27 Mar 2013

'It's flattering' - €5m Reds target with 29 goals/assists responds to LFC rumours

After months of speculation, Liverpool vigorously pursued Blackpool star Tom Ince during the January transfer window, and according to new reports, Reds boss Brendan Rodgers still wants to sign the winger, and will make another move for him in the summer.

A report in The Mirror this week claims:

"Liverpool are determined to proceed with the summer capture of Tom Ince.

"Brendan Rodgers has now made it clear he will not give up on Ince, who he sees a real star of the future.

"Rodgers is hopeful a bid of around £4m will persuade the Seasiders to sell"

In an interview on Monday, Ince - recently described by Ian Holloway as 'unplayable' - confirmed that the Reds tried to sign him in January, and revealed that he's flattered to be linked with a return to Anfield. He told Reporters:

"There was something about Liverpool coming in for me in January - and to go to a top club like that would have been fantastic.

"It's great having that speculation and it's very flattering. To have teams of that magnitude saying you're a decent player, it gives me a smile and flatters me a lot"

Ince reiterated that he dreams of 'playing at the top level', but made it clear that he owes Blackpool a lot for helping him become the player he is today:

"For me though it's about putting my faith in Blackpool because without that club, my team-mates and the fans I wouldn't be Football League Young Player of the Year and the player I am now"

Many Liverpool fans feel that the club let Ince go too early, but the reality is it was his choice to leave, and the youngster has no regrets about doing so. He told Daily Mail last year:

"I worked with some great people [at Liverpool] like Steve Heighway and Hughie MacAuley and I had a great schooling, but I didn’t want to sign a four-year deal and not play.

"Blackpool gave me the stage to play regularly and I haven’t looked back. It was only right I put my faith in Blackpool because they had put their faith in me. They have helped me become the player I am"

It took some cojones to leave a massive club like Liverpool, but the gamble has clearly paid off. The thing I like about Ince is that he clearly has a sensible head on his shoulders. He's not rushing into anything, and he knows that playing regular football is the most important thing at his age. Additionally, he seems to realise that if he continues to do that - even in a lower league - his chance at the big time will ultimately present itself.

Lots of youngsters have left Liverpool and disappeared into obscurity, but Ince's stock has continued to rise, and with 18 goals and 11 assists so far this season, it's no surprise that Rodgers is still tracking him.

Ince's current contract expires this summer, which should (in theory) make it easier for the Reds to sign him.

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  1. The best deal would be to get ince and send sterling on loan for a season. This way Rahim will get experience he needs in a lower league and ince can come in and fight for a place in the starting line up.

  2. the best deal would be to get ince and offload allen and borini

  3. dont bank on it....if hes as good as you all think spurs or man u will come in and get him

  4. If the reports of a 35% sell on clause are accurate then £5m will be enough to secure his signing because in order to outbid Liverpool by say £500k another club would have to bid over £8m and even then Liverpool would recoup 35% of that fee. Liverpool have played a blinder with this deal gaining £300k as a transfer then having Blackpool take the risk of developing Ince and paying his wages for two years. Don't forget Commoli's recent interview in which he said Ince was offered the largest contract outside the first team squad before he left. That means at least £1.5 million per year.

    This deal is an absolute no brainer for Liverpool. He is a 21 year old England winger on the verge of first team selection. Even if he flops at Liverpool we will be able to sell him on at a profit. For once we have operated intelligently in the transfer market. Lets offer them £4m plus Suso on loan for the season. Ince for this sort of fee plus the kid playing centre half at Reading on a free transfer fills important gaps in the squad leaving the bulk of the transfer spend for a top class international playmaker in midfield

  5. sounds real level headed, well worth a gamble. always been a good player.
    no statement on suarez upper cut from jk yet btw !!! ;0)

  6. We're trying to do it on the cheap?....Why the hell wouldn't we be trying to do that? Or hay lets go out and buy a few more Andy Carrolls bacause thats a great alternative

  7. FSG just scares me as the day goes by....

  8. Tom may sign an extension to his current contract with senior now in charge at Blackpool. He may have a big buy out clause in the contract. One season later Blackpool will cash out and we may pay a big sum for him. They are not going to let him off on the cheap for sure.

  9. i have no problems with thomas ince being signed by the club and i would welcome him back happily. the type of player he is (flair, lots of pace, skills) what we need more of, and we do need more left footers. helps balance the play alot more.

    in the summer if we buy:

    Keisuke Honda - 26 yrs CAM - Free Agent - left footed magician. set-piece specialist, vision, goalscorer, long shots, many assits
    Mohamed Diame - 25 yrs DM - £3.5M - PL Experienced, skillful, can dribble, tackle, break up and start the attack himself, high work rate
    Stefan De Verij - 21 yrs CB - £8M - captain at 21, good leader, good reader of the game, excellent long passing ability, dutch international and one for the present and future. will develop into one of the best.
    Carlos Zambrano - 23 yrs CB - £5M - one of best defenders in the bundesliga, very quick as well, robust tackler
    Thomas Ince - 21 yrs RW - £2.5M - cost us 4m but we get 35% back. next gareth bale/robben in the making. very level headed, lots of pace, skills, good left foot shot and a team player. gonna be a real star
    Henrikh Mkhitaryan - 24 yrs SS/AM £15M - 38 apps 23 goals 9 assists. cant ask for more from a midfielder. great movement and link up play, both footed, versatile, CL experienced and wants to move.

    Andreas Wiemann - 21 yrs ST £5M - how borini should be playing despite being older than him. 11 goals in 30 games is good for a 21yr old and he has a massive work rate, good link up and a good finish.

    £38 million all together. with £25million due to come in from outgoing transfers this could all be possible. surely we will get 4th place with the way were playing

  10. carrol was a mistake deal with it not signing a striker last summer was two,by on the cheap i mean they offer a fee and expect the other club to except ala dempsey and the player will /has end up at other clubs because they will pay more if they think there worth it

  11. JC, the comments that you post really make you look a fool. You harass FSG, Rodgers, and some of the 'in less form' players and yet when a certain player lands a certain strike one a certain players face during a certain international match, you are all up in arms about solidarity and loving the club. Get a grip mate, you need to start being consistent, otherwise people will see you for what you appear to be.

  12. I can't remember your mighty spurs or all seeing/knowing man u going for Phillipe Coutinho... That is not a yardstick..

  13. With Ince Senior at Blackpool there is no way he'd let Ince Junior go to Man U simply to put one over on Ferguson. I'd see Ince either ate LFC or club like Arsenal

  14. your maths are all wrong blackpool own him not us they have to give us 35%IF WE OFFER 5MILLION blackpool will get 3.25 million if some one others 8million blackpool will get5.2 million,so if any club puts in any bid higher than ours blackpool will be 65%better of in the differnce

  15. Simple solution. Money + loan deal of Sterling should be enough.

  16. Nah in my view its Liverpool playing hard ball and not folding over like they have done in the last few years,If we decide a player is worth something and wont budge...GREAT THATS the leadership we need,And if another club comes in and swoops them so what? Theres any amount of quality players out there

  17. it is WASTE TIMES and MONEY if LFC still want to bring him back to Anfield. Tom Ince look like not very serious want to rejoining LFC team.His price is very expensive and not reasonable for to make the dealing.Forget and let him go.... LFC must try to get much better players as Christian Erikson,Siem De Jong, or others players.