5 Oct 2013

'Suarez's baby could've scored': Lucas, Coutinho, Alberto etc hail LFC's 3-1 win

Despite another worrying second half collapse, Liverpool have beaten Crystal Palace 3-1 at Anfield, and Reds' players past and present seem to be pretty pleased with the result.

Lucas Leiva

"Well done boys another 3 points. Keep it going".

Philippe Coutinho

"Great game today. Keep it going"

5-Times (LFC Legends account)

"Great first half but pretty dour second. Always take three points but would have liked a clean sheet"

Didi Hamann

"Suarez's baby may have got a goal against that Palace defence"

Simon Mignolet

"Great win again puts us back on top! Now off for dinner with 55 Belgian fans who came over all the way from home to support the team".

Luis Alberto

"A good day!! At the top of the table again, a few more minutes in Premier League and played against a big friend, José Campaña"

A few observations:

* Henderson played extremely well (92% passing accuracy - second best on the day behind Skrtel) and he should (IMO) keep his place in the centre for Liverpool's next game. Why change a winning team? Let Lucas compete with Hendo and fight to win back his place.

* Moses also had a good game, but he needs to start scoring/creating goals more consistently. That is, after all, his primary role in the team, and one goal/no assists in five starts is not good enough. Yes, I'm being critical, but Aspas got dropped for failing to score/create, so what's the difference here?

* Again, I pose the question: if Sturridge/Suarez don't score, where will the goals come from? The team needs Moses, Hendo et al to step-up and start consistently contributing goals and assists.

* It was good to see Luis Alberto get some pitch time, and he did okay when he actually got the ball, which wasn't often. For me, Alberto should be playing some part in every single game, even if - like today - it's only 25 minutes. The club paid €8m; he got 17 assists last season, so use him, and get him match fit.

* It is now 18 games since Steven Gerrard scored a goal from open play. This is a major concern, and (again) in the second half today, he clearly didn't have the legs to be effective in midfield.

* Kudos to Martin Skrtel for continuing to reclaim his LFC career with a vengeance. On form, the Slovakian is an excellent defender, and if he can keep this up, and cut out his infamous lapses in concentration, then it bodes well for the future. All three central defenders performed well, and collectively, they achieved average passing accuracy of 92% (Sakho: 92% | Skrtel 94% | Toure 90%)

LFC's second half issues continue to be a problem, but right now, this is all that matters:

 photo ScreenShot2013-10-05at170006_zps5e7ddc30.png





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  1. To me the midfield tenacity was missing in the 2nd half. The 1st half was amazing. The width was rather flimsy as well when Sterling (playing out of position) is not good enough tracking back, Hendo and Toure had to cover him the whole game. Cissokho needs to give Enrique some competition and based on the last 2 games, it's easy to replace the latter.

    The movement off the ball in the 2nd half was quite poor, Sturridge was tiring and Gerrard was on walking pace, making fewer passes and runs. His marking at the near post cost us the goal. Where's the captain of the old gone to?

    Overall it's still a win and I'm just glad we finished the job in 17m. It was a relatively easy game for us as CP were naive playing 3 at the back.

  2. First half is just what we have got to do for ourselves for the whole match. I think the match between Bayern and ManShitty gave an inspiration to a lot of players and was nice to see them pressing on players. If we're not going to score in second half then soon enough teams will start attacking even more heavily which they already do to quite some extent come the second half. I think its time for us to drop both Gerrard and Lucas, they don't provide anything to the midfield and it was proven today by Hendo for Lucas's place and I think we will shift to 4-3-3 as soon as GJ and PC return with Lucas-Hendo-Allen fighting for the place in defensive mid but would love to see Gerrard being pushed into that mix as well so that we've even greater competition for places.

    I will repeat myself again that we need to sign Lars Bender and Javier Pastore, like I did with Sakho and he eventually ended up here ;)

  3. luis is fine on the left as is johnson on the right when fit ...the elephant in the room is the midfield ....its funny some players make mistakes there is outrage while others get the basics wrong and nothing is said.....gerrad was woeful today in a role that demands you put the miles in...if he isnt up to it put a player in who is

  4. Great tempo at the start of the game the Reds took the initiative and brought the game to Palace from the first whistle like we were supposed to. SAS were deadly today, lets hope they remain fit so we continue to destroy teams.

    Our second half needs to get better we got way too complacent taking our 'foot off the gas' but we have the potential to do this. All in all top of the league Baby!

  5. Enrique lost his man (again in a set piece); Gerrard didn't help but I don't think he knew the striker came across and Enrique didn't let him know.

    Same players on the scoresheet, we need some contribution from other players as JK says - Moses, Hendo, Sterling. For me, I don't think Sterling is justifying his place in the team, but Aspas is taking a while to adapt so the lack of options shows our lack of depth.

    3 pts is 3 pts though, but Newcastle after the break is gonna be tough, and I worry about the lack of depth during Christmas period when we play 3 games in a week, 2 of which are away to Chelsea and City.

  6. listening to Rodgers' post match interview feels me with so much hope. He talked about the lack of control in the second half, HE IS LITERALLY DEMANDING BETTER from the players despite winning and being on top of the league! This is amazing and I like how BR has grown into this role.

  7. Totally agree, and I've got an article going live soon about that very thing.

  8. Thought SAS played well together until each scored. Then I think they started trying to outscore each other. We could have had 3 more good chances by my count with a little more unselfish play.
    Agree that Alberto was looking good but then it appeared that his mates stopped passing him the ball. He needs the touches while he is in the game. Same goes for Aspas...but he wasn't there long enough to settle himself.
    I thought Moses looked good at AM in the first half. The back three were beasts...notinh was going to get through in free play.

  9. Very true the back 3 were awesome. Sakho is now coming good as well. It was so easy i think they took the foot of the pedal on purpose - they couldnae be bothered!

  10. The difference with Aspas compared to Moses is that Moses has had genuine opportunities to score where as Aspas hasn't had a sniff. He hit the post today vs Palace, vs Sunderland he had a blistering shot tipped over, he scored vs Swansea. Moses is going to get a bag of goals for Liverpool if he keeps up the hard work and catches some luck. He's just gotta keep doing what hes doing. Its hard to believe that hes still only 22.

    As for Suarez and Sturridge getting all the goals, thats not worrying at all. It would be a worry if it was just one of these players getting the goals, but with two players that are a goal threat and very mobile, it creates space for each other to exploit and puts the opponents back-line on the backfoot. With Coutinho coming back Liverpool will be an even bigger threat.

    As for the midfield problem, I don't think Lucas is the sole problem. The role that the midfield plays in Brendan's system is to sit in front of the back line, and NOT venture forward TOO much. This leaves the wings and front line to do all the attacking. Lucas has the legs to do defensive work, his passing can improve but I have no doubt he will improve. Gerrard is the set piece specialist and having a potential assist or goal on a free kick is what's keeping him in the lineup. Henderson was good in the midfield today, but we were playing a team that isn't doing too well in the table. Do Liverpool rely on a returning Allen or go out and buy a tough tackling midfield enforcer that is good with the ball at his feet. But unless theres a midfielder out there that plays like Sebastien Schwiensteigger then Liverpool will have to make do with what they got and has fans we gotta get behind the team.

  11. Get Stevie G behind SAS (Gerrard MUST have an attacking role) and put Hendo with Lucas together as DM duo. Three CB (with four players competing for three places) and Johnson - Enrique as wing backs and we are ready to rock against Newcastle! And the bench will look much better with Aspas, Moses, Coutinho (maybe he'll be ready after two weeks), Sisokho, Allen and (probably) Skrtel. ;)

  12. Another failed corner clearance from Stevie, another goal conceded. Third time this season already! Thankfully we didn't lose this one 1-0.

  13. t is a shame we can't simply drop Gerrard because we rely on his vision and passing range very heavily and we do not have anyone else who could do the same job.

  14. For me so far, we've not had to play well because we've not come up against the better teams, the multi-million studded title chasers, Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City. I'm not saying we can't beat them on our day, but thus we've had to play the relegation potentials, perennial mid-table solidity, and a transitional defending champion. In spite of our lofty early position, I remain concerned as to whether the squad is strong enough to cope with key absences either through injury or other setbacks. Sure you could say take a first choice player out of the team and it suffers, but the thing about the big spenders is that they have ample quality to compensate, we do not. The goals, as JK rightly points out, need to start coming from other areas, other players, we can't afford to rely on the SAS all season.

  15. Percentages, passing accuracy, shots on, shots off, you sound like a yank JK hey maybe your the guy of money ball? seriously though 92% passing accuracy for our defenders, i really don't give a shit as long as they can defend. All these stats mean absolutely nothing Hendo could pass backwards and sideways all day and your stats will show he played great because of a completion rate haha.
    The only stat that matters in the end is the score line people are relying on stats to much instead of watching the players, watch what they do of the ball as well as on it watch the movement, the sacrifices they make for the team watch the intensity of a footballer, the passion, skill, whether they want to attack or defend, how they use their body and then do it all again next week, stats can make any mug look good.

  16. I have to take issues with your comments about about not coming up against a 'Multi Million studded title chaser' we did that already and beat them they are called Manchester United.
    To my mind we have coped without Coutihnio and Suarez and we've won.

  17. I think both players (especially Bender) will end up getting snapped up by CL clubs before we could get them, unfortunately.

  18. Henderson should certainly start ahead of Lucas against Newcastle. Hendo was the only one who performed in both halves. Very impressive. Clearly more at home in the middle of the park. I loved the increased mobility in the base of the midfield. Let Lucas fight for his place- hopefully Gerrard can be put under a bit of pressure too, with Lucas, Allen, Hendo and possibly Alberto each vying for one of the two places in midfield.
    Moses does need to be more decisive and incisive. The second miss today was laughable for a player of his ability.
    Sakho continues to settle well. I think that the 3 at the back is working well and we're playing the right 3.
    Skrtel has been marvellous and I think the way Rodgers has man-managed players deserves praise. He was tough on Downing and Enrique last season and got the best out of them and he has done well to keep Henderson improving and hungry, Hopefully he'll get the best out of Alberto, Aspas and Allen in times to come.
    Gerrard poor marking for the goal as he was in another recent game (can't seem to remember which one- obviously gone senile).
    I appreciate the clear willingness of both Sturridge and Suarez to form a partnership with their counterpart.

  19. 4eva LFC, LFC 4eva8:37 am, October 06, 2013

    yeah your right but we also lost to them as well

  20. Luis Alberto is a really bright guy, great vision and mentality, which really does worth's the word 'outstanding'. If he earns the possibility of intensity with time, work and experience to his game he can be a great great player for us.

  21. No, if we keep ourselves in top 4 come January am sure we'll attract a lot of players with real quality come January.

    The players that would come to us will be mainly the unsettled top draws and other quality one's that would want to take step forward. However, I feel many wouldn't want to change their clubs as it could hinder their performances in WC year which will lead to them being dropped.

    However, I still feel those two can be at Anfield come January.

  22. Some players are just limited and not good enough, and when they're not highly energetic it just shows.

  23. stevie carried us for 8 years
    the least we can do is carry him for 3 more years

  24. Moses seems to lose the ball quite often but he is a very skillful player that can unlock stubborn defenses. He reminds me a lot of Luis Garcia. Steven Gerrard's form is very alarming. It is becoming very obvious that a midfield has a certain vacuum around Gerrard. Our defense and attack seem top notch but midfield without Coutinho is very lacking. Gerrard at best could only last this season. I'm afraid with world cup looming and his current lack of fitness, Gerrard will not last next season

  25. I am not saying our captain should be dropped but his physical part of the game is seriously deteriorating and we are not even in Europe! Just having a look at Lampard 34, he has also lost that tenacity part of the game. So it's not that I'm against Gerrard as a person but rather against the fact that we are not having the best 11 in the 2nd half of the game. I hope BR addresses that.