3 Oct 2013

Great News: LFC in line for €65m January transfer boost. Will BR spend wisely...?

Speculation about Luis Suarez's future is sure to intensify once again during the upcoming January transfer window, and although Ian Ayre has publicly stated that the Reds are 'considering' a new deal for the Uruguayan, new reports suggest Liverpool are willing to sell Suarez in January...but only for €65m.

According to the Daily Mail:

"Real Madrid [will] return with a £45million bid for Luis Suarez in January.

After forking out £86m for Gareth Bale they [Madrid] did not want to pay Liverpool's asking price of £55m [€65m] for Suarez.

"Liverpool would still demand the same fee in January. Suarez is still keen on the idea of moving to Madrid, and his agent Pere Guardiola is also happy for him to do so"

€65m? I would be utterly amazed if any club paid that for Suarez. If Real Madrid really wanted the Uruguayan, they would've put in a gigantic bid during the summer, just as they did with Gareth Bale. The fact they didn't suggests that the Madrid's interest is not as nailed on as many people think.

As I've argued for the last year, Suarez's exit from Anfield is utterly inevitable. He whored himself out over the summer to anyone who'd listen, and no one but the most blinkered observer could fail to see his desperation to leave Anfield. Nothing has changed. As usual, Suarez will say all the right things about loving LFC, and wanting to do his best, but as soon as a top Champions League club shows the slightest interest - and a fee is agreed - he'll be off like a shot.

As for a new contract? Forget it. There's more chance of Bill Shankly rising from the grave and taking over at Man United than Suarez signing an extended deal at Liverpool. He shouldn't be offered a new deal anyway, and Reds legend John Aldridge agrees. He told Sunday World:

"I don’t buy into the stories that he [Suarez] should be offered a new contract. Suarez...did the dirty on LFC in the summer and I have no doubt that he will look to get away from Anfield once again sooner rather than later. I would advise my old club to get as much money for him as possible and rebuild the team with the new funds".

One one level, I totally agree with this. €65m - or even €55m - would be a massive boost to the club, and several top class players could be brought in to massively improve the squad. However, for me, there's a slight doubt over whether Rodgers would spend the money wisely. Since arriving at Anfield, only TWO of his cash signings - Coutinho and Sturridge - are unqualified successes; the jury is still very much out on the rest of his signings, particularly Joe Allen, Fabio Borini, Iago Aspas, and Luis Alberto.

That's £40m+ worth spent on four players who've - so far - made zero impact on the team. Just imagine if that money had gone on players with the ability to make a Sturridge-like impact on the team. Yes, it's early days yet for Aspas and Alberto, but already, Rodgers doesn't seem to trust either player, which begs the question: why spend almost £16m on them?

That money could've gone on (yes, here it comes!) Christian Eriksen (and no, I'm never going to shut up about it), a player who (IMO) would've made a huge impact at Anfield.

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  1. Can't be bothered to take much time on this worn out subject. He'' stay for now, if he goes it will be for at least enough to replace him a' la Spurs with Bale.
    Carry on hoping JK

  2. We should have bought Lamela while Tottenham were fannying around with the Bale deal and their 10,000 other transfers.
    Imagine if we had gotten rid of Suarez and brought in Lamela and Costa (maybe we could have pushed harder with the Suarez money banked- who knows). I think we would have been nailed on for top 4 in that case.
    Whilst he's here though, I'll enjoy watching him play- he is a brilliant footballer and his commitment on the pitch is always excellent and honest.
    Whether we get top 4 or not, unless he really settles down massively, we'd be better off selling him, since he is bigger than the club now. We've got to stop living in fear of players. Admittedly, you want to keep your best ones, but I think we're in a position now that we should be able to sell Suarez and recover.
    For the money we'd get (about £50mil, I'm thinking), we could buy (based on recent transfer fees, to put in perspective the quality of player available) Eriksen, Cazorla, Vertonghen and Sturridge. It is easier said than done, but if we only got two players of that quality (at these price, a 50% success rate) for the Suarez money, that would be ample cushion.

  3. disqus_4a4oIZV9xc7:04 pm, October 03, 2013

    All bull just some dope jealous united in 12 th and have moyes(beavis) in charge heavy in debt..i heard the glazers owe a fortune in usa and will have to sell rooney in jan just to coverv interest payments .they have masked the true debt they are in this is why they cant sell club as they have transfered all debt in to utd ..true debt is 620 million THEY ARE IN DEEP SXXX

  4. If we make the Champions league this season which I fully expect us to do (perhaps blind optimism but I feel this is 'finally our year') we will be able to attract bigger names and hopefully the money won't go to waste. Two of Rodgers biggest targets from the last window that rejected our club probably wouldn't have if we had champions league football to offer them. Henrik and Diego Costa. Both plays are currently having very very good seasons, particularly Costa. I think it is this level of player that would improve our squad and I have faith that Rodgers, given the money and the lure of Champions league football will be able to adequately replace Suarez and further strengthen our team.

  5. You forgot to include Mignolet as a good purchase!

  6. Early days, but he's saved us a few points.

  7. Couldn't agree more. I think regardless of what happens though we need to sell Suarez. I dont think there is any way he could settle down enough. It'll forever hang over his head and we should take the money and run. If we had signed Lamela and Costa I agree we would most likely have a nailed on place in the top 4. Costa would be outstanding for us.

  8. disqus_4a4oIZV9xc7:08 pm, October 03, 2013

    IF utd dont get top 6 they will have to go in to liquidation ....WHen MAGGIE THATCHER DIES WHEN MAGGIE THATCHER DIES

  9. He has indeed and he has looked class doing it. I can only really point to the Sunderland goal at the weekend as a mistake he has made that resulted in a goal but so far he has been outstanding.

  10. Only reason why Suarez would sign a new contract is to get an actual Buy-Out Clause inserted.

    In fairness, I wouldn't mind it so much as long as we put in exactly what we are looking for.

    Ok, Real, if you want him meet his buyout clause: 65m

  11. disqus_4a4oIZV9xc7:11 pm, October 03, 2013

    Suarez top 3 player in world why sell ..we wont sell especially when we win league

  12. Lfc won't sell Suarez until next summer at the earliest, No way they risk ruining the season and seling him in January, especially as they have stated they will spend on improving the team in January, If they don't make top 4 this season, they will sell him for £55+m next summer, If they make top 4, a new contract will be on the table and champs league football. As much as you personally want him to be sold, describing it as good news for Lfc is ridiculous, it would be very bad news to sell your best player. Anyway its not going to happen in January as much as you may want it to.

  13. before the summer apparently athletico madrid,bayern munich,city,chelsea,psg,real madrid
    were all in for him only arsernal made a bid
    plus daily mail is one of the worst papers they said suarez was joining spurs,mikitaryan was joining spurs etc
    they lie more then anyone

  14. Without Luis Suarez... do we beat Sunderland last week?

    Methinks Not

  15. Yeah, but even if they do get liquidised, they'll just reform into the familiar shape of some sort of unstoppable bastard, like the T1000.

  16. Can't believe we are talking about Suarez
    Leaving us already let him at least tie his
    Boots. it's only the beginning of October
    Who cares what those London rags have
    To say. There only sick our number 7 is not
    In there team then they would be singing
    A different tune. It's up to Liverpool to make
    Champion league this season and do our
    Best to keep Suarez. Because players of
    Louis ability don't come around to often even
    If you have £40m +1pound to spare as
    Arse nal found out. :-).

  17. Because of all the trouble he has caused us and because he clearly wants out. I agree he may be one of the top 3-5 players in the world but I still feel he can be replaced. The fact that we perform better without him is justification that we will be fine if he leaves. I love watching Suarez play and I do believe he improves our team and if we want to finish top 4, or god forbid, even win the league we stand a better chance of doing so with him but enough is enough. Whatever happens this season its time to say goodbye and move on.

  18. Costa is a bit of a nutjob himself though. It could have a bit of an 'out of the frying pan...' situation.
    He looks very suited the Premiership though. Most of the best strikers have some of the devil in them, and it helps particularly in this country.

  19. Yep agreed but if he signs a new contract than that would surely mean a signing bonus which he does not deserve. Performances aside you can't act like that and be rewarded with a new contract. Sure give him an extension but only if it assures as a significant bumper in his sale.

  20. Oh I agree. He looks like a crazy dude but at least he doesn't bite people.. yet. ;) His pace,strength and skill would be ideal in the PL though .

  21. please give it a rest - very lfc fan is fed up of this rubbish. if they make an offer then write about it.

  22. Once again I think including Alberto is a bit harsh. Yes he hasn't played much but in the old days didn't players go in to the reserves before getting a proper place in the team? Is this not what is happening? Has he looked bad when playing? Not when I have seen him play anyway. As for Allen, we can wait and see. Before injury he was winning MOTM awards and that player can still improve. We have seen other players of similar ages do it it so why not. Also word is that Aspas is on a bulking up regime which is needed. I still think there could be a player there.

    Personally I think writing players off who have not even played a whole season is a bit barmy and lacks some of the qualities that are anthem talks about. Lets stick together hey? Players and supporters.

  23. well said jaimie ye nailed it aspas atrocious borini brutal allen awful but alberto needs plying time to develop and we just might have an unpolished jem

  24. What a ridiculous headline, and piece for that matter! So misleading in that it implies FSG will be injecting transfer funds..but you are just speculating that LS will be sold for 65m and then BR will go on to waste the money - and why is that great news exactly? (tho fair enough I agree with to some degree on some of the signings..and the jury is still out on the latest additions!)

  25. I'm really not interested in going over this again.................bye!!!

  26. Let's discuss the pros and cons of selling Suarez after he bangs 3 goals+ in against Crystal Palace.

  27. Oh for gods sake give it a rest. Yet another pile of crap from the meda fertiliser farm. Which part of the statement "He is not for Sale" do you guys not understand. Move on guys we are all bored reading this rubbish.

  28. 45 million for Suarez !!!! try at least 60 then you can start to talk real Madrid and the daily fail newspaper.
    Liverpool do not need to rebuild squad, yes we are still lacking in grade A quality in some areas for to then have a team that has real quality in each position of each role within the 1st team squad.

    Until Assiadi, Reina, Coates, Borini leave and there will be more room to invest.

    The question mark is out with Aspas and Allen, so at the moment we are well lacking in quality if Suarez gets a knock and Sturridge goes of colour we will need better then sterling Aspas and Ibe etc to fill in.

    Big time lacking in wide roles, as above Ibe, Sterling Aspas are not good enough yet to match other top teams fill in players?

    Liverpool need one out and out forward, one specialist wide player, one center mid powerhouse player who can boss the middle and run all day but match Lucus and compete with Lucus and fill in for when he is out.

    We also need a creative playmaker for competing with Coutinho and replace him as he is out now for example?

    Liverpool could do with 2 quality players in jan window to kick on and help the squad, let the new players settle in jan and then by summer they will have had that time with team, then we need 2 more quality as above in summer with no more being sold to finance this???

    But we also need to clear the decks for the last time -
    Coates, Reina, Assaidi, Borini, (maybe Aspas & Allen) = sell

    Bring back Suso form loan deal,
    buy Aly Cissohko if loan goes well, Moses like wise and we will be nearly there, maybe even get Brad Jones gone next summer we need better there also?

  29. The Dark Joe Allen8:33 pm, October 03, 2013

    I don't care as long as we don't get pushed over. If big teams want him they should at least offer our asking price, which should be way higher than those who were suggested above.
    It should be something close to what they paid for Bale, at least 65 or 70. Why should we get screwed with all the transfer market nonsense prices? Don't give him a new contract; Leave him with the bad clause. I would keep him as much as possible, at least until end of season; Focus on bringing top midfielders in in January and more as possible.
    I would also have my eyes on possible replacement managers in case Rodgers messes up.

  30. Spot on mike. The Suarez saga is boring everybody and the fertiliser from the feature writers just rolls on. These guys must be brain dead as they haven't yet digested the statement that Suarez is not for sale. Just hope these morons grow up and move on with the ret of us.

  31. No offence mate but.. Two tap-ins provided by sturridge. We wouldn't win without sturridge. 60 million from Madrid and see ya later luis.

  32. Btw jaimie the 4 players cost 35-40 not 40+ ...

  33. kolo toure, mignolet are great signings so out of 10 signings brendan made 4 are a flop.. 4 are a success and 2 are unproven in ilori and sakho

  34. Daily Mail says it all. P.s What did they say about Ed Millibands dad? Gutter press

  35. The Dark Joe Allen8:49 pm, October 03, 2013

    Suso is not that good as it looks on Youtube. He's not cut for the PL. Fans can delude themselves as much as they like; We will stay a mid table team forever; Standards has to take it up a notch.

    Cissokho is not that good; Good that we only loaned him.
    Good that we only loaned Moses; He is very limited and not good enough for first team.

    I myself wouldn't rule out Reina just yet. Great player.

    Agree about Assaidi and Borini.

    About Aspas, if he get's calm mentally and stays focus threw long periods he might just still start to score and create goals, and be a good option in the squad. We'll see if he has it in him to show for. Unfortunately it seems to look the other way; Maybe he i watches too much television.
    Allen, if he pulls himself together and becomes sure of his play might still come real good. We'll see how the season goes.

    For Coates i just feel bad. A team player injured, buried, and nobody cares.

  36. No offense taken...

    And you're right... if we didn't have Sturridge we wouldn't have won the game either.

    Suarez and Sturridge make each other better. If we were missing either one of those guys last week, we wouldn't have one.

    And I agree... 60 mill from RM and hastalavista baby!

    Happy Compromise?

  37. Nothing has changed, Liverpool hold all the aces and will play them when it suits them - not Real Madrid or silly reporters.

  38. Happened with Rooney and it will happen again with other clubs because that's how morally bankrupt football has become.

  39. You're not Ed Mliband in disguise are you?

  40. Come on suarez is irreplaceable. He is doing excellent at liverpool. We should b looking at players who can play with him from midfield and help us attain champions league instead of worrying about when and how much it cost for him to leave.

  41. I haven't 'written off' Aspas or Alberto. I even state that it's early days. My main point is that Rodgers has spent money again on players who don't feature in the team. Why spend 16m on Alberto and Aspas if they're going not going to feature? That mainly applies to Alberto here - he cost €8m, yet Rodgers ignores him. If he's not good enough/not adapting/whatever, then why buy him in the first place?

  42. That's just one game. In the grand scheme of things, it's irrelevant. The fact is, from in the last two full season, Liverpool have only won 37% of league games with Suarez in the team. Who cares if he scores 3 goals against Palace if the team wins only 3 out of 10 league games when he plays?

  43. He is not irreplaceable. That is a myth.

  44. Yes, LFC would've beaten Sunderland (IMO)

    What about the 10 games during Suarez's ban? Did LFC struggle badly; lose games, and generally fall by the wayside? No. The complete opposite happened: the team stepped up, and won most games without him.

  45. You might not care if he scores 3 goals but the LFC world and the team cares. It's amazing how the media and bloggers have nothing to write about and all they are focused about is January transfer window. Why don't we buy some good players and add them to Suarez and Co?? This story started because some fool in Spain wrote about it and the English media without checking for the right source also picked up on it. Personally he is not going anywhere especially LFC knowing that we are playing well. That 65 Million will only purchase only 2 players because every other team will want top dollar or quid for their players. Come On JK you know better than just run off and start writing a story without a concrete facts and source!!!

  46. JK it ain't going to happen so you can stop writing about Suarez!!

  47. Mike - stop moaning about the content of articles. If I want to 'harp on' about stuff, I will. If you 'can't be bothered' to debate the points raised, then don't comment.

    You've also missed the point about Alberto and Aspas. My point is that Rodgers spent £16m on two players who he doesn't seem to trust. After giving Aspas a few games, he's dumped him on the bench, and Alberto can't even get in the team, and spends most of his time with the U21s.

    After spending £26m on Allen and Borini - two players who've made no impact - it looks, even at this early stage, as if Rodgers may have wasted another £16m on two other players who won't make an impact.

    That may well change, but they can't influence games on the bench/in the U21s.

  48. I didn't reference the other 10 games.

    I only referenced the one game because he and Sturridge saved us with the clutch play in the box.

    In my opinion, we did not play well against Sunderland but managed to find a way to win, with a little good fortune to help us.

    Assuming our level of play was the same with/without him last weekend, having him was one of the main reasons we won that game.

  49. A string of 1-0's, then Suarez comes back and it's 3-1! So we perform better without Suarez? You can say "it was against the bottom club"; Stoke weren't particularly great. You can say the win ratio/percentages prove it; go look at all the comments on JK's "proof, read it and weep" article to see the obvious flaw with that argument.

    My point is we don't know that we are better without Suarez and, to me, the only evidence so far is very circumspect.

  50. Thank You Gano!!! This is a non starter!!! The window is 3 months away. Why the media don't write some better stories instead of constantly talking about transfer window which is not even here yet. And anybody who believes these stories, I have a bridge am selling!!!

  51. Suarez may individually be LFC's best attacking player (even that is up for debate), but he is not LFC's best player for the *team*.

    The team has won only 37% of league games over the last two years with him in the team, so selling him would - IMO - be great news.

  52. Of course the evidence is 'circumspect' - you vehemently disagree with it! If the stats showed that LFC are massively improved with Suarez IN the team, you'd be their biggest cheerleader.

  53. It's entirely possible that if Suarez wasn't playing, someone else would've got on the end of those Sturridge crosses.

  54. At this point in time, who would you rather Aspas or Alberto start over?

    Sturridge? No.

    Suarez? Well, maybe you would :) ... but the answer is no.

    Moses? Maybe.

    Henderson? No.

    Lucas? No.

    Gerrard? No.

    Coutinho (when healthy)? No.

    Point is that while we want to see the new guys get some playing time, there's no player that sticks out as being worse than either Aspas or Alberto.

    They were brought in for depth (Aspas) and/or to develop (Alberto).

  55. And it's entirely possible that they wouldn't have.

    You are not wrong. But neither am I.

    We are arguing over hypothetical situations.

  56. Allen: 15m
    Borini: 11m
    Aspas: 8m
    Alberto: 6.8m

    = £40.8m

  57. Sterling's been here for years.

    Alberto's been here for months.

    There's a certain comfort level that is taken into account, I'm sure.

    Yes, I would like to see Alberto play more, but the season is still young. And given how we burned through our younger players last year (including Sterling), I don't have any issue with BR easing Alberto into the team as opposed to throwing him to the wolves right away.

    What I'll say is this... If we've hit January and Alberto and Aspas are healthy and not playing consistently, then I'll have a major issue with how we've gone about handling their respective situations.

  58. No I was frustrated last season, occasionally by Suarez (beginning of the season, away to zenit), but mainly because of the rest of the team - Reina, Shelvey, Allen, Downing ect -generally the team was quite poor during the first half, and early second half. Suarez is only 9% of the team, the other 91% have to carry most of the blame for that record.

    The last few games last season were for pride. The first few games this season, have been ok - mignolet is probably the main reason for the early wins (no discredit to sturridge).

    Either way its apples and oranges comparing w or w/o, as there's so many variables.

    On the quality side - I think most would agree the team is better with him than without, last 2 games have shown this.

  59. How many assists did he make before this game??

  60. Your assertion that LFC lose more with Suárez in the team just shows how fallible statistics are. How many of last season's goals were scored by Suárez? How many times did he give his all, not mentally accepting defeat against any team, unlike some of his team-mates?
    I would give Suárez a new contract. Very few games have been lost because of Suárez (other than his annoying tendency to be unavailable through undisciplined behavior on occasion), but have been lost due to his team-mate's failure to match his determination and skill. Give him a new contract with a £75m buyout clause and if RM really want him, let them pay top whack.
    I still hope that we get enough success for him to want to stay. Many, including you, dîdn't expect him to still be here. Long may you be disappointed.
    As for BR's spending; I don't think he's done too bad. Coutinho and Sturridge were master strokes and Mignolet has proven me wrong (am a big Reina fan, but Mignolet's silenced me), Sakho will prove to be worth every penny and Touré's also genius. Alberto and Ilori have been acquired with future in view and you'll always get one or two signings that disappoint. Have patience. Look how long Lucas took to come good.
    Personally I trust BR with the money. On balance he's done good. Much better that King Kenny.

  61. I seemed to have touched a nerve.
    If you look, you'll see that it was a question. Why cry over spilt milk type of question. You can lament over Eriksen's missed opportunity in every sentence if you think it will help. It's your site.
    The part I was referring to re not being bothered was another repetition of the 'will he won't he (leave)' part of the thread- I think that that is a moot point at the moment as he can't leave till at least Xmas , and probably June, if at all. And reams have been written on that particular subject, so I'll excuse myself from that part of the debate as it's been done to death.
    Aspas hasn't done enough to usurp any of the 1st team in his first few games. Maybe he needs more time to acclimatise, maybe he isn't going to be 1st choice, but he is part of the 1st team subs, so Rodgers trusts him to that extent, and we need capable 2nd stringers. Plus Moses came late in the window. Alberto was undoubtedly bought for the long term. That he hasn't played in the first 6 games is hardly cause for concern. Zaha cost 17m an hasn't played either, so what?. We need to be in the position where we can blood these players at their own pace- look what happened to Sterling.
    Allen and Borini may or may not turn out to be mistakes. But that still leaves BR with about a 60% success rate- not untypical in the PL...

  62. Using the win % to justify Suarez as not the 'best player for the team is just daft'. Oh, we only win 37% of games when he's playing, he must be hindering the team... What were the other 10 players doing then? He's the best player at the club by a mile, he starts, simple as that imo.

  63. Suarez carried us up untill January last year by himself..scored 30 goals .. So whats your point?? That withour Sturridge he's no good/cant score?? Get REAL..he does the business at international level for Uruguay too!

  64. Funny , that's what I said.... Aspas. Alberto, Allen etc yes. Suarez leaving......NOOOOOOO !!

  65. I can't wait till we've played everybody and we can do a real comparison of with and without Suarez on a team by team, maybe even home or away basis. That's the only REAL comparison imo

  66. Think we desperately need 'World Class' midfielders..
    Stevie G getting on and much as people suddenly rate Lucas, he just does not have the 'Class required'..never in the same league as Alonso Mascherano and Gerrard and even though they're getting on..they're still better than he will ever be...a couple of Dynamic players to help Stevie G out and we will dominate teams... Ivan Rakitic.. Axel Witsel.. Inan.. Allan(udinese).. Oliver Torres.. Will Hughes - players already playing well and with potential to play at highest level....
    Lucas,Hendo and Allen are as good as they will ever be and not good enough to mix it with the best!

  67. Good point. No mention of Illori not playing meaning that Rodgers doesn't trust him.
    He cost 6.7m , not that much less than Alberto
    The impression being given is a misleading one imo. Rodgers' buys have been more hit than miss. And 6-8m players are less likely to be instant stars, more works in progress/potential future stars....

  68. Playing alongside Suarez between 6 January and 21 April, Sturridge got only 2 assists, so what's your point?

  69. How can the last two games show this? Liverpool lost to Man United. A defeat doesn't mean the team is better with him in it.

  70. It's 37% over 2 years. In the same period, LFC win 65% of games without Suarez. You can bury your head in the sand all you want, but the stats don't lie. a 37% win percentage over 2 years with Suarez in the team is a massive concern, and if it continues this season, then LFC fans will be crying into their beer again at the end of the season.

  71. Correct, Suarez was the best player in the Premier League last year. Wenger and Ancelotti are proven to be good judges of a player, the fact that they both desperately want Suarez for their teams should tell you something. Its STUPID to say selling Suarez is a good thing for Liverpool fc, It is not. Was it great news when we sold Alonso, Mascherano, Fowler or Owen, Class players in their prime. You hold on to your best players and try to add more class players to the squad to supplement them, not replace them.

  72. OK, well, you've said the team only win 3 out of 10 with LS in the team, evidenced by your long term figures.
    I and others say those figures have been influenced by factors which mean they are unlikely to prove to be representative of the current situation.
    We have 9 more games to see who's right. According to your theory . we'll win just 2 more of the next 9.
    Ignore the Sunderland match if you like. You say we'll win just 3 of the next 10 . IF your theory holds water that is.
    We shall see.

  73. Your point about Ilori is grossly disingenuous, yet I suspect you know that. Ilori has a raft of senior defenders ahead of him; central defence is not a position that needs covering. Attacking midfield is, on the other hand, an area that needs to improve, especially when it comes to assists. There's major room for improvement, and considering Alberto got 17 assists last season, you'd think there may be scope to utilise his creativity, especially give the fact Raheem Sterling - who's three years younger than Alberto - plays regularly for the first team.

  74. Sturridge & Suarez have played just 10 times together, so that stat is meaningless. Lfc's best team contains both playing together. After 30 games together, ill guarantee you the win % will be nothing like 37%.

  75. Here we go with the tired 'factors' argument again. Whenever people disagree with stats, they come up with all sorts of exceptions etc that should be considered, but if they agree with the stats, they're beyond reproach, and held up as some absolute bastion of correctness.

    And the stats are across <>two full seasons, not just 10 games, so the right time to look at the win percentage is at the end of this season.

  76. The win % has nothing to do with Sturridge, so I don't know why you're including him here. Across two years, with multiple different players in the team, the constant is a low win percentage with Suarez in the team.

  77. So liverpool do worse solely because Suarez is playing? What about sample size? performance of other 10 players/form/momentum/opponents etc? Perhaps the transition to BR's playing style? Aftermath of Hodgson? Bedding in of new players? The majority of the so called "higher win % w/o suarez is largely the backend of last season, when Coutinho and Sturridge were on fire, compared to the low win % with Suarez when we had Carroll/Maxi/Downing and an overplayed Sterling?
    A team is made up of 11 players, not 1, you know? Liverpool finished top 4 in years where Diouf/Keane/Baros/Cisse were the strikers, are they better "players for the team" than Suarez? I dont think so

  78. Yes, and when that happens, and it shows that LFC perform worse with Suarez and better without, you'll find some other exception/factor that suddenly needs to be considered before the analysis can have any merit.

  79. the last 4 games are the best comparisons available - roughly the same team (coutinho out (mostly), johnson out). Losing away at MU is much more respectable than losing at home to sotton - winning away to sunderland is better than tying at Swansea - especially since Jonjo gifted both goals.

    Play has been better over all, and for 90 minutes 3 points to 1 with Suarez in the team.

    Interestingly nobody had any complaints about Suarez after the MU game.

    And when he bangs 3+ in against CP you might think it's insignificant, but winning margins are important, especially in a close year like this.

  80. All of the above are just excuses, and most of them are not quantifiable. I didn't say LFC do worse 'solely' because of Suarez. Over a 2-year period, LFC performed better in every way (goals scored/points achieved/win percentage etc) without Suarez. That is an irrefutable, proven fact.

  81. This season DS had no assists, and very few chances created, with Suarez there, he was compelled to pass in the right situation. This is a positive, it's hard to say if he would have passed it to someone else - stats would show that this isn't likely.

  82. how is your claim on Suarez any more quantifiable than what I stated above? The "2 year period" you mentioned has seen drastic changes to every aspect of the club. Also Suarez has played many more matches for LFC than he has missed, if you use it the other way round, that's like saying in the league this season, LFC won 100% games with Suarez and only 60% without him (albeit smaller sample size, but same logic nonetheless)

  83. My claim is 100% quantifiable, and I've used in depth stats to show that in a recent article.

    The sample size is two years worth of games, with and without, which is fair, especially since he's missed 21 games in total during that time, which basically equates to half a season.

  84. How would stats show 'that isn't likely'. The more probable reasons that Sturridge got assists is because he was playing alongside someone. In all his other games, he played as the lone striker, so he's always the furthest up the field. If Aspas was playing alongside Sturridge last weekend, he probably would've got a goal or two also.

  85. How is Suarez not worth 65 mil... He's most certainly only second to Cronaldo and messi when it comes to beating a playe on his feet. he can hold up the ball, some of the through balls I saw him do last season were as good as you will get from any central midfielder in the world. He's vision for attacking play goes above and beyond the normal player. And not only that but he would of most certainly been the top scorer last season if it wasn't for the ban. So effectively he scored bags of goals... And creates bags of chances which when thrown around players like christiano ronaldo become assists... just saying why the fuck would you pay 85 for bale when you could pay 65 for Suarez and get and all round better player apart from speed and probably long distance shooting. Which Suarez is still decent at anyways. Yes he has a competitive issues when it comes to his behaviour on the pitch but the fact that he's able to do everything he did in the summer after KD and the branislav incident only for Liverpool fans to love him just as much as they did before proves how much his abilities are respected. That man is special, you'd have to be a nutcase to think otherwise. He is easily the most talented player to ever put on a red jersey. And that is saying something. Bale 20 mil more than Suarez's somehow "overpriced"value is just completely ridiculous and I'm offended that Madrid went for bale and sacrificed ozil for him when they could still have him and Suarez for a better goal return. I'm fucking 19 years old and I make more sense than most the twats that get paid to talk about such things. In saying all of this I'm still happy that he'll be here at least until January to get on the scorecard alongside sturridge.

  86. No need to, I've clearly stated the parameters for merit.
    You say stats don't lie. but you for example describe Sakho's passing as "wobbly" and " nervous" when his 96% rate of 49 passes was better than Iniesta (89%) and Eriksen (94% for defensive passes 74% total)

  87. Regardless of the sample size, the main point that the win % highlights imo is that the team were much better/had greater depth and quality when dealing with matches without Suarez last season (the winning streak that accounted for the high win %) as opposed to a team that were poor throughout the 11-12 season with and without Suarez.

  88. Of course it has everything to do with Sturridge, Suarez has been banned for 10 games since we bought Sturridge & Coutinho, We are a much stronger team post last January transfer window, This is the main reason for the 65% win, Sturridge & Coutinho are a huge part of that. This is indisputable. Pre-January Suarez played every game in an inferior team,under 3 different managers, its not comparable.It's a meaningless statistic. I'm sorry it doesnt suit your agenda to point this out. You are clueless about football if you think Liverpool are stronger without Suarez in the team.

  89. In the 5 previous games he only created 3 chances total - or roughly 1 in every 2 games. Several times going for shots when other players were in better positions - even 3 other players in a better position. Why this is, can come down to a few things, understanding with other players, selfishness, confidence in other players, what ever. Thing is, the fact that he created 2 chances, and good ones, which were both for Suarez, would point to Suarez being a positive influence on his play - here's to hoping this stays this way, Suarez will surely return the favour.

  90. OK Jamie.
    According to your stats, LFC win 65% of their games without Louis Suarez.
    So ALL we had to do was leave Suarez out ALL last season, and we would have won 24.7 of our games (65%)
    That would have given us 74 points . 4th spot.
    or 72 points counting whole games, plus 2 of the 9 games we drew last season.
    Jamie' s a genius manager. We just leave Suarez out, and 4th is ours!!!!
    Just shows what stats can prove.

  91. £65mil + Benzema...then Real can take him away...

  92. Same tired argument? I don't think so. Your stats are looking increasingly as though they have no relevance in predicting performance going forward, which makes them pretty much useless.
    Stats are NEVER beyond reproach, whatever they *prove* . I've never said they were, quite the opposite.
    You have stated earlier in this thread that we will only win 3 out of 10 games with LS, since your TWO FULL SEASONS' stats show an irrefutable trend. IF that proves to be wrong, will you then accept that the factors (excuses you say) DO matter? I doubt it. You'll likely then say it was too small a sample, directly contradicting yourself in an earlier argument in the process.
    I notice so far no answer to the fact that according to your stats, we could have been top 4 just by leaving Suarez out to win 65% of our matches. Or how Sakho can be a wobbly, nervous passer when he had better passing stats than any defender in the PL with over 20 passes
    Those same stats will bury your argument Jamie.
    Put your money where your statistical mouth is.
    9 more games. YOU say only 2 more wins if LS plays.

  93. Totally with you when it comes to missing out on Eriksen,what a blown opportunity.If the world doesn't already know,let me tell you.
    "Suarez is all about Suarez".Thats it.Sell Suarez for top dollar,buy wisely and get onto putting Liverpool where they should be "NUMBER ONE".

  94. I like how you write off Suso but still back Reina, Allen and Aspas who have done nothing for us recently. Reina isn't great, he was complete rubbish for two seasons and wanted out.

    Suso has more promise than all of them.

  95. Losing the best player at the club mid-season wouldn't be a 'boost'.

    Tottenham were only able to revamp their team completely and improve with the loss of their best player, because Real paid above the odds to prise him away. It's pretty simple; until Real, or anybody else, decides to offer above market rate for Suarez - clearly one of the best players in the world - in order that LFC can strengthen on his departure likewise, then he'll just remain at Anfield.

  96. I agree with you. The stats show that we win more without Suarez and sometimes when he was not in the team we played much better. However, the stats are somewhat blurred by the signings of Sturridge and Coutinho who came in and had an instant impact so when Suarez was banned we didn't look back.

    JK produced similar stats about Andre Wisdom claiming that at one stage we were undefeated with him in the team. Correct statistically but it's not as if Wisdom was a pivotal member of the team or he was so great that we were unbeaten for a few games.

    If we are in the race for top 4 in January we should not sell Suarez, we should wait till the summer, regardless of any statistics.

  97. tbh I don't know why Sterling continues to be the only attacker that gets off of the bench - I have not been impressed by any of his performances this season.

    Bright prospect he may be, but it needs to be made clear to him that he needs to improve drastically before he can consider to have "made it" at LFC, as he is well below the level we need to be demanding from a regular first team player.

  98. The difference in just having a GK that actually saves shots is clear in our points total this season - tbh that's the only real difference between this season and last imo

  99. I agree with the premise that the team is better with Suarez, regardless of the stats, but nevertheless our last two games have been our worst overall performances as far as I'm concerned. I blame this on the change of formation, rather than the introduction of Suarez though.

    At least we had dominant first halves in every game prior to the dire Southampton performance. Since the change to 532, I would say that we were comfortably second best as a team against both Man U and Sunderland.

  100. tbf Aspas can't even get off the bench to cover for a flagging Sturridge, so I'd include him also.

    Rodgers has spent £16m on two players that he doesn't trust to start in the League Cup, much less to come on and make a difference in the Premier League. Might as well have just been more cheap kids from the reserves sitting there really.

  101. Just as you've shot that poster down, I'll return it back to you....... if you don't like his 'isn't likely' post..... what makes you aspas getting a goal or two any more credible?!?
    Further more why do you keep banging on about CE who went to spurs?!?! He's at spurs!! You point in totally IRRELEVANT!! And furthermore, as much as you quite clearly hate LS....... he scored 2 goals and he's in the side!! Fortunately you don't pick the team. Delete away if you choose too because I don't post here as a rule and won't again after this odd one! Deluded.com

  102. I both occasions, you missed the technical position sense of Suarez. He made perfectly timed run for the first one (Sturridge waited & most other forward would have struggled to beat the offside trap) wile in the second one, he stayed just back enough to have a left footed swing. Most forwards would have over ran the ball.

    Look, he has other issues & I don't support that, but, this man Luis Suarez is a class apart from anyone playing in EPL (including the recent Real Mercenary) & he 'll fit into any League in the world with no time. Did anyone feel he was playing his first match in 6 months at SoLight? The only 2 players I rate higher than him are playing in Spain. We are lucky that, we could get him as he was playing for Ajax (Dutch League), not for the Milans, Barcas, Reals, Bayerns or Juves.

    This guy is a street fighter, bloodiest competitor - his ugly side comes out when he is desperate or frustrated. You don't want to take this man in a do or die combat he 'll fight till last drop of blood, be legally or illegally. If someone offers 50mn+, we should sell him, but if he is willing to stay here by heart, I 'll not accept even 86mn - money doesn't buy Luis Suarez in every generation, ask those Madrid bandits, who must be quite satisfied after buying Bale for 86mn & selling Ozil for less than half.

  103. Aspas, Alberto still settling in, Allen hampered by injuries, Borini in my opinion the only questionable signing! you forget to mention the astute signings of Toure, Sakho, Cissokho and even Moses admittdly the latter players being on loan.. We have had a depleted squad for many years and I believe this is being addressed. you think last year when looking at the bench what did we Have??
    Agreed that there was much more talent available but when lfc have not been challenging for CL who would risk coming to Liverpool? If by January we are still challenging I believe we will get some great signings..
    Fans are very fickle!! and have short term memory. How many of us wanted Hendo out? We have to give players a chance!!!!!! DS and PC have been exceptional but not all players hit the ground running like this especially coming from a foreighn League

  104. Agreed 100% I am also a bit skeptical about Brendans ability to spend wisely!

  105. I read it that DS and LS's effectiveness on the pitch is improved by playing together, or so it seem's that way after 1 game and going off DS's previous games interplay with other team mates. For sure Suarez will score many goals playing anywhere in a forward position but as a partnership they seem to have similar vision/understanding.

  106. You're on a free was great business too. For me, our summer was definitely more positive. Can add Moses on a loan in there too.

  107. What does the price have to do with whether or not he plays?

    Besides which, you wouldn't expect a player who cost that much to start. 6-8m is the price for a decent squad player who the selling club don't want to keep for whatever reason. A young first team player for a top five, even top ten premiership team, is more like 10-20m; and a proven Champions' League standard player 20-40m. It's been that way for a few years.

  108. I love to keep Suarez even what he said in media is unacceptable. He's doing the best for the club and for him. He just wanted european football. I wish he will have it next season with Liverpool. Money just cant buy everything even with 55 or 65 we could make crap of it #YNWA

  109. I sort of forgot about Simon too when I was reading the article and thinking about the question -- I think it's because it feels like he's been here for years! Just a perfect signing, as good as Sturridge in my opinion.

  110. There are three things that would have to be considered for me before any sale in Jan.
    1. Our league position 2. Suarezs' form up until January 3. His replacement is signed BEFORE we sell.
    As much as I would like to see Suarez out sooner rather than later, as i will not forgive him for his conduct, if we are in a realistic position to gain CL come January, then that ambition needs to take priority for the second half of the season. If Suarezs form is one of the factors in putting us in that position, then i'm loathe to say keep him, and get as many goals out of him as we can until the summer. If he is scoring and playing well we will still command a hefty fee in the summer.
    If we do sell, a quality replacement must be found before he departs. This is my main issue with the selling of Suarez in January. Without CL can we really attract a forward of his callibre to the club, especially mid season. I have my doubts. If by some miracle we can, i would like to see us follow spurs example (cant believe i'm saying that) and spend the money on players before we let him go.
    Overall my feeling is we should keep Suarez in Jan, push for that CL spot, if we get it, our position is strenghtened immeasurably to sign a top class replacement in the summer, and i dont think LS value will drop that much come july.

  111. L Suarez should not be sold in January, the owners need to give B Rodgers : £50-£60M to bring in these 5 important players:

    1: GK: A Mccarthy(23) Of Reading for £4-£7M to compete and Cover Mignolet for next 5-10 years. ( For Now and Future)

    2: DM: M’Vila (24) Of Rubin Kazan for £10-£15M to compete and Cover Lucas, A more mobile, powerful, Quicker, Tough Tackling player than Lucas Leiva who would do well against the players Lucas Struggles against Mobile, Powerful, strong dominant midfielders( Capoue, Dembele, Mulumbu, Nzonzi, Schneiderlin, Sissoko, Tiote, Yaya and Wanyama)

    3: RW / RWF: J Montero(23) Of Monarcas Morelia in Mexico for £4-£7M to compete and Cover Sterling.

    4: LW /LWF: B Arfa(26) Of Newcastle for £10-£15M to compete and Cover with IBE

    5: FD: A Hernandez (23) Of Palermo should definately be brought to club for £3-£8M to compete with Sturridge and Suarez.

    In order to keep up our pursuit of Top 4: with these signings and Suarez, we could finish third in the league.

    The injection of class,creativity, pace, speed and goals: Arfa, Montero and Hernandez would bring to Squad in business end of season would be awesome. Those 3 players could make the same impact Coutinho and Sturridge made for side last January.

    Then in the summer:

    If Suarez still wants to go, then the owners and B Rodgers should let him go but for No Less than £70M , If Bale cost £85M, Suarez is better than Bale and should be sold for no less than £70M. And if Real Madrid meet that amount then he should be sold.

    These 5 dead wood average players (£need to be shipped out and shown the door: And should hopefully generate (£12-£18M)

    1: B Jones GK

    2: J Flanagan RB

    3: S Coates CB

    4: O Assaidi RW / RWF

    5: F Borini FD

    Then these 4 Marquee class quality players should be brought to club in the summer: To replace Suarez and the 5 dead wood players above:

    CM:A Herrera(23) Of A Bilbao for (£25-£30M) To replace S Gerrard and to compete with Allen and Henderson in side.

    AM: I Munian(21) Of A Bilbao for (£16-24M) to compete with Coutinho and Suso

    FD: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang(24) Of B Dortmund for £20-£25M to compete with Aspas and Sturridge

    FD: D Costa(24) Of A Madrid for £20-£25M to bring different type striker to the side.

  112. Seriously, there is absolutely no point wasting further time debating with you as you endlessly twist things and/or focus on things that are not even part of the argument.

    * I've never stated that the stats should be used to predict future performance. I don't know where you got that from. The stats are not useless; you're just another person who rubbishes stats they disagree with, and lionises stats with which they agree.

    * Liverpool won 3 out of 10 league with Suarez between 2011 and 2013 - that is a fact, and it will always be a fact, irrespective of what happens in the future.

    * If that changes this season, great, but it won't change 2011-2013.

    * Unlike others, I don't make lame excuses and change the goalposts by bringing in endless factors/exceptions when stats don't support my personal beliefs. If LFC's win percentage improves with Suarez this year, great/

    * Your point about leaving Suarez out is hypothetical, and therefore not really credible. Again, you're indirectly twisting my words. I've proved factually that LFC win 65% of games without Suarez. I've never argued that LFC should leave him out to try and achieve that over a whole season. It would never happen, so there's no point suggesting it.

    * Re Sakho's wobbly passing - as I explained in a different reply, I refer to ALL of Sakho's performances since he arrived, not just one, so again, don't twist my words. Additionally, 'wobbly' doesn't refer to passing accuracy, it refers to comfort in possession.

    And finally: the Suarez stats are from a two year period, not just 10 games, so his impact should be judged at the end of the season.

  113. The Dark Joe Allen10:02 am, October 04, 2013

    Actually what i've said about Allen and Aspas was that they might become handy squad players and should be given the year to get themselves together and show what they're able of. And relying on the fact that it will happen anyway - They're not gone tomorrow - we should see what will make them the best players they can be for us.
    All i said about Reina: I wouldn't rule him out yet. He's a great player. And i stand behind that.
    I am very pleased with how business have been done in that manner that Mignolet came and Reina went on loan. But it's only 6 games into the season so far; A lot of things can happen, and again - Reina is a great player.
    [I Agree he was in decline last season or two but i also seen him play so well over the years, sometimes it can all come back if the masseurs of handling are correct]

    Now leave the other players aside, because it has nothing to do with Susu not being good enough to play for a top 4 club in the premier league, in my opinion [i wish i am wrong].
    I actually SAW his matches for Almeria and didn't only watch the Youtube version's they put out there in order to get fans syked and busy, and it's clear he is not there yet and might won't be; So it's annoying to see fans getting all exited about him returning and baling our midfield complex out at the same time it has nothing to do with current reality. I set aside and watched how low low standards and short terms delusions got LFC to 7th place and out of all competitions last season. And this season so far is very unconvincing. Already out of one competition, and struggling against every team we play. Critical Reality that is.

  114. The Dark Joe Allen10:07 am, October 04, 2013

    O, and i forgot Susu has done plenty for us in order for me and you to glory his name. Come on men. . . Too early to come out and say he will be a some solution for our midfield. . . And read what i've written again. I didn't back Aspas and Allen for eternity; I was just suggesting certain approach for how to handle they're situation, and was very un optimistic towards Aspas especially, suggesting he watches too much television.

  115. I'll give you one thing JK,you do like a good argument.

  116. The Dark Joe Allen11:07 am, October 04, 2013

    Our midfield is so un-invasive. Gerrard moments and our strikers gave us the win against Sunderland out of individual brilliants. Our midfield is non to be relayed on. I agree completely about Alberto should be playing; Either sub Moses at least, or should, should have, replace/replaced injured Coutinho.

    But he wasn't even on the bench against Sunderland. In fact, no midfield player was on the bench. I hope Rodgers sees the whole picture here. Our games looks like it can go either way every time so far and theres a bit of luck factor to our win, not insulting the best of our players.

    Alberto has the playmaker in him and it's unbelievable he doesn't even get chances. What does it say about our team: being satisfied with this midfield performances and not even taking a risk they ought to be sure of taking when they bought such a player for 8mil? Show some guts Rodgers, even if your teams depth isn't the best you might have asked for.

  117. The Dark Joe Allen11:20 am, October 04, 2013

    In my opinion not playing Alberto shoes a lot of the mental approach that created the shape of our team performances so far; Very few goals and chances created, falling back to defense against every side we play [a bit of improvement against Sunderland but i still wouldn't call it a decisive win].

    I don't like this way of thinking and i think were lucky to be at the top 2 so far, and that we could have been first very easily under the circumstances.
    So now were here, that's a good position anyway. We can relay on one or two players to bale us out every each game. Coutinho is injured, you have no playmaker and the rest of midfield is not contributing to attacks very much. You bought Alberto for 8mil and haven't went out of your way to sign a better option. Sterling, Ibe, Alberto - I don't care really. But provide the team more fluent attack somehow so we won't struggle on the threshold against Stoke, Sunderland, Villa, week Man United, Notts County, Southhempton, Swansea. Risks are worth taking here very much i feel.

  118. The Dark Joe Allen11:22 am, October 04, 2013

    shows, can't relay***

  119. Has anyone stopped to think that Eriksen did not want to come to Liverpool and preferred Spurs (I'm a Liverpool fan). For some reason we seem to think he was always a target (just) for us. Fact is Spurs had (this year) more cash to splash around, seemed to be making a bigger statement of intent (with the players they were buying / prices paying) and I believe for a foreign player London (generally) is just a much bigger draw than Liverpool or elsewhere in the UK

  120. Same for Sigurdsson - we tried, they paid more so he went there and I believe the London factor counts

  121. The Dark Joe Allen11:28 am, October 04, 2013

    Suarez is changing his ways [I'm half serious]. He wasn't a bad addition against Sunderland. Let's see how it goes from here.

    Maybe he will pass at the right times now, and with the rest of the team playing better maybe he will be less anxious to force creation, which as i feel in the way i can relate to your opinion and felt the same way at times, is your frustration with him and the leader of the stats who followed.

  122. That doesn't make any sense and his name is Suso. He played in our first team for half a season, we've seen a lot more than YouTube clips. He's 19. When Suso is on his left foot there are glimpses of David Silva in his play, when Aspas is on his left foot there are glimpses of...Fabio Borini...?

    I think you watch too much television.

  123. He was a target. Eriksen himself specifically confirmed this over the summer, and Frank De Boer also confirmed that LFC scouts were constantly at Ajax.

  124. Not disputing he was a target. My point is he was clearly also a target for Spurs and went there. There is no way of actually knowing if we had made a serious bid whether he would have chosen us over Spurs unless that was made public. As it stands it appears we both were interested and he went there

  125. With Lucas out and Moses being unsuited for the 10 role, I'm curious to see if Alberto gets a shot this weekend.

    My guess is Aspas ends up taking the 10 role. Henderson plays the wing and Alberto gets a shot at the Lucas role.

  126. I guess that for 26m (what we spent on borini and allen) or even 16m (Aspas and Alberto) fans could be forgiven for wishing we had bought a player that would improve the team not just make up squad numbers.

  127. If stats aren't able to predict likely future performance, then that BACKS UP my argument that your LS win stats are USELESS does it not?
    Make your mind up. No one is disputing the facts. They are disputing the relevance/validity due to variables.
    How can leaving LS out be hypothetical? You are trumpeting the 65% win percentage. According to you, the stats show that we win 65% of the games by omitting him, so we could and should have made top 4 (actually, 65% win % last season is top 2)by simply not playing LS. Common sense shows that to be UNLIKELY in the extreme. Which brings us neatly back to their relevance
    That's not hypothetical, that's testing the validity of your theory.
    I don't rubbish stats which do not support my argument, then lionise them if not. I do not care for your accusation that I do. I have repeatedly said that stats are simply an aid to help conclusions in conjunction with other factors. Sometimes they help. sometimes not.
    I am not twisting anything; you often accuse people of doing that when your own words betray you. To use your tactics, no amount of descriptions used will change the fact that Sakho is one of the best passers in the premiership..... By the way, Sakho's pass accuracy for the whole of his LFC career is still 89%, higher than your much trumpeted Eriksen.

  128. Two points to make with a response to that:

    1. Players that we would have bought for those prices wouldn't come here because we wouldn't pay their wages or because we don't have Champions League.

    2. The club is living within a budget.

    I agree with you that it would be nice to see the players we buy make an immediate positive impression on the team, but the truth is that the quality of player we buy has to have something wrong with him in order to come to us. Some case of "Warts".

    Look at every major "successful" (I use the term loosely) signing over the past few years:

    The only reason why Sakho came here was because PSG weren't playing him. Suarez was looking to get out of Ajax and move up to a bigger league. Inter gave up on Coutinho. Sturridge wasn't playing at Chelsea so they cashed out.

    In fact, the only one that impressed immediately before coming here was Mignolet, and that's because he was from a small time club who needed money to fund their other 14 transfers.

  129. you cant blame the poor results of team that doesn't win on the best player!!!! maybe its the lack support that is the problem?

  130. Tottenham dont have CL either but they got plenty of players in that price range....if we are serious about getting back in to the CL, and staying there, we need to start attracting those types of players

  131. pool are shit, no one gives a fcuk about them and their boring bullshit history from 4 decades ago. they may be in second but they have not played any of the big 4 yet, spurs, arsenal, chelsea and city. go fcuk off back to last century you inbred junkie scouse pikey knackers.

  132. Liver Rats - scum of the nation

  133. Spurs guaranteed the wages that we wouldn't. And the general perception before the season is that they are closer to CL than we are.

  134. Like I said did we not used to play players in the reserves before they got first team action? So giving him time to adjust to a new country and team may be beneficial. Also you have said if he is not adapting why buy him? Well unless Rodgers can see the future how could he know if he would adjust well or not?

  135. Ilori also plays RB. How many of those do we currently have fit?

  136. You never stated that stats should be used as an indicator of future performance?
    Why bother quoting them then?
    You have used then to back up your assertions re Suarez' influence on the team's results.
    If the stats are not an indicator of future performance, then they are just a curiosity. Little known facts, of little meaning and even less relevance. Do you consider them important to our future or not, you don't seem to be able to make up your mind
    I'm only interested in how LFC are going to perform going forward. Hence the attempt to use YOUR stats percentages to predict our likely performance with LS.
    But, if they tell us little or nothing of use in relation to the coming season, then I believe the appropriate phrase is:
    We won 37% with but 65% without LS over the last 2 years?
    Thanks for letting us know...........

  137. I believe BR has brought the players in for next year. we have seen with the likes of hendo, the first season he was poor but as time goes on he get better and better. Easing the players into the Liverpool team this year without the detriment of our challenge for CL football Is a good way to go as if he does achieve CL football this year, we will need all of the players as we will be fighting on all fronts. At the moment we are 7 games in and have the same points now as we did after 14 games last year, so I think he maybe sceptical to change the players but, I am sure over the whole season, aspas and alberto will get more time and have a chance to bed in. I do wish players would come straight in and play well from the start like Sturridge, Suarez, coutinho and toure but some need more time. Sakho played well today, so hopefully he like hendo will get better and better as time goes on. To be fair, we are in a better position now than last year and things are looking good. I think Suarez will sign another contract as its always more money in the interim until real come in for him and no doubt there will be a minimum fee release defined but it will be what Liverpool expect for him.