3 May 2013

Rodgers reveals LFC plan to 'rehabilitate' Luis Suarez

Disgraced Liverpool striker Luis Suarez is one game into his ten batch for biting Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic, and he'll no doubt be very disappointed to miss out on this weekend's Merseyside Derby against Everton. With football off the agenda, what is Suarez up to at the moment?

In his pre-Everton Press conference today, Rodgers provided the following update on Suarez. He told reporters:

"There's no holiday. The guy needs to go away and work, and rehabilitate.

"He's getting all the support from his family, the football club and the supporters, and he's willing to work very hard to be better.

"It wasn't a nice incident that happened, but he's accepted the punishment. He'll take it on the chin and hopefully come back a better player and person"

Rumours that Liverpool had checked Suarez into a 'hospital' for some shock therapy could not be confirmed ;-)

What is certain is that Suarez will undergo some form of 'therapy', and according to Snooker ace Ronnie O' Sullivan, Dr. Steve Peters - who already works with LFC - is the ideal man to help Suarez conquer his demons:

"I've really worked hard with Steve to get hold of my emotions and my brain. Not once have you been able to see me lose the plot. Sometimes inside I feel it's tough and it's challenging, but I'm able to overcome that.

"It's not a quick fix with Steve, but if Liverpool stick with him and Brendan Rodgers they'll win the title"

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  1. They tried to make him go to rehab, and he said OM NOM NOM!!!

  2. Wise words from Ronnie: one of snooker's greatest ever talents.

  3. Very embarrassing that our own supporters humiliating the best player in the club like this. Its ok not to condemn the acts he has done but at least show some class. (to shock therapy reference)

  4. oh well hes work wonders for ronnie because hes a true spotsman now NOT

  5. yes what a clown he his lets face it if hes supposed to have sorted out the screwball that is osullivan imo lfc should not waste thier money

  6. lol snooker players and footballers have loads in common ....wheres the cross over apart from there both on tv.......really what a load of nonsense

  7. To use the official phrase of Liverpool:
    'Calm down.'
    I can say that, because I'm a Scouser. If anyone else here dares to say it, I'll have you arrested for being a big old racist.

  8. Ronnie O'Sullivan's wisdom is famed throughout the land. I didn't even know he was a snooker player until recently, since I only knew him from his teachings.
    I understand that the Dalai Lama regularly consults with Ron and that the wise one (R-O'S) actually looks after DL's twitter account for him.

  9. Shouldn't have taken this long for the club to be active in rehabbing Suarez's behavior. The club should have been proactive well before the Ivanovic biting accident. Maybe they have been, behind doors but I have my doubts.