27 Mar 2013

€26m LFC target blasts: Stop moaning - I'm 'one of the best in the world'. Agree...?

In February, reports in Italy and France, claimed that Brendan Rodgers had his eye on Barcelona star Alexis Sanchez as a possible replacement for Reds star Luis Suarez. The Chilean international is out of favour at the Nou Camp right now, but his struggle for form has not dented his self-confidence in any way.

On Monday night, Reporters quizzed Sanchez about his recent loss of form, and his future at Barcelona, and the Chilean - who was criticised for a below-par performance against Peru - hit back with a statement of supreme confidence in his own ability:

"I know what sort of player I am. I know that I'm a great player who can win you games.

"Even if I don't score, I'll still believe I'm one of the best in the world.

"I feel I have an important role for the national team and for Barcelona, where I'm happy"

In December 2012, Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo claimed that Liverpool coach Brendan Rodgers had 'ordered his scouts' to 'collect information' about Sanchez, who recently acknowledged his problems in front of goal. he told Marca:

"The fact that I can't score makes me nervous. At any rate, the hard thing is to create chances, and this is something I'm doing."

Liverpool were linked with Sánchez in the run up to the 2011 summer transfer window, and around that time, Udinese Chairman Franco Soldati made the following statement:

“Sánchez of interest to both English and Italian teams. A team has already offered a figure close to 30-35 million euros but I cannot say where it came from"

It was speculated that Liverpool had made the bid, and considering the club went on to spend over £50m during the catastrophic summer of 2011, it's definitely possible.

Barcelona signed Sánchez - nicknamed 'El Niño Maravilla' (The Wonder Boy) - for €26m 2011, but despite his struggles in front of goal, Barcelona caretaker boss Jordi Roura insists the club is happy with Sanchez. He told Fox Sports recently:

"We are very pleased with the work and his attitude. He's been a bit unlucky and I'm sure he will go on to score goals, and that will give him a lot of confidence"

Clearly, Sanchez wants to stay at Barcelona, but it may be out of his hands. Earlier this month, La Gazetta dello Sport reported that Inter Milan negotiating a summer move for Sanchez, but the player's comments on Monday seem to suggest that's wide of the mark.

Is Sanchez as good as he thinks he is? Is he 'one of the best in the world'? His self-confidence is a plus-point though. The Chilean is under intense pressure at Barca, and he's dealing with the added burden of having to live up to a €26m price-tag, so it would be easy for him to buckle under the spotlight.

Mental strength, especially in adversity, is essential for players who want to make it at the very top, and Sanchez appears to have that in spades, which bodes well if he ever ends up at Liverpool.

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  1. i have said it before and i will say it again i would love to see him at anfield in tandem with suarez but not instead of suarez it would be great if we signed him and kept suarez it would imo sure a real statement of intent by fsg

  2. Seems like a lot of cash for a player we already have in Suarez and Coutinho. I'm very curious what will happen in the summer though. BR will no doubt have some money to spend and some players will leave. We've been linked to many players and we'll surely not sign all of them. The one I'm most curious about is central defence though. I mean, how do you replace someone like Carragher? But the good thing with BR is that it is about the team, not one or two players. A guy like Williams may not be a superstar but he doesn't need to be as long as the team works. Look at Pique, hardly a worldbeater, yet a regular for one of the greatest teams in the world because he knows how to play in the system. Really can't wait for summer, which is the first time since 2009

  3. liverpool4life5652:09 pm, March 27, 2013

    If we did sign him an he went through that spell with us, our fans would get on his back? Also would be calling for Rodgers to be sacked.....

  4. And Coutinho and Sturridge? How would you fit all of them into one lineup?

  5. He is good, but not one of the best in the world, if he was, he would be playing regularly for Barca.

  6. Simple!
    Johnson Agger Skrtle Enrique
    Gerrard Lucas Henderson
    Coutinho Saurez Sturridge Sanchez
    we can play with 12 right?

  7. I would like him to see him at Anfield but I doubt it. He was excellent at Udinese and has shows flashes at Barca but he is defenately a World Class player that he believes he is. Although I like his confidence. Unlike Bentner.

  8. i would not they would all be battling for a starting place,as things stand at this minute it would imo mean sturridge starting as sub,but if he could produce his best form then someone else would not start ,it would make them all hungry and try there hardest to keep there place

  9. Bring back Traore!

  10. could we swap them for allen and borinni ;-) superigorbiscanusedtobeatrosious still one of my favourite banners of all time

  11. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. yes the fulham goal comedy classic the look on his face was one of shear unbeleif

  13. might as well add brendans nephew allen

  14. Whoever BR goes for this summer, I do predict changes as this year he has had all Key players fully fit for the whole season so he will need to strengthen with quality as currently with the players we have we are not achieving what we need and that is to re-establish ourselves in the top 4.

    I think the major issue is with defence and not attack, we are the 3rd most successful in scoring goals but the defence has gone backwards considering Skrtel was supposedly joining Madrid or Man City last yr for 20M, no way would he command that sort of fee now.

    Whatever happens i just hope BR gets it right for next season as it will be either the making or breaking of him!!

  15. snap have a break have a tik tak;-)

  16. he is not one of the best in the world

  17. Nope, not one of the best, currently. But still got time on his side to fulfil his obvious ability. Thought he was great at Udinese, him-Quagliarella-Di Natale were a joy at times. May have to leave Barca. Villa has his individual game blunted at Barca too. Great team, legendary team currently but for some individuals, they are better off elsewhere, in terms of getting the best out of their ability. But when a chance comes to play for Barca in this amazing chapter, sometimes is more tempting than trying to get the best out of your individual game. Especially to elder players like Henry and Villa. So I can't blame some players for going there, even if they are putting their own potential at risk, as its a special time to be at Barca.

  18. I agree, it really winds me up when people ask how will they all fit in? I hate to use Man U as an example but how do Wellbeck, Rooney, Hernandez, and RVP all fit in? They don't but having them all is a big reason for them winning the title!

  19. There is a big gap in quality between RVP and Rooney on one hand and Wellbeck and Hernandez on the other. With Suarez, Sturridge, Coutinho and Sanchez that is much less obvious. Sorry for winding you up girl..

  20. yes m8 its called a strong squad battling for there places