21 May 2013

Boss raves: 'Top-level' £5m LFC target scores 'Barcelona' style goals. Sign...?

Reports this week suggest that Liverpool are interested in Tottenham Hotspur star Danny Rose, who spent last season on loan at Sunderland, but Spurs boss Andre Villas Boas has hinted that the coveted left-back still has a future at White Hart Lane.

According to the Daily Mail yesterday:

"Liverpool have revived their interest in Tottenham left back Danny Rose.

"Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers failed to sign Rose in the last two transfer windows"

When quizzed about 22-year old Rose's future last night, AVB told Sunderland Echo:

"We are aware of it [the LFC rumour]. At the moment, Danny will return to our squad. He has had a great season in Sunderland, and he's a player we have to consider.

"There are decisions to be made at this club in the summer. We have to look to build, but we are also aware that we have to hold on to good players to improve as a club."

Jose Enrique is Liverpool's only senior left-back at the moment, so it would be beneficial to have some quality cover in that area. Having said that, Glen Johnson can play there, and Jack Robinson has potential, so is it really a priority position this summer?

Last week, Sunderland boss Paolo DiCanio hinted that he wants to keep £5m-rated Rose at Sunderland, and he delivered the following assessment:

"He's an attacking-minded left-back, but he has to improve a lot defensively. He's got a great future in front of him. He's a powerful guy, and he can run with the ball and beat people easily.

"It's obvious he can play at the top level, but he can improve the timing of his tackling and he needs to learn when and how to be aggressive.

"His goal against Aston Villa was like one you might see from the Barcelona left-back. He has a natural way to run with the ball through traffic and deliver the ball to the back post."

To be honest, DiCanio makes Rose sounds like Glen Johnson MKII: Great going forward, but suspect defensively. For years, Reds fans have waited for Johnson to improve defensively, but he still makes a shedload of costly mistakes every season (!)

Is Rose a serious option for LFC...?

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  1. liverpool4life56511:26 pm, May 21, 2013

    Do we need a LB? Not really, erinque, also downing,Johnson can play there.

  2. Have to say I didn't watch much of Rose but the Sunderland fans love him so could be a good option. Get the feeling BR defo is on the look out for a left back, linked to Leeds Sam Byram as well.
    On another note can't see why Johnson gets a rough ride. Think he's been top draw for two years.

  3. What have we learned from the Coutinho signing? For the same money, there are far far better players out there in the rest of the world than you would get signing an English player. Should we therefore fill our team with foreigners? No. However, you buy foreign, you grow local. I bet you there is a Danny Rose out there somewhere in Liverpool and if the club and manager are really that serious about keeping a scouse heart, they'll take more risks on giving local lads a shot in the first team whilst at the same time we buy our players straight into the first team abroad. Digne is five times the player Rose is.

  4. Watched a lot of this guy this year.. Actually the great thing about Fantasy Football League (finished 56,000 by the way, who else plays??) is you watch EVERY guy in the league..

    If I was buying a young English full back (just washed my mouth out with soap and water after saying that !) I'd be on Nathaniel Clyne.. but we have plenty existing and up and comming wing backs,,

    Hardly the place in need of investment..

  5. Hope we dont sign him, Sterling destroyed him when we played Sunderland away, remember.
    He was hopeless in defence. Another blown up English player,
    Luke Shaw is much better, and only 17.

  6. Not that interested in this signing.

  7. not needed got plenty of cover for that position ,johnson was awful going forward on sunday is passing was pants and he left the defence exposed one of his worse games imo

  8. johnson was very poor on sunday imo ,but we have plenty of cover for his position so lets spend the money on players for positions that we need

  9. Imo Johnson was one of the best, there was just noone there to finish in the box to finish his crosses .. he run all the time was present at back and forth .. same for Enrique !!

  10. Johnson has been great for us this season

  11. Rose and Strootman is the priority this summer

  12. Mr. Point Of View9:56 am, May 22, 2013

    i really suggest BR put Glen on Right Wing instead on what he doin now. No doubt when going fwd that guys is really something BUT meanwhile he oso 1 of weak link in our defending just like you said exposed. Not all the time this guy dribble successfully, and lot times he give away in cheap then we facing a deep shit counter attack. Cant blame him 100% maybe coz that tactical/instruction given BUT least that a concern in this particular problem right?

  13. sorry m8 i thought he had a bad game his movement was good but his passing and decision making were poor imo

  14. johnson is a defender for a reason his crossing and passing were poor on sunday

  15. Mr. Point Of View12:24 pm, May 22, 2013

    for next season i meant

  16. Discounting our goalkeeper for a moment, before Carra retired, it was quite possible to field a team looking like:
    Wisdom - Carra - Kelly - Johnson

    Gerrard - Shelvey - Henderson

    Downing - Sturridge - Sterling

    right! We could have fielded an all English outfield team, and that is
    the way BR rolls! If he could buy English, he would!

  17. I think we should buy 1 Player who can cover left and right back but is more defensive minded. We need cover but we've got lots of good youngsters who are coming through in these positions so having another Johnson like player isn't gonna do much good!

  18. hes not good enough to play further forward imo

  19. English is not the same as scouse. And anyway, of those there only Johnson, Henderson, Downing and Sturridge are not homegrown which is exactly my point. Sure Sterling, Shelvey and Wisdom started out elsewhere but that's my point. Scout them young, develop them into your own system and give them a chance. I, for one, do not understand why we pay 14 million for Henderson without giving Coady even as much as a shot. That doesn't mean I don't rate Henderson but who's to know what Coady could have developed into by now had he been given the gametime Henderson got under Kenny. It works for Barcelona, it works for Ajax, it works for Bayern Munich. So why would it not work for us. There are only 7 million people in all of Catalunya yet 6 of Barcelona's starting 11 come from there and then there is Messi who was also brought to the club at a very young age.Is that because there is something in the water in Catalunya that just breeds world class football players? No. Are those starters at Barcelona all world class player at all? No. But they love the club, what it stands for, they'd lay down and die for it and they have been playing the same system ever since they were 10 years old. There is no reason we could not do the same at Liverpool. There are many very talented football players in the world but if you want to build an empire, you need to have a plan.

  20. He's 5'8" tall! We don't need 5'8" left backs. We need bigger guys at left back.

  21. Only 6? With the exception of Alves, if you count the players they had to buy back, just about everyone passed through La Masia -
    Valdez, Puyol, Pique, Alba, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, Pedro and Fabregas. These 10 are world class. But you are right about them playing together since they were kids. If Reina does go back to them, he'd fit right in because he learnt his trade alongside these guys.

    According to the "homegrown" rules, all English and Welsh players qualify, along with any other player who has played with the club for 3 seasons before turning 21 or including the season they turn 21. If we hold onto Suso for that long, he'd qualify too. Good point about Coady. He should have been brought in earlier to cover for Lucas, but I guess BR saw it as an opportunity to play Allen.