I don't think he is coming - we do need an winger but before that, we need a CM/DM. I was watching France taking on Ukraine last evening & I am quite sure in few years time Pogba 'll end up at per (if not better that) Viera or yaya. Wonderful talent, someone 6'3" with silky touches & lightning speed & scoring ability. If anyone from Italy, I 'll invest for this boy.

  12. I know, ahahaha.
    English people are all so fucking stupid!

  13. If Galatasaray have a chance of getting El Sharaawy, I'd have to think we do too. He'd be my preferred target. That said, Milan often manage to squeeze a lot of out outgoing players.

  14. Has anyone been able to ferret out the January 'big name' Grobelaar referred to yet? Seems like you locals ought to have that one figured out by now.

  15. Sorry, but from what I have seen of El Sharaawy, I htink he is way over rated. He speeds about to be sure, but he's going so fast his finishes are crap. All velocity..no vector.

  16. Sounds like he got a bit of a paddywhac to the brain ;) Just kidding mate!

  17. He's only 20 though. He certainly was very important for Milan at times last season and carried a lot of pressure on his shoulders for such a young player. He has to be worth a look.
    No denying that he isn't the finished article though.

  18. We cloned Dalglish when he first left in the 90s and his clone is just coming to maturity now. Return of the King. That seems the obvious bet. Maybe too obvious.

  19. Italian league play is filled with excess drama, people dropping likes flies and theatrics than on Broadway. Why go there; to get another soft player who won't handle the EPL?