11 Mar 2013

'They'll fall short' - Reds legends write-off LFC's top four chances. Harsh or fair...?

Liverpool's victory over Spurs on Sunday puts the club in a great position to challenge for a top four place, and with nine games top go, it's definitely still possible. Reds legend Mark Lawrenson is not convinced though, and he believes the club will ultimately miss out on the Champions League this season.

In his column for The Mirror today, Lawro - who last week tipped Liverpool to beat Spurs - hailed yesterday's result as a 'great win for Liverpool', and admitted that his old club is currently 'in a great place', but rejected the possibility of a top four finish. He explained:

"Great win for Liverpool but sadly they won’t finish in the top four. It pains me to say it but I still just don’t quite think they have enough. When you’ve been in the game for a while you tend not to get carried away, and I just feel they will fall a little bit short.

"It is important to remember that we are in March and yet the win yesterday was the first time that Liverpool had beaten a top ten half team in the League. That’s a long time".

Reds hero Jan Molby agrees with his former team-mate on this. He told Eurosport over the weeked:

"People cling on to hope of making the top four but that’s not going to happen. It’s all about next season and you can see they [Liverpool] are finally heading in the right direction. The difference between this transitional phase and those of the last few years is that Liverpool are playing very well, and getting the goals when they’re on top".

Liverpool have displayed top four form over the last three months, and are currently third in the for table for that period, but I can see Lawro/Molby's point here. Looking at things from a stone-cold realist's point of view, it will, admittedly, be difficult for the Reds to make the Champions League places.

However, it's not impossible, and whilst there's still a mathematical chance, the club has to go for it. Win the majority of league games between now and the end of the season and anything is possible.

Here are Liverpool's remaining fixtures:

* Southampton (a), Aston Villa (a), West Ham (h), Reading (a), Chelsea (h), Newcastle (a), Everton (h), Fulham (a), QPR (h)

I'm confident that the Reds can get at least 20 points out of these games, which would leave the club with a final points total of 65, which could be enough to secure a CL place. Which of these games do you think Liverpool will win? For me:

* Southampton (D)
* Aston Villa (W)
* West Ham (W)
* Reading (W)
* Chelsea (W)
* Newcastle (L)
* Everton (W)
* Fulham (W)
* QPR (D)

Southampton, Villa, West Ham, Reading, Fulham and QPR are all eminently winnable, but things never go according to plan.

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  1. ...I definitely think they've the nicest fixtures of the top 6 clubs. We'd really need City and Utd (as much as it pains me) to thrash the teams above us - Starting with Everton next week. And who knows? If our old pal Mr Benitez manages to succeed in crippling Chelsea (which i suspect was his plan all along lol) there could be a spot opened up. But I have to agree with Lawro and Molby; we'd need the other teams to drop massive points on the travels which i cant see happening. Europa we've got a shot at though... Imagine if we had just beaten West Brom and Villa... we'd be right in the thick of it.

  2. Its possible. But I think it might be just out of reach. The problem is, is we have to win most of our games, and hope teams about us drop a few points. If we beat Chelsea then that would make it a lot more reaisltic, and I think we will beat them.

  3. ChampsWinnerTraore10:36 am, March 11, 2013

    Southampton Draw
    Aston Villa Lose
    West ham Win
    Reading Win
    Chelsea Win
    Newcastle Draw
    Everton Win
    Fulham Draw
    QPR Win

  4. Had Liverpool have a class winger on the right side and a strong Defensive Midfielder, i could have probably stamped on their champions league entry. But thats not the case and chances seem very bleak for top four finish. 

  5. Last ten years, team finishing fourth:
    2011/12   69pts
    2010/11   68pts
    2009/10   70pts
    2008/09   72pts
    2007/08   76pts
    2006/07   68pts
    2005/06   67pts
    2004/05   58pts
    2003/04   56pts
    2002/03   67pts

    I think at the start of the season Brendan Rodgers said we would need 70 points to finish fourth and I think that will be about right.

    So it doesnt leave us much margin for error, and my prediction is we will screw up at somewhere like Reading......

  6. Mark Lawerenson is right to some extent. I think more importantly we should not worry about getting Champions League but try to win as many games as possible. 

  7. ChampsWinnerTraore10:46 am, March 11, 2013

    Spot on to many times this season we have won matches only for Brendan or the players to come out and target fourth and then fail in the following game just keep the momentum and winning matches and see where we end up come may

  8. Yeh unfortunately it looks to me like we've left it too late for the Champions league spots but, you never know. Spurs and Chelsea both still in the Europa and one in the FA cup so they will have lots of games to play so it could happen but realistically I don't think they'll drop that many points. Rodgers next two or three signings are going to be absolutely vital, the centre back he brings in has to be top class because we are quite poor defensively and if he decides on another keeper he has to be dominant. If he gets those right we won't be far off.

  9. Love it!  Rafa's plan of crippling Chelsea who would have thought.

  10. I'm so happy with that win yesterday, it's the best feeling I've had since Liverpool beat Chelsea 1 - 0 away when miereles scored.

    Liverpool seem to take 1 step forward two steps back at the mo so I'm not counting any chickens yet.

    Just enjoying this feeling for the time being

  11. Its called a dream for a reason. Why cant we be optimistic. Granted we probably wont make it this season. But we stand as good a chance as anyone else next season.

  12. We can win all of those but realistically we'll drop at least five points and I can't imagine Spurs dropping fifteen, Chelsea dropping sixteen and Arsenal dropping eleven points at the same time . But the signs are good for next year.

  13. All we can do is keeping winning, If we do that we finish 4th, end of. Yes it is very difficult but possible, that is a fact!!!

  14. Correct let's keep winning, forget anything else!!!

  15. agree with lawro and molby to little to late,things are improving very slowly ,and a lot of the winnable games we have less are against teams fighting for there lives,the fact is we could end up with no european football what so ever next season which imo means the season as been a disaster 

  16. Agent Rafa is doing a fine job indeed !

  17. European football is not the benchmark for progress this season, so why do you insist it is? If LFC qualify for Europa/CL, you'll change your tune to something else.

    Improving on last season's league position/points total is clearly the prime objective, and if that happens, progress has been made. Cup competitions are irrelevant. As Shankly said, the league is LFC's 'bread and butter', not the cups.

    If LFC aren't going to qualify for the CL, I'd rather the club missed out on the Europa League. Less games = fresher team, and a better chance (theoretically) of improving even more in the league.

  18. In the champions league or not I don't care but I am enjoying nowadays Liverpool style of playing. There are lot of permutations to work with whether how far Spurs, Arsenal and Chelsea will win or lose their matches. There is a chance if these 3 start dropping points. It is good to talk about Liverpool reaching top four, this will give our lads the impetus to keep on going forward. In the end if we don't so what we are ready for next season. With new signings for another superb striker and defense we will tear apart the defence of all other teams. Anyway miracles do happen we are having our luck back and never know what is going to happen. Football is a strange game. Congratulations to BR he has done a great job.

  19. no i will not change my tune if we do not get europa league its been a disaster,so if we finish 7th and do not get european football thats a better season than last(no cups either)also you say you would rather have no european football ,well that will surely reflect on the transfer budget less revenue less to spend,finally 2 questions for you 1 did you post on facebook yesterday that suarez went down to easy for the pen ,because it looked like your site,and finally ?2 is sturridge allowed to chuck himself all over the place because hes not suarez,third time i,ve seen him dive now yesterdays being as theatrical as you can get ,or do we only talk about diving if its players you seem to dislike

  20. Draw with Southampton, lose at Villa then beat Chelsea?

    Sorry bud, that's dillusion right there but, hey, I feel that we can win all of the remaining fixtures but what do I know?

  21. why did my comment not get passed you have just said on another thread that i said what your saying here about europe

  22. By looking at the finishing line instead of the next hurdle, we were falling. If we treat each game as if our lives depended on a win, we can do it. If it leaves the players burnt out at the end of the season, then so be it, they can rest all summer.

  23. Any other result today would be totally unfair for BR and his players. Congratulations to all of them for their determination to win this game and keep alive our chances for qualifying to any next season’s European competition. They should continue playing until the end of the season with the same mentality, determination and passion! If you wish you can watch in full the epic turn around of the game from our beloved team or the game's highlight on http://www.footballwatch.net/team/37

  24. It's not been a total disaster, sure, it started badly but most teams do when they change managers when the outgoing manager isn't leaving a championship winning side.

    We're sitting in 6th place, back in October/November, that was almost unthinkable. 

    As for winning cups, the only one we won last year was contested by Swansea & Bradford in the final so, with all due respect to both those clubs, it wouldn't have really made that much difference to our season if we had won it again and finished in the same position with the same points tally as last season. Instead, we're in with a shout of Cl qualification, albeit a long one. We're top scorers in 2013, so we're finding the net regularly; something we weren't doing at the start of the season, or indeed last season. Beating Spurs  yesterday, in my eyes, was a sign of progress made as they were flying before they came to Anfield. 

    I know being overly optimistic can lead to a lot of falls but it's the way we pick ourselves back up from those falls that makes us stronger.

  25. sick of hearing about 2013 the season started and finished in 2012

  26. why is the comment not going live you censor peoples views when there is nothing to censor,or do you just do it because you can

  27. I think i will have to agree with alot of people on here.
    Its possible but unlikely, i have faith in LFC that we could do it but its most likely too little too late.
    While i loved KD and believe he should have had another season in charge just so we could see if his overall plan would have came together.
    Once he was fired there was no point complaining and ive supported BR all the way.
    The main difference i have and its just my opinion, With KD i saw us just buying until we got it right while under BR he took a bunch of steps back by clearing out some players and he has set up a team that we can build on with players like Sterling, Coutinho, Wisdom and with Henderson showing real promise we can build on youth and hopefully start to bring in players to immediately fill holes (Whether we do or not is another topic all together).

  28. A Bit off topic but did anyone notice the little tiff between Suarez and Dembele after the game?

  29. Tbh im not optimistic at all about a top 4 finish, not even cautiously optimistic......

    The reality is that we got lucky yesterday, we were set to lose the game, the momentum had swung Spurs way & we were doing our usual panic in the headlights routine....

    Then out of a moment of pure Spurs recklessness we found ourselves somehow back in the game, but don't get me wrong we started this game well, played some good football, closed down Spurs, harassed them & countered with some slick passing and good movement, but it was not maintained throughout the game.....

    Giving up momentum in a game is a sure way of losing it unless you are  playing against a side who want to give the momentum back....ala Spurs...

    Still not convincing, far from it in fact, very happy with the win & very happy about the signs of progress re our play but this was not a good overall performance and certain players once again came out of this game having underperformed....luckily for us Reina was not playing...

    I conclude that this was a game we tried to gift to Spurs but unluckily/luckily (depending on which side of this particular fence you stand) they gifted us it back..... Quite darkly comical in a way really...

    Raises that question again (like last season...) does anyone actually WANT top 4 & by "anyone" i am referring to those team supposedly competing for it....albeit in a kind of drunken 1 step forward & 1 step backwards fashion...

    Meanwhile a lot of these players walking off the pitch happily because they have just "earned" another 100+ K a week....

    Sad to witness this really, the prem has lost its edge in Europe, used to be very much a centre piece but looking somewhat shabby and a fair bit abused by "big money/big name" players......, would be very fitting we lost that 4th place in the future due to a lack of quality performances...

    But i digress, the proof will be in the pudding, lets see how our top paid performers play out these last games, should be very interesting to see who lets us down......

    I got an envelope too....& there are a lot more than just 3 names in it......

  30. More Jason Glasshalfempty Carr lol

    Not long ago you were moaning about our lowest position, then we hadn't beaten anyone above us, then BR never makes the changes we need , we'll get nowhere with him, now it's no Europa League is a disaster. Those goalposts just keep on moving.

    The only way up is to emulate Kenny I suppose. Win a Cup that relegated Birmingham won, and 2nd Div Bradford contested this year, spend all next season traipsing around Europe for another cup we would like, but don't care if we win or not, and finish 8th again scoring 47 goals all season.
    I say this because you didn't describe KD's season as a failure at the time

    We get it. You don't rate Rodgers.

    But cheer up for pity's sake 

  31. No it didn't, it's still ongoing. And the next one starts in 2013, so if we keep our 2013 form up and play like that or better in the new season, then we'll be sitting pretty.

  32. Think you should marry Jason. You'd fit right in lol

    So now we really don't want CL? And neither do the others? The £15-20m minimum you get isn't of interest, let alone the ability to attract the higher level of players?

    Give me a break, is that the best theory you've got? When Utd/City win without playing well or deserving it, people say it's the mark of  top team to play badly and win. Now we finally do it and you say it's because both sides secretly wanted to lose?

    Breathtaking insight.

  33. and weres the money comming from for transfers to get better and compete for top four next season ops i forgot we have fsg who love chucking money round,so no m8 the glass is not half full its empty,and if you dislike my views so much stop reading them,and posting to me on them thanks

  34. lol m8 i wonder if rodgers knew some of the dross he was going to sign when he made that comment

  35. This makes no sense whatsoever. Where did the money come from for the £20m outlay on Sturridge and Coutinho? The £25m outlay on Borini and Allen? The money is there, it's just being spend more prudently. Rodgers has made a few mistakes in the transfer market (Borini, Sahin etc), but that has nothing to do with whether money is available or not.

    FSG have proven several times over that they're willing to spend money on transfers, so it just seems to me you're moaning about money for the hell of it, rather than having any factual basis upon which to pin your complaint.

  36. If LFC don't get into Europe it will not be a 'disaster'. Only you think that.

  37. Hang on a minuter mister, don't go putting words into my mouth...." and you say its because both sides secretly wanted to lose" 

    I didn't say that at all....

    You did....

    I said "we" GIFTED them the game by allowing them the momentum etc, in fact i backed up my point quite well...i used that word specifically to avoid this type of knee jerk reaction.....

    Gifted does not necessarily mean "intentional.."

    Now, stick to debating what i have written and stop getting yer knickers in a twist.

    Drama queen.

  38. oh i did not realise you had done a poll where  every lfc fan on the planet voted so to say only i think that is insane why not do a poll and see

  39. they knew that they had income from european football for starters so they would budget that into there plans,sorry jaimie what your saying is if we get top 4 they will not use the money it genarates till the season after we have played in the champions league

  40. obviously my previous post to you got deleted ,shame 

  41. mine are and your second on my list;-)

  42. sorry m8 its the superfan brigade they have gone mad,everything is hunky dory and were 12 points clear at the top of the league and champions league final to look forward to,but if your not over the moon with how things are going then your not a real fan because real fans only see the club through rose tinted glasses

  43. I am trying to be serious about this, we were lucky yesterday, we got away with it.....

    Had we lost this game which was looking quite likely...all hell would have broke loose & this forum would have been awash with BR has to go at the end of the season because of X Y Z reasons....

    Fact is many LFC supporters have already made up their minds about BR, they are just waiting for him to fall....yesterday he/we were GIFTED a game which in all probability we would have lost....

    Clearly our overall game was marred yet again by certain players letting us down during the game which has become something of a recurrent nightmare in recent times.....whether intentional or unintentional it has been happening FACT...

    We won't get top 4 IF we continue in this manner.

  44. Dislike your views?

    Hell no, you're the most entertaining guy on here!

    I was pointing out that one by one your reasons for disliking Rodgers are disappearing fast, forccing you to add new ones .

    And I'm not sure you quite understand the usual meaning of the term glass half empty.
    Clue: it doesn't refer to the amount of maney in the transfer kitty. 

    Proud to have made your envelope at 2nd , Any word on who beat me?

  45. And this summer they will have their share of the biggest TV rights payout in history. Not sure that we made too much from the Europa League either

  46. One good note is we beat a hot Spurs team after being down 2-1.  That's a first for the season. Another good thing is the change in Suarez' finishing or his luck...haven't figured that out yet.  I just remember how MANY times he plunked balls off the woodwork last year...and this year those are going in. I also believe it is possible to go top four, but only if we change recent history and actually beat teams we're supposed to beat.  We had Arsenal and City on the ropes and we beat Spurs, but we lose to WBA and Villa.  We can't continue to play down to the level of our competition.  This constant passing the ball back and forth in our own third is just maddening. What's the point? We're supposed to win the next three games. We can't let these lesser teams breathe or get any confidence.

  47. I agree we were a bit lucky yesterday and we took advantage when we were given the opportunity.

    I also agree with the comments on Sky after the game that a number of teams like Spurs just look more powerful than us, and for long periods we were dominated.

    On the other hand we have waited a long time for a change of luck. Last season for example, absolutely nothing went for us.

    So maybe we're due a bit?

  48. Well it seems like we have sorted the issues of beating 'lesser' teams now. Because we hammered Swansea and Wigan.
    Southampton will be a tough game,  but if we take the same approach to it that we did against Wigan we should win it.  

  49. and so will all the clubs who finish above us 

  50. Well... that's not quite what you said. You said wanted to give the momentum to us and that it was a game we "tried" to gift to Spurs. Essentially what you say other than that does all make sense, but why only focus on being interested by the players that will let us down over the next 9 games?
    To me that's the problem with our "I'm only being critical" fans, I know you're as entitled to your opinion as I am, but as a fan / supporter what's wrong with a bit of optimism? I'm not talking about 4th place, more the progress of players and playing style.

    If you're not sure if "anyone" wants top 4, I'd suggest a good way to gauge that would be to go onto forums/blogs for those teams and ask their fans. Let us know the answer once you've done it.

  51. I Quote:

    "Does anyone actually WANT top 4 & by "anyone" i(sic) am referring to those team(sic) supposedly competing for it"...

    And you say I'M a drama queen?

    If you say " this was a game we TRIED to gift to Spurs" most right minded people will view that as you saying it was intentional, hence the word "tried"

    If you're saying that it was unintentional, then pray tell me how if you TRY to do something, it can be unintentional ?

    You can't have it both ways, now can you?

    I don't think we gave up momentum, I think Spurs' midfield began to outnumber us in the middle sector as the only way we could have prevented it was to relentlessly keep them on the back foot throughout the match. Difficult, considering that this was a team which had not lost in 15 matches and who were fresh off a 3-0 drubbing of Inter Milan.

    Next time you try to insult me with such labels, and invite me to debate your writings, try to ensure that what you have written can stand up to even the most basic analysis.

    I realise you're not being frivolous about this issue, but don't make the mistake of dismissing views in the manner often seen on these boards by people who shall remain nameless...

  52. Anything is possible, but because of that we're more likely to look at recent results and they don't bode well. We're not near a season high and kinda expect the team to pull us back down... by losing to the likes of Southampton and Aston Villa...

  53.  Irrelevant.

    You asked the question where the money was coming from without a European campaign.

    I just told you. And League position will be worth even more than Eurpa league money if we finish higher (Unless we win it, which we haven't in the last two attempts)

  54. We were lucky yesterday. But that is football mate. How many times have we dominated a game and then lost it or drawn because of defensive lapses? Maybe a draw would have been a fair result but who cares? Spurs are (in my opinion) possibly the best team in the league because the all round team is high above average; whilst i look at other teams who are able to grind out wins because of one or two players that are infinitely the best player on the pitch. So what if we were gifted the goals; at White Hart Lane i reckon we played them off the pitch for the majority of the game - and took nothing but a hilarious own goal from Gareth bale. Is that fair? No. It was lucky on Spurs; again thats football. How is it that we can thrash Wigan away and then they go to Everton and beat them 3 nil (amazing btw) = all about momentum.

    To start the game so strongly and get undone by a ball from the inform player and a tentitive attempt at stopping it; is demoralizing to the team. Just like a horrendous back pass to a player whos regained his confidence is. See where I'm going with this?

    To beat a team like Spurs; does a world of good for the supporters and the players. So dont run it down with negativity.

  55. Jason you change your mind like the wind! Spurs and Chelsea have to play City Utd and themselves both have to play the blue sh!te 3/4 th isn't impossible until its impossible. Yesterdays win could be massive come May, but lots of football to play yet so i for 1 am not getting carried away...

  56. its not about prizemoney theres extra tv money theres extra gatereciepts and so on

  57. better than blowing in the wind,it will not happen believe me a truly hope we do get forth but like i said imo it will not happen its hard being a realist rather than a dreamer,not saying your a dreamer

  58. sorry m8 you did not even make the list i quite enjoy some of your comments lol;-)

  59. ChampsWinnerTraore4:09 pm, March 11, 2013

    Not saying you shouldnt be but saying that im rather realistic and i think with a few tweaks next season will be very likely

  60. ChampsWinnerTraore4:10 pm, March 11, 2013

    Here Here

  61. We just need to take each game as it comes, and concentrate on winning most of our games. I dont expect us to get maximum points. However the teams are around us are going to drop more points then us. Arsenal arent consistent, Chelsea are currently in free fall so whos to say we cant pinch that last spot?

  62. Well, your honour, i stand accused of saying something that I never said, but still....

    its all in the joining of the dots i guess....how one person will join them will be different to another...

    Reality is that we played well initially, did mostly everything right on the field, kept Spurs at bay which wasn't all that hard because they were not at their best either....IMO the game was there for the taking, yet we allowed them back into the game by way of sloppy individual play by certain players which could/would have resulted in us losing had Spurs not GIFTED it back to us by way of.....

    yes, you guessed it...individual sloppy errors...

    So, thats how i saw it, a game that neither side seemed to be too fussed about winning, even AVB said that they threw it away......


  63. Im very happy that we won & yes i don't mind us getting the luck this time around, your right we've had a lot of bad luck in recent times, so im certainly not going to turn my nose up at some good luck.

    There were positives in our play though, we can look quite decent at times but still lack the ability to push on during games like this for the full 90mins without relying on who we're playing to help us out.

    Need to off load a few players at the Club in the summer who have not been consistent enough....

  64. Before every transfer window i am optimistic....& after every transfer window i am left feeling pessimistic....

    Because the players i feel who have let us down continually are still at the Club.

    & it is those same players who fill me with pessimism re our last 9 games of the season...

    & by the way your suggestion of asking other fans if they want top 4 is totally ridiculous, my point was clearly made, how you wish to interpret it is up to you...

  65. Well, at least you admit that we were lucky....

    Don't think im being negative at all tbh, just saying it as it is....

    Fact is had we performed like we did initially throughout the game i think we would have beaten Spurs hands down, now thats a postive for you, if only we could maintain our momentum during a game...we could definitely be back in the top 4.

  66. Yes, exactly, we are not the only team with problems in our play, top 4 is there for the taking but who really wants it...?

  67. As per JK's predicition, I think going on a 4 match win streak is a tough ask of the current squad. I think the team has been in more or less the same position as when Dalglish took over and we started playing great football- first of the season was crap and effectively ruled us out of any notable achievement, so the pressure is of second half, and the players play with more freedom. If we manage to play our way into contention, I'm not convinced we'll cope with it (like when Dalglish's side lost to Spurs after that great run).

  68. dont complicate the debate with facts Jk they have no place on a forum

  69.  its hardly an achievnemt

  70.  there are alot of bannana skins there ...the two ganes i fancy us most in are everton and chelsea ..all the rest depend uopn what team turn up...we are predictable poor when we are meant to win

  71. I was summarising when I used that phrase matey, I put quotes in quatation marks if they are meant to be taken as exact references.

    Funny thing is I actually agree with some of your points, and you have at least a rationale for the others, unlike some posters 

    I just disagreed strongly with how your interpretation came across to me, and didn't appreciate the labelling

  72. every game at a time, and Southampton is a must win, we lose, forget this conversation.
    for me, to be realistic, IF we get 12 points from our next 4-5 games we will be in the driving seat for 4th.
    but we all start getting our hopes up and some players get complacent and lazy. cant even right off everton just yet.
    the team look confident and were playing some of the best football in the league, may it continue. could go to the last game, the Chelsea game could be pivotal aswell

  73. How many times this season have we been in a similar position to
    Spurs yesterday and ended up dropping points from a winning position ?
    The two City games especially spring to mind.. with Reina and Skirtel
    both playing the role of Father Christmas.

    So what if we were on
    the receiving end of the gift yesterday.. at least we had the ability to
    accept it and push on for a winner.

    That's surely an encouraging sign.. I don't really care we won one we should have drawn or lost or struggled at times in.. NO team gets what they deserve every week in victory or defeat.

    The team, much to the annoyance to some of Brendan Rodgers detractors, is on an upward curve.Forget about Kenny's, Roy's and Rafa's Reds for a second shall we..

    Brendan Rodger's Liverpool is improving.. That's all I ultimately care about.

    Rodger's knows where he has to take Liverpool in order to keep his Job..
    Unlike Mr. David 'I've been here ten years, won sweet F A , but
    everybody things I'm brilliant,cause Fergie says so' Moyes across the
    park he knows what's required to stay
    at Anfield. Mediocrity will not be settled for. But he need's to be
    given a reasonable amount of time.. and equally important support.

    After a poor start he/we have slowly got better.. and we continue to get better. And I for one see no reason why the club or us supporters can't believe we can go on a run, or should I say continue our good run, for the rest of the season.

    Top 4 .. who knows ? But why not ? We're certainly going in the right direction and way about and that's undeniable.


  74. Little by little there is progress so patience,good fortune is the key.one game anology is the way forward.

  75. There is WC qualifiers in the summer + Suarez plays in the Confederations Cup the whole month of June. 

  76. agree with Pandle, i'm constantly at the edge of my seat when we try to play the ball in the backline for that long a time and you know for sure you're gonna get pressed.

    With regards to finishing 4th, i am hopeful. If it does not happen, then so be it, but as long as it's mathematically possible, even if there's a lot of variables we cannot control  
    I'll remain hopeful. Man City came back from being by as much as 7 points behind Man Utd to win the title last season.

  77. We hope we can go top 4 but realistically, we will miss it. Other results involving Spurs, Chelsea and Arsenal will have to help but if we do get into top 4, it would be a bonus. In the meantime, we should just expect top 6. Many times in the past, we seems to be on course only to find inconsistency costing us games against lesser oppositions that we should have won.

  78. Wow, I would like to have something of what you've had before you wrote that comment. I couldn't find anyone who claimed that everything is hunky dory (until you posted those words right above), and last time I've had a look at the table we weren't 12 points clear at the top of the league. Have you ever realised that the world is not only black and white, that people who don't agree with you don't have to have an opinion that is the absolute opposite?

  79. could be ;-) lol do not flatter yourself

  80. Interesting reply that has, as usual, nothing to do with the comment you replied to. Now, the way you stay true to yourself is truly admirable!

    And, no, I am not hounding you. You're reading too much into it.

  81. Who else could it be? Charlie? Not on here often enough. It must be me.

  82. if you keeptrawling through my posts ive,left a clue today lol give you something to keepyou occupide lol ;-)

  83. 20 posts a day i would call it stalking ;-)

  84. Why don't you file a complaint with the police then? I can guarantee you, though, that I am not particular looking for your comments to reply to. I write many comments on here, only you probably notice the ones to your posts rather than those to others.

  85. Ah well, no, too much effort. I read that you made someone your second envelope. Now that you make such a secret out of it I am probably only third or not even that. And I don't care enough about being in one of your envelopes or not to crawl through hundrets of comments.

  86. lol so why waste timereplying admit it you want to be everyones friend

  87. notice lol how could i not every time i go to notifications your names there;-)

  88. Not at all, Jason. If you knew me in real life, you'd know that this, claiming that I want to be everyone's friend, is absurd.

    I'm neither on here to be everybody's friend nor to be in one of your envelopes.

  89. So you are getting used to it. Respondent conditioning. Now, I cannot claim that I agree with you very often and I don't particular like your style of evasive answers, but to be honest, when you are not on here I wonder where you are. That's about the biggest compliment I would give to someone I don't agree with and don't think makes very good points. Seem to me that you try to be popular :-)

  90. lol yourso gullable it,s unbelievable;-)

  91. Gullible? Why? I don't think that you have envelopes with names of other commentators in it. I used it as a metaphor.

  92. No, I'm not having a laugh. I'd find it hard to explain this to you in English, but you are as important or unimportant to any community as the next man/woman.

  93. theyare no f2cking envolopes its a bit of fun;-)butiwill do some now lol

  94. Please tell me that you didn't really think that I thought that you really created envelopes with names of commentators in them.

  95. lol who knows you will persist i will give you that

  96. This has nothing to do with persistence, imo. I try to be polite by replying to comments addressed to me. Just like I would answer a letter.