20 Apr 2013

Dropped: LFC chase exciting €12m midfield maestro. Better option than Diame...?

Napoli central midfielder Gökhan Inler has been linked with a move to Anfield several times in the past, and reports today suggest that the Reds are once again monitoring the experienced Swiss International.

According to reports in Italy, Liverpool and Arsenal 'closely monitoring' Inler, who cost Napoli €12m in 2011.

The Reds' interest in 28-year old Inler is nothing new:

* In 2009, Rafa Benitez considered signing the Swiss star in 2009 as a replacement for Xabi Alonso, but according to reports at the time, the £18m fee for his services proved to be a deal-breaker.

* In 2010, Roy Hodgson pursued the midfielder as a replacement for Javier Mascherano, a move that would've made sense considering the former Reds boss worked with Inler during his time managing the Switzerland national team.

Inler was recently dropped from the starting XI, fuelling rumours of a bust-up with Napoli boss Walter Mazzarri, but Dino Lamberti - the Swiss star's Agent - told Radio CRC:

“There has been no disagreement [at Napoli]. Inler was slightly injured and Mazzarri decided to deploy Blerim Dzemaili instead. Gokhan is now almost fully recovered and I'm sure he will recover his place in the team. Gokhan is comfortable in Naples and will not move.”

Despite Lamberti's protestations to the contrary, things are not looking good for Inler at the moment:

* Unused substitute in 3 of the last 4 games.
* Subbed off/on the bench for 11 of the last 12 games overall.

Injury or no injury, Inler's relegation to bit-part player over the last couple of months suggests that he's slipped down the pecking order at Napoli.

Predominantly a defensive midfielder, Inler is an all-rounder in the centre of the field, and at 28, he has the experience Liverpool desperately need. Would he be an upgrade on Lucas, however? Or should the Reds look at players with a completely different style (i.e. the likes of Mohamed Diame) ?

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  1. liverpool4life5651:40 pm, April 20, 2013

    Diame for me... Younger,stronger, :)

  2. It all depends on the price at 28. I'm convinced there are better options. Diame, despite his fitness and his lack of top level experience, is a much more cost-effective player. We'd be getting a player who knows the league, is younger and costs a fraction of the price.

    One correction JK: There was about a decade between Hodgson being Switzerland manager and Gokhan Inler playing his first game of professional football, so they would not have worked together.

  3. Diame is more youngest player.....Inler will cost too expensive fee.He is going 28 nearly 29 year.Becarefull to sign this player.I think better get rid from signing him.

  4. Diame has a £3.5m buy-out clause, confirmed by Allardyce, what are we waiting for???

  5. If BR doesn't get Diame, he deserves sacking! Diame is 25-26, stronger than anyone in our squad, can dribble like Saurez & has shown that he can dominate so called stronger teams. He bossed us, Chelski & Mancs.
    I'm sorry, this typifies why LFC have fallen behind: a) we rarely buy value for money b) we dither on players who are quality.

  6. it wont happen as it means rogers is telling fsg that allen is no use lol..and you think this guy is the next big thing lol

  7. Everyone's assuming that we'd be the only team willing to pony up 3.5m for Diame.

    Has it ever crossed anyone else's mind that the market will be higher than that for him as if we seek him so heavily, odds are that other teams will as well.

  8. liverpool4life5654:26 pm, April 20, 2013

    But it will happen? Every club has competition in the squad? So your making things up again I see :) weak comment.

  9. okay well see .....but dont put your mortgage on it im not often wrong i was laughed at when i said carroll would go for 8 to 10m .....also when allen and borini where first signed i said they where crap ....dream on

  10. At 28 cant see him coming to Liverpool, if we're interested in Diame Spurs will probably buy him,dont we do their scouting for them now. Inler introduced to Swiss national team in 2006, 11 years after Hodgson had been there ... but he may have been a ball boy : )

  11. liverpool4life5657:35 pm, April 20, 2013

    "I'm not often wrong" you are wrong. An has Carroll gone for 8-10million? We already got 2 million down payment rest will come aswell. And I think you mean "were" not "where" I think Jason is rubbing off on you too much

  12. Diame has some 'health' issues, similar to those mentioned regarding Ba. thats why 'big' clubs have stayed away. However, for 3.5 m plus wages, its not that big a gamble..like sturridge for example.

  13. Mister smart arse here gilstrap i think u need to do something else with your spare time than post comments on every story and carroll id rather have him at the club thsn get 8 mil. Good game changer

  14. id rather have carroll also ? i never wanted to loan him out...but rogers has devalued him by his actions meaning clubs will only offer 8 to 12 m...as for my spare time ..well thats buisness and i do what i like