18 May 2013

You're Out: Lawro warns £17m star that LFC 'dont want him'. Game over...?

Earlier this week, Liverpool legend Kevin Keegan dismissed Andy Carroll's chances of returning to Anfield this summer, arguing that it is 'pretty obvious' that Reds boss Brendan Rodgers 'doesn't want him back'. Carroll has to be one of the most unwanted players in modern LFC history, and Mark Lawrenson has joined Keegan in suggesting that the Reds just don't want the £35m man at Anfield.

Speaking to the BBC yesterday, Lawro conceded that Carroll 'deserves' his recent England call-up, but claimed that this will not impress Liverpool enough to negotiate an Anfield return. He noted:

"Liverpool don't want him [Carroll].

"He has ended the season very well and he will clearly be better off staying at West Ham than going back.

"It's no surprise that, now he is playing regularly, he is playing well and scoring goals again".

Carroll may be playing better, but he's still managed 7 goals in 23 games for West Ham. Contrast this with Daniel Sturridge, who has 11 goals in 16 games, and you can see why Liverpool are far better off with a Suick, mobile, skillfull striker leading the line.

Lawro's former team-mate, Jan Molby, concurs that Carroll is on the outs at Anfield. In a recent column for the Liverpool Echo, he observed:

"Andy Carroll’s Liverpool career is over. He simply doesn’t fit into Rodgers’ plans, not now and not ever.

Former Reds midfielder Jamie Redknapp also agrees, and in April, he told the Daily Mail:

"I don’t see Carroll having a future at Liverpool. If they don’t think he’s worth £15million, somebody else surely must"

When asked about Carroll's situation in a recent press conference, Brendan Rodgers subtly made it clear that the big man doesn't have a first team future at Liverpool:

“With every player it is about the style, and how they fit into that. There is no doubt Andy has real qualities – some of his goals from set plays with West Ham have proven that. There is the financial aspect to it. He won’t be leaving on the cheap. The club can’t have that money sat on the bench, in terms of what Andy cost and his wages.”

There may be good news on the horizon, however. According to the Newcastle Chronicle this week:

"A £17m fee for his services has already been agreed between Liverpool and the Hammers, but West Ham are struggling to achieve the fee, and ultimately it will be Carroll’s choice whether he stays or goes next season".

Is there any way back for Carroll? if he decided to fight for his place, is there any way he could actually fit in under Rodgers...?

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  1. I can't see Caroll coming back nor do I want him. He must be one of the most overrated players in premier league history. Way over priced and in reality 17mill is what we should of paid for him, if anything. Stumbling horse not an exaggeration. I'd Rather Benteke, Remy, Villa or use the money to bring Ericksen if he's available.

  2. I'd rather we cooled our interest in Remy for the time being....

  3. £17 million has been agreed? I'll drive him there myself!

  4. If WEST HAM pay 17m I'll be shocked.They'll mess us about and end up getting him for about 12m because we're desperate to increase our transfer budget.The only hope of getting something decent back is if NEWCASTLE come in but I think a HATEM BEN ARFA swap is the best offer they will table,which would be a good exchange but his injury record is very poor.

  5. He's not overrated he was just overpriced and we were stupid for paying 35m.Nobody talks about him like he's a world beater apart from BIG SAM because he fits the type of football WEST HAM play.

  6. Mr. Point Of View3:03 pm, May 18, 2013

    if he smart choose other team need him week in week out. on your peak age should get more playing time not bench warmer. go prove yourself elsewhere. no hard feeling is about tactical thing man.

    my personally wan him stay coz he will be alternate attacking option but a 35m and high salary to take that bench role is a waste $ for us.

  7. LFC must act faster to sell out Skrtel,Carroll,Downing and Borini to add more cash in an injection of budget

  8. I have a "stupid" question.

    This deal seems to be contingent upon Carroll agreeing on a contract with West Ham.

    Couldn't West Ham collude with Carroll and say, "There aren't any other bidders. Reject our offer now, and we'll place a lower bid this summer, which LFC will accept and you can accept our offer later".

    What's to stop that from happening?

  9. lets sent him back to Newcastle and use part of the money for Erikson and Tello also Ben Artem Arfa from Newcastle or go for Espinoza from wigan and Mcmannaman also from wigan.

  10. well on skrtel he is one of my faviroite players but i admit he was poor this season and might need to move on now. while carroll has to leave he has no pace,no skill,no movement and no goals, someone like benteke or bony is what we need. with borini he has to leave an d allen i have never seen players so ineffectual honestley they have to leave.
    on downing , i do not know , i mean he is improved but i think we need depth so i would be happy like if we bought ben arfa and kept him as back up and competition while sterling is readybut it wont be end of the world if he left downing. . spearing needs to leave he is almost as bad as allen. Coates needs to go it takes him 7 secs to sort his feet out and that is dangerous. finally assaidi has to leave , he is too lazy and has shown nothing in the prem when given a chance .
    on shelvey i do not know he could still be a good player maybe back up to lucas.

  11. to sum up sell : carroll 13m,borini 6m,assaid 2m, spearing 3m ,allen 7 m , coates 6m,skrtel 12m , so a total of 50m
    so 75m to spend over all
    and maybe sell downing 10m and shelvey 7m
    then we have 92m

  12. so we need to sign 2 defenders , 2 midfielders , 1/2 wingers and one striker.
    maybe benteke ,ben arfa, eriksen,wanyama,williams and anither cb

  13. wish de vridj was still available

  14. £17 million sold

  15. I don't understand why West Ham would struggle to shell out the full £17m that they agreed as part of the deal when they took Carroll at the start of the season. Nor do I understand the concerns about LFC struggling to have a significant transfer budget.

    Where does the money go from this massive windfall everybody is getting for merely being part of the Premiership??

  16. WEST HAM can afford it but they see us as a soft touch.We paid 35m for him and have made other expensive mistakes.To other clubs that says our negotiation skills are rubbish so even though a deal was agreed of course they'll try and get a reduced price.
    It will take a few transfer windows with reasonable purchases and sales until clubs start taking us seriously again.I would like someone else to head negotiations similar to DANIEL LEVY.

  17. Cant see him fitting into todays Liverpool, he is just not mobile or skillful enough, if we get £12-14 mill, I imagine that would be about right.

  18. I would rather the 12m than ben arfa lol

  19. No shit Sherlock, everyone knew this guy was being sold at the end of last summer.

  20. Liverpool stuffed up by loaning him out, they did the same thing with Aquilaini and look where it got them.. They should have sold him for cash straight up and not dicked around.. I knew the minute he left he wasnt going to stay at West Ham for 17m anyway. Every club cried poor or tries to get out of the deal on a technicallity.

    We sold Aquilaini on the cheap and now he is playing some great football... I say take what they can get and put the cash to a player we need!!

  21. yes lol, because 12m would be alot better than HBA

  22. But he could hold hands in the treatment room with you're favourite FABIO BORINI lol.Grow up, groupie!