22 Apr 2013

'Get him here' - Midfielder urges boss to sign 'fantastic' €20m LFC star. Fading dream...?

Last week, Liverpool legends Jan Molby and Mark Lawrenson insisted than on-loan Reds flop Andy Carroll will'never make it' at Anfield. Many fans probably agree with that, but with Carroll apparently too expensive for West Ham, there is a serious possibility that the big man could end up turning out for Liverpool next season. Hammers captain Kevin Nolan hopes that doesn't happen, however, and he's pushing for the London club to sign Carroll permanently.

Nolan scored his 100th career goal against Wigan on Saturday, and the assist came from Carroll, prompting the midfielder to shower praise on his team-mate. He told the official West Ham website:

"The big man's been fantastic since he's come back into the team. I'm delighted that he's here and I'm hoping he will be for as long as I'm here.

"I certainly hope we can put the figures together to get him here. I know it will benefit him on the England side, it will benefit us as a club, and it will benefit me personally because we’ve got a good understanding"

Le's hope West Ham are listening. A Carroll return to LFC would be a retrograde step in the club's forward progression (IMO), and I hope Rodgers sticks to his guns when the summer transfer window comes around.

The club needs all the money it can get this summer, and £17m (€20m) from the Carroll sale would help the club buy more players suited the Rodgers' preferred style of play. Imagine, however, the absolute worst case scenario:

* West Ham can't afford Carroll.
* LFC refuse to take a £28m hit and sell to Newcastle.
* LFC sell Luis Suarez over the bite incident.
* Carroll returns to Liverpool as cover.
* Carroll starts the season as Suarez's replacement.

How gut-wrenchingly catastrophic would that be? :-) Granted, it's a far-fetched scenario, but you never know.

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  1. jaimie we are lfc we are a joke the scenario you mention could well happen ,suarez could be banned for twenty games if the fa get there way,but they are fair i mean rio only missed an appointment and they slapped his wrists didn,t they so we cannot complain especially as he doe,s not play for us ,so doe,s not sully our name,the enabler

  2. liverpool4life5656:36 pm, April 22, 2013

    I'm okay with both if he sold fair enough, but if he stays then its another option, he can tear defences apart with his body strength just look at what he did to united, bullied there defence.

  3. I just want to see the club draw a line under the Carroll farce and just move him on permanently, even if it is for less than £10m

  4. As far as Luis is an asset on the business end of things and on the field, we still have to understand that he is part of the Liverpool family at this present moment. He has given us some absolutely spellbinding moments of genius that puts him up there with the likes of Messi and Ronaldo. And, like a child or a crazy hormonal teen we are charged with showing him the error of his ways and putting him on the straight and narrow. Who wouldn't want a loose cannon like Suarez in their team?

    Carroll is a player with good instincts and excellent aerial skills but is a world away from Luis. He'll be sold definitely to West Ham or Newcastle. You're dead right saying it would be a major backward step. In my opinion Remy is a tasty option (perfect timing for a pun like that). Cheap skilful and adapting well. I think once we nab Eriksen and Alderweireld we should make great strides. Onwards and upwards. Hope to god we don't sell Luis but as the boss said as soon as you sell someone whose irreplaceable, someone else comes along.



  5. I think West Ham are just trying to lower the price of Carroll by saying they can't afford him. We'll probably end up selling him for around 12-15 million, a kick in the teeth but paying for wasting a huge sum of money on him in the first place.

    Out of curiosity Jamie or anyone else! Who would you like to see come in to replace him(realistically)? It is a tough position to fill because it's not really a starting role but is one that needs filling with quality. That's why I would like to see a young(around 22) striker who won't need to start every match. Although one player that doesn't fit the age bracket but would be a great signing would be Alvaro Negredo! He is in the prime of his career and would not cost an arm and a leg either.

  6. Daily mail "mum blames Suarez for son getting bitten", next week Captain ahab blames Saurez for moby dick biting his leg off.

  7. sell borini keep carroll ......whats strange is unders rogers we pump just as many high balls up as we did with RH but apparently that doesnt suit carroll

  8. your right he doesnt look 17m but then again not many of our players bar suarez do either

  9. if we sell Ac it will be for around 8 to 10m i have said from the day rogers loaned him out and made his position at liverpool impossible he was devaluing his price by 10m instantly ...big sam knows he holds all the cards

  10. SELL OUT Downing,Henderson,Borini and Carroll to add more fund.LFC will suffer if still using this players.Christian Eriksen,Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Julian Draxler and Ibesevic from stuggart is the best players should sign in.

  11. yes but liverpool do not play like west ham so your never going to get the best out of him and he is the kind of player who has to play every week to keep him fit and well.he bullied the united defence cos west ham get the ball up to him fast rodgers just will not do that.

  12. Sell Borini,carrol and downing then we get atleast 25 million. With the initial 20m (if the rumours are true) we have atleast 45m for the summer transfer.Then we can buy De Vrij for 9m,Diame for 3m, Erikson for 20m and and 12m for Wlfried Bony. Then we will have a great team that can challenge for top 4 for sure.
    De Vrij............Skrtel.........Agger...........Enrique

  13. why doesnt rodgers just sell carrol to westham for the 10m and then get momo diame on top of the 10m from west ham.this deal suits all parties and i like it.dont know if rodgers can see it

  14. here is what rodgers should do.sell skertel and coates for a combined 19m,sell downing for 9m,borini for 8m to get 17m.this is 36m enough to buy jackson martinez the strikers we should have bought for 9m anyway.we would have saved the wage bill on downing,and skertel especially.we then need to sell carol for 10m to westham but then get diame on top of the 10m from westham.this is the best deal we can get as noone will pay more than 10m for carol today.we then sell spearing,ossama assaidi and pacheco for 10m,flanagan for 2m,jones the keeper for 2m to get 14m which is enough to buy loveren the defender for 8m and ince for 5m leaving a balance of 1m.if we get the 10m from andy carrol we can buy aldewld the ajax defender for 7m leaving 3m plus the other 1m and we buy macarthy the reading keeper.we get the 20m from the owners and we buy erickson with it for 14m and we even remain with 6m change.our line up will be reina,johnson,lovren,agger,enrique,diame,gerard,erickson,suarez,martinez,sturidge.