11 Jun 2013

Triple Whammy: Suarez disrespects BR (again); explains bite, & warns Neymar

Whether fans chose to accept it or not, Luis Suarez clearly has very little respect for Brendan Rodgers, and by extension, Liverpool FC. He showed that last week with his ill-advised comments about leaving the club, and tonight, he's disrespected the club once once again by making yet another naked 'come and get me' plea to Real Madrid.

Speaking to reporters in the build up to Uruguay's World Cup qualifier against Venezuela, Suarez said:

"I would like to play with Ronaldo, he is a great player.

"You never know, but it is complicated. At the moment he is in Madrid and I am in Liverpool and I do not know what is going to happen"

In a press conference on the 29th March, Rodgers issued the following directive to Liverpool players:

"I always say to players that I've got a very, very simple rule: When you're with Liverpool, just talk about Liverpool. When you're away with your international teams, just concentrate on your international team - and there's no drama".

Suarez took absolutely no notice of Rodgers' very reasonable request, and last week, he made the following explosive comments:

"It would be very difficult to say no to Real Madrid. I'm not prepared to continue suffering at the hands of the English journalists. It's a good moment for a change of environment because of all I've been through. I do not know when I'm going and I do not know if I'm staying."

If Suarez truly respected Rodgers - and, by extension, Liverpool - he would not ignore his manager's wishes and publicly tout himself to other clubs whilst away with Uruguay; and make no mistake, that is *exactly* what he is doing. A large section of LFC fans won't have it, though; they'll be out in force making the same old lame, enabling excuses, include and or all the following:

* Suarez was misquoted by the nasty, evil media.
* The beastly, despicable press are out to get him.
* Machiavellian reporters had the temerity to ask him a direct question.


Suarez also provide some further insight into why he took a chunk out of Branislav Ivanovic's arm:

"The incident with Ivanovic - I know I made a mistake, it was me, my fault, and he did not do anything to me. I was angry because I had given away a penalty for hand ball. I was the cause of the penalty against my team - I saw red and completely lost it. I can’t really explain it and I am so sorry.”

When asked about Neymar's move to Barcelona, Suarez added:

"Barcelona have won so many trophies and Neymar will need to adapt because all eyes are going to be on him"

Bottom line: Suarez may have been asked a question like 'would you like to play with Cristiano Ronaldo', and answering that is fine, but he didn't then need to bring the issue of his future into the equation *again*, did he? That was unsolicited, and it just fans the flames of speculation even further.

Suarez knows that, of course, but that's entirely the point: he wants the speculation because he *wants to leave*.

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  1. go to hell suarez

  2. He is trying his best to make this happen faster it is that simple.
    the zero RESPECT to us the fans is about low as a man an human you can get

  3. You ever think he's maybe hinting that LFC should sign Ronaldo?

  4. Sell him to the highest bidder as long as its in the 50+ million region. Id start by offering him to Monaco, Anzhi, Man City, Chelsea or whoever else would be willing to take him off our hands at that price. With real in talks with cavani i cant see him going there. Anyway he doesnt deserve another season with us so id flog him to whoever will buy

  5. A chunk out of his arm? Really? Are you sure?

  6. Im incredibly bored of this whole suarez thing.
    If he's here next season great, if hes not i hope we get alot for him.

  7. It looked like The Walking Dead out there lol

  8. Peter from Perth WA2:24 am, June 11, 2013

    Jamie is trying, he takes every opportunity to make a mountain out of a molehill to undermine Suarez, hate to be in the trenches with him at my back. The entourage of media hanging off his every word and interpreting those comments to give them a hard-on should overshadow his goal scoring exploits, Correct?

  9. Nothing surprises me with these types of players anymore. They seem to have no loyalty. FT didn't hesitate to jump ship and did it with no class and now Suarez continues the trend with his blatant disrespect. Seemingly not acknowledging the blind (sometimes ridiculous) support that LFC has shown him and his family. No doubt you are going to have some fans foraging the depths of their minds to find an excuse for his actions but lets face it, at times he dug his own grave. In saying that I would like him to stay for footballing reasons, but if he wants to go then let him.

  10. Here I go with context again, the quotes are merely soundbites from an hour long interview. Question on Ronaldo were leading, and they forgot to mention he was wearing a red sweater, hmm, that could also be a hint.

    here's the link:


  11. im from Uruguay. The journalist ask him if he would like to play with ronaldo... he just said: yes, he is a great player. He would have answer the same of any star. He thinks "if i said no they would make a story about that" (he actually said that at one point of the interview)

    People like you are the ones who make him wanna leave England. He loves liverpool and had said it every interview. He is by far the best Uruguayan player in the last 25 years, much better than Cavani or Forlan. Everyone in Uruguay believes that.

    Its a pity you still dont get it, you were against him since the hand with Ghana... he did what any real player should do, sacrifice for his team and his country. Ghana had their penalty, they miss, move on. If this happen to us we will remember the name of the player who miss the penalty, not the one who did it.

  12. How to lose friends and alienate people, somebody take that shovel of him he's digging a hole he will never get out of! the club should deny him his transfer until he puts in a request (then he won't get any signing on fee)and if we don't get offered £50 million play him in the b team!! i know it won't happen but thats what he deserves...

  13. Some players thrive on the "Drama" and when you are at home where Suarez is, you tend to speak a lot freely....Star players not listening to Managers is not a new thing...BR needs to be smart and keep him...Jamie needs to be smart and stop putting up these PSEUDO INTERPRETATIONS of what he meant and did not mean (BTW which player does not want to play with CR7 or Messi??)....Fans need to be smart and give him support,he is one of the pawns in our pursuit of CL...just like sir Alex uses Rooney for ManU we need to use Suarez for our benefit.

    Haven't seen such a blatant Hate Campaign against a sportsman as far as i remember. Suarez bite at AJAX was a hush-hush affair, why rake so much Filth when it happens at Liverpool.

    The guy made a mistake, are we going to deal with it or absolve ourselves of all responsibilities and sell him off and start all over again??

    Its a special club whose wings are being fixed, mended and you are in the way of that.

    Stop with your Pessimism...whatever you print does not come true, the transfers, the rumors etc...they are just fodder for sensationalist Pessimism to which everyone in the world is attracted to, just like "the end of the world as we know it" stories.

    This is my last comment on this site which i wish never to visit again.

    "To move up i need to think about building a ladder and climb, rather than think about digging a grave and standing above it."

  14. I've tried looking for these comments online but I couldn't find no source please can you put us all in the right direction to authentify your report

  15. Liam i understand what you mean...and i appreciate it. Just hitting the LIKE wouldn't have done it.

  16. Suarez is just giving his opinion based on questions asked, what is so wrong about that. Yes he has had well-documented (some would say over-documented issues both on and off the pitch, but there is a limit to this 'popular persecution'. Yes it is not without reason, Suarez is a controversial figure, always has been and always will be. Just because he says he would like to play with Ronaldo does that mean he definitely wants to leave? Ridiculous. I don't see the need to take a quote and spin a story about it, triple whammy indeed, what codswallop.

  17. It would be great if lazy journalists gave a biased account of what was
    actually said and in context. Its never going to happen though.

    Here are a few extracts of the interview where many topics were covered. For more quotes, visit @LBCeleste on twitter.

    asks Luis: How about the duo of C Ronaldo & L Suarez? "CR is great
    and he likes to score goals, and me... well I am in Liverpool!"

    Anchor: " You have said many times you like Liverpool...and we know the fans love you"
    LS: "oh we love it there, yes.. fantastic"

    LSuarez: "I go on the pitch and I give myself to the game, not 100% but 200% if that is possible... I give it all for LFC"

  18. I don't see anything unreasonable about questioning these quotes and attempting to put them in context. Obviously you're mocking people who claim the press is unreliable when reporting this issue but it seems quite naive to me to simply take the quotes at face value. At the very least they've been translated and paraphrased and presented without the correct context of what questions were answered. I completely agree with anyone who takes quotes presented in tabloid sports media with a grain of salt. It suits you to scoff at claims that the press simply makes things up or twists the truth but it's a point of view that seems to be concocted entirely to support your current set of arguments about players being linked in and out of the club. I can assure you that people have been sceptical of the media long before they started quoting Luis Suarez, and rightly so. Doing so again in this instance is perfectly consistent.

  19. So the 'he's in madrid and i'm in liverpool, its complicated, i dont know whats going to happen' quote was just stating a general opinion? really nothing to worry about here. Clearly his preference is to stay at LFC, no way this would make things more difficult for LFC?

    This has nothing to do with the Ghana game. Personally i have no issue with that. Got a red card and there was a penalty, good response.

    But this, this is just creating a circus that isnt necessary for LFC and serves no-one, except possibly him.

    If he is so fed up with the media misquoting him, DONT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT CLUBS YOUVE BEEN LINKED TO!!

    Pretty simple really...

  20. Raul go to youtube "entrevista a suarez en Hablemos" and you'll find the 50 min interview. I cant find any other interview on Uruguayan media other than this.

  21. Me, personally I wouldn't read too much into this. Why don't all of us wait till he comes home and him and BR have a chat. Then we'll see what the club "official statements" say about this whole situation. It is a silly season after all, fans are bored missing their daily dose of football actions & medias have nothing better to write about so they scrutinized player's every words and it becomes a headlines just to satisfy us fans

  22. He had mentioned a while back that his dream was to play with Barcelona. So, now, RM is fine for him? I'm tired of this saga. Hope it ends quickly. Honestly, if we can get good money for him like we got for Torres, sell him and use that money to buy depth for the squad.

  23. Watched the interview. He really does not say anything of the sort hinting towards playing with Ronaldo. Would assume the author has not watched the primary source.

  24. Liverpool aren't acknowledging his Real Madrid chat because they want Suarez to hand in a formal transfer request so that they don't have to give Luis a large chunk of the transfer fee. Same as Torres. Everyone knows it. Suarez is essentially not very bright. He's not a bad person, he's just got a low IQ. He's leaving alright, but not until he hands in a transfer request! Simple!

  25. I have read that interview last night. Whether it was the entire interview or only parts of it, I don't know. What I do know though is, that it was much longer than the few quotes used on here. And I didn't get that feeling that it is a come-and-get-me plea. It is complicated for him and he has previously said why exactly it is. He, again, highlighted that he has a contract with us. He surely knows that he won't be allowed to leave, if no club pays our asking price. Should no club do, I expect him to play for us next season in as determined a way as he always does, no sulking or anything.

    Furthermore, I personally reserve my interpretation on whether his comments are meant to be disrespectful towards the manager or the club. After all, it could well be that he is a bit thick, too. Or anything else.

    What I do know, though, is that we are a much better side with him in the team than without him. Therefore, I hope we can keep him and hopefully gain CL qualification.

  26. Is that so? I never knew that the player was due a part of the transfer fee, and I have never heard that before.

    Guess I suspect that you are right about Suaréz's mental ability, though.

  27. You can tell Suarez wants to go to Real Madrid . But if he had to stay he'll stay. If we get 50m+I'd sell him and improve the squad with 2 or 3 players . I like the fact everything he says that can be used to show his negative side is on the spot light. If he says anything decent then that part is brushed aside for the more interesting negetive stuff. What's more beneficial to Lfc is whatever they decide to do with Suarez they will do in due course. The less we publicize our own players negativity the better. I like the saying if you have nothing good to say then don't say anything. Instead when some people claim they don't care about any individual they care about Lfc and then go and dig out negetive stories to flame the fire. Again you also support individuals to support your team. Coz to get a team you need these individuals . I think we should leave the management of these individuals to the management and support out team. Who ever they may be . Like a player or not always should want the team to succeed if you like an individual then supporting them is supporting the team. It's like a family if someone in the family does something wrong we shouldent advertise it. But when they do something good then blow the trumpet. Coz that will only better the family reputation. Rant / moan over. Lol

  28. Oh, stop quoting the full interview. You are taking away the story by doing that. Or is it a non-story?

    If someone asked me whether I would like to spend a night with some good looking, rich, young actress, I too would say yes. Even though everybody knows that this would never happen, the missus would then understand that as some form of disloyalty, but then she is insanely jealous. And that's how some people react concerning our football club. Insanely jealous.

  29. If he stays, great as this will mean, BR wants him and so do Liverpool. if we sell him, well BR obviously may not want him or the offer was to good to refuse. Either way he will be a Liverpool player or not.

    The fact is our club captain who is regarded as 'Mr Liverpool' has done the same with regards to other clubs, remember Chelsea and his desire to play under mourinho? At the end of the day, Suarez is being honest about his situation, If someone asked you a question; would you like to play for Madrid, should you not answer it honestly?? we talk about being honest all of the time but if you want brutal honesty in all walks of life, remember one thing; you may not like what you hear!!!

    Suarez is a quality player and yes he has made some horrendous mistakes but he plays the game with his emotions set on 100%. Players who play in this way are always full of controversy but are often the better players, as they are usually committed, determined and play with heart, all the key factors i would like other liverpool players to play with every game not just the derby or against man utd. We sometimes forget this when talking about suarez, for 90% of the season he gives 100%, the other 10% is when he is banned!! Now compare that to some of the other liverpool players who for 90% of the season give around 60% and only raise their game to 100% for the top games.

    For people who say he is damaging our sponsorship and revenue, well he is the 5th highest shirt seller in the premiership behind RVP, Gerrard Rooney and Kagawa, this is on world wide sales.

  30. I wish he would just go.

    Yes I love him as a player but I am fed up with him being unable to control his mouth :)

    Just put in your transfer request already

  31. Whilst its safe to say Jamie does not like Suarez, it is not not Jamie's fault that Suarez is constantly talking about moving away from Liverpool and you certainly can;t blame Jamie for Suarez biting people

  32. My two pence on the whole Suarez issue is this. Real madrid's number one target is bale, he's the one they really want. They got their ex players to praise him and say how he's meant to play for madrid, they have even tasked Zidane with ' operation get Bale'. There is no big effort from Madrid to get Suarez, it's all from the player. I think madrid would like to get Suarez but as a secondary signing to their main target Bale. Which leaves everyone concerned in a conundrum. liverpool want 50m for Suarez, Real madrid are not willing to pay that much for him, in fact no one is. SO Suarez can talk all he wants, unless madrid fail to get Bale or cavani who is their second choice and are also willing to pay LFC 50m for him, he's going nowhere. Although after all his disrespectful comments, I wouldn't want him 100ft near an LFC shirt.

  33. does IQ even have anything to do with your conscience?

  34. Suarez, Suarez, Suarez you really didn't plan this through very well. Let's examine the situation here from a more detached, empirical viewpoint.

    #1 The original interview was done in Spanish and then translated by an unknown number of sources with unknown qualifications. Is this merely a "mistranslation"...I have no idea but when the primary source material has a question mark over it, that doubt has to be kept in mind.

    #2 We now know there is no "escape clause" in his contract.
    #2a This means Liverpool are under no obligation to accept anything less than they see as fair valuation for Suarez no matter what he says in the press.

    #3 The teams listed outside of RM make no sense. Why on earth would Bayern, after their incredible season, want to splash out the money required to move Suarez for a player who has averaged missing 10-15% of the season due to suspension? It beggars belief that Pep would want to add someone like Suarez to what is a fantastic and stable team. City or Chelsea? Don't forget that FSG is owned by Americans and an unbreakable rule in American sports is if you trade (our version of selling) an elite player, it is never to your direct competition. Not a chance he goes to either. Monaco? How is that different than Liverpool, City (with more money) didn't make a huge splash it's first year of largess...PSG, same thing. I just don't see Suarez going from the Prem to Ligue 1. So, that leaves RM.

    I guess I'll wrap this up. RM is supposed to be "hot" on Suarez but have no made even the slightest of approaches to Liverpool in regards to finding a place to even start negotiations. All "news" about Suarez and RM's relationship has come from MARCA a source even less reliable than most British rags. RM need a marquee signing, but is bringing in a player who scores goals (something RM already does with aplomb) who has more baggage than Paris Hilton and will be impossible to land without a ghastly outlay of money really that "Marquee Signing"?

    Suarez may stay whether he likes it or not.

  35. Top reply lol
    Seriously though, Jamie- a link to the full transcript would put it to bed as to whether the quotes are in context no?
    Considering your comments that Enablers will claim out of context, I'm sure you would soundly prove your point ?

  36. Simple....bring Ronaldo here to LFC...!

  37. Suarez is clearly trying to engineer a move away. He was asked a direct question and he had to add some extra bits concerning his future. If an offer of £50M plus come in for him then I think we should sell him.

    Granted, he has apologised for the biting incident etc... but he has brought all the media nonsense upon himself. The media does not gang up on a player unless he has done something. Although I agree that the media can be biased.

    Just accept it. He wants to leave.

  38. Typical enabling attitude. Being a good footballer does not/should not excuse his nonsense. All he has done since coming her is tarnish the LFC name. And then after the club blindly supported him he now spits on the badge by wanting to leave and offering himself via the media.

  39. Season 5 coming soon!

  40. You are completely wrong IMO. Suarez has brought all this media hunting on himself. You don't see the media to that to Shevchenko or Van Persie. Why? Because they are not controversial and don't act that way. Suarez is and does.

    What he did against Ghana was a blatant...regardless of then pen awarded..it's about ethics. This attitude of "sacrificing for my team even if it means cheating" is rotten.

    Although talented, he has brought this upon himself. No doubt it won't be the last time.

  41. Don't be so sure.. if Napoli sell Cavani then I can see Rafa not only going for him but spending 50mil on him.. after all it is Rafa :)

  42. LOL! Most footballers have basic education. Secondary school at best. Don't know why he is talking about IQ LOL!

  43. If he did say that just sell him to the highest bidder

  44. Suarez is going nowhere he will be a red next season, the club don't need the money end of!!!

  45. My comments are being deleted for pointing out factual, grammatical and spelling errors. I should be getting paid for my excellent sub-editing!!!

  46. After all that was said two weeks ago, I really have no problem with anything he says now. It was that week that was so disappointing. Now, I just want him to be the player of the tournament in Brazil, winning the Cup for Uruguay with a goal and an assist in every game, while Bayern and Madrid mortgage everything to make him theirs.

  47. NonEventHorizon1:39 pm, June 11, 2013

    Hi Jaimie, I hope you let me post the full "first" interview as it is important for a balanced debate. I'm not saying it contradicts or backs up your view, just that we can all make up our own minds.

    Full real transcript: htt p: // twitlonger . com/ show/ n_1rkj4f5

  48. NonEventHorizon1:46 pm, June 11, 2013

    Btw , I haven't read it yet so this is an unbiased post ref your view

  49. The whole Suarez transfer saga is really boring me...for whatever reason Im completely apathetic towards whether he goes or stays,theres benefits and negatives to him staying or going on both sides

  50. Oh Luis doing the auld self-pity maneuvering & palatable act again I see. Yawn.

  51. the sooner he goes the better he has disrespected our great club once to often a player from the gutter with no class when you think of players like Robbie fowler who would play for us for free' get the money and use it wisely this time.

  52. Tina Mac Realti3:26 pm, June 11, 2013

    10% of any transfer fee, unless the player requested the transfer. Thats the way it used to be a few years ago, dont believe it has changed.

  53. Tina Mac Realti3:34 pm, June 11, 2013

    OK, 99% of what you stated, small point Suarez speaks Portugese, not Spanish.

  54. Ah thank you. It boils down to this in my opinion, because he signed a long term contract w/out an escape clause Liverpool can't be pushed into selling him below market value. Because of his previous infractions this makes him a potentially extremely expensive nightmare for a team with an even bigger profile than Liverpool.
    All I can say is that if he does end up staying he better not use his "unhappiness" as an excuse for poor effort on the pitch, he's getting paid more per week than I'll see in a decade. Spoilt footballers are disgusting.

  55. Haha. Great piece of spin :-)

  56. This is probably the single most apt comment I've read on here.

  57. This is such a red herring. Context is irrelevant. Whatever the 'context', it doesn't change the meaning of Suarez's comments.

    I don't see you asking for full interviews when it comes to other LFC players. Do you really expect the press to print every single word of every single interview conducted with every single player. just to satisfy a self-serving need for 'context'.

    There is nothing in Suarez's complete interview that negates/changes/alters the meaning of his comments.

  58. Give it a rest with Suarez victim act. He has dug his own grave over the last three years; it has nothing to do with me, or anyone else. The guy is a great footballer, but he has no respect for the rules of the game.

    And your view that anyone would do what Suarez did against Ghana just shows your true colours. You are someone who is willing to overlook blatant cheating just because you like the player.

    You are Uruguayan, so you'll just ignore what Suarez does because you're biased. That is not support; that is corruption of the beautiful game.

    And the idea that 'any real player' would've handballed on the line is total nonsense anyway, and the proof of that is that in the entire history of football, there are only a handful (pun intended) of similar incidents at the highest level. Over the decades, players would've had countless chances to do the same thing, but clearly, the majority chose to stick by the rules.

    The likes of Suarez and Maradona are the disgraceful exception to the general rule.

  59. Why thank you :) Probably the first and last time you'll see it from me :)

  60. He is one of those players that seems to love playing football and will give it his all on the pitch, regardless of circumstances outside of it. Despite my criticisms of him, I don't have much doubt over what his performances will be like for us, if he does end up staying.

  61. Really? That's outrageous. Don't these players earn enough already. There has to be done something about that. Glad I had never before heard about this. It angers me.

  62. And then he'll play him as a left-back...

  63. No. Why would he speak Portuguese? In Uruguay? As far as I know the only South American country with Portuguese speaking natives is Brazil. And, again as far as I know, Portuguese speakers understand Spanish, but not the other way round. It would be really foolish of him to speak Portuguese in Uruguay, because no-one would understand what he says. Wait a minute, that explains quite a lot then :-)

  64. Not again a player who's so much in love with himself. He is even worse than Torres, and he always seemed to be extremely worried about his hair when playing football.

  65. Why he just doesn't shut up. That is what really angers me. Hasn't he said all of that already. Personally, I'd be bored if I got asked the same questions time and again, and would refuse answering them.

    The club should give him a call, tell him to shut up and that he may call Real Madrid and beg them to make an outrageous offer for him.

  66. Desiring context is self serving? How self serving is it to say that? How much the context alters the overall situation is a matter of opinion, surely you don't advocate accepting your assertion without question.
    You've obviously seen the whole transcript in order to make that statement. I was simply asking if you could post the full transcript to allow me to make my own mind up. Hardly an unreasonable request particularly since you often make the quote into a hyperlink..

    It's not as though I don't believe Suarez will leave. I just think you are predisposed to making a big deal of anything he does which you can portray negatively. Now you may be right in saying he's angling for a move, but that doesn't mean that your interpretation of his words are as disrespectful as you claim.
    I'll find it myself, your reaction makes you sound as though you sometimes think it's wrong to even question you. Which isn't true, but nevertheless , it does...

  67. The act by itself?
    If that's true, then Jack Charlton is rotten. I've seen him do it years ago. So is Phil Neville . And Paul Scholes. And countless others.
    This doesn't exonerate Suarez from his other acts. But rotten? Cheating? Unethical for that one act? Please.

  68. Yes, that's right, Maradona is the only forward to ever intentionally punch the ball for a goal....
    Oh, hang on, Messi did it didn't he? Plus God knows how many others. All cheats.
    And please don't start with that 'look what else they did' stuff. You have clearly stated what the crime is here.
    Maradonna and Suarez should be joined by players about whom the word Cheat would not so readily be accepted and

  69. don't you know? JK has already stated that nothing in the full transcript makes any difference to the meaning.
    That should be enough.

  70. Funny you should mention honesty- If he was as fundamentally dishonest as JK has repeatedly made out, he would have lied when asked if he had said the N word (whichever it was)
    He would then have been found not guilty, since no-one heard him say it even once, let alone 10 times.
    Is that not what a devious, lying, serial cheat would do?

  71. Agreed. Enough already.
    Still would like to read the whole interview though. If only to prove/disprove whether the media are acting fairly towards him

  72. No, I don't know that. What I can tell is, as soon as someone tells me (or you or anyone) what to believe and what to think, it's high time stop listening. The head is not on that neck to stop rain from dropping in it. It is there to think for oneself. I know, I know, this went out of fashion some time ago, but maybe I am an old timer.

  73. Yeah, sure. Would be interesting. Quoting single sentences just doesn't make any sense at all.

  74. Perhaps this is too literal but I still have not seen in one interview or story Luis Suarez say the words:

    "I no longer want to play for Liverpool Football Club".

    I've read him talk about the idea of playing for Real Madrid. I've read him talk about the English press treating him unfairly and that it's affected his family. I've read him confirm that he still has a contract. I've read him talk about how much he loves the Liverpool fans and I've read him talk about how much he desired to play for Liverpool growing up.

    I'm still waiting for him to say out loud:

    "I no longer want to play for Liverpool Football Club."

    Until he says it, it's all speculation and conjecture.

    Again, perhaps it's too literal... but it seems like everything he's saying now, he's said before. Nothing has changed between now, last week, or the week before.

    If someone can find him saying those words, please post it here with a link.

  75. Yes, it does merit thr comment I've made. Context doesn't change the meaning of what you've said at separate times.

    Sent from Samsung Galaxy Note

    -------- Original message --------

  76. Everyone who does not agree with you has to be an apologist or something, right.

  77. That's utter bollocks Jaimie. If I was such a huge fan (fanatic) of Suaréz, I'd hardly be asking for him to call RM and beg them to make an outrageous offer Liverpool can't refuse. Sometimes it appears to me that you fail to see the trees for the wood. As soon as it is about Suaréz, this strange thing occurs.

  78. Leading questions? Give me a break. That is a biased interpretation IMO. Eevery question asked by journos could be labelled 'leading'
    Unless he's irretrievably stupid, Suarez knows that his comments will be reported, yet he still runs his mouth off. Then he had the gall to bitch about the media twisting things?!
    He coukd politely refuse to answer questions about other teams, OR he cold just say 'I have a contract with LFC and I'm happy' and leave it at that.
    He chooses to fan the flames; it has absolutely nothing to do with the media. They just ask the questions; he selects the answers.

    Sent from Samsung Galaxy Note

    -------- Original message --------

  79. Too right it's nothing to do with you . You insignificant little worm or gobshite . Take your pick

  80. I don't just refer to your comments today; over the last week, you've been riding the 'context' horse hard, refusing to read between the lines and see the obvious. It's clearly you who can't see the wood for the trees.

    Sent from Samsung Galaxy Note

    -------- Original message --------

  81. Yes, of course. I am a scientist. Things have to be seen in the right context. BTW, I don't refuse to read between the lines, but after all, what is said between the lines is always up to interpretation. I don't want to deny that he, at least, puts himself in the shop window.

    Yeah, sure, Jaimie. I can't see the wood for the trees. It must be me, or someone else, because it can never be you.

  82. Anteater, if you can't handle vociferous debate then don't engage in it. It's my opinion that you can't see the wood for the trees. Hundreds of people every week think the same about me. Big deal. That's their right, and I'm sure sometimes, they're right. Just because I argue my point doesn't mean I'm suggesting I am absolutely, objectively right; I'm just arguing what I personally think is right.

  83. Its so hard to see Liverpool fans, especially those who obviously love the club a lot write about our players in a way that it stirs up emotions and turns others towards negativity.

    Yes, everyone has a voice and is entitled to their opinions but sometimes I wonder whether these fans really support the club or support their own egos.

    Ok, so McManaman screwed us over, so did Michael Owen. Torres left, boo hoo and now, apparently Suarez.

    Did these players not give us their all during their short times with us? Did they not turn games around? Did they not showed us supporters why they deserved our adulation?

    Now ask yourself this question. Have you ever found yourself wanting out of your job? Looking elsewhere? Tempted by change/money/experience/branding?

    We have till 65 or even more before we retire. Footballers will be lucky if they haven't burnt out by 30.

    Everyone wants to accomplish more in life and we should not begrudge footballers that. Most of them have not had the economic advantages we have and grow up thinking differently.

    Don't take it so personally, its not like they gave us the finger. They might have given the club the finger, but then again, have you not wanted to do that to your own company too?

    Footballers are human just like you and me.

    Jamie, have you ever not made a mistake? Have you not ever felt like leaving for a better job? Have you not had people question whether you made a mistake or not?

    You are entitled to your opinions, but words have the power to poison people and topple organisations. You have the opportunity to be published online, with lots of people reading what you write.

    Just like Suarez' words and every move can be interpreted or misinterpreted. So can your words.

    The press spreads rumours to poison people. Your words have the same power to do so. We need more people behind the club and the players. Until they no longer wear a red shirt, everyone should have our support.

    Suarez made mistakes, lets move on and not fan the rumour mill any longer. That is our responsibility as Liverpool fans. Support the team.

  84. Your reply seems to get deleted time and again. Ah, isn't it great that we live in a free world and have freedom of speech.

    I'm getting replies from Jaimie along the same lines. Apparently it doesn't matter what someone said in an entire interview. Furthermore, it probably doesn't matter what someone wrote in a book. You simply take out of it what suits you agenda and there you go. Simply deny that anything else was ever said or written.

    Yes, the two of us seem to be self-serving fools.

  85. Your reply seems to get deleted time and again. Ah, isn't it great that we live in a free world and have freedom of speech.

    I'm getting replies from Jaimie along the same lines. Apparently it
    doesn't matter what someone said in an entire interview. Furthermore, it
    probably doesn't matter what someone wrote in a book. You simply take
    out of it what suits you agenda and there you go. Simply deny that
    anything else was ever said or written.

    Yes, the two of us seem to be self-serving f_ols.

  86. So, basically what you are advocating is blind faith, and never be critical? Thanks, but I think I'll pass.

    That sounds like the cyber version of a totalitarian regime, and that doesn't interest me.

    Additionally, you seem to misunderstand my overall point. As I've stated many times, I don't begrudge Suarez a move away. My issue is with Suarez here is :

    * Ignoring Rodgers' instructions to keep quiet about LFC whilst on international duty.

    * Nakedly touting himself out to other clubs despite LFC supporting him through thick and thin over the last two years.

    I don't take it 'personally' - why is it that whenever you criticise something you have to be taking it personally? That's nonsense. Some things have to be said, and (IMO) this is one of them.

    If you're content to exist in some la la land where everything is sweetness and light, that is, of course, your prerogative.

  87. You stopped short of "If you don't like it, don't come here". That's what was written between the lines.

    I have no problem with vociferous debate. I have a problem with blinkered people, even though I am big enough a man to admit that I, too, sometimes am blinkered. And I don't want my words to be twisted and pulled out of context. I know that you have the ability to see the whole picture. And usually you draw good conclusions. Not so now.

  88. Well said. As I mentioned earlier today, we seem to act as if we were insanely jealous.

    Ian Rush left us, too. And Torres played poorly for us in his last season. Little did I know that he was a spent force already.

  89. Interesting. Maybe I missed a few sentences, but I didn't draw the conclusion that he advocates blind faith and never to be critical.

  90. Jaimie, Skrtel's agent is obviously touting him to every club that could be interested in him. What do you make of that. The agent surely has to follow the player's orders, right. How about making a mountain out of that molehill?

  91. I acknowledge that I'm taking a very literal stance on the subject.

    The writing is seemingly on the figurative wall.

    Even if he said something like, "I'd prefer to move on to a different club at this point", I'd be more inclined to believe it.

    Do I want him to move on? No. That's the fan in me.

    Do I expect him to move on? I'm not sure yet, though it seems more likely that with each passing day. Perhaps the part of me that doesn't want him to move on is what's keeping me from expecting it.

    Finally, I'm not a Suarez apologist. I'm certainly a fan of his, and I've shown that I acknowledge that he's done wrong. And I'll defend him when I feel he's wrongly accused of something (see: Mansfield handball).

  92. So, in your opinion, does Suarez not have a valid reason to want to leave?

    Even if he brought a lot of the pain/controversy on himself?

  93. I can see why he thinks he has a valid reason to leave, but I don't think agree with it. Everything that's happened, he brought on himself. He should man up, own it, and get on with his career. If he stays next season, all he has to do is not cheat, not bite and not dive, and the press will soon forget about him.

  94. From his perspective, he's probably thinking he's doing just that... getting on with his career... somewhere else.

  95. NonEventHorizon8:17 pm, June 11, 2013

    Just to point out -
    Do you want to leave LFC? Not a leading question
    Would you like to play with Ronaldo? A leading question.
    He feels he needs to explain himself about a possibly impending transfer (that has not been verified as yet) so he has answered the questions honestly imo. This wasn't a post match interview or a couple of quick words grabbed by an opportunistic journo, it was a long tv studio interview, of course he's not going to sit there for an hour, or however long it was, and basically say "no comment". How boring would that have been for his home country viewers and how much would the tv station have been understandably miffed with him?? And he did say "I have a contract with LFC and I'm happy with the club"
    Plus to some extent he has got a point about the British press, I mean how often do we still hear about Joey Barton's horrible thuggery against man city, or Rooney's cowardly blind-side elbow to the face?
    I'm not saying he doesn't want to go, or that he hasn't said the things he has, just that the way you are reporting it is a bit distorted to what was actually said. Given you're dislike of him as a player that's understandable, yet journalistically (I'm assuming here that you consider yourself, and rightly so, more credible than some lazy red-top-rag regurgitator) I don't see the "disrespect" you are labelling him with

  96. No one said Suarez is a victim. Suarez is a fantastic player, playing in a country were everyone -but liverpool fans- hate him. Even some liverpool fans like you believe he is a disgrace (i know there are the minority). Look at the way you title "Suarez disrespect BR", is that a serious?

    Let me see if I understand, I am from Uruguay so I dont have the right to talk and you will ignore me. You should give arguments, that is how life works. When there are two sides of a story, you should listen to both.

    For me, being racist -or discriminatory- is giving 8 ban matches to a Uruguayan player for saying "black" in spanish, and putting only 4 matches to the english captain for saying -on tape in plain english- "fucking black cunt". The foundation of justice is "All are equal before the law". We all know this doesn´t happen with Suarez in the FA.

    You compare Suarez and Maradona, were the two cases are different. Suarez did a handball and got a red card, that is not cheating, that is playing by the rules. Ghana had a penalty, they missed it. Is like calling a cheater to anyone who does a foul at any point of the game, that is non sense. Maradona did a handball and got a goal, without any penalty, that is cheating.

    By the way, if the FA wants to get serious about cheating they should dig better the 1966 world cup. Even a FIFA president (Havelange) said referees were bought in that WC. This comment goes with all the respect to the Liverpool fans without any intention of arguing about this, is just that the "moral superiority" of some british makes many people around the globe laugh.

    The only reason why Suarez would leave Liverpool is to leave England. Whatever he does get the attention of everyone in a bad way. He cant speak his own language, that makes a big difference also in the relationship with the media and fans. I believe no one in Liverpool should get angry with him, the same way he should always support Liverpool in the UK.

    I hope you dont censure mi comment.

  97. Didn't you know it's my way or Stevie highway on here mate, lol :)

  98. IQ basically involves how fast you can process problems and solve them. It is entirely different to knowing what is morally right and wrong! Otherwise Lex Luthor would have a very low IQ...

  99. I understand what you're saying...

    But couldn't one turn your point around and make the case then that just because "it's hard to say no to Barca" that it doesn't change the fact that he "[has] a contract" and is "very happy at LFC".

    Why does it have to be one way or another, and not a little bit of both?

  100. Why did you censor my reply? I was respectful. Is difficult to have a conversation if you dont allow it.

  101. sorry, i just seen it, my apologize.

  102. From the same interview:

    "Liverpool is a club that I dreamt about playing for as a boy. I have been with great players there, they know me and I would love to continue for many more years at Liverpool. The stadium is spectacular, the fans are phenomenal: people with tattoos of me, things that I could never have imagined."
    So yes, I believe he's putting himself in the window for Real to buy.
    But zero respect? Not from where I'm standing.
    Still, I wish he'd just shut up and do one or the other....

  103. Wrong. It also serves Real Madrid. They won't say a word until Suarez has made it untenable to stay. Then they'll come in with a lowball offer of say £20M plus Callejon and drag it out until deadline day. In the meantime Suarez will keep trying to drive his price down ultimately by going on strike. I wouldn't be surprised if this was all being orchestrated by Fiorentino Perez himself as publicly they are being very coy. They want two big signings and a cheap one. Bale, Cavani and Suarez. Bale and Cavani are doing the respectable thing and keeping schtum. Suarez is wh0ring himself out. He's the cheap one.

  104. Suarez is under contract at Liverpool, so however he feels, he is talented enough and professional enough to perform until his contract expires.

    That said, I can understand where he's coming from.

    Carroll, Downing, Henderson, any more bright ideas guys?


    Allen is good I find but frankly Souness wasn't exaggerating when he said this is the worst Liverpool squad we've had in a long long time. Suarez wants to play in the Champions League, is that wrong of him? Is he getting ideas above his station? No. He would do amazingly well in the competition, and he the same ambition that has him taking teams apart, is what is driving his desire to pit himself against the worlds best.

    Can anyone tell me hand on heart Liverpool will finish in the top 4 next season? I hope Liverpool can sign some top players this summer. and frankly we need some established players. Not to flog a proverbial dead horse, but we could have had Soldado for the price of Carroll and mistakes like that take years to overcome. esp since Carroll is still arguing over wages. Madness.
    Suarez is world class. If LFC want to keep him they need to sign more world class players.

  105. Hush hush affair? Didn't Ajax ban and fine him and wasn't he labelled the Cannibal of Amsterdam by their press. The only reason why it wasn't worldwide is because the Eredivisie isn't? The guy has made 'mistake' after 'mistake' for the last 3 years.And now he's making another I suppose. 2 in a week. Repeat ones. At some point multiple mistakes just mean poor character as a man and that essentially is Jamie's problem with him. His character as a man is insufficient for Liverpool football club.

  106. He seems to have had a lot of vivid dreams as a child. Either that or he's full of s**t.

  107. He's definitely worked out that by repeatedly wh0ring himself out via the press it puts pressure on his club which can serve to lower his price.

  108. But he did lie about the context in which he used those words and changed his story from his original statement on the use of those words. A half truth is is not the whole truth. It's that 'slyness that never leaves you'.

  109. One question. Did you support Itandje or El Haji Diouf after their disgraceful behaviour at the club?

  110. Ok, so there were 2 interviews, one on saturday (50 minutes on Hablamos) and another on RR Gol (Tenfield Sports) on monday. here is the link, it appears that the quotes are coming from the RR interview.


  111. You know that with these staged interviews questions and subject matter is vetted beforehand. Suarez could easily have told the interviwer "no questions about Real Madrid". This wasn't a live interview. He had some level of control over the questions. He possibly either willingly allowed the questions to be posed or maybe even requested it.

  112. What's funny about this is I remember a question in my A Level General Studies about how editorial selectivity can affect news stories and how FACTUAL items can still mislead.

    At the time, I didn't understand what they meant.

    I do now.

    If the (single) quote you printed (from a 50 minute interview), was surrounded by 49 others which were more or very positive towards LFC, then the CONTEXT is very different from if the single quote was amongst 40 others in a similar vein would it not?

    simply ignoring the rest means that the single quote was not broadly representative of what was said.

    Let's put it another way: If the quote you used was

    "Liverpool is a club that I dreamt about playing for as a boy. I have been with great players there, they know me and I would love to continue for many more years at Liverpool. The stadium is spectacular, the fans are phenomenal: people with tattoos of me, things that I could never have imagined."

    Then, despite it being part of the same interview, it gives a diametrically opposite impression to the reader. It says:

    'Suarez wants to stay' . Now, I'm NOT saying that that is the case, I'm saying that the overall tone can be changed completely by using selected parts.

    You want to emphasise what you believe to be disrespect and shameless touting for a move. Someone else could take the same interview and argue the exact opposite.


    We all understand you have to select quotes to support your view.

    But no way can I accept you saying that context is irrelevant
    Disagree? Then take this sentence (a quote):
    " I would love to continue for many more years at Liverpool "
    And write your article on how disrespectful he is and how he wants to leave.
    Sometimes, context is Everything

  113. You can write a hundred pages of misdirection about how alleged context makes a difference, but in Suarez's case, it makes no difference whatsoever. it doesn't matter how many times he says he loves LFC etc; he has also stated that he wants to leave, and that retains its meaning irrespective of what surrounds it.

    You're just trying to muddy the waters; that, or you're suffering from an incredible level of denial.

    Taking everything into consideration, including every comment Suarez has made over the last 3-4 months, ask yourself this question: does Suarez want to leave Liverpool.

    The answer (IMO) is unequivocally yes, and if a jury had to decide beyond a reasonable doubt - based on the available evidence - whether Suarez wanted to stay or go, I have no doubt it would conclude that Suarez wants to leave.

    Suarez's contention that he'd 'love to continue at LFC for many years' is nonsense. If that was the case, he wouldn't be bitching about how he needs to leave because of the media etc.

  114. No I dident. Coz I dident like them. Also itandje was disgraceful to the club. Diouf was an idiot with no class . I dident like them but I dident slaughter them in public forums while they were at the club.

  115. Some would say the same of Suarez. Some would say that he deserves to be publicly criticised for his recent behaviour. You said that you support individuals to support your team. When Diouf spat on that kid he was part of the team. Are we seriously saying that we should have supported him or not criticise him?

  116. Yes because Souness can use his years as a top flight manager to know what makes a good team.. hang on...

    Will we finish top 4.. no idea, will we challenge for top 4, well if we make a couple of good signings and cut out a lot of the silly mistakes we made during the last season then yes we can.

    As for saying we could of x player, having the money is one thing, the player wanting to play for Liverpool and Liverpool willing to meet the wage demands of said player is a totally different matter.