1 Aug 2013

'He's a marvel' - LFC make transfer enquiry about €10m South American striker.

Last summer, the Agent of striker Salomon Rondon claimed that Liverpool were one of several clubs 'following' the striker, who at that time played for Malaga. Rondon ended up at Rubin Khazan instead, and reports in Spain today suggest that Reds are back in for Venezuelan international.

According to Spanish newspaper Marca today:

"Liverpool have asked about the former footballer of Malaga Salomon Rondon.

"If Luis Suarez is sold, the club will make a formal offer"

Speaking to El Mundo Deportivo, last summer, Pablo Martinez - Rondon's Agent - revealed:

"Chelsea, Tottenham, and Liverpool are following him. The 27 goals he scored in two seasons did not go unnoticed."

Rondon cost Rubin Khazan €10m last summer, a deal that made him the most expensive Venezuelan footballer in history. However, he with only 15 goals in 42 games, he hasn't really set the Russian league alight.

The striker's stats at Malaga were similarly middling: In his two years at the club:

* 25 goals and 5 assists in 67 league games
* One goal every 196 mins (1 every two games)
* Conversion rate: 15%
* Shooting accuracy: 44%
* Shots per goal: 6.6

Manchester City are also allegedly interested in Rondon, and a move to Manchester would reunite the Venezuelan with his Manuel Pellegrini, his manager at Malaga. However, when quizzed about City's interest earlier this month, Rondon told reporters:

"The truth is that I have no formal knowledge [of City's interest]. Yes, we read and hear things in the press, it's talked about that there is possible interest, but until something is made formal, or there is something concrete, I can't tell you anything."

Sergio Asenjo, Rondon's former team-mate, at Malaga, insists that the striker is underrated, and prior to Malaga's February Europa League clash with Rubin, he told reporters:

“I knew Rondon in Malaga. He is a physical marvel, who is very effective in front of the goal and is doing very well. He plays well between then centre-backs and we need to be careful with him".

Rondon - or indeed most of the other cheap strikers linked with the club this summer - would be good for competition in the squad, and pushing the likes of Sturridge and Borini, but as a replacement for Suarez? No chance.

Worth a bid on that basis?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. liverpool4life5658:18 pm, August 01, 2013

    No thank you.:)

  2. Replace Borini with him.

  3. Yeah lets replace that totally unseen player,.. INJURY'S, 2 of them now let the guy get back to form ffs. He looks like a poacher we've spent a lot on rehabilitation he's not going anywhere

  4. you said it momma

  5. well we could make good song out of this guy

    the du rondon don the du rondon

  6. omg i heard we bid for diego costa and my wife is pregnant too...oh God i hope it happens

  7. i think his name lends itself to 212 tune.

  8. id prefer costas......if we have bid for costas it makes me wonder if suarez leaving is gaining momentum

  9. Not too interested in this one,could be a decent player but will he improve out first team? I doubt it.

  10. i cant stop singing the song

  11. Not for me - damiao and Costa are the players to look at if you want this sort of a striker :)

  12. ill take the player serving him every goal.

  13. a good poacher to poach me some eggs in the moring hohoho

  14. Many on this site may know more euro players but I am very disappointed in BR and FSG after the initial signings. No big defender signings. No scoring midfield signings and like last summer no PROVEN striker to either add or replace LS. So many names "linked" or supposed "interested" but no commitment and the real scorers, Higuain, Negredo, Soldado and Gomez are gone. I feel like I saw this movie last year........

  15. I'm sick of SUAREZ angling for a move especially to a direct rival for 4th spot.The support he got from the majority of LIVERPOOL fans for his self inflicted misdemeanors deserves better treatment than what he's showing us back in return.
    LFC hierarchy should duck tape his big mouth and tell his agent to shut the f3ck up too until a offer that represents his true value comes in.Extra on top if ARSENAL (not a CL club yet) think they can get him for the price he'd go for if we sold him to a club outside the PL.
    As for replacements, our options have been dented because it seems like every top club has picked up a striker this summer.LUIS MURIEL for me is the standout player left.But my money would be on us picking up a player no ones heard of who plays in the lower leagues of a major footballing nation.

  16. If i was you id hope your wife doesn't see you on here comparing to two in the same light

  17. Ive said it before but i think the club are telling him its no go, FSG will want another Shop window season to pull some more cash in for him

  18. I hope if Suarez moves to Arsenal, that they then don't even qualify for the group stages. That would be hilarious!

  19. its not a comparison its the FACT that i was expecting both news

  20. SUAREZ used the way he's treated by the media as his main reason for wanting to leave.Then when he had no takers from the likes of MADRID and MUNICH he back tracked and is now happy to stay in England but with another club.
    If they were to get knocked out before the tournament even started I think he'd just come up with another excuse but that would require his agent to get very creative.
    Maybe they'd say ARSENAL's kit better suits his image or the extra 15k of muted home support would take his playing level up a notch.

  21. Lol,
    Also what I don't get, is that a lot of players move because they want more money. But Arsenal are pretty well known for not paying massive wages, so don't really see him getting a huge wage increase...
    Liverpool should just say to him, "You either stay, and shut up, or move, but move abroad." No way should Liverpool be selling to rival clubs, and they should come out and say that.
    If they sell to Liverpool, we are basically giving them a 15 goal or more advantage. Because he will score.

  22. If suarez was to leave I would hope Bayern. Trade Shaqiri and money for Costa...perfect transfer. It would offload suarez to non-competition (at the moment at least) and bring in quality while keeping us break even. Use the kitty from FSG to get anyone else (eriksen, papadopoulos, cissokho, etc.). Shaqiri would replace downing, Costa would be competition to start anywhere.

  23. just to clarify, suarez=shaqiri +22 (enough for costa)