11 Sept 2013

Scouted: LFC chase controversial Mexican star banned for Ref insult. Overkill...?

Liverpool are reportedly keeping tabs on Monterrey defender Bernardo Hernández.

According to Dutch football magazine ELFVoetbal:

"Liverpool, Schalke 04 and Montpellier, Ajax and PSV are interested in Bernardo Hernandez.

"One of the clubs has already made contact with Monterrey, but it is not yet known which one"

Spanish newspaper SPORT further claims that Brendan Rodgers dispatched scouts to follow Hernandez at this summer's U20 World Cup, where the 20 year old captained Mexico to the quarter-finals.

By all accounts, Hernandez is a bit of a fiery character: On the 12th August, he received a straight red card in the game against U.A.N.L, and soon after he received a 2 game suspension for insulting a referee (!)

Hernandez can play at left-back and centre-half, and given the recent influx of defenders at the club, it seems strange that Rodgers is allegedly on the lookout for yet another defender.

How many defenders does the club actually need? Tiago Ilori is presumably the long-term replacement for Sebastian Coates, though with Martin Skrtel possibly leaving in January, perhaps Rodgers has his eye on the future.

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  1. Jamie,
    I think with our mixed bag and naivety shown in the transfer market most recently a different approach may be on the horizon.
    The one where we purchase the long term targets first then let go of their respective replacements...makes sense to me, i know it does you!!!

    We have wreaked of an amateur stench for quite some time, possibly even the late eighties when we labelled United as 'PLC' and sell out's, right about the same time we started to be left behind.
    It is a breath of fresh air to see owners act and not patronise with false promises, we need our hard lumps now! then we will grow for the future.
    I hope most agree but the acquisition of Rodgers, backed with level headed businessman at the helm is an exciting prospect within itself.
    Here's to the future!

  2. If Hernandez bites anyone, perhaps he could share a room with Suarez. Surely there must be other tough, mobile defenders that aren't a banning waiting to happen...........

  3. I think this is a non-story. Scouts were sent to a tournament and were probably on the lookout for talent in general and not specifically this guy. And in the off-chance they were, and he was seriously under consideration, he would have been bought and not Llori. The interest might be real but this is a dead water story because we clearly don't need him

  4. Had he been a RBack, it could have been a possibility. BR doesn't have full confidence among the existing young defenders & hence is bringing defenders; but LB is probably the least concerned area now. Both Aly & Enrique are in mid 20s, Mamadou or even Agger can deputize in crisis & among the young defenders, I think Robinson is the brightest.

    We 'll need a backup RB. Johnson is 29 almost & McLoughlin is 18, in between there is not much back up. I rather believe in the other rumor - Montoya for anything less than 10m.

  5. This january maybe the right times for LFC ship out the players who truely doesn't want to stay with LFC again. Hopefully LFC can sell Skrtel over than 15 milion pound fee to add more budget to get new replacement players. I would like if LFC can get Kryiakos Papadoulos.He is versatile player who can operate anywhere team needed.He also can make assist and score the goal.He is Amazing player,please do not miss him again to anothers clubs.After get Papadoulos,LFC can consider to strengthen foward areas.And next summer LFC maybe no need to draw big budget for revamp the team again.

  6. How many more defenders do we need?

  7. the owners have always backed us in every window

  8. We'll be constantly on the lookout for good defenders, I think it never matters how many you already have. A career ending injury for any of them would mean we should always have one eye on future options. After all, that's the job of a scouting network - to scout. We'll be linked with a ton of players because we'll always have people looking and making inquiries. The newspapers will always make more of it than is actually true.

  9. the guys a crock ....learn a lesson from west ham buying carroll or us buying carroll and aquaman.....dont but injury prone players...we have 3 at the club already in kelly agger and sturridge

  10. Ever since Benitez we've been bringin in a lot of youngsters every year. Simply because most of them don't make it and possibly to generate some revenue although an academy is always a cost factor. I suppose this kid would be no different to that, just a bit older than usual. Does anyone happen to know what happened to that Mexican winger we were after about two years ago? I think the rumour started not long after the Jackson Martinez story. Think his name was Herrera?