27 May 2013

Carra raves: 16-year starlet is LFC's most 'exciting talent'. Next Gerrard...?

Liverpool's thriving academy is packed with talented young players developing their skills and learning their trade, but Reds legend Jamie Carragher believes one youngster in particular is a notch above the rest.

When asked over the weekend who he believes is the most 'exciting talent' at the academy, Carra told the official LFC website:

"Jordan Rossiter has trained with us a few times. I like the look of him.

"He's got a bit of character and steel that me and Stevie have had.

"He's not shy, will put himself about and clearly is a good footballer".

Carra is not the only ex-Red who rates Rossiter. In a recent Twitter Q&A, Reds hero John Aldridge chose Rossiter the 'brightest prospect at LFC's Academy'. He enthused:

"I like [Jordan] Rossiter. When he was 15 he was playing for the U18s, which is a tremendous accolade for the lad. He’s a great talent"

Anfield icon Robbie Fowler believes the youngster has the potential to develop into the club's new talisman. He recently tweeted:

"Jordan Rossiter is potentially a young Stevie G. He's a very good player"

Talk about raising expectations (!)

The 15-year old is LFC's U16 captain, and he also wears the captain's armband for the England U16 side, which is pretty impressive. Rossiter does not even have a bio page on the official LFC website at this stage, but I'm sure that will change very soon.

On the subject of Gerrard's retirement - In an interview LFC Magazine last year, Gerrard hinted at a possible retirement date. He said:

"To have played at Liverpool for what will hopefully be 14 or 15 years by the time I finish and not win it [the league title] would be an awful shame"

Gerrard made his debut for Liverpool in November 1998, which - by his reckoning - would make his final season either 2012-13, or 2013-14 (injuries permitting).

Gerrard made that comment when his fitness was on a downward spiral, but things have improved exponentially under Brendan Rodgers, who believes that the Reds captain can play on for many years yet:

"Can Gerrard play on into his late 30s? Absolutely, no question. Guys who do that like (Ryan) Giggs, (Paul) Scholes, (Gary) McAllister, it is not what they are doing now, it is what they have done earlier in their careers, when they were 17, 18, 19, 20"

It looks like Rossiter will be waiting a few years yet before he picks up the mantle.

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  1. I completely agree with this. Rossiter has that extra something that Gerrard has. Superb fight and quality.

  2. I really dont like hyping up lads who are so young,like could you imagine the pressure on him to be called the 'next Gerrard'? Give him and the rest time and hope they make it :)

  3. Hopefully he will go on to have a good career but in truth so few players go on to realise their early potential.

    On a different subject, best wishes to Rafa in his new role as Napoli boss - but please keep your hands of our players. If you do need a new striker to replace Cavani can I recommend a certain Senor Torres at Chelsea!

  4. I thought Connor Coady was the next Stevie G ..... So Jordan Rossiter is the next Connor Coady.. And I believe there's an 11 year old on the books who's the next Jordan Rossiter !

  5. Good to hear that. So now where's our next Robbie Fowler, Steve McManaman and Jamie Carragher? :)

  6. Boss, you are real cool! :)

    But I will certainly be very happy if there's an 11 year old boy to be the next Jordan Rossiter.

    11 year old -> Jordan Rossiter -> Connor Coady -> Stevie G.


  7. Jeeez no pressure

  8. It takes someone really special to break into a CM position out of the reserves. It's probably the most important position on the pitch these days so this kid must be really something.

  9. Seriously? You'd sell one our most consistent performers in a position where we don't have proper cover and with an already thin squad.
    Given a full pre-season Lucas will be back as good as he was before his injury. Keep him and build for the future.

  10. 15m!!! Imagine Santi Cazorla was bought for less than that. We can buy two players better than Lucas for 15m if we are smart. Don't think anyone will buy Lucas for more than 8m to be honest.

  11. You're right, how stupid of me. So why stop there, let's sell Coutinho, Sturridge, Johnson, Gerrard - no wait let's sell Suarez for £40M+ then we can buy 4-5 players for £8-10m each.
    I'm not claiming Lucas is world class but he will improve further and we have other priorities to focus on.

  12. Name them !!!! Lucas is worth 20mill. When fit he had Yaya Toure in his back pocket and made him look like an amatuer. If you can't see the difference in Liverpools results from when Lucas plays to when he doesn't your an idiot.

  13. 5th/4th this season same again next and then fight for title after that am hopefully Gerrard will get what he deserves and retires happy

  14. Hey Jamie...what's the story....comment moderated for next to nothing. Let me guess...the fact that I insinuated that a certain line of thought might be considered idiotic is now beyond the pale. !!! Sweet devine lord....extracting the urine at this stage. Is this a creche....???

  15. Don't insult other posters and there wont be a problem.

  16. Lol...are you serious....insult....as I said...I left it completely open to interpretation. There was no insult. I am insulted you felt I was insulting someone. My god....so much for having a discussion on a matter.

  17. You called someone an 'idiot'.There was no need for that - you could've just taken the mature route and debated in a civil manner, but you chose not to. If you want to have a 'discussion' that contains insults then insults you're more than welcome to do that...on some other site.

  18. Go back read it again. I did not call anyone an idiot. I said if that someone has a certain line of thought that they could be preceived to be an idiot. I did not directly call anyone an idiot because I know how neurotic you are about your insults. Anyways.....whatever...Mein Furher. I'm off now for some Pimms and Cucumber sandwiches with Julian and all the boys to discuss the ups and downs of the yellow tailed chaffinch.

  19. I think amove to Italy will suit lucas .the pace of the game is slower .and after his injury he seems off the pace for the premier lge he gives to many free kicks away in our third of the pitch and if rafa bids 15 million its a no brainer

  20. His wondergoal said who's Gerrard? Pepper, Pepper
    We took him from the toffee lard Pepper Pepper
    We said he's great, he thought so too
    And then he turned right into poo
    Adam Pepper Liverpo....sorry...Stalybridge Celtic number 8!

  21. Perhaps this will give Jordan the motivation to go and make a name for himself in the coming years. I dont see this as added pressure i see it as motivation to go and grab the number 8 shirt from Stevie G and make it his own.

  22. Anybody know much about the progress of Conor Coady? I always felt the lad, who also captained England at junior levels, could end up being in the fold with the Liverpool first team.

  23. I'd rather see someone in the midfield who offers much more physicalityy than Lucas. IF we sold Lucas, I'd expect Wanyama / Diame to come in to the midfield - which would be an improvement IMO.