22 Apr 2013

Shut Up: Aldo slams LFC legend for 'hypocritical' Hillsborough comments. Fair...?

Never one to shy away from speaking his mind, Liverpool legend John Aldridge has slammed Reds icon Graeme Souness for bringing Hillsborough into the equation when discussing the Luis Suarez bite incident.

Discussing the incident on Sky Sports, Souness - arguably the club's greatest midfielder of the modern era - described Suarez's behaviour as 'embarrassing', and accused the Uruguayan of damaging the 'good name' of LFC. He also added:

"People will be talking about this for a long, long time and it’s going to show Liverpool in a very bad light – especially in this week of all weeks, the anniversary of Hillsborough"

Reacting to Souey's comments, Aldo said:

"I'm still trying to get my head around what I saw today. [Graeme] Souness spoke sense till he mentioned Hillsborough. It had no place in the argument, and it's hypocritical after what he did with The S*n"

I disagree with Aldo here - whether he likes it or not, Souness made a valid point, especially given the fact the bite incident took place on a day when LFC paid tribute to Hillsborough campaigner Anne Williams.

Aldo making a personal attack on Souness by referencing the s*n incident is uncalled for (IMO). Souness made no personal attack, and his Hillsborough comment is arguably relevant.

Meanwhile, Reds hero Dietmar Hamann believes that Suarez will probably leave in the summer. He Tweeted:

"Suarez will get a lengthy ban and then the club has to make a decision whether he is worth the hassle. The people who say "Where would LFC be without him" should have a look at the league table and see where LFC is with him.

"Don't get me wrong Suarez is an awesome player who has done great for LFC. I wouldn't like to see him go but i wouldn't be surprised if he did"

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  1. liverpool4life5659:57 pm, April 22, 2013

    Suarez will stay he worth it at end of the day, he just needs some help on his aggression, if he can tame that the way he has tamed his diving then it be okay. Like ayre said he took the fine he will take the ban then we will move on.

  2. Fuck off Kanwar, Graeme's a cunt.

  3. I don't always agree with Aldo but he's bang on this time.

    Suarez's actions had absolutely nothing to do with Hillsborough. It simply isn't a point worth making; especially not by somebody who has his own catalogue of dubious misdemeanours including one that caused more upset to the city and the families than anything Luis Suarez has ever done.

  4. Souness is a media tart,and sold out his club to McKenzies Scum.

  5. IMO I think Suarez will see out his punishment, the club will work with him so as to keep all this type of behaviour grounded and under control, and we will see a different side to his character next season whilst still wearing the Liverbird on his shirt.
    Also imo, I believe that to be the correct path and that is not because I am blinded by hero worship as his act was diabolical and inexcusable.
    I just do not believe that selling him is necessary....

  6. saying he i would not be surprised if he leaves is just covering your options. he either leaves or stays

  7. he will get more than a 3 game ban you can rest assure the fa will see justice done:-(

  8. completely agree

  9. Even Jamie redknapp agree with souness only neville is backing him up. Suarez might be doing some drama so he can leave the club as what he did at ajax as he declared he going stay just before the same then this shit happened. He know with all the media in england he will have excuse to leave.