17 Jun 2013

Robbie Fowler raves: 'Magnificent' signing will be a 'vital' transfer for LFC.

In a recent survey on this site, the majority of voting fans gave the Kolo Toure transfer a massive thumbs-up, and Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler also believes that the former Arsenal and Man City star is a major transfer coup for the club.

The results of last week's survey were emphatic:

* Question asked: Is Kolo Toure a good signing for Liverpool?

* 11000 visitors (approx) voted.

* 79% of participants voted YES.

Fowler played against Toure many times during his top-flight career, and when asked yesterday what he thinks about the signing, the former striker told lfc.com:

"He's a fantastic player, and he's been has been magnificent in the Premier League. His experience will be vital for Liverpool, especially after losing Carra. I'm sure coming to a new club will spur him on that little bit more and he will want to do well.

"I don't know if Kolo Toure will play all of the games, but Liverpool certainly needed a lot more numbers. Brendan [Rodgers] is doing that right now. Toure has been there and worn the T-shirt in the Premier League so I think his signing is absolutely magnificent."

Reds legends John Aldridge, Jan Molby and Phil Thompson broadly agree with Fowler. In a recent column, Reds legend Aldo described Toure as a 'stop-gap' measure, but he also hailed him as a 'winner', and insisted the signing is 'not a gamble'. He told the Liverpool Echo:

“He [Toure] knows the Premier League inside out. Everyone can see that we needed more experience, and our young players will learn a lot from him. He reads the game really well and knows what it’s all about.

“He’s 32 but he’s still got a couple of years at the highest level left in him. He’s a winner, and will be a voice in the dressing room. He know what it takes to win and will have an impact on the players around him"

The Great Dane told the Liverpool Echo:

"I can see the appeal of Toure. He wouldn’t be starting every week but there would still be plenty of games for him to take part in. When Man City signed him, most clubs would have taken him. He’s older now but he still has plenty to offer"

Thommo tweeted:

"Happy with the signing of Kolo Toure. He's of good character, experience and ability. He may only be a back up, but I'm sure he will want to play as much as possible, which is what we want"

I can see the logic behind Toure's signing, and the benefits he brings to the club are obvious, but 'absolutely magnificent'? A slight exaggeration IMO. If he's so amazing, then why don't Man City want to keep him? Why don't they want to take advantage of his vast experience in the Premier League?

Liverpool's summer business seems to be progressing well at the moment, but the club still needs another central defender, and it's unclear at the moment who is most likely to join Toure at Anfield. Tiago Ilori and Kyriakos Papadopolous seem to be the front-runners, but unlike the Reds' quest for attacking players, there's nothing solid yet on the transfer front.

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  1. I expect one more cb, and he's going to be our last signing. The fact we focus on attacking players first is because players like the Armenian who's name I just can't spell, (mhkitraryan? No idea lol) are players many clubs want to sign... We have to concentrate and think carefully who will fit in our system and lead pur backline at the same moment, that's why I think BR is a bit shy to buy a cb right now, he's waiting for the "right one"

  2. Should be good experience wise, and hopefully should still have something to offer. Still hoping for Papadopoulos.
    I'm glad that it seems we are getting our transfer done early too.

  3. we got toure but it looks as if bayer have beaten us to one off our other defensive targets alderwiereld know which one i would have rather signed

  4. jaimie can you turn the videos off its annoying i know i can stop it ,but why does it have to start,surely you can click onto it if you want to watch

  5. well done jaimie seems to be fixed now

  6. There are a lot of youngsters in the squad and very few that have won at the top level bar gerrard and Suarez. So toure can help instill a winning mentality and share stories about how he won the league which should prove inspirational. I feel he should lose some weight though cos he looked a bit too bulky this season.

  7. Bro I'm sure he knows who are the right ones its just a matter of whether they can afford them, whether they will come, or whether some other club also want them, or they might not want to leave their club. So it's all about demand and supply. Also don't you think we badly need a dmc as well to cover for Lucas?

  8. What videos? Using NoScript prevents me from seeing videos and adds, at least until I allow them to play.

  9. More than badly, all of us think so... But I honestly think BR doesn't he sees Allen and Lucas in that position and I think its enough...

  10. Toure does nothing to solve the problem of our inability to deal with a physical or aerial approach.

    Lovren would have been a far better signing imo. More money upfront, but lower wages and the opportunity to raise funds through a transfer in the future, meant that the transfer would not have just been better on the pitch, but for the accounting books also!