3 May 2013

All change at LFC: Time to dump Rodgers for CL-winning boss...? (Guest Post)

Despite signs of progress this season, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers continues to receive a mixed response from the club’s fan base. There are (arguably) plenty of positives to take from the boss's reign so far, but according to site regular Nick Blackley, there is still one crucially important factor missing in Rodgers' managerial make-up: Ruthlessness.

Unfortunately, Rodgers’ tenure is a mix of straight-up ass kissing and – like Kenny Dalglish before him - PR mistakes in relation to Luis Suarez.

Yes, Rodgers is possibly capable of getting Liverpool into the top four, but does he have what it takes to lead the Reds to the Premier League title?

Players in great teams are motivated by a fear of letting their manager down, and only authoritative managers who command the respect of players achieve this.

Do you think Man Utd players are scared of letting Fergie down? Absolutely! And he sure as hell lets them know it. Being a great man-manager isn’t about being submissive in a bid to make senior players feel good about themselves, but that is a major part of Rodgers’ managerial approach.

The biggest example of this is Rodgers’ relentless praise of “brilliant”, “fantastic” and “outstanding” players such as Gerrard and Suarez, or his own mini-me, Joe Allen.

The Liverpool website is basically a communal praising space where Rodgers endlessly massages players’ egos. How is Rodgers going to cultivate a winning mentality with such a soft approach to man-management?

If he defends Suarez all the time (i.e. most recently with the Ivanovic ban) then how is Suarez going to learn? If he’s going to praise the team after a dour draw or loss, how does he expect the players’ own standards improve?

In my opinion, Rodgers’ soft approach is a major reason for Liverpool’s unacceptably volatile inconsistency, and this raises quite an important question: Should Liverpool seize the chance to hire Carlo Ancelotti in the summer, or should they give Rodgers the chance to qualify for Europe?

I’m in favour of the bringing in Ancelotti. He’s tough, experienced, and definitely proven. I don’t see the point in allowing Rodgers to implement a very specific style of play for a few years, when there’s every possibility that he’ll eventually be cast aside for a more experienced, successful coach with a (more than likely) different football philosophy.

In my view, unless Rodgers overhauls his man-management style, he’ll never win the premier league. Sacking him after one year would be harsh, but it would arguably even worse to leave him be for a couple of years and then sack him after the high of qualifying for the champions league.

Stick or twist...?

Nick Blackley (aka Nick1811)

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  1. I agree about the criticism of Rodgers' approach to man management.

  2. For the record, I don't think Rodgers is a bad manager. He has the capability to be a very good one. People will now argue that Shankly and Ferguson were unproven before they reached their glory. But the key difference between Rodgers and those two is simply their ruthlessness. Jason Carr, you're going to love this article ;-)

  3. It would be madness to get rid of rodgers this summer. He's trying to institute something for the long term, whereas managers like ancelotti are short-term fixers. He'd come in, win a few trophies, and then leave after 2-3 years. Idoubt he'd pay too much attention to developing the youth set-up. Ancelotti would be just a hired hand, whereas rodgers is part of the club.

  4. what's so wrong with praising players? He may go a little too far, but where's the damage?

  5. Rodgers can't win, can he. If he publicly criticises players some folks will claim that these things should be discussed internally and that it is not the Liverpool way to discuss matters in public. If he doesn't some people start thinking that he is soft.

  6. Damage is the resulting delusional attitude by players and fans that everything is alright. If you want to set your goals high, you should be strict on the volume of praise you dish out.

  7. Not sure that he is missing ruthlessness to be honest. To tell a player that we paid 35 million for that he isn't wanted and telling players like Downing and Henderson that they could leave the club if they didn't start performing seems pretty ruthless to me. Do you necessarily have to be ruthless to win the league? I am not sure I would describe Wenger as ruthless but he has done it multiple times.

  8. I wouldnt want to see Ancelotti go to Liverpool with the intention of it being a short term appiontment which he has been doing lately.

    As for Kenny making a "pr mistake" with Suarez I think it was only a mistake because we now live in a world where denying you're a racist is now treated as being racist because many white people have a crippling anxiety to constantly prove they're not guilty of this massive taboo.

  9. I totally agree that Rodgers is soft. I doubt the players really respect him; how can you truly respect someone who constantly fawns all over you? Yes, on the outside they'll like him, but inside, the likes of Suarez, Gerrard, Agger etc know that no matter how badly they play, or what they do, Rodgers will defend them, and play them. He's clearly scared of upsetting the senior players, and to me it looks like he kowtows to them in a bid to keep them onside.

    If Liverpool dumped Rodgers this summer, it would be unfair, but I doubt to would ultimately end up being detrimental. I wouldn't push for it, but I wouldn't be too distraught if it happened.

  10. It's easy to have a go at the likes of Carroll, Downing etc. They're not his players; he didn't buy them, and if they're not in his plans anyway then it's just a way to push them towards the exit door.

  11. Well your support for Rodgers didn't last too long. It's not a fair comparison to compare him to Ferguson who is already established as a world class manager and is bigger than nearly any player out there so if one has bad manners he can roast him and he comes out looking good. If Rodgers was to go round doing the same the likes of Suarez would probably just say to hell with this I'll go somewhere there's Champions league football.

    What has really been so bad about his management The most recent Suarez incident has come and gone in almost a week that is a vast improvement on previous incidents and I didn't even see him in a Suarez t shirt I personally don't think he has said anything too troublesome, the only people who seem to hate him are on this site. And am I the only person who can see a real unity coming in the squad players look like they are playing for each other as opposed to themselves!!

  12. This season current team never too strong and can compete to higher level.Downing,Henderson,Skrtel, Lucas Leiva,Borini cannot meet our expectation.They just better players and not a exellent players....they cannot been push to another level.Dissapointed,frusting and let us down.They all should be ship out next with carroll and Spearing too.Lucas now look improving his performance but not so creative.LFC need to be rebuilding back but must go on roght track and wisely.We cannot depent to deadwood or any passenger who coming to complete name list team.Christian Eriksen,Henrikh Mkhitaryan,Edison Cavani,Gonzalo Higuin,Lucas Biglia,Mamadou Sakho,Matts Hummells,Andre Ters Stegen will be great addition players next season ( if we can get sign ).But plaese work hard to get our dream target players to coming and playing for LFC.We need to sign worldclass players to be back bone to the clubs.Please look to richer clubs,why they be good clubs.Example Real Madrid,they should become a bankrupcy because sign in expensive player.But now ?? Where are Real Madrid level now??This season current team never too strong and can compete to higher level.Downing,Henderson,Skrtel, Lucas Leiva,Borini cannot meet our expectation.They just better players and not a exellent players....they cannot been push to another level.Dissapointed,frusting and let us down.They all should be ship out next with carroll and Spearing too.Lucas now look improving his performance but not so creative.LFC need to be rebuilding back but must go on roght track and wisely.We cannot depent to deadwood or any passenger who coming to complete name list team.Christian Eriksen,Henrikh Mkhitaryan,Edison Cavani,Gonzalo Higuin,Lucas Biglia,Mamadou Sakho,Matts Hummells,Andre Ters Stegen will be great addition players next season ( if we can get sign ).But plaese work hard to get our dream target players to coming and playing for LFC.We need to sign worldclass players to be back bone to the clubs.Please look to richer clubs,why they be good clubs.Example Real Madrid,they should become a bankrupcy because sign in expensive player.But now ?? Where are Real Madrid level now??This season current team never too strong and can compete to higher level.Downing,Henderson,Skrtel, Lucas Leiva,Borini cannot meet our expectation.They just better players and not a exellent players....they cannot been push to another level.Dissapointed,frusting and let us down.They all should be ship out next with carroll and Spearing too.Lucas now look improving his performance but not so creative.LFC need to be rebuilding back but must go on roght track and wisely.We cannot depent to deadwood or any passenger who coming to complete name list team.Christian Eriksen,Henrikh Mkhitaryan,Edison Cavani,Gonzalo Higuin,Lucas Biglia,Mamadou Sakho,Matts Hummells,Andre Ters Stegen will be great addition players next season ( if we can get sign ).But plaese work hard to get our dream target players to coming and playing for LFC.We need to sign worldclass players to be back bone to the clubs.Please look to richer clubs,why they be good clubs.Example Real Madrid,they should become a bankrupcy because sign in expensive player.But now ?? Where are Real Madrid level now??

  13. This season current team never too strong and can compete to higher level.Downing,Henderson,Skrtel, Lucas Leiva,Borini cannot meet our expectation.They just better players and not a exellent players....they cannot been push to another level.Dissapointed,frusting and let us down.They all should be ship out next with carroll and Spearing too.Lucas now look improving his performance but not so creative.LFC need to be rebuilding back but must go on roght track and wisely.We cannot depent to deadwood or any passenger who coming to complete name list team.Christian Eriksen,Henrikh Mkhitaryan,Edison Cavani,Gonzalo Higuin,Lucas Biglia,Mamadou Sakho,Matts Hummells,Andre Ters Stegen will be great addition players next season ( if we can get sign ).But plaese work hard to get our dream target players to coming and playing for LFC.We need to sign worldclass players to be back bone to the clubs.Please look to richer clubs,why they be good clubs.Example Real Madrid,they should become a bankrupcy because sign in expensive player.But now ?? Where are Real Madrid level now??

  14. I want Rafa back even though rodgers has done a half decent job, i think if Rafa was given 20 mill a year and not forced to sell our best players, we would have won the pl and still be bossing the cl. The Chelsea match showed how much respect most Liverpoolt fans have for him too.

  15. Yeah lets ensure that Liverpool turns into a complete rabble and have a new manager every year!!! What a load of rubbish.

  16. Remember how you used to post after every message that you were fully behind Rogers.....That lasted long didn't it! Your a prime example of the problems with modern football fans...impatient and wanting overnight success!

  17. Interesting revisionism there, Hoq? What about the ultra defensive response from the club; the pig-headed stubbornness from KD in interviews; the stupid, unrepentant T-shirt stunt; Dalglish's 'YNWA' twitter stunt; the club (falsely) accusing Evra of making previous racism accusations in the past in its initial statement on the issue. The whole thing is a massively embarrassing incident for the club.

  18. I think it was obvious since last summer that FSG made the wrong decision by appointing him as LFC manager. There is no doubt anywhere in my mind that if we want to become title contenders a world-class manager must be appointed and especially after his last comments that top 4 will be a huge task for him! In my personal opinion that says it all. If you wish you can always watch LFC's games in full and highlights on http://www.footballwatch.net/team/37

  19. First, I didn't write the article - did you not see the name at the bottom, or the 'guest post' tag in the headline? Second, it amazes me how LFC fans think everything is so black and white. You have to either have 110% blind faith support, or total antipathy towards the manager, with nothing in between. Why can't people understand this simple concept:

    * It is perfectly possibly to support a manager whilst simultaneously being critical of certain aspects of his management style.

  20. I didn't write this article! And although I agree with it, it doesn't mean I don't support Rodgers. I still do.

  21. Apologies I didn't see that. Welcome to the new author!!

  22. I don't think people are understanding what it means to support a manager. As a fan, you are allowed to support a manager whilst having the belief they wont succeed. I hope he can prove me wrong. The point I'm impying is, it would be lousy of FSG if they held the same view, but continued on with him to reach the top 4, and then sack him after totally putting faith behind his system. I hope Rodgers can prove me wrong. He's too soft.

  23. In my view, Rodgers is doing the right thing. Our players rely heavily on morale, especially our English players. If there is someone we should get rid of, it is Suarez. Suarez may be my favourite player in the team and is probably one of the 3 best players in the world, but manure has just recorded a record points tally with what is possibly their worst team in 2 decades. We've seen that without Suarez, the team is capable of taking their game up a few gears. Are there players we can't do without? I'd put Sturridge and Lucas in that bracket, but not Suarez. As we've seen in Jamie's earlier post, Suarez doesn't make that huge a difference, plus he slows the game right down as players are obliged to feed him as opposed to being opportunistic in his absence - A few more speed demons who can shoot and we're done! A Suarez sale should be able to finance 2 of these.

    Ancelotti to me would be a regression. Rodger's project is really starting to click in a big way and while he is not ruthless, our players are. With Gerrard, Coutinho, Suso and Shelvey, possibly even Henderson capable of playing killer passes, Hendo and Sturridge certainly have the pace, industry and accuracy to maximise these passes without overplaying the ball or trying to be too fancy. Ancelotti would make us another Man City or Chelsea style team with less experience to match them. Rodgers offers something different that other teams will have serious problems contending with next season. With our January signings and the return of Lucas, the team's passing has been more purposeful and they have looked increasingly more exciting in possession.

  24. Gee mate, I thought you've been persistently following my posts to come to that conclusion!

  25. I am still a fan of Rafa I have to admit...

  26. I wouldn't describe it as easy for a new, young and relatively inexperienced Manager to come into a club like Liverpool and tell 3 players who cost us about 70 million that they can leave. The fact that he axed Skrtel after he was voted our POTY last year also seems pretty ruthless to me.
    Would you describe Wenger as ruthless?

  27. I don't think our squad has enough hard nuts either. Look at the past recent champions:
    Man utd- scholes, ferdinand, neville, keane
    man city- toure, tevez, kompany
    arsenal- vieira

    it's a common trend for teams in any football code

  28. Guest post! What is this!
    I'm wondering whether he has been like this season, just to try to not rock the boat to much, and maybe let people get comfortable with him? I think he does need to toughen up a bit, in terms of his endless praise, even when playing badly.
    I'm not in favour of a change on management just yet, I think Rodgers deserves a bit more time. We could still finish 6th, which whilst isn't great, isn't all that bad considering the teams above are very good.

  29. I'm not saying don't be critical, far from it. But this site in the last few months has become excruciatingly negative. Very rarely are positives highlighted while negatives are given your full attention....That's not critical analysis. And how about your total antipathy toward Suarez (Not justifying any of his actions) but the positive aspect of his game is never noted on this site.

  30. Carroll & co may have cost X amount but their reputations at the time and still is low. Downing and Carroll were easy scapegoats as every man and his dog saw their failures from last season as well as being a damning legacy of the KK II-Commolli's transfer policy. Carroll and Downing were very easy scapegoats for Rodgers, so barely gets any praise for me in that regard, even though nice to see Carroll the joke out but I agree, to an extent, with the Skrtel example, which was a long time coming and I credited him for doing that at the time.

  31. Urgh, those t-shirts make me cringe

  32. Sorry, that's nonsense. Any criticism will be deemed as negative if you don't agree with it. Besides, your contention that positives are 'rarely highlighted' is just totally wrong. I say lots of positive stuff about a variety of LFC issues, and I've also praised Suarez too. You're just making inaccurate generalisations. I post 3-5 articles a day, every day - I have total recall of everything I post; do you? I doubt it.

  33. since when do managers like CA and JM goto clubs with small budgets , where a slow, progressive approach is required? NEVER.

  34. I get the point about those players but I don't agree that it was easy to target them because of the following reason. All of those players were signed by our greatest legend and he knows all to well how us fans feel about KD so for him to come in and target those 3 players showed some balls imo as he must have known that some fans would accuse him of just picking on KDs signings and may cause some to turn against him. That for me is not the sign of a manager with no backbone.
    Earlier in the season, when Stevie G was having some average games, I suppose he could have dropped him and showed his ruthless side but can you imagine the reaction of most fans if he did that. He would be getting slaughtered for it so I am not sure what he needs to do to convince people that he is ruthless. And the other point is, do you need to be ruthless to win the league? That is why I threw Wengers name in there as I don't think he is ruthless but has won multiple titles.

  35. No revisionism here. My view hasnt changed and I doubt Kennys has. The whole thing is embarrasing for Liverpool only because the media took one side probably because the fa did also. I'm sure you dont want to keep going on about the same old stuff so I wont point out the flaws in Evras statements as well. As for KD's pig headedness-That is what got him the sack, Im not going to deny it, I think the job meant so much to him for many reasons that he went a bit mad to be honest. So he gave those interviews and played People who should have been dropped out of position. Take away the stubbornness and you got a manager who wouldnt have been sacked.

  36. Haha! Sorry I barely even keep track of what I'm posting on here, just random musings while enjoying a cup of tea.

  37. Nooooo. You don't win league titles without consistency and you don't become consistent by replacing your manager every year. That's not to say Ancelloti could not have an immediate impact, he did so at Chelski and now PSG, but we also have to be fair and admit that he would not get the funds he got at those two clubs. As a matter of fact, for the money that's been spent at PSG, they're not that convincing imo. Our inconsistency is not because of Rodgers praising his players. We were inconsistent under Benitez too and he hardly ever praised anyone. We were inconsistent under Houllier, Evans and Dalglish. We are inconsistent because we never had a manager who could instill the type of mentality you need to consistently get results. How else can a team with DeGea in goal, Carrick +1 in midfield, Rafael and Evra on fullback and Rio in the center comfortably win the league? All no poor players but ability wise no better than Reina, Gerrard +1, Enrique, Johnson and Agger. Rodgers has done a good job so far imo and he will need to build on it and have us become more consistent. Which we have done since the January window. I trust that he can build on that and if nothing else, he needs the chance to give it a go. The players we have will also benefit form having the same manager in front of them rather than another new guy with, once again, new ideas.

  38. Nitesh Sharawat11:55 am, May 03, 2013

    We have excellent young players coming up like sterling, ibe, texeira, wisdom etc. I think only one man can guide them to the first team football i.e. RODGERS so he should be given time at least 2 seasons..
    and we should accept that we are not a top team any more. Our owners wont splash big cash. Rebuilding will take its time and rodgers is the right man to get us forward.

  39. Hi, I normally read the posts but don't comment, I'm with Simon in that I believe Rogers is on the right track. I don't want to see Liverpool becoming like Chelsea changing the manager every year because things haven't gone 100% to plan... Also I too would be haappy for Suarez to leave, really can't stand having the club dragged through the mud.

  40. Ha, now I know how it feels to be Jaimie after I post an article....

  41. But what do you expect? For him to say yeah Allen is shite, Borini is useless and Assaidi and Sahin were big mistakes? I think the fact that he's dropped all of them in favour of players who do perform says all that needs to be said. Rodgers is the manager, not just some random guy in the pub. His actions speak louder than words. Players who do not perform are dropped. Downing got the message, Henderson got the message and if the players he brought in do not, they will be out the door soon enough. Just like Cole and Sahin.

  42. I don't agree with your reasoning that it was difficult to target those players on the basis of KK II's status, as it was and still is obvious to all how most of the players signed during his/Comolli's reign were a shambles. I don't agree with that line of defence at all as well as the Stevie G one either, I don't see much merit in it, not even a little bit but I guess it comes down to perception and spin, so fair enough.

    You don't need to be ruthless if you have the quality of players to back it up. Wenger did have genuine top class quality when he won those titles, so your line of questioning is questionable in that regard

    Easy not to be ruthless when you have quality.

    Easy to be ruthless with easy scapegoats.

  43. I think BR deserves some credit in making substitutions early eg against Chelsea when Sturridge came on at halftime. Contrat this with Raf & KD, with 70-75min substitutions. I think BR is ruthless, he's dropped Sturridge, Skrtel & dumped Carroll against popular opinion! Perhaps when the depth & quality improves the need to overly praise the better footballers may diminish, at present there's such a huge disparity in quality he needs to keep the good ones on his side!

  44. I don't think BR believed that it was going to endear him to a lot of fans by basically saying that your greatest legend just wasted a huge amount in the transfer market. If you look back at posts in previous articles you can see the reaction from some fans when the point has been raised about the money wasted. That is why I think it is a bit off the mark to say that it was easy to target them. You disagree about the Stevie G comment but what does BR have to do to show he is ruthless? You state that you don't need to be ruthless if you have the quality of players but the article is making the point that Ferguson is ruthless and this is a big part of their success so are you saying that UTD don't have quality players? That one doesn't make much sense to me.

  45. I don't know what 'BR' believed and what he doesn't. But it was obvious to a lot, the general public, media, that one of the downfalls of KK II's reign was his wasted money, as well as Comolli. A lot of fans respect KK as a legend but that doesn't mean they didn't dislike some of the things he did in his second reign, one was the transfers. Not hard at all, to separate the legend and his second reign. It was quite a easy to thing to do, what Rodgers did in relation to Carroll and Henderson. Yes, there are some fans out there that defend KK II/Comolli's transfer policy, etc but that doesn't change the overall perception out there in the mainstream. At least most of what you have said is subjective (and the same goes on my end probably) and I disagree with most of it. He has picked on mostly easy scapegoats to date, in my view and so I'll leave it there in relation to this part, as this is a subjective roundabout that is getting repetitive now.

    Rodgers, to date, is barely ruthless when it comes to players higher up the food chain, as he has simply picked on mostly easy scapegoats. He showed some ruthlessness with Skrtel, which is fair enough but would like to have seen him do the same with Agger, who has been as worse, if not more. But in Rodger's defence, we are short in central defence and generally, our midfield hasn't been great, so I would have been cautious about going after both first XI CBs and experienced Gerrard, as he needed them badly. So to conclude, in my view, he has been ruthless to easy scapegoats mostly and hasn't been ruthless to more players higher up the food chain who have been poor at times or for long periods but in some ways, one has to be cautious in being ruthless to these higher status players when the quality of the squad, the form of the team and the period this club is in is like it is. I don't want him to be ruthless for the sake of being ruthless but he has barely been bravely ruthless. That concludes my view on that.

    I said 'you don't NEED to be ruthless if you have the quality players'. I haven't said anywhere in that quote or my posts to date that you shouldn't be ruthless full stop if you have quality players or that if you are ruthless, that means you don't have quality players. So doesn't make much sense to me that attempt to read between my lines.

  46. Mike Aitcheson2:43 pm, May 03, 2013

    Again, how do you or any of us know how Rodgers deals with his players privately or at the training ground? You have no real evidence that he 'constantly fawns' over his senior players except in the media.
    I would like Rodgers to tone down his praise; to give the lavishing of praise when it comes more meaning. To constantly use the word *outstanding* diminishes the word's meaning when it is used. Your so called 'evidence' of his servitude has the fatal flaw of being reliant on public utterances to enable you to come to the conclusion that you arrive at- a reasoned one, I grant you, but based upon insufficient evidence in my view ie Rodger's public statements in the main.

  47. Why don't you explain why Rodgers' private discussions with players matter? If - as you and others seem to intimate - he's sterner on the players in private, where is the evidence that this has made any difference to the club this season?

    Given his cloying reverence for the players, I sincerely doubt it's probable that he is a Jekyll and Hyde type character, i.e. servile and sycophantic in public, and a hardass in private.

    It's more likely that he is the same in private with the players. He's a new, young manager with n o top flight experience, no trophies, no pull, and no mystique. He's at one of the biggest clubs in the world, working with player who have infinitely more experience and prestige than him. These players are more important than him, so he probably feels subconsciously inferior, so overcompensates with gross praise in a bid to keep these massive egos onside.

    This is far more probable than the Jekyll and Hyde scenario.

  48. I don't agree with your comment about fans easily separating themselves and being subjective in regards to KD. A lot of fans have been criticising BR for the same mistakes that KD made but when those mistakes are pointed out to a lot of fans, they simply refuse to accept it because of KDs history but are more than happy to criticise BR. It is kind of a case of 'Love is blind' and I get that, as we all love him but you can't be blind to his mistakes.
    You make the reference to players higher up the food chain but were Agger and Reina not droped for a few games also? How high up the chain does he need to go before people think he is ruthless enough to lead a large club to glory? That is why I made the Gerrard reference. Does he need to drop him to prove his ruthlessness as he is the highest in the chain?
    In regards to your last paragraph: look at the last 2 lines in your post. That was a statement from you so how am I reading betwen the lines? I made a direct reference to what you posted.

  49. Mr. Point Of View3:53 pm, May 03, 2013

    i dont think many manager can get job done in short time with little option in squad. For me, either BR is good or bad i willing give him 1 more season to go. He build his foundation and no more excuses for next year IF FAILED ! as a LFC fans i beg give ur manager 1 more run, keep sacking mgr we are goin no where bcoz manager keep overhaul the squad is a very bad in term of financial and morale.

  50. Mr. Point Of View3:57 pm, May 03, 2013

    adding : for those fans whom still living in a fantasy world keep want top class manager coming in is a dream. I believe we are in a position which mgr will think triple b4 coming here...practically we are screwed REPO by those previous and current owner...i think freedom for mgr buy and selling is important...of coz within budget given...

  51. One thing I will say about his defending of Suarez after the biting incident.

    He didn't defend Suarez for his actions. He defended Suarez for the length of ban.

    One is indefensible (biting).

    The other one (length of ban) is a matter of opinion, especially since the FA said it did NOT take into account Suarez's prior history, and since similar incidents have not been punished nearly as severely.

    I personally did not have an issue with the ban, provided that's the rule moving forward. But I also can't say that I disagree with Rodgers' view on the length of the ban considering past infractions of similar ilk.

  52. "Would Rodgers have the balls to kick Gerrard, Suarez, Reina or Agger out of the club like Fergie did with Beckham, Stam, Keane et al? I sincerely doubt it."

    This is a pretty lame analogy Jaimie. Fergie had been in charge of United for nearly two decades before he made these high profile dismissals. I couldn't even imagine how hated Rodgers would be by the entire Liverpool fan base is he kicked out Agger, Suarez, or Gerrard. Totally different scenarios which in no way you can make a comparison between.

    And if Fergie is so "ruthless" how do you explain the Wayne Rooney saga? Rooney throws a temper tantrum, afterwards getting a new improved contact and constant praise from Fergie. Sounds a little soft to me.

  53. That's certainly one way to look at it. it's nice to see him admit his mistakes.

    The problem I have is that he seems to misread it at the beginning with the starting lineup, which is what causes him to make the substitution so quickly.

    But I think you make a valid point. Other managers would stubbornly stick with their lineups. BR at least will admit he's wrong quickly and try to improve.

  54. Only argument I'll say is that if Rodgers says that everything is "outstanding", then by default, nothing is outstanding. Since nothing stands out from anything else.

    That's devil's advocate.

    I, for one, do agree with your sentiment that he goes overboard too often.

  55. Define a small budget. If you're comparing our spending to Chelsea and Man City, then yes, we have a small budget, but who doesn't compared to those two?

    But since FSG has come in, they've spent the third or fourth most in the league. @Mike Aitcheson broke it all down very clearly in a previous post a few weeks ago.

  56. We do have Lucas and Suarez. But I agree, we need someone who other players will not mess with when they see him.

  57. I'll say what I have to say before I read the rest of the comments so, if I'm repeating what other(s) have said: so be it.

    Sacking Rodgers after this season would be, like the thread's main topic, idiotic! Saying he's too soft is pathetic - ask Coutinho, who was substituted at half time against Chelsea, or Sturridge, who was dropped after the Reading & Southampton games, or Skrtel, who was dropped after Oldham.

    As for his man management skills: he is spot on!

    With the lack of proven Premier League experience and trophies won, he has to get his players playing for him and Liverpool Football Club. After the relatively quick turnaround of managers over the past few years, any manager who went into our dressing room like a bull in a china shop would quickly lose the faith of the players and, therefore, their tenure. Making comparisons with Ferguson is a bit childish as he's been in management since 1974 (Brendan was 18 months old!) and is a renowned figure in the world of football management who has (painfully) won everything at club level. If he says the player goes, then the player goes.

    Brendan is building a supportive rapport with his players and they are playing some amazing football on the pitch. Consistency has been lacking but it's been lacking for some time - i.e. 20+ years.
    We need a bit more strength & guile in the middle and a barnstorming centre half and we'll have a title challenging side. If we change managers now we're going to go backwards as we do not have the money to compete with the Sheik or Russian.

    What I would suggest it to stop spitting the dummy and be patient with Brendan. I see what he's doing. I know what he & FSG want to achieve. It WILL happen, they just need time.

  58. wtf you doing back thought i had got rid of you for good;-)

  59. I don't necessarily think he needs to be "Jekyll and Hyde".

    I think it's more along the lines of simply being sterner.

    For instance, he is over the top with praise in the media. But behind closed doors he doesn't praise anyone. That's Jekyll and Hyde to me.

    But on the other hand, he can be over the top in the media, but behind closed doors, he can hold players more accountable... none more obvious than those he benches.

  60. I would choose neither for reasons already given (short term fix - management style doesn't breed champions).
    In recent times, there haven't been any other managers who have transformed their teams more than Rafa and Mourinho. From the youth team to the senior squad these two built teams in their image and while jose was fergies biggest challenger for the league rafa built a team that knew how to achieve greatness in cup competitions.
    Now I am not saying get either of them because I think they're not the solution we want. What we do want is what they were when they first were signed by Chelsea and ourselves respectively, young managers who have proved themselves in their domestics leagues and in Europe but dont have the financial backing they would like. Klopp rings all the bells but he's like mourinho was in 2004 with all his recent success and we're most likely to miss out on him if we made an approach to a "bigger" club.
    Like in 2004 I couldnt tell you where the next Benitez is currently but that's who I would be focusing my time on looking out for. At the time most fans weren't sure who he was, but LFC had done their homework and it paid off and I would emplore them to do use the same due diligence again. For now BR is doing a good job and I can't fault him for much other than his management style might prove to be his own barrier to major success.
    Then again, maybe he's right under our noses and a year or two from now we might be calling Sami Hyypia our new manager.

  61. I've moved. Had no internet for a while. Thought that you had missed me :-)

  62. You show me a Liverpool team which has played better football under Rodgers besides the teams under Roy Evans?

    Chelsea under Rafa looked average when we drew 2-2. If it was not for Suarez's handball and making the mistake by not starting with Sturridge then Rafa's team would have been murdered.

    Chelsea have become the same old cautious team that Liverpool were under Benitez. Rafa took over a Chelsea squad that was 4 points behind Man City in the EPL and look how far they are from the top now. What a joke.

    We want to talk about Rodgers and his management style? There is nothing worse than Rafa's management style of the chain around the neck welded to a pole. No thanks to another manager like Rafael Benitez. The excuses will end up driving me to my grave!

  63. It's been 1 year. 1 year! I didn't like the choice of BR over Pep G., but hey, I don't own the team. But still, when you hire someone, you really should give them a chance to be successful. Unless its a colossal flop from the start and you have to act to stop the bleeding (The brief Roy era, for example, and even that if we are being fair...)

    Ok, let's really look at this season with a little hindsight that we didn't have at the beginning of the season when we were expecting top 4.

    1.) BR was a really late hiring. There was a long pause between King Kenny departing and Brendan taking over. As a result, a lot and I mean a LOT of decent signings were going elsewhere. The well was pretty dry when he got there. And then,

    2.) He didn't have a scouting unit until well after the summer window ended. So he had a style he wanted to implement, had some players in his mind (who in fairness did disappoint), and no time to truly evaluate team strengths, a weak talent pool to try to improve the team with, and no one to really help him with that. FSG gets the blame on that one.

    3.) Injuries. Did anyone really see Lucas going out that long, yeah Agger and Skrtel being injured at some point was probably a foregone conclusion, but Borini coming in and getting injured wasn't really something that was all that predictable. Allen getting injured, etc. etc.

    4.) Budgets getting blown. Andy Carroll being signed by Kenny for an outrageous sum and killing the future transfer budgets, not on BR. It's why he really could only sign Coutino and Sturridge at the Winter window, and when he had a decent staff to scout players and evaluate personnel, the picks did turn out well.

    Look, I hate the way he praises players when they do wrong, the covering up and kissing arse. I do, that's management style though, and if it works for him, so be it. I care about numbers. And improving numbers work for me. Last year we finished 8th. Win or tie with Everton, we're already guaranteed 7th. It's slow progress, but it's progress. I would much rather we were in 4th or higher, hell I want us in 1st. But let's be honest, we were never going to be top 4 this season. Never. But we are improving.

    If you bring in someone new, you're talking a new style, rebuilding AGAIN, new players, new scouting, new coaching. You're setting yourself back another year, again. No one can turn around a club completely in essentially a half a season, when they've been hamstrung at the start.

    I want to see what BR does in the summer with transfers, and how the start of the next season goes. None of this "possibility of relegation" crap at the start of the season again, improvement is what matters. None of this drawing against crap teams because we can't put up goals. Improvement is again needed. Defense, the thing I've been yapping about upgrading all season long needs improvement, and if you can do that over the summer and before the winter window next season, then we can compete for top 4. But he needs a chance to do that.

    And if someone else comes in now, it's back to square 1. I'm sick of square 1. If someone else comes in now, you'll have gone through Rafa, Roy, Kenny and Brendan in 4 seasons. What kind of manager is going to come in knowing that he's most likely gone at the end of the next season? We might as well be Chelski at that point.

    So no, keep BR on. But he's got to improve and do so right from the start of the season. After season 2 though, if there's no improvement all bets are off.

  64. missed you not at all about as much as the clap;-)

  65. your like a bad penny lol

  66. im 100% behind rogers his backtracking on europe is priceless ...hell say well thrash the blue sh*te and if they beat us say he was joking lol

  67. the results lol

  68. anyway Jc why dont you write a post '' what i know about football '' it would make a great sentence lol

  69. Good to see you back, anteater :-)

  70. Thank you, Sir!

  71. It has so clearly been a season of transition that I think the only fair thing is to continue with Rodgers. I'm not wholly convinced myself, but I think he has earned our backing (even if it has an underlying scepticism, which is healthy).

    People seem convinced Ancelotti will leave, but I'm not so sure. Carlo has basically sewn up the league in France and was only knocked out by Barca, which isn't a travesty of any sort.

    Unless Mourinho aggressively pursues the PSG job, or we could have the bizarre scenario whereby PSG and Real swap managers, with Ancelotti going over to Real, I can't see PSG making a change. It is just speculation at this point.

    I think Mourinho will go to Chelsea. Ironically I am largely basing this theory on speculation too, but watching football in this age, you basically become a bullshit prognosticator, trying to work out which way the wind is blowing as it gusts out of the collective arsehole of the 24 hr. media.

    The funny thing is that both clubs want to win the European Cup and both have two of the best for doing that (they've both won it twice) but seem to fancy the other bloke to do it for them.

    I think Chelsea really dropped the ball when they sacked Carlo, because I felt he could have established them as a consistent and stable force. He even made them a likeable and attractive side to watch.

    I'd be happy to see him represent Liverpool. I understand the feeling is mutual. One thing that often goes under the radar is that Ancelotti is only 53. He has another 20 years in management before he is Fergie's age. He has already won as many European Cups and won 3 league titles in 3 different countries (presuming he doesn't balls up PSG's 9 point lead).

  72. Agree with most of what you said.

    Only thing to keep in mind: We didn't necessarily choose Brendan over Pep. I never got the impression Pep was coming here.

  73. In regards, to your comment about 'a lot of fans.....KD', like I said or I'm implied, I'm done with that part of that debate, so I won't counter that fallible point, with all due respect.

    Being just dropped for a few games, doesn't amount to the same treatment as Downing, Carroll and the youngsters in the domestic cups got from Rodgers, in relation to media comments and the length of dropping. They weren't dropped in the same manner, not by a long shot.

    In relation to your repetitive question in regards to whether Rodgers needs to be ruthless: like I said or imply, I don't care for being ruthless for the sake of being ruthless.

    You said 'so are you saying that UTD don't have quality players?', so yes, from where I'm standing, you did try to read between the lines and tried to somehow extend my logic from my initial Wenger comment in some warped manner. You made a reference to what I said and the analogy question you concocted about Ferguson isn't implied in that reference, so therefore you tried to incorrectly read between the lines, in my view. I'll reiterate it again, I did not say or imply that Ferguson logic/analogy of yours anywhere and the reference of mine you talk about, nowhere does that. You tried to add 1 + 1 but didn't quite get 2. You are basically trying to sensationalise/exaggerate my logic with that Ferguson analogy. My comment doesn't explicitly or heavily imply that one shouldn't be ruthless if you have quality or that one must be ruthless if they don't have quality. You tried to extend my comment or the logic of it to an extent which I didn't go into, with that premature and silly Ferguson analogy.

    Anyhoo, I am done as it is getting all rather tedious and boring as both are trying to counter with subjective repetitive musings, rather than anything very interesting or factual now. So to conclude, both made our points and agree to disagree.

  74. Aye, its been a while!

    Welcome back

  75. I think Rodgers is in a difficult position because he has come to a huge club with little to no success behind him for instant respect. If he came in and very strict with the players i think they wouldve never liked him to start with, like hodgson. Furthermore some players are almost undroppable: gerrard and suarez are clearly bigger than the club at the moment, most likely due to such poor leadership (young inexperienced manager, no footballing expertise in higher positions). Add to this the quality of the squad and it becomes impossible to be "ruthless", drop agger for whom? drop suarez for whom? (before sturridge)

    However i totally agree that a top manager must be "ruthless" and the players should fear him. Rodgers seems to be desperate to be buddies with the top players. I have a feeling that with higher expectations next year, rodgers attitude will change.. It has to!

  76. jaimie why was my post to anteater deleted it was just a bit of fun hence the;-)

  77. if i write a post it could cause the internet to melt down and do you really think jaimie would let mine go live ,

  78. On one side, if rodgers showers praise on his players, he also shows them the way out of the club if they don't perform or are unable to mould into his playing style like cole, carrol, aqualani and next will be skertel..

  79. Cheers, and thanks. Had already feared that only those two special friends of mine remembered me.

  80. It will be so stupid to let Rodgers go. We would then just be the same plastic team as Chelsea. We are loyal. Rodgers has done great his first year. He will do better next year. You are blind if you can't see that.
    He is only 39. He is our future. You are so negative Jamie. You would fit right in at Chelsea.

  81. You missed all the Suarez drama ;)

  82. Well, I missed the drama on here, if there was any, about the latest Suarez incident. And I actually missed the bite whilst watching the game. After hearing about the 10 game ban I searched for it on the web. 10 games for that? I don't want to defend it, but I have seen much worse things on a football pitch, going entirely unpunished. The FA know fa.

  83. I disagree the club needs stability over all else wake up and smell the coffee it is not a side laden with superstars it is a team with a lot of promise thats all.
    What Rodgers says in public about players in no way means that behind closed doors he is not sticking pins in their head.
    Ask your self this would Ancellotti have played the younger players this season like Rodgers no is he the man to develop a team no and would the side have made the CL with him no.
    So all in all another big change for nothing like running on a treadmill i dont care whether or not people like Rodgers sticking with him is the sensible option.

  84. Fair comment , but BR is new to managing a big team and he's doing ok not great but ok . The fear thing will come I think , i hope . He must become more ruthless , we do seem to take defeat to lightly , that has to change or we will change the manager . My opinion is we will know for defo this time next year . Lets hope he becomes better than ok .

  85. Well the argument wasn’t whether the new Rafa will bring a better brand of football to the club but that they would bring a winning mentality, and with that, a better chance for silverware and longevity in success. Ask Arsenal fans how they have enjoyed the last 7 going on 8 years of watching some of the best played football in the world without any success. Benitez's Liverpool team played every unattractive football....but they won and that is all that matters. I do not want to end up watching "great football" and winning nothing for the next 7 years and while Benitez shows once again his inability to build a team that can challenge for the league, Chelsea fans can look forward to a second successive European final. Finding a way to win is something our team has missed since Benitez left and I don't think there's too much room to argue there. We all remember countless times our team would be tied or down with 10mins to go in a game but we knew that there was a 95% chance we would win the game and we did more often than not. The team today gives away leads and loses games they should be easily winning. And while this obviously happens to teams every now and then, it's happening to us more often than it should. If BR can instill that winning mentality into the boy we'll be a force to be reckoned with. If not, we'll continue to rot in mid-table mediocrity. From what he has shown in his interviews overall he doesn't seem to have that, but I would love for him to prove me wrong and for the boys to really impress next season!

  86. chamroeunmancity10:47 am, May 07, 2013

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    Coutinho laid on two of his side’s six goals at
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    He told the club’s official website: “We build up
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  87. I guess this article don't mean a thing since Ancelotti is signing an extension with PSG!! Sorry to disappoint you Jaimie and JC!

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    Real Betis.

    Agen Bola Bola11
    Terpercaya - Dalam pertandingan yang dihelat di Stadion Manuel Ruiz de
    Lopera, Senin (30/9/2013) dinihari WIB, Villarreal memang tampil kalah dominan
    ketimbang Betis, baik dalam hal penguasaan bola dan penciptaan usaha untuk
    membuat gol.

    Villarreal mendapatkan 46% penguasaan bola. Mereka juga hanya mencetak 7
    attempts sepanjang laga dan hanya 2 di antaranya tepat sasaran. Sementara Betis
    punya 11 attempts dengan 5 di antaranya tepat sasaran.

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  98. chamroeunliverpool4:02 am, October 01, 2013

    Rossi mengaku mengalami balapan berat

    Berita terbaru dan
    terkini bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Bola11 - Valentino Rossi sukses finish
    di urutan ketiga dalam balapan GP Aragon, Minggu (29/9/2013). Namun The Doctor
    mengakui tidak menjalani balapan yang mudah.

    Agen Bola Bola11 Terpercaya - Rossi menyebut
    bahwa dia mendapatkan persaingan ketat dari Alvaro Bautista dan Stefan Bradl.
    Bahkan Bautista pun sempat menyalipnya, sebelum akhirnya Rossi kembali
    mendapatkan posisi ketiga dan mempertahankannya sampai akhir balapan.

    "Balapannya sangat berat. Bradl selalu dekat di belakang saya dan akhirnya
    saya bersaing dengan Bautista, yang juga sangat cepat, dia menyalip saya dan
    sempat memperlebar jarak. Saya berusaha keras di lap terakhir karena saya ingin
    naik ke atas podium," kata Rossi.

    Ini adalah kelima kalinya Rossi naik podium di musim 2013 dan merupakan podium
    ke-146 dalam kariernya di kelas primer.

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  99. chamroeunliverpool4:03 am, October 01, 2013

    Aku Sudah Kembali
    kata Suarez

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer
    dari Agen Bola BolaHoki –Sunderland - Tak sulit bagi Luis Suarez segera menghiasi
    headline media Inggris dengan aksi memukaunya di atas lapangan. Yang pertama
    untuk musim ini adalah dua golnya ke gawang Sunderland.

    Suarez akhirnya muncul musim ini setelah absen
    di laga kompetitif bersama klubnya selama lima bulan akibat skorsing 10 laga
    pasca aksi gigitnya kepada Branislav Ivanovic.

    Agen Bola BolaHoki Terpercaya –Kemunculan Suarez pertama kali adalah pertengahan
    pekan lalu saat Liverpool menghadapi Manchester United di babak ketiga Piala
    Liga Inggris. Sayangnya Suarez gagal membawa The Reds menang karena tersingkir
    usai kalah 0-1.

    Akhir pekan ini ketika Liverpool tandang ke
    Stadium of Light menghadapi juru kunci Sunderland, Suarez mulai unjuk gigi dan
    memperlihatkan kepada publik Inggris bahwa dirinya sudah kembali. Musim lalu
    eks pemain Ajax Amsterdam itu bikin 24 gol sebelum dihukum.

    Suarez tampil jadi bintang di laga yang
    dimenangi Liverpool dengan skor 3-1 di mana ia bikin dua gol. Ini adalah aksi pertamanya di Premier
    League setelah
    terakhir di laga kontra Chelsea April lalu dan ia mencetak gol di detik-detik
    terakhir untuk bikin skor imbang 2-2.


  100. Balotelli terkenang pertemanannya
    saat bersama Marco

    terpanas dan terbaru Bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11
    - Mario Balotelli mengungkapkan bahwa rekan setimnya di Internazionale dulu
    Marco Arnautovic sebagai teman yang paling baik dan dikenal gila kehadirannya
    dirasa membuat suasana menjadi sangat menyenangkan.

    Dulunya Balotelli dan Marco Arnautovic pernah
    menjadi satu tim di Internazionale pada musim 2009/10, meski begitu kebersamaan
    mereka tergolong sebentar hanya satu tahun lamanya.

    Menurut berita yang diringkas Agen Bola Indo11Balotelli
    mengaku takkan pernah bisa melupakan kenangan bersama pemain asal Austria
    tersebut.Pers Inggris sering memberitakan begitu banyak hal tentang dirinya ,
    tapi Marco membiarkan seolah - olah Balotelli merupakan orang paling
    membosankan didunia.

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  101. Barcelona hadapi Real Madrid tanpa

    terpanas dan terbaru Bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11
    - Laga bertajuk El Clasico menghadapi
    Real Madrid , Barcelona kini memiliki masalah kebugaran fisik dan hamstring pada
    bek andalannya Gerard Pique, Blaugrana terancam tampil tanpa Pique.

    Absennya Pique saat Barcelona menghadapi Osasuna
    pada pekan ke - 9 La Liga karena kondisi fisik dan ternyata dipaksakan oleh
    Gerardo Matino untuk tampil kala bertandang ke San Siro menghadapi AC Milan. Imbas yang
    terjadi sekarang Pique tidak dapat memperkuat Barcelona dalam menghadapi Real

    Menurut berita yang diringkas Agen Bola Indo11
    ,Pique dikabarkan harus menjalani latihan yang berbeda dengan rekan - rekannya
    jelang laga El Clasico. Kondisi fisik gelandang Fabregas dan Iniesta memiliki
    peluang sama seperti Pique untuk bisa melengkapi lini tengah Barcelona bersama
    Xavi Hernandez dan Sergio Busquets.

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  102. Gelandang Real Madrid Berniat Pindah
    ke Chelsea

    Berita terpanas dan terbaru Bola Soccer dari Agen
    Bola Indo11 - Gelandang Real Madrid Sami Khedira
    dilaporkan mulai tidak betah bermain di Santiago Bernabeu. Pemuda Jerman itu
    mempertimbangkan untuk pergi dalam waktu dekat dan ingin mencoba petualangan
    bermain di Liga Premier Inggris.

    Khedira dikabarkan
    sudah berpikiran untuk pindah ke London namun bukan Arsenal yang akan
    dibelanya. Mantan pemain VfB Stuttgart itu lebih memilih bergabung bersama
    Chelsea guna bereuni dengan mantan pelatihnya di Madrid Jose Mourinho.

    Dari hasil
    rangkuman Agen Bola Indo11, Khedira
    ingin segera berbicara dengan Mourinho dan Madrid sendiri diyakini tidak
    keberatan untuk melepas Khedira karena sudah memiliki Asier Illarramendi dan
    Casemiro, namun Los Blancos tidak akan menjualnya dengan harga murah.

    selain Chelsea dan Arsenal, Khedira juga dilirik oleh Manchester United. The
    Red Devils membutuhkan gelandang baru karena lini tengah mereka sangat
    lemah musim ini sehingga pasukan David Moyes terpuruk di papan tengah Liga

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  103. Aljazair dan Ghana berhasil mendapatkan tiket ke Piala Dunia 2014

    Berita olahraga terkini dari Agen Judi terbaik indo11.com, dua negara dari zona Afrika, Aljazair dan Ghana akhirnya menyusul tiga negara Afrika lainnya, yakni Nigeria, Kamerun dan Pantai Gading ke Piala Dunia 2014.

    Berkat gol yang dicetak oleh Madjid Bougherra pada leg kedua di kandang tadi malam, berhasil menang 1-0. Sebelumnya Aljair yang pada pertandingan leg pertama kalah 3-2 dari Burkina Faso.

    Keunggulan dua gol tandang di leg pertama membuat Aljazair mengubur mimpu Burkina Faso yang hendak mencatat sejarah untuk pertama kali berpartisipasi di Piala Dunia.

    Sementara Ghana yang sempat dilumat Mesir pada pertandingan leg pertama dengan skor 6-1, justru menderita kekalahan 1-2 pada leg kedua di kandang lawan. Kendati demikian, keunggulan agregat 7-3 secara otomatis mengirim mereka ke Brasil tahun depan.

    Berita yang dirangkum oleh Agen Bola online terpercaya indo11.com, saat ini hanya tersisa dua tiket untuk ke Piala Dunia 2014 yang bakal diperebutkan empat tim, yakni Uruguay dan Yordania serta Selandia Baru Meksiko. Peluang yang didapatkan Amerika Latin lebih besar, karena du laga leg pertama sama-sama menang besar, yakni dengan skor 5-0 untuk Uruguay dan 5-1 untuk Meksiko.

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  104. Belanda VS Kolumbia

    Berita olahraga terkini dari Agen Judi terbaik indo11.com, hasil positif tidak mampu diraih oleh Belanda, saat hanya bermain imbang 0-0 menghadapi Kolumbia, pada laga uji coba di Amsterdam Arena (20/11).

    Belanda dan Kolumbia sama-sama tampil agresif di awal pertandingan meski bertajuk ujicoba . Rafael van der Vaart mengawalo ancaman kepada tim tamu, melalui sepakan kerasnya yang menghantam tiang gawang.

    Mayoritas pemain muda di pertandingan ini diturunkan Belanda guna mempersiapkan tim untuk Piala Dunia 2014 mendatang. Ketiadaan nama-nama besar di lini serang sedikit menyulitkan tim tuan rumah.

    Van der Vaart kembali mengancam lewat tendangan yang keras kali ini dilakukannya dari dalam kotak penalti. Kolumbia sempat unggul memanfaatkan kesalahan back-pass Belanda tak sempurna pada menit ke-33. Namun upaya mereka dianggap offside.

    Dua menit berselang, Jeremain Lens selaku striker Belanda terpaksa diusir ke luar lapangan, setelah memukul defender Kolumbia dalam sebuah perdebatan. Belanda pun bermain dengan 10 pemain sejak menit ke-35.

    Pertandingan pun kian panas dan tampak seperti bukan laga persahabatan sejak terjadinya kartu merah. Namun tempo kian cepat, hingga babak pertama selesai usai skor imbang tanpa gol masih belum berubah.

    Kolumbia yang unggul jumlah pemain di babak kedua mulai menunjukkan dominasinya atas tuan rumah. Upaya Radamel Falcao di menit-47 masih diselamatkan Jasper Cillessen, menyusul sontekan Juan Cuadrado yang masih lemah di menit ke-54.

    Berita yang dirangkum oleh Agen Bola online terpercaya indo11.com, di babak kedua Macnelly Torres masuk, turut memberikan ancaman bagi tuan rumah Belanda, lewat dua upaya beruntun melalui tendangan jarak jauh. Setelah dua menit kemudian Memphis Depay berusaha membalas, namun kembali gagal.

    Jelang pertandingan berakhir, Belanda maupun Kolumbia sama-sama gagal memaksimalkan peluang mereka untuk mencetak gol dan hingga usainya laga, kedudukan sama kuat tidak berubah.

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  105. Benitez menyatakan karirnya bersama The Blues bisa dikatakan sukses

    Berita olahraga terkini dari Agen Judi terbaik indo11.com, di Chelsea musim lalu karir kepelatihan Rafael Benitez berlangsung hanya seumuran jagung. Pada 21 November 2012 jabatannya digantikan dengan Roberto Di Matteo. Benitez sejak awal memang hanya disiapkan sebagai pelatih interim hingga akhir musim.

    Sepeninggal Benitez pada bulan ini, Chelsea memulangkan kembali sosok idola suporter Jose Mourinho dari Real Madrid untuk kembali manajer mereka musim ini.

    Benitez meninggalkan bekas yang kurang baik di Stamford Bridge karena hubungannya yang buruk dengan suporter terkait masa lalu Benitez sebagai arsitek Liverpool ditambah dengan keputusan tidak popular dari manajer asal Spanyol ini dengan mencadangkan sejumlah pemain inti.

    Meski begitu, Benitez yang kini menangani Napoli meyatakan bahwa karirnya bersama The Blues bisa dikatakan sukses. Parameternya adalah ia mampu mencapai target yang dibebankan klub sejak awal.

    Berita yang dirangkum oleh Agen Bola online terpercaya indo11.com, Benitez mengungkapkan bahwa ia berhasil megantar Chelsea menang Liga Eropa dan finish di posisi ketiga, itu adalah dua target utama yang diberikan di awal kedatangannya. Masa-masa melatih Chelsea terasa sangat menarik baginya, para pemain benar-benar menyatu dan bekerja keras. Atmosfer dalam tim jauh lebih baik dari apa yang diberitakan oleh media.

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  106. Demi Piala Dunia 2014, Emanuele Glaccherini memperkuat Sunderland

    Berita olahraga terkini dari Agen Juditerbaik indo11.com, untuk berada di Stadium of Lights demi tempat di Piala Dunia 2014 mendatang, winger Sunderland, Emanuele Glaccherini menegaskan komitmennya.

    Pada bursa transfer musim panas kemarin, pemain 28 tahun itu datang dari Juventus. Perpindahan tersebut dikarenakan peluang bermain yang kian minim di skuat Antonio Conte, bakal mengancam posisinya di timnas Italia.

    Satu gol berhasil disumbang oleh Giaccherini untuk Gli Azzurri di pertandingan ujicoba kontra Nigeria kemarin. Selain bahagia bisa kembali bermain untuk negaranya, ia juga tak berniat hengkang dari skuat The Black Cats, kendati saat ini tengah berjuang di zona degradasi Premier League.

    Berita yang dirangkum oleh Agen Bolaonline terpercaya indo11.com, Giaccherini mengatakan bahwa ia bahagia. Dengan antusiasme besar ketika dia datang kemarin dan berharap tetap bermain bagus di sana. Dia terus memandangi mimpinya yakni Piala Dunia dan tentu harus didapatkannya. Dia jelas merindukan Italia, dan setiap kembali selalu menikmatinya.

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  107. De Bruyne akan dipinjam Atletico Madrid

    Berita olahraga terkini dari Agen Judi terbaik indo11.com, masa depan Kevin De Bruyne bersama Chelsea yang tidak menentu membuat pemain berusia 22 tahun tersebut akan dilepas ke klub lain dengan status pinjamandi bursa transfer Januari mendatang. Salah satu peminat Bruyne adalah tim papan atas Liga Spanyol Atletico Madrid.
    Atas dukungan Toby Alderweireld, kompatriot timnas Belgia, De Bruynemeninggalkan London dan menyeberang ke Madrid. Bek berusia 24 tahun tersebut ingin De Bruyne bergabung bersamanya di Vicente Calderon.
    “Akan sangat fantastis jika ia datang kemari Januari nanti. Kevin tahu caranya menguasai lini tengah,” puji Alderweireld.
    Berita yang dirangkum oleh Agen Bola online terpercaya indo11.com, bukan hanya Atletico yang akan mendapatkan jasa dari De Bruyne, dikabarkan Wolfsburg, Schalke’04 dan juga Juventus juga siap mendapatkan jasanya. De Bruyne memang mendapatkan kesulitan sejak didatangkan dari Genk tahun lalu untuk menembus posisi inti dan sempat dipinjamkan ke Werder Bremen selama semusim.
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  108. Martin Montoya akan bertahan di Barcelona

    Berita olahraga terkini dari Agen Judi terbaik indo11.com, meski banyaknya tawaran yang datang menghampiri bek muda Barcelona FC, Martin Montoya, tak lantas membuat sang pemain tersebut goyah akan keputusannya. Montoya masih memprioritaskan bertahan di Camp nou, walaupun kontrak akan berakhir di akhir musim.
    “Saya sudah bermain untuk Barcelona dalam 4 tahun terakhir. Meski kontrak saya tersisa beberapa bulan, saya harap bisa bertahan di sini untuk jangka waktu yang lama. Agen saya melakukan negosiasi dengan banyak klub, saya tidak terlibat dengan hal itu,” ucap Montoya.
    Sejumlah klub top Eropa memang kerap memanfaatkan situasi kontrak yang melanda Montoya. Liverpool adalah salah satu klub yang berminat untuk memboyong bek berusia 22 tahun tersebut.
    Berita yang dirangkum oleh Agen Bola online terpercaya indo11.com, sebagaimana diberitakan, pimpinan The Reds Ia Ayre turun tangan sendiri mewujudkan transfer tersebut. Akhir bulan lalu Ian bahkan dikabarkan rela terbang ke Barcelona untuk membuka negosiasi raksasa dengan raksasa Catalan tersebut.
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  109. Mimpi Gareth Bale selama ini terwujud

    Berita olahraga terkini dari Agen Judi terbaik indo11.com, saat winger baru Real Madrid, Gareth Bale berhasil mencetak hattrick perdananya untuk tim barunya di La Liga, Bale mengakui segala mimpinya saat ini telah terwujud.
    Bale menjadi bintang saat El Real menjamu Real Valladolid, tanpa kehadiran Christiano Ronaldo yang tengah menjalani pemulihan cedera. Bale kini menjadi pujaan public Santiago Bernabeu dengan tiga gol dari kepala dan kedua kakinya.
    Kala pemuda asal Wales itu datang dari Tottenham dengan bandrol 100 juta Euro, banyak yang menuai kritikan karena minimnya masa adaptasi dengan tim. Namun torehan hattricknya kemarin seakan menjadi penegasan bahwa dirinya telah menjadi bagian utuh dari Los Galacticos.
    Berita yang dirangkum oleh Agen Bola online terpercaya indo11.com, “Selalu spesial untuk bisa mencatat nama di papan skor, sebuah hattrick, terutama di Bernabeu, tentu merupakan sebuah momen spesial bagi saya. Saya sangat bahagia di sini. Saya perlu waktu untuk adaptasi setelah tak menjalani masa pra musim, tetapi saya sudah berkembang sekarang. Semua yang saya harapkan sudah terwujud. Fans dan klub sungguh luar biasa.”
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  110. Nama-nama kandidat yang disiapkan Moggi untuk Juventus

    Berita olahraga terpercaya dari Agen Judi terbaik indo11.com, seorang transfer guru Juventus yang tidak aktif di dunia sepakbola akibat tersandung kasus Calciopoli, baru-baru ini mengeluarkan pengakuan yang cukup menarik. Sang guru yang bernama Luciano Moggi.
    Dilaporkan sebuah media bahwa ia sebenarnya menyiapkan Rudi Gracia sebagai kandidat pelatih Juventus tahun 2004. Nama pria yang kini jadi arsitek Roma itu masuk dalam daftar bersama dua kandidat lainnya, yakni Arsene Wenger dan Fabio Copello.
    “Ia adalah bagian dari daftar tiga kandidat yang juga terdiri dari Fabi Capello dan Arsene Wenger. Mungkin jika kami gagal mendatangkan Fabio Capello, saya akan mencoba peruntungan dengan Wenger, yang saya paham betul kemampuannya. Namun di kala itu ia (Gracia) sudah melakukan kerja yang bagus dalam menangani pemain. Ia membawa Dijon masuk ke semifinal Piala Prancis,” tutup Moggi.
    Berita yang dirangkum oleh Agen Bola online terpercaya indo11.com, pada tahun 2006 silam Moggi sendiri tersangkut kasus Calciopoli atau pengaturan skor dan penyuapan wasit yang menimpa sepakbola Italia. Kala itu otoritas sepakbola setempat memutuskan hukuman degradasi untuk Juventus, serta pengurangan poin untuk klub lain yang terlibat.
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  111. Moyes siap terima sambutan fans Everton

    Berita olahraga terpercaya dari Agen Judi terbaik indo11.com, kala Manchester United menghadapi The Toffees di Old Trafford dini hari nanti, David Moyes mengakui dirinya sudah siap menerima sambutan yang akan diberikan fans Everton. Meski begitu, Moyes juga berharap mereka tidak melupakan semua jasa yang sudah ia berikan pada klub.
    Menurutnya, ia tak terkejut dengan suporter sepakbola, namun Moyes berpikir bahwa suporter Everton tahu dan amat sadar dengan yang sudah ia lakukan. Moyes memiliki rapor yang baik dengan fans Everton, namun hal-hal yang akan terjadi nanti tidak akan mengejutkannya. Ia memiliki pekeraan di Manchester United, sementara fans Everton harus mendukung timnya, suatu hal yang selalu mereka lakukan.
    Berita yang dirangkum oleh Agen Bola online terpercaya indo11.com, menjadi yang pertama bagi seorang David Moyes untuk menghadapi mantan klubnya, Everton semenjak ia memutuskan untuk menggantikan Sir Alex Ferguson di United musim panas lalu.
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  112. Doria dikaitkan dengan AC Milan

    Berita olahraga terkini dari Agen Judi terbaik indo11.com, Pelatih Massimiliano Allegri diyakini berencana memperkuat barisan belakang AC Milan. Pemain yang kini tengah dikaitkan dengan AC Milan ialah Doria, pemain asal Brasil. Pemuda berusia 19 tahun tersebut dengan nama lengkapnya, Matheus Doria Macedo itu pernah mendapat tawaran dari Juventus dan Barcelona pada Juli 2013 lalu. Namun pemain dengan bandrol 10 jutA Euro tersebut lebih memilih untuk bertahan di klubnya paling tidak sampai akhir musim Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A 2013.
    Doria baru menandatangani kontrak barunya. Jadi jika Milan berniat memboyongnya ke San Siro diperkirakan bakal butuh dana segar sekitar 20 juta Euro. Nominal tersebut sepertinya masih bisa ditekan. Apalagi jika Botafofo sampai gagal lolos ke Copa Libertadores 2014.
    Berita yang dirangkum oleh Agen Bola online terpercaya indo11.com, saat ini, dengan satu laga tersisa, Botafogo menempati peringkat lima klasemen sementara dan terpaut hanya satu poin dari Goias di batas akhir zona Copa Libertadores.
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  113. Niat United mengincar Ribeiro

    Berita olahraga terkini dari Agen Judi terbaik indo11.com, belakangan ini menjadi ramai pembicaraan antara Manchester United dengan nama gelandang Cruzeiro, Everton Ribeiro. Akan tetapi klub asal Brasil itu memberikan ultimatum jika sang pemain mempunyai harga yang harus ditebus.
    Setan Merah yang dikabarkan tengah giat memburu playmaker 24 tahun itu akan beraksi di bursa transfer yang akan dibuka lagi awal tahun nanti. Sang pemain sendiri juga menampakkan miatnya dengan jelas untuk membela United, tim yang pernah disambanginya semasa masih remaja.
    Ribeiro diberi bandrol di atas 10 juta poundsterling oleh presiden Cruzeiro, Alexandre Mattos dan kembali menegaskan kepada klub manapun bagi yang berminat atas Ribeiro untuk membayarnya jika ingin mengangkut sang pemain meninggalkan Brasil.
    Berita yang dirangkum oleh Agen Bola online terpercaya indo11.com, “Tak ada deal, hanya spekulasi. Everton Ribeiro mengatakan bermimpi membela Manchester United, lalu orang mulai bergunjing dan saya dikatakan siap melepasnya seharga 8 juta poundsterling. Itu tak masuk akal. Kami sudah menolak tawaran 10 juta poundsterling tahun lalu dari klub Timur Tengah,” ujar Mattos.
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  114. Wenger enggan prediksi soal perebutan title

    Berita olahraga terpercaya dari Agen Judi terbaik indo11.com, Manajer Arsenal, Arsene Wenger menepis anggapan bahwa timnya merupakan kandidat terkuat peraih title juara Premier League 2013/2014.
    Hal tersebut dilontarkan saat jelang pertemuan timnya dengan Hull City, yang secara mengejutkan sanggup mengalahkan Liverpool 3-1 akhir pekan lalu di Kingston Stadium. Sang arsitek juga mulai meningkatkan kewaspadaan terhadap tim promosi besutan Steve Bruce.
    Hingga pekan ke-13 Premier League, The Gunners masih kokoh di puncak klasemen dengan keunggulan empat poin dari Chelsea di posisi kedua. Akan tetapi status kandidat juara bagi tim Meriam London rupanya membuat Wenger tak nyaman.
    Wenger menyebutkan bahwa masih sedikit terlalu awal untuk membuat prediksi perebutan titel. Namun jika bisa mempertahankan konsentrasi, maka mereka memiliki kesempatan. Yang paling penting baginya adalah berada pada bentuk terbaik di laga selanjutnya, dan ia tak melihat adanya hal selain itu.
    Berita yang dirangkum oleh Agen Bola online terpercaya indo11.com, performa terakhir yang ditunjukkan The Tigers juga mendapat pujian dari Wenger dan dinilainya bahwa mereka tampil tanpa beban saat jumpa Arsenal. Lini depan yang dinamis, serta keunggulan bola mati Hull akan menjadi titik perhatian Wenger besok.
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  115. Higuain Gembira Hempaskan Internazionale

    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola City Holiday - Pasca ditahan Udinese pekan lalu, Napoli kembali ke jalur kemenangan. Senin (16/12) dini hari WIB, Partenopei berhasil menghempaskan lawan kuat FC Internazionale dengan skor meyakinkan 4-2.
    Berita yang diringkas agen bola City Holiday, Gonzalo Higuain sang pencetak gol pertama Tim Kota Naples, mengaku senang dengan hasil itu. Ia menyebut permainan timnya sama persis dengan apa yang ditunjukkan kala menundukkan Arsenal di Liga Champions, tengah pekan lalu.
    "Saya sangat senang. Ini adalah kemenangan penting karena target kami adalah meperlebar jarak menjadi tujuh poin dari Inter, dan kami melakukannya," ujar Higuain.
    "Kemenangan atas Inter bagai kemenangan di partai final. Apa yang kami lakukan persis dengan apa yang kami tunjukkan kala menghempaskan Arsenal.
    "Kami sudah kembali ke jalur yang benar, kini saatnya kami berjuang untuk kembali ke puncak klasemen!," pungkas El Pipita.
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  116. Buffon Sanjung Pertahanan Juventus

    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bolaCity Holiday - Senin (16/12) dini hari WIB, Juventus berhasil menggasak tamunya Sassuolo dengan empat gol tak berbalas, dalam lanjutan Serie A Italia gionarta 16.
    Berita yang diringkas agen bola City Holiday, Selain mengokohkan status mereka sebagai capolista Serie A, hasil itu juga membuat tim asuhan Antonio Conte melanjutkan rekor kemenangan mereka menjadi delapan partai beruntun tanpa pernah kebobolan.
    Sang penjaga gawang sekaligus kapten tim, Gianluigi Buffon, jelas sumringah dengan torehan tersebut. ia pun menyampaikan rasa terima kasih pada rekan-rekannya karena menampilkan kinerja yang hebat.
    "Delapan laga dengan kemenangan tanpa pernah kebobolan? Apakah itu menjamin Anda agar tak terkalahkan? Apapun itu, saya berterima kasih pada tim atas kinerja hebat mereka," ujar Buffon.
    "Pada akhirnya rekor ini akan dipecahkan. Kami pernah melakukannya dan meskipun bakal lebih baik, torehan ini pasti akan berakhir," pungkas sang kapten.
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  117. Buffon Ingin Tampil Di Final Liga Europa

    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola City Holiday - Juventus sudah tersingkir dari ajang Liga Champions musim ini, tengah pekan lalu. Rasa frustasi akan kegagalan tersebut sempat menyelimuti suluruh punggawa Si Nyonya Tua.
    Berita yang diringkas agen bola City Holiday, Namun kesedihan mendalam tak berlangsung lama, setidaknya hal itu sudah terlihat dari sikap sang kapten Gianluigi Buffon. Kiper beusia 35 tahun itu mengaku bakal tetap terengginas di Serie A dan memanfaatkan turnamen Liga Europa sebagai ajang pembuktian.
    "Untuk selalu menang dalam sepakbola, Anda harus memiliki kaki dan pikiran yang segar. Anda harus segera mengeliminasi kesedihan untuk kembali ke level sadar," tutur Buffon.
    "Mengincar trofi lain setelah yang utama lepas, bukanlah sebuah kesalahan. Saya tak mengatakan untuk menjuarainya, tapi ingin berjalan hingga partai terakhir.
    "Hal yang bagus jika kami bisa mengakhirinya di Turin," harapnya, merujuk pada final Liga Europa yang bakal tersaji di Juventus Stadium.
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  118. Bernitez berniat datangkan Vermalen

    Berita terkini dari Agen Judi terpercaya indo11.com , Sejak musim ini dimulai, kinerja baik duet bek tengah Per Mertesacker dan Laurent Koscielny membuat Vermaelen harus tersisih dan hanya bermain dua kali di Liga Premier Inggris.

    Sebelumnya Vermaelen menyatakan keinginannya untuk bermain secara teratur untung mengamankan posisinya dalam skuad Piala Dunia FIFA untuk timnas Belgia. Rafael Benitez, pelatih Napoli, ingin mendatangkan pemain bertahan Arsenal, Thomas Vermalen, pada bursa transfer bulan Januari mendatang.

    Berita yang dilangsir oleh Agen Bola terbaik indo11.com Dries Mertens, gelandang serang yang pindah ke Napoli pada Juni lalu, mengakui bahwa Benitez sudah memintanya untuk membujuk Vermaelen agar segera ke liga Italia. Selain itu, Mertens juga menginginkan rekan setimnya di timnas Belgia untuk pindah ke Napoli karena Vermaelen tidak menjadi pilihan utama di Stadion Emirates.

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  119. Dempsey kembali ke Fulham

    Berita bola terbaru dari Agen Judi terpercaya indo11.com , Gelandang tim nasional Amerika Serikat Clint Dempsey Selasa setuju untuk kembali bergabung dengan klub Liga Utama Inggris yang lagi tertatih-tatih, Fulham, dengan ikatan kerja selama dua bulan.

    Dempsey pernah mencetak gol tunggal ketika melawan Liverpool di Craven Cottage pada Mei 2007, yang menyebabkan klub liga itu bertahan dalam kompetisi Liga Utama Inggris.
    Berita yang dilangsir oleh Agen Bola terbaik indo11.com , Pemain berusia 30 tahun, yang bermain di klub Seattle Sounders pada kompetisi MLS, berada selama lima setengah musim di Craven Cottage pada kontrak awalnya Januari 2007, dari New England Revolution. Selama ia berada di klub itu, Dempsey mencetak sebanyak 60 gol dalam 225 pertandingan. Fulham masih membutuhkan Dempsey yang memiliki banyak pengalaman dalam usaha mengangkat tim itu dari urutan kedua dari dasar klasemen kompetisi Liga Utama Inggris.
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  120. Gomis akan tinggalkan Olympique Lyon

    Berita dunia sepak bola terkini dari Agen sbobet terbaik indo11.com , Penyerang Prancis Bafetimbi Gomis akan meninggalkan Olympique Lyon pada akhir musim.
    Gomis (28), menegaskam niatnya itu ketika ditemui pada pertemuan pribadi di rumahnya di Toulon,
    Pengumuman ini jelas menghidupkan kembali perhatian terhadap pemain dari Marseille ini, di mana klub Liga Utama Inggris Newcastle, yang memiliki banyak pemain Prancis di timnya dan telah memperlihatkan minat terhadap Gomis pada bursa transfer terakhir.
    Berita yang dirangkum oleh agen casino online indo11.com , Hal itu juga dapat memicu kembali tawaran pada bursa transfer Januari mendatang jika Lyon memutuskan untuk menjual pemain yang mereka rekrut dengan biaya transfer 15 juta euro dari saint Etienne pada 2009, dibanding membiarkan ia hengkang dengan status free transfer pada akhir musim
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  121. Roger Federer menunggu kelahiran anak ketiganya

    Berita terbaru dan terkini Bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 - Roger Federer baru saja mendapatkan kabar bahagia. Keluarga Federer akan makin besar karena mantan petenis nomor satu dunia itu tengah menunggu kelahiran anak ketiganya.

    Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya - Federer menikah dengan istrinya, Mirka Vavrinec, pada April 2009. Berselang tiga bulan, pasangan ini dikaruniai putri kembar, yang mereka beri nama Myla Rose dan Charlene Riva. Dalam waktu dekat, Myla dan Charlene akan menjadi kakak. Mirka saat ini tengah mengandung dan diperkirakan akan melahirkan bayinya pada tahun depan.

    Federer mengumumkan kabar gembira ini kepada publik melalui akun Twitter-nya, @rogerfederer, pada Rabu (25/12/2013) kemarin.

    "Mirka dan saya sangat bahagia untuk berbagi kabar bahwa Myla dan Charlene akan menjadi kakak pada tahun 2014! Selamat berlibur," tulis Federer.

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  122. Sherwood tidak ingin Tottenham menjadi klub menjemukan

    Berita terbaru dan terkini Bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 - Manajer anyar Tottenham Hotspur, Tim Sherwood, ingin menerapkan sepakbola menyerang di timnya. Dia tidak mau Spurs menjadi tim yang punya pemainan membosankan.

    Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya - Sherwood memang menginginkan Spurs menjadi tim yang bermain atraktif dengan banyak menyerang. Apalagi dengan pemain-pemain seperti Roberto Soldado, Christian Eriksen, Emmanuel Adebayor, hingga Erik Lamela di dalam skuat, Sherwood menilai tidak seharusnya Spurs bermain membosankan.

    "Saya pikir dengan pemain-pemain sekaliber yang kami miliki di Tottenham, tidak seharusnya kami bermain membosankan. Sepanjang mereka bermain di area yang tepat di lapangan dan mengekspresikan diri mereka sendiri, itulah yang akan saya katakan," kata Sherwood.

    "Di dunia yang ideal, setiap orang ingin membangun identitas untuk klub sepakbolanya dan mengatakan: 'Tottenham yang saya tahu akan bermain seperti itu.' Well, saat ini kami tidak seperti itu," tutupnya.
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  123. Skuad Liverpool tersisa 17 Pemain

    Berita olahraga sepak bola terkini dan terpercaya dari Agen sbobet terbaik indo11.com , Liverpool harus berjuang dengan skuad yang terbatas untuk meladeni perlawanan Manchester City yang telah memenangi delapan pertandingan kandang mereka pada kompetisi musim ini.

    Flanagan yang biasanya menempati posisi bek kanan memainkan enam pertandingan terakhir sebagai bek kiri karena Jose Enrique cedera lutut. Flanagan cedera saat Liverpool menang 3-1 atas Cardiff Sabtu lalu. Empat pemain senior Liverpool juga absen karena cedera seperti Steven Gerrard, Jose Enrique dan Coates yang cedera hamstring dan Daniel Sturridge yang cedera pergelangan kaki.

    Berita yang dilangsir oleh Agen Bola online terpercaya indo11.com , Brendan Rodgers, pelatih Liverpool, mengatakan ia hanya memiliki 17 pemain bugar setelah Jon Flanagan ikut masuk ruang perawatan akibat cedera hamstring jelang duel Boxing Day melawan Manchester City. Meskipun skuadnya didera cedera, Rodgers tertantang untuk menjadikan Liverpool tim pertama yang mampu menang di Stadion Etihad musim ini. Liverpool bermain imbang 2-2 melawan City pada dua pertandingan liga musim lalu.

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  124. Sosok Cleverley pemain yang dibutuhkan oleh timnas Inggris

    Berita terbaru dan terkini Bola Soccer dari Agen BolaIndo11 - Gelandang Manchester United, Tom Cleverley, mendapat dukungan dari David Moyes untuk tampil bersama Inggris di Piala Dunia 2014. Moyes menilai Cleverley adalah pemain yang dibutuhkan oleh Roy Hodgson.

    Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya - Moyes menilai Cleverley sudah makin berkembang dalam beberapa laga terakhir. Cleverley juga baru mencetak gol perdananya di musim ini saat United memetik kemenangan 3-1 di markas Aston Villa.

    "Saya pikir dia adalah tipe pemain yang ingin dibawa oleh Roy Hodgson. Dia akan butuh pemain yang bisa mengatasi pemain lain, yang mau mengerjakan dua atau tiga tugas berbeda, dan saya yakin Tom akan benar-benar senang menjadi bagian dari itu. Kami jelas menyukainya. Dia luar biasa saat latihan dan untuk pemain muda, dia sekarang cukup berpengalaman," nilai David Moyes.

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  125. Swansea berkemungkinan membeli pemain baru

    Berita terbaru dan terkini Bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 - Swansea City akan ditinggal dua pemain andalannya, Michu dan Nathan Dyer, dalam waktu yang cukup lama. Hal ini membuat mereka mulai berpikir untuk mendatangkan pemain baru pada bulan Januari mendatang.

    Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya - Michu mengalami cedera engkel dan diperkirakan akan absen sampai awal Februari 2014. Sementara itu, Dyer absen karena bermasalah dengan ligamen engkelnya. Kiper Michel Vorm juga absen karena cedera lutut. Masalah yang sama membuat Garry Monk terpaksa menepi dari lapangan hijau.

    "Ini berat, tapi itulah kenapa kami punya skuat. Kami tidak hanya memiliki 11 atau 13 pemain. Kami memiliki skuat dan saya pikir kami akan memanfaatkan semua pemain. Kami sudah melakukan itu selama setengah musim ini," ucap manajer Swansea Michael Laudrup.

    "Anda harus menunggu dan melihat apa yang terjadi. Dua pekan lalu, saya ditanya soal bursa transfer dan saya bilang kami mungkin tidak akan merekrut siapa pun dan dalam tujuh hari kami kehilangan dua pemain untuk beberapa pekan, yakni Michu dan Dyer," jelasnya.
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  126. Rodgers : Liverpool Tidak Bergantung Pada Suarez

    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola City Holiday - Brendan Rodgers menegaskan Liverpool bukan one-man team, meski performa Luis Suarez mendominasi pemberitaan musim ini.
    Berita yang diringkas agen bola City Holiday, Striker Uruguay mencetak 19 gol di pembuka musim 2013/14, meski sempat absen di lima laga perdana akibat sanksi menggigit bek Chelsea Branislav Ivanovic.
    Walau demikian, Rodgers ingin membuktikan pemain yang kurang mendapat kesempatan tetap menjadi bagian penting tim.
    “Ini grup yang selalu mendapat label sebagai one-man team,” ucap Rodgers.
    “Yang terpenting, di atas itu semua, kami memberikan penampilan. Kami bekerja dengan jalan tertentu yang sejalan dengan semua orang sehingga semua orang tahu ketika mereka datang ke tim mereka tahu tugas mereka dan secara spesifik apa yang mereka lakukan,” Rodgers menambahkan.
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  127. Messi reveals New Year's wish

    Agen Bola terpercaya Cityholidaybet.com reported - Barcelona forward Lionel Messi has revealed his only wish for the New Year is to enjoy an injury-free 2014.
    The Argentina star saw a hamstring injury bring a premature end to last season and a similar problem has left him on the sidelines since November, this term.
    The 26-year-old looks set to return to action for the Blaugrana's clash with Elche on January 5 and he hopes it is the beginning of a prosperous year.
    He told Argentinian TV show Mundo Leo: "There are many important things in the human part, but sports-wise what I ask for 2014 is a year without injuries,” as reported by City Holiday.
    "The goal now is to be physically fit and the idea is to get a couple of practice sessions with my team-mates before playing again.
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  128. Sanabria Pilih Roma

    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola City Holiday - Arsenal dipastikan gagal mengamankan servis Antonio "Tonny" Sanabria setelah striker belia Barcelona itu memutuskan menerima pinangan AS Roma.
    Berita yang diringkas agen bola City Holiday, Jebolan akademi La Masia itu menarik atensi melalui permainan apiknya bersama tim Barca B. The Gunners semula diyakini berada dalam posisi kuat untuk merekrut Sanabria, tapi remaja Paraguay yang baru berumur 17 tahun itu ternyata lebih memilih Giallorossi.
    Meski begitu, karena berbagai alasan teknis Roma belum bisa mendaftarkan sang pemain dan untuk setengah tahun ke depan bakal meminjamkannya ke klub lain.
    "Saya akan segera bergabung dengan status pinjaman ke tim Serie A lain," ungkap Sanabria.
    "Klub akan memberikan sejumlah opsi, karena selama enam bulan saya tak bisa bermain di Roma. Mereka telah menyerahkan dana yang diperlukan ke federasi Spanyol untuk jumlah yang diminta Barcelona."
    Biaya yang mesti dikeluarkan Roma untuk menebus Sanabria diyakini sebesar €3 juta. Adapun Sampdoria atau Sassuolo muncul sebagai destinasi utama peminjaman sang pemain.
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  129. Montella Ingin Rekrutan Anyar

    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola City Holiday - Pelatih Fiorentina, Vicenzo Montella, sudah gemas dengan kondisi skuatnya saat ini. Bukan karena performa negatif, melainkan musibah cedera yang terus menghantam Si Ungu. Paling parah, kita bisa sebut nama Giuseppe Rossi dan Mario Gomez.
    Berita yang diringkas agen bola City Holiday, Berdasar pada fakta tersebut, mantan pelatih Catania itu pun mendesak manajemen klub untuk bisa mendatangkan pemain anyar di bursa transfer musim dingin ini. Hal itu terkabul, dalam waktu dekat mereka bakal duduk bersama untuk membahas kemungkinan transfer.
    "Dalam waktu dekat saya bakal mengadakan rapat dengan tim manajemen. Kami akan segera memutuskan segala kebijakan terkait dengan permasalahan yang terjadi di Fiorentina," ujar Montella.
    "Banyak ide yang sudah terbayang. Kami tentu harus memahami untuk menambah kualitas tim jika ingin menggapai sesuatu. Kami bakal segera memutuskan dan bukan kehendak khalayak," pungkas Il Aeroplanino.
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  130. Arteta Waspadai Ancaman Everton

    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari Agen Bola - Gelandang Arsenal Mikel Arteta mengakui mewaspadai kehadiran Everton di Emirates Stadium dalam laga lanjutan Liga Primer Inggris akhir pekan nanti.
    Berita yang diringkas City Holiday, Arteta, yang meninggalkan Goodison Park ke Arsenal dengan banderol £10 juta dua tahun silam, meyakini kemenangan mantan timnya atas Manchester United dengan skor 1-0 akan membuat mereka semakin percaya diri.
    "Kami akan menghadapi tim yang sangat sulit," ujar pemain berusia 31 tahun tersebut kepada The Guardian.
    "Saya pikir Everton layak berada di papan atas dan mengalahkan United akan menjadi hal yang sangat penting bagi mereka. Itu akan meningkatkan kepercayaan diri mereka."
    "Saya tahu Roberto Martinez dengan baik dan dia adalah tipe pelatih yang ingin mengambil resiko dan membuat pemainnya memainkan sepakbola indah dan saya harap kami dapat melihat pertandingan bagus hari Minggu nanti."
    The Gunners saat ini duduk di puncak klasemen sementara Liga Primer Inggris, sementara The Toffees berada di posisi lima, terpaut tujuh angka.
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  131. Barcelona to remodel Camp Nou

    Agen Bola terpercaya indo11.com reported,Barcelona have announced they will not be building a new stadium to replace Camp Nou, but intend to remodel their existing home.
    The building work is set to take place between May 2017 and February 2021 at an estimated cost of €600million.
    A new stadium will have a roof over all sections, with the surrounding areas also set to be renovated as part of the plans.
    Any proposed changes still have to be approved by a referendum of club representatives, which will be held in early April.
    “It was a difficult decision,” president Sandro Rosell said.as reported by Indo Eleven.
    “The two projects were very attractive but we were committed to put to a referendum a project that was viable from a technical, urban-planning and economic perspective.
    “The Nou Camp is part of our collective memory, the biggest stadium in Europe and an icon of the city of Barcelona.
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  132. Cabella set for Newcastle move

    Agen Bola terpercaya indo11.com reported,Montpellier chairman Laurent Nicollin has confirmed a deal has been agreed for midfielder Remy Cabella to join Newcastle United.
    Newcastle have been chasing Cabella throughout the January transfer window and while they have seemingly got their man, Nicollin has indicated the 23-year-old attacking midfielder will not leave Montpellier until the end of the season.
    “We have an agreement with the leaders of Newcastle that I will not reveal,” Nicollin told Midi Libre.
    “But it does not include a departure for Remy before June, it is a certainty.”as reported by Indo Eleven.
    Cabella has made 22 appearances in all competitions for Montpellier this season, scoring six goals and notching five assists in Ligue 1.
    If Cabella moves to St James’ Park, he will become the 10th French player in Alan Pardew’s Newcastle squad.
    Sourcehttp:// indo11.com.