28 Oct 2013

Anfield-bound?: BR wants €8m goal-machine who's smashed 14 goals in 14 apps.

Speculation over Liverpool's reported interested in Olympiakos goal-machine Konstantinos Mitroglou has intensified over the weekend, with reports in Greece and England reaffirming Liverpool's interest in the player, who is also attracting interest from Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund and Inter Milan.

According to Greek newspaper Gazetta:

* Brendan Rodgers is keen to make a January bid for the prolific striker.

* He is available for a knock-down fee of €8m.

With 14 goals in 14 games this season, Mitroglou is in record-breaking form this season, and after only a two months of the current campaign, he's already grabbed FOUR hat-tricks for Olympiakos.

* First career hat-trick in a 5-0 away win against Levadiakos.

* Second hat-trick in a 4-0 home win against Skoda Xanthi, becoming the first player in Olympiacos' history (as well as the Greek League), to score two consecutive hat-tricks.

* Third hat-trick in a 3-0 away win against Anderlecht in the Champions League group stage, making Mitroglous the first Greek player to score a hat-trick in the Champions League.

* Another hat-trick four days later in a 6-0 home win against Veria, becoming the first player in Greek history to score four hat-tricks in one season.

In December, Mitroglou scored two goals against Arsenal in the Champions League, and after the game Arsene Wenger hailed the striker. He enthused:

"Mitroglou scored two great goals. The first one in London was a great header and tonight was a fantastic goal as well, I must say. I won’t say more because if I do you’ll think I want to buy him,"

Mitroglou is clearly on a hot scoring streak right now, but with the greatest respect, this is the Greek League we're talking about, and at the age of 25, his career goalscoring record (overall) is not the greatest.

Additionally, any cut-price striker signed by the Reds in January would have to face the inevitable prospect of constantly being on the bench as there's no way that Sturridge/Suarez will be displaced (when fit). Mitroglou plays every game for Olympiakos, so why would he choose to swap regular pitch time with endless bench duty, or being played out of position (which would probably happen)?

Liverpool should wait until the end of the season to see if Mitroglou maintains his form, as it could just be a significant purple-patch in form.

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  1. As I don't feel another striker is a priority, I think we should hold off until the summer. If he does keep that kind of scoring record up, he could be worth a bid.
    Creative/goal scoring midfielder has to be priority.

  2. we have a good relationship with olympiakos
    plus i said yesterday we need to bring on another goal threat off the bench then maybe games like newcastle we would get 2 extra points from

    rodgers eye for a transfer looks good now
    diego costa is so far the best player in the world
    and mkhitaryan in german leauge
    wish we had mkhitaryan

  3. We have two excellent strikers. If Mitroglou can play AM, then get him. If not then we should concentrate on a rugged, fast, quick, smart AM.

  4. Three goals against Anderlecht and two against Arsenal is impressive, but for every 5 he scores in greece, he'll be lucky to get one in England. I think in this case the price probably does reflect ability.
    We need to be setting our sights somewhat higher i think. A strong bid for Mata in Jan uf we are still in contrntion is whst i eould like to see. Whether Rodgers and Ayre can convince him is another question.

  5. change of attitude and form of torres is due to the special one - the world cup !.

  6. A gem - Brendon re Ferguson on Henderson - saying things about young players in public can be harmful to them - yes this is the chap who said publicly that Texiera as not good enough for Brentford etc etc a hundred times more damaging than Fergusons rubbish - still Brendon is doing well up to now at his main job.

  7. Agree with your overall point, but he didn't specifically name Teixeira; he said young players in general.

  8. "diego costa is the best player in the world?????????"
    What world are we talking about??

  9. Rodgers said, "Unfortunately, all youngsters are not good enough to play for the club if truth be told." Which is indeed true and everyone knows that. What's wrong with that?

  10. at the moment

  11. yes but trexeira is not good enough
    at his age gerrard wilshere were ripping the world apart
    ngoo is not good enough
    but look out for
    ibe,sterling,suso,sinclair,rossiter,brannigan,wilson,kent,mcclauglin,llyod jones ,wisdom and robinson
    theese guys are special

  12. Costa is not the best player in the world but he has outscored both Ronaldo and Messi so far this season in La Liga

  13. Players develop at different rates. Just because he isn't tearing it up now, doesn't mean he never will.

  14. For that price - worth it. He could come useful in the new year, the only backup is Aspas, who is injured, and Sturridge is likely to get a niggle or two that will see him off early, or need to sit out a couple of games - as could Suarez, but not as likely.
    He's still not in his prime might offer a different dimention, big enough for the PL, direct, and good in the air - though after this weekend's performance, Stoke and West Ham are said to be preparing huge bids for Suarez for his aerial prowess!

  15. Wait...I thought Mario Bawlotelli was the best player in the world...what with all the hype;-)...I notice ACM lost again. Bawlotelli subbed out at the 52' mark and his replacement scored 9 minutes later.

  16. A certain no.7 is giving them a run for their money. 1.5 goals / game, highest whoscored rating in europe - and he plays for Liverpool.

  17. Kevin Francisco Mambela Mbela3:07 pm, October 28, 2013

    To be honest an AM midfielder with an eye for goal and assist has to be top of BR list and a DM ofcorse Lars Bender Anyone?

  18. I know many Liverpool fans may have forgotten that Saurez threatened to leave our club last season. Right now he is back at scoring goals and all seems to be forgotten. I am glad to see that Brendan Rodgers has not forgotten the Uraguayan is still keen on a move to Madrid next summer at least or maybe sooner if Madrid come back knocking

    I am glad to see Rodgers and Liverpool still making inquires for top class striking talent. We have all learned a lesson that with Luis Suarez things are not always predictable. So operating under the very premise that Suarez will try and leave again if Real Madrid come back for him it is a good idea in my opinion to pursue Konstantinos Mitroglou who seems to be in the form of his life.

    I know nay sayers argue that the Greek league is an inferior league and that if Mitroglou played in the almighty premiership that he would not have scored as many goals as he has already this season. What i have to say to that is simply this a natural goal scorer is a natural goal scorer regardless of where he is prying his trade. If scoring goals comes to a player as easily as taking a breath air comes to most of us then Liverpool should do everything in their power to sign that player.

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic has played in the Eredivisie with Ajax, Serie A with Juventus, Inter and Milan, La Liga with Barcalona, and now in Serie A with PSG. In many of the different leagues played by Zlatan he consistently found the back of the net.He is a player for whom the the league he played in never affected his style of play. I am hoping that Konstantinos Mitroglou is the same type of player who's goal scoring instinct that has allowed him to score for fun in the Greek league can continue when he eventually leaves the Greek football. (if he continues to score like he has more of the big boys will come for him you can count on it). Also hope that Liverpool can aggressively pursue the player before many of the other big boys get interested. We never win when we compete for a player against the big boys it's a proven fact.

  19. Time and again I say, Pastore and Lars Bender are the one's who will make our midfield stronger than it is now and can replace Gerrard and Lucas for sure.

  20. Its Ligue 1 mate. :)

  21. okay Ligue 1 thank you for that correction. I blame the alcohol at work.

  22. Very good player for a good prize. Liverpool must take him.

  23. since when is 9 games considered a season?
    and sturridge has got more goals than Rooney, RVP, Aguero, is he better than them?
    Let alone best in the world, he is not even amongst the top 10 strikers IMO(if you consider messi and ronaldo as strikers).

  24. at the moment? what rubbish.
    Not even in the top 10 strikers.
    At least 10 better players than him in Barca and Real Madrid alone.
    Talk about jumping the gun!

  25. He is better than Costa at least. :)

  26. Kevin Francisco Mambela Mbela11:02 am, October 29, 2013

    Pastore will be a good buy. But what does that mean for Coutinho?

  27. Shhh!! Real Madrid are watching!

  28. That last sentence is true but about to change... Especially when we finish above manu this year, right?

  29. Sounds good to me. We need more strength n depth up front,ok with SAS first choice always we are a big n great club n he's not to dear either but with the Suarez situation we need to sign a proven prolific stricker n spend big if it's gonna take it!! LFC N BR signings up front all hindges on what Suarez is gona do about his future at the club!!YNWA

  30. It means he can play on the wing and provide cover for Pastore and this team will be equipped with players who can slot in at any position making it difficult for the opposition to check them.

  31. Kevin Francisco Mambela Mbela12:07 pm, October 30, 2013

    But won't that have a bad impact on his development since he is a natural no10?

  32. He can be a understudy to Pastore which will actually help him and if we're in top 4 at the end of the next season then we're surely going to need more than 2 players playing at the same position with more quality than we've now in the squad. I'd prefer Mata because he can come from the RW which is already good with GJ bombarding as well.